The Time Is Ripe

Archangel Michael
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 2, 2013
first published in English on August 3, 2013, in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

encounter the coming time boldly, you are expected, it’s not far off!

I am Archangel Michael

The different disaster scenarios that were already announced to you, fulfill the purpose so that you can be prepared for them emotionally, mentally and at the soul level. Thus the Lord himself, so he comes, will not surprise you and you will not drift fearfully into an inability to act and make decisions. If someone says to you, this would fuel the fear in you, respond, like a sailor on the high seas responds to the looming storm.

He picks up the sails, makes the hatches tight and expects the inevitable. Just as a fisherman does not cast his nets in a stormy sea, you shall not be urged to act rashly in the eye of the hurricane, because you will neither know what this means, nor know the causes.

The spiritual hierarchies, which send you for years good, clear and truthful messages, know the importance of these events, and they know that only because of this fact, many people will survive in the coming weeks easily and with great courage.

The sailor knows that the stormy sea will soothe and that calmer days will come and the fisherman knows that tomorrow a big catch is expecting him, after the storm has calmed down and the sea is soothed. This means for this time, when the major global and catastrophic events will roll over, to stay and wait in peace.

This applies to everyone, no matter at which level of being he finds himself, as the day, on which the great enlightened beings of this mankind (the PAT, comment, George) will ascend and depart from the upper 4D levels, is imminent. Currently, new worlds are created, which will serve as “buffer zones”, so that the time of transition, for those who will not ascend immediately to the 5th dimension of creation can bridge the time without any new injuries to body and soul.

All, who will ascend directly to 5D, will remain unaffected internally by the disastrous events, although they will witness their unfolding in a more conscious manner than the rest of humanity. An untrained mind in this will experience the suffering, but cannot recognize the bigger picture, so that the pain is multiplied. A trained and conscious mind behaves completely differently, as it experiences no suffering, but illuminates and sees through the causal relationships.

Wrong is not only the world, but the perception of all events is experienced wrongly, because those who are concerned, cannot relate the pain to any frame of reference, while those, who are exempted from this, will keep an overview of the events, as they have dropped from this game long time ago.

The time of the most magnificent and epochal chains of events that ever transpired on earth has begun.

Hence make your shiff ready for sail and avoid the open, vast and from now unpredictable sea, because what begins like a gentle sea breeze, will turn into an all-destroying storm, what begins like a soothing desert wind, will turn into a hurricane that will end up only by the will of God, after it has accomplished its work.

Destruction, resurrection and arrival.

Put your life in God’s hands. It’s time to do so. Have faith and know: you inherit what you have rightly claimed. Nobody will be traded below his value, and each one shall reap the seeds he has sown.

The time is ripe!

I am

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