On the Purity of Esoteric Sources, NESARA and Other Issues

by Marek Prochyra and Georgi Stankov, August 1, 2013

Dear Georgi,

When reading “The World of Truth website”, article from 7/23/2013, I see the following strange thing:

The energy that coming from the Central Sun, will enhance the electromagnetic field of earth, and will restore its balance through the burning of the excess segment of the electric & compensate the missing segment of magnetic energy, and thus re-balance the earth’s electromagnetic field..

This in turn, will affect all the structure of Dark Forces Civilization on earth, and weaken their entirely system, which leading to the collapse of Matrix of Orion, and thus there is a high probability of the collapse of the Global Economy, which required intervention of the Light forces to:

•       Save the situation through the “Great event”
•       Modify the restructuring of Governments…!!!
•       Announce the New Economic System “Nesara”…!!!

I know that your opinion on NESARA is clear, but I wonder if there could be also other side of coin.

Back in 2009 I joined a group called “Galactic Roundtable (GRT)” where the leading person was Mark Huber ( retired soldier ) & Elisabeth Trutwin ( walk-in ) + Rama & Tara ( channelers with deep connections to Egypt, a period of Pharaohs ).

I joined it because it was very different from all other similar groups in its view on the NESARA. The internal functioning of the group was very similar to PAT. The leaders were rather organizers and coordinators of activities than managers and gurus and there was total openness and sharing of all information without censure. They held regularly free tele-conferences accessible by any member. Main activities of the group members in 2009 were concentrated on clearing the Earth from dark entities (the stories were fantastic and are very similar to our stories that we shared on our website) and spreading info about the NESARA. The group was strongly pro-Obama.

The main idea of the group was that NESARA is a set of new laws and regulations secretly agreed in 2000 by a minimum number of selected members of Congress needed for such a document to pass. The document was planned for a release in 2001, but  9/11 came as an attempt to block the NESARA.

Main focus of these new laws was to return back property to hands of farmers. And of course, also to re-distribute all the world wealth to every and each living person on a planet. Due to the information provided by GRT members in 2009 ( based on channeled information, insiders, … ) for each person there have been created new account in his local, carefully selected bank, and also new “Rainbow” money were already printed and waiting in a secured depositories. Supervizing entity for the whole NESARA process was St. Germain –  part of the to-be-distributed wealth were his secret funds founded in previous centuries and set for expiration to 2000.

Starting point for the whole process was the collapse of the financial sector, where within bank holidays (a few days in the autumn where banks are closed ) new, already implemented, banking software should have been switched on and each person should receive a same amount of money to his new account – this should free people from a need to go to work. The money should be distributed first in USA and then should come to the rest of the world. There was already existing a precise schedule and plan for this distribution.

Shortly after I joined the group, there was an internal conflict between Mark Huber and Steve Beckow and the group split into two fractions. Followers of Steve, peacefully, without any hate, left the GRT and he created his new website. The reason for the split was that after few announced dates where things didn’t happen as it was predicted, Steve lost trust in Mark H. and the GRT group. This is common for all LW: they surely don’t believe in an idea as such, if a few not-fulfilled dates are enough for them to toss away the whole idea.In 2010 Mark went to seclusion due to health issues – caused by battling with dark entities and the leadership was handled to Beth. After that the quality of information went dramatically down and after few months I left the group, since there was no progress – the same repeated information, rose-tinted messages, strong pro-Obama feeling despite his controversial decisions, …Back to our new source of information. Ibrahim Hassan writes in his article in the style as if it was a probable decision of the HR to announce the NESARA.

My thinking is: What if the initial plan of HR really was that Obama should implement this system of new laws. But after he changed the coat the whole noble idea was twisted and disinformation was spread among the LW, so that nowadays all believe that NESARA is only about giving a money to a selected privileged people.

Of course, it doesn’t matter now, but I’d like to know what is your opinion on this matter.

Thank you,


Dear Marek,

thank you for this summary on the history of NESARA – most of it was known to me, but some historical facts are new and this I appreciate highly.

Now to this channel. I also stumbled over this statement yesterday and then read past messages of this person from previous years, which rather disappointed me. There was a lot of compilation there and many things were amply wrong.

But his model of the seven 4D earths is his own unique achievement as he has obviously not read our website .- or probably, yes? Because all his messages are dated later than our publications on this and other issues, which he also tackles in a similar manner as we do. However his language and terminology are not similar to ours, which points to an original achievement.

On the other hand, as far as I gather, his messages are translated into English, from which language (?), I  do not know as I could not find any information about the origin of this person. But the texts of his messages are full of bad grammar and obvious syntax mistakes, which made me wonder why, and they depreciate the messages substantially.

But, as I have written, the similarities in his contents with that of our publications are striking and worth mentioning, as this is the only source I know so far outside the PAT that has come to the same information, knowledge and conclusions on his own.

Let us make the assumption for the moment that this source is genuine. There is still a remote possibility that he has plagiarized from us and sells it as his own ideas. But I do not believe this personally and could not find any strong evidence for this hypothesis

That being said, I would not pay too much attention to this source, apart from the remarkable fact that we have to do with someone who has come on his own to the multidimensional model of seven earths, however without understanding or elaborating on the concept of multidimensionality from a theoretical point of view as I have done it for instance since 2000 in all my gnostic books.

In this, this person is a unique exception in the esoteric scene, where even the old protagonist of multidimensions Sue has not the faintest idea about the seven 4D earths scenario of ascension that is now unfolding in front of our eyes and determines the destiny of our upper 4D earth .

Therefore I assume that this enigmatic “enlightened master”, probably from the remotest corner of Arabia may be half-channeling his HS, half-making his own ideas and this discrepancy in the quality of his statements and information is cogent throughout all his texts even by a superficial reading. This is the result of my hermeneutic analysis of this source.

But I am glad that you have stimulated me to elaborate on this issue one more time in more depth.

Now NESARA, itself, had systemic flows from the very beginning when it was propagated as new New Age idea and then it was immediately hijacked by the dark forces and completely twisted as you have shown. The other probable alternative, which I favour, is that it was an idea of the dark forces from the very beginning, but this is irrelevant for my subsequent analysis.

Before one introduces a new revolutionary system of payments from a higher vantage point of view, such as NESARA, which is attributed to St. Germain and the like, that is supposed to substitute the old Orion monetary system of human enslavement, one, or at least I personally, expect from the authors to discuss in advance the theoretical background of money as a mirror image of energy and only then to make proposals how this function can be substituted by any surrogate of energy.

This surrogate may not necessarily be money as NESARA postulates and I have shown as early as 2000, before the term NESARA existed, in my gnostic books that we do not need any money to create a rational, functional and just system of payments, which can operate as simply as the SI System in physics e.g. as a simple meter rule.

By the way, I was the first scientist who rationalized the SI system  and reduced it to the simplest measurement of only two dimensions – space and time – by deriving in an unequivocal manner all other numerous dimensions of this system from these two constituents of space-time. This alone can be considered the greatest revolution in physics and science. But I have made many more revolutions in science that are as magnanimous as this one.

From this it follows that one cannot introduce any surrogate for energy = space-time as means of payments unless one has first grasped the nature and essence of the Primary Term of human consciousness, which is the foundation of any human axiomatic thinking in all dimensions, no matter how expanded the individual awareness may be.

That is why the concept of NESARA was bogus from the very beginning and could not have come from a true ascended master, as this one must have at least the same knowledge as I have since 1995 as a humble human being with limited physiological brain function and without any access to the infinite awareness of All-That-Is in an excarnated state. This is a very important aspect to observe when one concludes why NESARA was a hoax of the dark forces from the very beginning and all protagonists of this idea – complete idiots.

Before one begins to suggest new, better systems of payments than the current Orion monetary system of fiat, toilet paper monies, this person must have established first an unequivocal physical scientific idea of what energy is, before he begins to substitute the current paper money with various arbitrary surrogates. And exactly about this point you cannot learn anything from the protagonists of the NESARA idea as they are simply unaware of this theoretical foundation and infinite implications of money or any other surrogates as mirror images of energy = All-That-Is.

When one departs from these considerations, one comes very easily, in a very natural way, to the ultimate conclusion that money are not only unnecessary, but a hindrance to spiritual evolution and why one should eliminate any surrogates of energy = All-That-Is as means of payments and transactions, if one wants to engage in direct creation and gratification as an immortal, sovereign creator god.

There are so many theoretical, energetic and gnostic aspects around this topic that have never been discussed, or even perceived, by the NESARA protagonists. This was so obvious to me from the very beginning when I was confronted for the first time with this idea in 2009 that I did not need any further proofs that these people are more or less cretins and have never spent any intelligent, abstract idea on the essence of money and energy.

Essentially this was one of my major points of critics when I approached Steve Beckow in early 2011 for the first time in the illusory hope that these people have a modicum of intelligence to discuss these theoretical issues with me in an academic manner. But my systemic blunder in this life has always been to over-evaluate the intelligence of the citizens of this most toxic and debased planet in the whole universe.

Therefore it is an established fact that the idea of NESARA was launched from the very beginning by the dark Orion/Archon forces from the astral plane as to undermine´the already very anaemic New Age movement and they succeeded in giving it its final mortal blow, as Sananda and Asama Mahatari, who is St. Germain and is supposed to be the founder of NESARA, have confirmed in Jahn’s numerous messages in the last two months.

Now Elisabeth Trutwin is a classical deceiver – she is simply a blatant liar. In the last years, she pretends to channel various excarnated sources but, in fact, she writes the texts herself, which is so obvious even when one only scrolls over them in a superficial manner. I never read her now, but I know what I am talking about as I have analysed her as early as 2010.

Hence, we have to do indeed with a bunch of deceivers when we talk about NESARA and those, who were the deceived and not the perpetrators, have long disappeared from the New Age scene that is since long time in a full disarray.

While others, such as Steve Beckow, have compromised themselves on so many possible and impossible occasions that their natural sense of shame and human dignity must have been amputated from their genes before their physical incarnation or immediately after birth.


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