Sacred Service

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 22, 2013
first published in English on August 26, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

It starts anew it is built up anew, it happens and occurs according to the will of God and the joy of the people. The world belongs to the youth, the young people are the future and it is for these people that one should leave behind a considerable legacy – this is how you speak, how you think it should be correct. But only partially. For verily: What is true for the “adults” it also applies to the still young souls under 14 years of age. These are self-responsible and sovereign beings and will be held accountable as every other person who now looks at his image in the mirror. The error, the illusion, the lack of knowledge is part of a human being or is not pertinent to him, depending on his destination, history of incarnation and degree of development.

And yet it is necessary to leave an ordered world to these people, to the people who will experience their youth and adult age at the upper 4D levels because they have separated themselves from the ascension process in order to enjoy experiences that they do not want to miss. Only the individual vibration determines the place where a person dwells, whether young or old.

To leave an ordered world behind means to anchor your light in the earth’s ground of the 4D levels. This process is now underway, as the awakening also reaches these levels, on the day, on which this fruit has ripened for these societies. It should be noted that currently there is a lot of activities at the soul level, invisible to most people and yet an unaltered reality.

After you have said farewell, have forgiven your brothers and sisters and have done your homework, now it is necessary to imbue with your imprint the levels, which you now leave. To achieve this your daily consciousness is not required to do anything at all. The knowledge that this is now happening is however very helpful, because some physical or mental exhaustion is accompanying the process of anchoring your light energies on the upper 4D-realms, which you now leave in the course of the events. This process is already well advanced and is now being completed.

What happens to the children of men under 14-year-old? Here, the largest group of children will be collected directly into the fifth dimension, so that they can make their new decisions on this level. All children under 7 years will ascend without any exception. From the age of seven, the karmic sheath begins to set upon a person, which means that all children between 7-14 years will be released from their karmic sheath before they will be questioned by God, where their journey should be going. Here, it is important to offer an ideal opportunity, so that every one gets what his eternal soul has chosen.

For all and everything is taken care of, the final fine work is in progress before the ride gains momentum. End and Beginning, nothing shall remain as it is, even if today the exact opposite picture is maintained, where the appearance of evil is still held upright and it seems as if it will make its way, whereas the good gradually fades away, like a shadow, which dissolves with all that casts shadow.

None of this is true! It is true that the new world shows already and that the transformation of the human body is already so much advanced that the high vibrations of light of the 5D world can be held. It goes on, and before you notice it, you will find yourself back in heaven and you will be amazed how the previous time will fall from you and will fade away. And it will be this holy memory that will be of help to you, when you return to assist the castaways, after they have drunk empty the new trunk of suffering.

The world ascends and on the street there will be two people who seem to be equal, and only one will see what is and he will ascend, while for the other everything will remain as it is, and ascension will be considered the biggest blunder and the greatest misunderstanding in the history of the remaining worlds.

People, awaken, people, look up, people, live and love before you are called up by the light, lifted and removed from this world.

I am the life. I’m really in space and time and beyond that. I am omnipresent and all loving awareness.

I am

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