Chronology of Energetics and Channellings During the Equinox Portal

by Carla Thompson, September 29, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Here is the chronology of events and channellings that I mentioned I had compiled, so as to better understand what has happened over the past ten days.

September 17th:

Message from the Elohim: Where they essentially foretell a difficulty with the dark ones, ending with:

“Do not fear anything. You shall rise again, whole and connected to your Soul families. Disturbances come before the Calm. Rain must come before the spring flowers. Duty comes before Peace.”

September 21st:

Message from Adama of Telos; Where I am told to “Be Ready” for my ascension;

September 21/22nd:

Ascension, twice, both times I am returned to Earth by Angelics; The PAT is present with me, waiting in one area;  Georgi, you are discussing many things with the Councils of The Galactic Federation in a nearby area;

September 22nd (23rd in Europe):

Another ascension test run, where I fly very easily up and away from Earth, but also where  I hit the “ceiling” and cannot move any higher, so I return to Earth;

September 22nd:

Adama present with other Beings who are doing energetic work on me;  Prior to this, I had huge waves with cc-symptoms, headache, burning palms and soles; body on fire, reported to you that I feel like I’m going to self-incinerate; YOU report: ” a powerful ascension wave like yesterday, the 21st… skin in flames, palms and heels burning, rigid muscles, feel as though pulling the PAT and whole first ascension wave candidates upwards, heaving them to the 5D in our network/web of light as “The Cosmic Fisher”;

September 23rd:

I report to you that the energies are rising exponentially and now I’m at a physical threshold which I cannot maintain – all morning on fire; “huge adjustments” to my physical body that “threw me into other-worlds in the same instant” (no words to describe this), intense visuals i.e. large balls of bubbling black ooze, all day long; Your reports are exactly the same of huge energies and symptoms;

September 24th:

You and I both have massive cc-waves, headaches, cc-wave/dizziness, fuzzy thinking, back pains;

September 25th and 26th:

Energies starting to abate somewhat, still present but less intense; You are hit with huge cc-  and cleansing waves;

September 26th:

I fall asleep suddenly and deeply, while you are dreaming that there is a battle against the dark ones, and we have won, we have come out victorious (this is September 27th 0300 your time).

September 27th:

Message from the Elohim:

” Dear One,

We come to you this day to explain what has occurred over the past several days in your experience.

Many events have taken place over these past several days, being September 17th to 26th in your time. We tell you now it has been a time of massive re-sorting, re-aligning, and re-qualifying of all previously received and integrated light codes used in the acceleration of the inheritance called the Divine Blueprint.

Many have experienced extreme symptoms as evidence of this cosmic re-alignment/ re-set, noticed mostly in the physical expression, however the energetic structures of the 12 Chakra system are purged of old anomalies, as well.

For your Self, your energetic threshold is maximized as you attempt to hold these new forms within your systems, as well as to receive and hold our energies within your field, as we connect to you in this moment. Do not worry, you are not losing your ability to connect to us! You are under great energetic uploads, that push your vehicle higher and higher into the evolutionary expansion pre-destined for you in this lifetime.

The pressure you feel is great: The pressure to obtain information reflecting the expansion at this time. We can confirm that many changes, many elevations have been reached by All during this special time of re-unification. The re-unification of darkness into the light. The energetic thresholds of All are purged and re-aligned to embrace more light and new codes, to replace any and all old representations of Divinity that had demonstrated ill-nature.

As your new systems integrate, your abilities to connect with off-worlders is seemingly weakened, but it is only of temporary passing. We all know how difficult this is for you, and will thus keep the connection at a minimum, for it drains your healing energies needed for the re-integration and re-unification with the Whole.

With this new influx of light energies, you and your dual soul have moved upward in levels, as levels below met their ArmageddonThe flooding of light caused great upheaval and refinement in cleansing to the deep levels of the 12th level of 4D. Your visual of black, bubbling, oily ooze was the third eye visual of final remnants of darkness being released. Your dual soul also noticed dark attacks and archons as his experience of confirmation of this relief/ upheaval. Many are consciously aware and some subconsciously aware of the final battles, as light releases dark easily and naturally, and where the dark fails in its resistance.

The worlds upward flow was gifted to you by the dark, as the purging of their musings thrusts you ever higher into the light.

Yes, you were told you would ascend. This is correct, and you shall ascend.

The course of the ascension was re-calculated due to efforts of the dark ones during the equinox portal. Their actions were indeed heinous, but the proofs matter not, for all has been rectified: contained, purged and recalculations engaged.

While you feel marginally better this day, we assure you that this grand portal has been successful in anchoring new Light codes of the ascended master divine blueprint and this shall be reflected in your evolved creationary endeavors.

We are the Elohim.”

Please let me know if there is anything that you would like clarified. This has been a hell of a run, these last ten days, and it was not at all what I expected it to be.

Incidentally, you and I spent some high-quality time in the crystalline bath waters at a Healing Temple in the fifth dimension this night and I feel much better today. I hope you have also benefited from this special holiday.

With love,

Dear Carla,

I do not remember this particular healing in the temple but if you say it then it must have been so. Thank you for this latest message. I have to read it several more times before I assimilate it.

I have just received three messages from Babaji channelled by Jahn during the light readings this week. They are somewhat problematic and I have reservations.. But the third message clearly states that there will be a devastating war on the 12th level nonetheless. The question is whether it will happen on this timeline or on parallel timelines as the last epic battle against the archons during this equinox portal which took place in the astral planes.

Babaji confirms the “arrest of time”, the introduction of a “cosmic pause” three days ago on September 24th, so that all those incarnated souls who are possessed by demons can be more or less liberated and continue their evolution in a better shape. Babaji actually confirmed this delay before Jahn was informed by myself today about this event.

From what I gather, it may last much longer than we suspect and fear. I hope not, but it has always lasted longer than predicted.

The Elohim have evaded to answer your direct question why you were urged by Adama to prepare for your imminent ascension and then it was postponed. Hence we still have open questions.

The fact is that they need us to the very last minute to raise the light quotient and to save some more souls. According to Babaji, more than 90% of all humans are possessed by demons or by foreign energies and are not able to think properly and live in a total mental and emotional chaos. If this was known to the HR, why then all the efforts to save these souls. There are some huge discrepancies in all channellings now and they keep us deliberately in ignorance with regard to the actual situation, which is much more dire than officially admitted. This is in truth the case since the very beginning of this mission impossible.

The Elohim also do not mention anything about bi-location and if we shall be able to do this before our ascension which is now obviously postponed.

I have personally decided not to get enraged anymore by whatever happens as it does not help and we shall ascend anyhow, but I think that they do not know themselves how the whole scenario will unfold as they operate with so many timelines now that they cannot make any good predictions and move from one energetic position to the next one.

You wanted to tell me more about my energetic (auric) or real (?) presence at your home this night. What happened actually?


Dear Georgi,

I have been away from the Internet so I just received your message now.

The Elohim did say that my ascension was thwarted by the “heinous energetic events” so presumably this includes the “3 day pause” spoken about by Babaji. This was what stopped the unfolding.

With regard to bi-location, I did not ask them this question directly as I could not hold the frequencies any longer. I can ask this next time.

With regard to you being in my apartment, it went like this: I was within a lucid dream, so I was aware that I was dreaming in the first place. I initially heard and felt someone walking around, first in my living room, then in my bedroom. I finally decided to pull away from the dream and see who was here in my bedroom and I saw you, walking toward the window. You were talking to me about the ascension scenario and how it has been affected by all the very recent new decisions.

I felt your auric field, and saw your physical body. You were there for what seemed like a long time, a half hour to an hour.

At one point, after I had closed my eyes, I felt the bed move as though someone was sitting down on the edge of it, very close to me.

This is when I decided to email you right away so you could “hold the moment” as to when this had likely occurred, and what you were doing at the time.

It felt real because you had substance to you, you were not in your light body.

The Healing Temple was about 3 hours later. This was an exciting night, all around.


Dear Carla,

this is really exciting and it seems a similar experience to one which Jerry had with Anita when she visited him in a physical-like body. This could indeed be bi-location but still in an unconscious manner for me yet. But it may change very soon.

Babaji said that three days ago a cosmic pause has been introduced, but he did not say how long it will last. According to what I have read, it may be rather long for us as linear time does not play any role.


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