A Chronicle of the Ascension Events from August 12 to September 12, 2013 – Part I

by Georgi Stankov, September 10, 2013


My last chronicle was from August 12th and dealt with four days – August 8th till August 11th, –  which I defined in a somewhat preliminary manner as

the Most Dramatic Last Four Days Before Our Ascension

This definition could be regarded as an exaggeration retrospectively as what followed was even more dramatic than before. Hence, let us not waste time and go straightforward to our new chronicle of the last most auspicious month in our long preparation period for ascension. This last month showed a clear crescendo character and displayed all the dynamics leading to the ultimate peak with the detonation of the PAT Supernova, which will trigger the first ascension wave, the MPR on the 11th and 12th 4D levels and the final ID split of all lower timeliness from Gaia that will fully ascend into the light of the 5D.

The last chronicle ended with Carla inter-dimensional journey in full consciousness  to the 7th level of the upper 4D earth, where she witnessed first hand the terrific devastations of the MPR that has commenced on this level on August 11th.

This pivotal event was immediately confirmed by April’s HS the same day in a preliminary message (due to the time difference of up to 9 hours on the Pacific coast I can publish news from North America only on the next day. Hence I am referring in this chronicle to the local and real time of the events and not to the date of publication):

April’s HS Confirms the MPR on the 7th Level of the Upper 4D earth on August 11, 2013. This is a Huge Step Towards the Detonation of the PAT Supernova

“I can confirm that the MPR began yesterday on 7D as you and Carla report. As a result, many of the PAT were catapulted even higher – a further separation took place/is taking place.

Carla was able to act as “opener” for the group and now the threshold/ doorway beyond 4D, 12th level (to 5D) is being held open by her/you in anticipation of the group’s imminent ascension.”

August 12, 2013

On the next day, this information was reaffirmed by April’s HS in more detail:

Breaking News!!! How the PAT Initiated the MPR on the 7th Level of the Upper 4D Earth

“The magnetic pole reversal (MPR) began yesterday (Sunday, August 11th, 2013) on the 7th level of 4D….. and served to help further propel you and the PAT to yet a higher level of frequency/ vibration – the very threshold of 5D itself!

The opening of the gate at the threshold of 5D commenced initially with fellow PAT member Jerry and his wife Anita…. Next, your fellow PAT member Carla beautifully fulfilled the role of “co-opener” and “messenger” for this final, most auspicious push to the finish line. She, in cooperation with her dual soul Georgi, also known as the PAT Captain, fully flung open the gates at the threshold between level 12 of 4D and the lower levels of 5D. Whereas Jerry and Anita unlocked/ activated this final door, so to speak – Carla and Georgi actually turned the knob and opened it. Together, Georgi and Carla represent the 2nd mirrored image/ appearance of the Father/ Mother God (combined masculine and feminine energies).

Then April’s HS proceeds with her explanation:

“So that you truly understand just how close you all are to returning Home!… Level 7 of 4D will experience a much, much shorter duration and low intensity MPR. Yet ALL timelines/levels will reach a point of reconciliation/ resolution at the SAME TIME or NOW moment, with the exception of 3D. And that moment is so very near for all of you.”

This last statement indicates the acceleration of the MPR process that is expected to reach very soon the upper 8th to 12th 4D levels, which the PAT has created in the meantime.

I also  receive and publish an important message from the Elohim channelled by Carla on the energetic nature of the PAT Supernova, where some mathematical symbols are introduced that Carla wants me to explain:

“You (Carla)  have indeed witnessed and personally experienced, in full multi-dimensionality, the magnetic pole reversal and destruction of the 7th level of the 4th dimension. It was necessary for Gaia to release the heavier aspects of density first, before she releases her body to the final ascension initiative.

The PAT Supernova is not connected to the 7th level of the 4th dimension in this moment. As most of you are existing at a much higher plane, the 9th through 12th levels, your sphere of influence rests in the 9th through 12th levels of expression. The PAT Supernova adheres to one rule and the rule is this:

All Constancy within All-That-Is, is simply a reflection upon reality. Therefore, the key to the PAT Supernova is Constancy, whereby the principles of Unity are adhered to in all moments. Unity provides Constancy. Constancy is the Universal Standard for Reality”

This prompted me to write a comprehensive article:

The Elohim-Stankov Lecture on Mathematical Symbolism in Science and the Detonation of the PAT Supernova

The MPR on the 7th 4D earth is confirmed on the same day by AA Michael channelled by Jahn J Kassl. He informs us that this timeline is now sealed from the upper 8th to 12th 4D levels:

The Event” has reached the upper 4D earths and has fully unfolded on the seventh level. Consequently, all those that will ascend are now leaving this level, they are the new masters of these worlds…The 4D hologram with the number “7″ is sealed and this world is left to itself for a certain period of spatial experience. Before the Masters return to this level, they will be banned from there… Now, the change expands on the upper realms and you, who will remain basically untouched by these events, will now come closer to them. It is the time of great upheaval.” (Earth 4D/ 7th Level Sealed)

August 13, 2013

The Most Important Day in the History of Mankind. Carla Is the First Human Being to Ascends in Body, Spirit and Soul to the 5D  

This is what write on that auspicious day as “breaking news“:

Carla has ascended yesterday, August 13th, 2013 in full body to the 5D earth, has stayed there for more than an hour and has returned back. This was the first successful ascension by a complete transfiguration (phase transition) of a physical human body into crystalline light body and then back to physical, biological body. This technology is unique in the whole universe and yesterday it was tested successfully for the first time.

All the higher realms – the Elohim, AA Michael, all our HS  – are staying now with Carla and are overwhelmed with joy and infinite happiness about our success.

On this same day I also publish:

A Chronicle of Carla’s Ascension to the 5D Earth  in Real Time

As one PAT member later comments, this is the most dramatic and exciting Internet dialogue that has ever been published on the world wide web and he awarded us with his personal “Oscar” for it.

April’s HS is very quick to validate as an external source this pivotal success in the history of mankind and All-That-Is:

April’s HS: Carla Has Not Only Served as a Messenger and Opener, But Also as the “Prototype” of Ascension and Transfiguration for the PAT

“Over the course of the last two days a sufficient amount of first-wave ascenders reached the threshold between 4D 12 and 5D, thus allowing the releasing (triggering) Carla for the first COMPLETE and FINAL ascension test run of the PAT and first-wave ascenders. Therefore not only has she served in the capacity of messenger and opener, but also as the “prototype” of ascension/transfiguration for the group – perfectly complementing her dual soul Georgi. As you no doubt now know, this was a very successful ascension run, in which a full transfiguration and return were executed.”

Then we are cheered one more time by our HS without giving us any precise time schedule for our ascension:

We in the Higher Realms can barely contain our excitement!! You are coming HOME dear one! Rejoice in the fulfillment of THE PROMISE/COVENANT made to you and entered into so very, very long ago.

August 14, 2013

It takes some time for Carla, myself and the PAT to comprehend the scope of this breakthrough of cosmic proportions. Fortunately, we receive some more confirmation that helps us process the fallout of Carla’s first ascension to the 5th dimension. The Elohim are really very solemn when they declare:

“This day /(August 13) marks the day in the history of humankind, where one human has travelled to the shores of the Fifth Dimensional expression wholly in body, mind and spirit….We, the Elohim, are honoured and delighted to confirm that this has been a successful “test run” and the human body, at an equal readiness to yours, and those of higher degrees of readiness, of which there are a few, are safely prepared to make this evolutionary leap. This is the moment of the true evolutionary leap of mankind.

Eons and eons of time, of genetic work, of death, of re-birth, each experience building upon the other, in the creation of standing waves of memory, of learning, of building, of expanding, one thought form at a time, to finally arrive at this moment where all is complete! All has gone full circle, a circle of reformation and perfection in every moment! This is why we greeted you, upon your return, your awakening from this journey, with “Rejoice!  It is done!  Humanity is complete!

On that day the beings from the HR are all eager to communicate to Carla what a great success she has accomplished and they queue above her to deliver the next message. Then comes Adama from Telos who explains Carla that she has actually visited during her first ascension journey the crystal city of Telos on the 5D.

“Your recent journey to the Crystal City in the Fifth Dimension is joyously seen and received with great honour and deep joy as this moment is indeed the crowning achievement of a long and certainly difficult journey for humankind. It is a miracle in the making! All of the Ascended Masters known to you have witnessed your arrival within the Hallowed Halls of the fifth dimensional expression called Telos.”

Then Adama makes Carla aware of her future crucial mission for humanity as an ascended master:

“While your ultimate goal has been achieved, to realize the successful transfiguration of the human body, your ultimate mission, to guide Humanity through the golden gates of the Fifth Dimension, has just begun. Know that we are all at your back,  myself, Adama and the Lemurian Council of Light of Telos, The Council of Twelve, all of the Elohim, all of the Archangels, the Agarthans, the Masters of the 12 Rays and Mother Gaia. We are all at your back!

Not enough, AA Michael also comes to Carla on this day to reassure her of her future gifts as an ascended master: ““You shall discover the gift of Bi-location, as this was your request.”

(see: “All Ascended Masters Cheered You as the First Incarnated Human Being to the Crystal City of Telos“)

Carla is at her height and, although she has neither yet fully grasped what has really happened to her, nor has she had time to recover from the surprise of her ascension, she has already edited her “Markers of Ascension” and the new “Twelve Chakra System” transmitted by Adama of Telos as a guideline for all future ascended humans.

August 15, 2013

Carla’s first ascension through transfiguration of her physical vessel into crystalline light body raises some technical questions which are quickly resolved by the Elohim in a message to Carla, which I publish the next day:

The Elohim: Not Every Astral Journey is Ascension Through Transfiguration of the Entire Physical Body at the Subatomic, Quantum Level

“With regard to the question concerning your fellow PAT member, there is a difference in what each vessel has achieved, in each of these very beautifully divine moments. Your experience, as set up by your Soul, coupled with your clear desires, was what is called “Transfiguration”.  This is the description of a process defined exclusively by the Changing of the physical vessel, from one nature, into another nature – another of completely differing qualities, in terms of molecular structure, energy source and function.

What has happened to your friend is a completely unrelated, and an incomparable event, where this One has travelled to a different dimension, within a dimension.  This is a highly complex event and it took place in an “inner plane”, so to speak. A temple of grace, upon an inner plane…

On this same day we receive another important confirmation from AA Michael (Jahn) that the ascension process has been now accelerated with the first ascension of Carla, which means that while the quality of the ascension candidates has increased, their quantity (number) has decreased.

This ascension test run allowed the HR to exactly gauge the threshold of ascension in each candidate for the first time in real time and to decide definitely which entities have achieved this threshold and will ascend, and which human beings will have to stay on the 4D earths and go through catastrophic events first before they can qualify for ascension in the future. This new basic trend of the ascension process will become a recurrent motif in all Jahn’s messages in the following days. This new development  became visible immediately after Carla’s ascension as the first human being to achieve this:

The quality of the ascension process increases, the quantity decreases. That is to say, the people who are really ready now accept this divine gift with every fiber of her being, so that this world is changing and their arrival to 5D is sealed. The people who are lukewarm, are left back. This large group of messengers of light, who could not keep the high light vibrations of the truth of God will be taken away from the 5D ascension process. This speeds up and simplifies the current process of ascension, as each fickle person has so far blocked this process by his hesitation and his doubts. Thus: this is another separation of the sweet from the bitter grapes on the vine of the Lord.

The light has won and the people ascend… And those who remain will be reporting about the biggest illusion that ever happened to them, only because they refused to enter the light stairs to heaven.  The great cosmic curtain – it is the last and the first of its kind – closes for the ones and now opens for the others.” (5D-Ascension Is Accelerating)

There were several points in time during this last month when the divine plan for our ascension was modified as to adapt to the rapidly changing energetic conditions on the ground that were entirely determined by the degree of awakening of the human masses. As we shall see later on, many of the Ascension candidates fall one more time in a deep slumber and thus give away their real chance of ascension, which was a rather deplorable fact that has been admonished by Jahn’s sources again and again in the following days.

August 16, 2013

AA Michael (Jahn) validates as an external source one more time that:

Carla’s Ascension on 13 August 2013 Is “the First Ascension of a Human Being in Body, Soul and Spirit Into the Light” – in the 5th Dimension.

This breakthrough has created new scenarios of ascension:

“Virtually unnoticed by the world and humanity, a new state in the process of ascension has been established in these days. After the first time in human history and in the history of this world, a single human being (Carla) could slide in spirit, soul and body over to the fifth dimensional level of Being, the new ascension scenarios can be defined as follows:

1) An increase in visitations by people in body, soul and spirit to 5D, which will deepen the confidence and knowledge in this reality and in the proximity to this reality – End of the doubts!

2) An increase of spiritual strength and power in all those light warriors,… 

3) An increase in self-awareness in all the people who will ascend, as this unique event – the first ascension of a human being as a human incarnated entity into the light – has enriched the collective consciousness of the ascension candidates with new knowledge. “

Then AA Michael gives credit to all those incarnated human masters who have participated in this key project and have contributed decisively to this incredible success:

“The ascension of a human being as incarnated human entity into the light required many preparations and all the efforts of many people who have committed themselves to this process with body and soul (this statement refers to the entire PAT, comment George). Again and again surrounded by sabotage, confusion, misunderstandings and failure, these people did not cease to believe in their “sacred cause” and to live accordingly. In full dedication with their whole being and in the knowledge that even a temporary failure is possible, they (the PAT, comment George) held on and stood the course to the very end. And now this miracle on humans and this world is finally accomplished. It is done! Every doubt is gone, now that the worlds are separating from each other with a new radicality.”

Carla’s ascension has opened bright new perspectives for all ascension candidates and has become the solid foundation for the entire success of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity:

“New levels of light are now accessible to you and the visitations to the 5th dimension will truly stipulate,… I would expressly point out here that these journeys are neither astral dreams, nor astral travels! It is what it is: the journey in your subtle light bodies, which are now adapting to the vibrations of the 5D, so that you can safely reach this dimension and can come back again, until you dissolve forever all life lines to the planes of the fourth dimension… From now on, the dark ones do not have the slightest power over those children of men who now ascend.”

The acceleration of the ascension process after Carla’s first ascension is also confirmed by Sananda (Jahn) as follows:

The higher the energies, the more clearly the differences between the people will come to the fore…Who has chosen the truth, can no longer bear the lie and he, who is lying, will be rejected and shunned by the truthful. The time, in which politicians, church leaders and business people will be recognized for what they truly are and not by what they are doing and talking, has commenced. Before the worlds of the 4D earth holograms 8th to 12th will be overcome by the people who ascend to the 5D, a unique spectacle will be displayed, whereby the truth and the lies will be recognized in an obvious manner. And whereby the liars will be pushed into the abyss, which they have prepared for you…. All clones, all duplicates and copies that are lifeless, empty body shells, which this reality of the upper 4D earth still hosts, will be dissolved. And until then they will be recognized by the ascending humans for what they truly represent: soulless minions of the dark energies.” (“The Light Will Remain“) 

August 17 and 18, 2013

During these two days Carla and I gain some insights into our role in the whole ascension process. This is possible only now, after Carla has successfully ascended. We learn the following facts from the Elohim and my HS:

You (Georgi) are fully prepared for your ascension. You are fully surrounded by a divinely ordered buffer of impenetrable protection in the form of legions of Angels and specialized beings with great powers of transmutation and protection. The sole purpose for this level of protection is to prevent any and all incursions upon your being, be they natural or energetic. You are slated to ascend to the 5th level of the Fifth Dimension. From this clear vantage point you will observe the ascension process as it unfolds and offer fine tuning for unexpected eventuality.”

During this time we are sending new final codes of ascension to the PAT and humanity in preparation for the detonation of the PAT Supernova:

“We ask both of you to breathe, breathe deeply and slowly, in order to fully receive and to anchor the fifth dimensional codes sent to your dual soul (Georgi) recently. You (Georgi) are to, in a conscious manner, send these codes from your level of expression, level 1 of the fifth dimension, to your dual soul (me) of the 12th level of the fourth dimension, (I’m getting because we are not at an equal energetic gradient, even though our fields are meshed) in order to ensure the equal distribution to both levels (5-1 and 4-12) of expression.

The blue enhanced codes are not ascension codes. The ascension codes have preceded this moment. The purpose of the blue codes is to prepare the energetic ground of the Fifth DimensionYour dual soul (Georgi) shall insert them into his current level of expression, 5D level 1, thereby anchoring these codes into the fifth dimension in preparation for those in the first wave.

Following the distribution and anchoring of these codes, (5D level 1 and 4D level 12) your dual soul shall make the move to level 5th of the fifth dimension, from where he shall co-ordinate ascension efforts from an enhanced perspective. You shall anchor the Fourth Dimensional aspect and he the Fifth. There shall be an ignition of energies followed by an upward expansion, pushing each level higher and ever higher. All is in flow. A sudden thrust (the PAT Supernova) shall push those who will be the first to arrive in 5D, to now fully analyze their soul’s final contribution and the decision of whether to return to original origin of expression or to the Source.”

August 19, 2013

After the dust has settled from the first successful ascension of a human being to the 5D, the next intensive preparation for the separation of the worlds has commenced. After AA Michael underlines one more time the tremendous success of Carla’s first ascension

“Therefore, I would like to point out that in the most auspicious moment of humanity, when the first human being (Carla, comment Georgi) has travelled in her entirety to the other world of the 5D, one should control his nerves, exercise patience and preserve serenity.” 

he announces that the ascension process has indeed achieved a new dynamics, which we shall soon experience personally:

The ascension process has achieved a new dynamics – at all levels. This means that the separation from the worlds of 4D will occur before you will ascend in great peace and solemnity that is appropriate for such an event. You shall arrive, yes, and I say unto you, you have already arrived, even though this fact has not yet solidified in your perception. The power of darkness has no power over you, because you, the light warriors, have already left the battle ground of this world at the behest of God… While the dark forces have won a temporary victory on their assigned holograms, the Light Warriors have entered the portal into the light forever and have escaped the worlds of time and space.” (“Captain and Navigator“)

August 20, 2013

On the next day we learnt from Sananda (Jahn) that ascension is a fine-tuned affair and that we must have a lot of patience, notwithstanding the dramatic acceleration of the ascension process in the last days since Carla’s ascension.

August 21, 2013

This observation inspires me to have one last closer look on the current state of affairs in the LW community and to analyse the reasons why most of them have failed to find the truth and open their minds and hearts for the real challenges of the ascension process that would have propelled them to the same high frequency levels as the PAT has reached long time ago. This comprehensive overview is published on the next day:

Why and How All Light Workers Are Kept Ignorant and Stupid by Their Channeling Sources


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