On Punctuation and the Lack of Any Scientific and Philosophic Make-Up of the New Age Movement

by Dianna Ch’an-Moriwaki and Georgi Stankov, August 9, 2013

Hello Dr. Stankov ——
My name is Dianna, in San Francisco, USA. I landed on your website sometime late last year, visited from time to time, and became a regular sometime around February of this year.  What most attracted me was the science and philosophy encompassed in your site, its intellectual context and abstract spiritual commentary, and that the site spoke in depth on the ascensional process (including the LBP, which I’ll touch on further below).
My mental state was philosophical /metaphysical in very young childhood, and my dedicated lifelong province has been in the performing arts and industries; but I’ve been also a lover of the sciences since childhood and absolutely adore physics (theoretical, quantum, astro-/cosmo-, meta-), though I do not have an academic maths background and therefore never studied physics formally.
However, I have an intuitively deep yet easy grasp of quantum physics, and though I have only skimmed through the entire oeuvre of your onsite books, I’ve fully read many whole, individual sections. Not only am I very simpatico as to your transcendental physics, I fully agree with your one, single, fundamental, absolute and foundational Universal Law. (I had a profound, lay insight regarding this concept in the 1990s.)
In 1968 thereabouts, I unexplainably experienced electroshock of a voltage that should have killed me but survived it, without any medical attention. I think that was an interdimensionally deliberated, timed-dated  ‘menu order,’ so to speak, because its happening at all was, in the first place, completely illogical and nonsensical.  In any case, I do believe that occurrence initiated major, significant neural changes which triggered a process that would eventually, in 1985, bring in a direct 24/7 connection in active, conscious-mind dialogue with my HS, and thenceforward, facilitating what you so aptly describe as the LBP.
Always, It, My Dear Divine Soul (HS/HR), is my final authority, on everything, literally. And for almost half a year now, It has been constantly nudging me to write to you, and I’ve consistently hesitated … but I’ve finally come to a reasonable rationale for doing as my HS/HR wishes.  As a preface, let me say that I am UTTERLY PLEASED that your stats have zoomed up, so happy indeed that now, at last, many people are reading your crucial information.  However, as fine as your writing and translations are in English, the punctuation often impedes or obscures immediate comprehension in one pass, without having to backtrack and break down the rhetorical structure. But we are at the ‘eleventh hour and 59th minute’. There is no longer the leisure to backtrack over past or opaque material.
So, for my own purpose of fluent speed when re-reading, I had, along the way, re-punctuated a few of your posts in WordDoc.  And it occurred to me that other readers, especially your new and rapidly expanding audience, might benefit from easier flow in their reads, and that I can be helpful in some small way.  Briefly, as to my qualifications, I was for 15 years self-employed as a copyeditor, working on transcripts of criminal and civil superior court cases and depositions — verbatim testimony (the words) that by law cannot be changed — wherein I made the transcripts readable in one pass by, exclusively,  structuring via punctuation.
Thusly could I satisfy my dear Its (HS/HR) wishes and validate taking up your time, impositioned yet heroic as your mission is, by offering, for your critical evaluation, examples of posts I had re-punctuated.  If you feel such an effort is worthwhile to look into and give me a way I can send them to you, I can offer three examples for your review.
There would be a working copy (A) where I adhere rather strictly to the verbatim idea; a finished copy (B) where I relax that ideal only where necessary, to more effectively facilitate reading; and a personal copy (C) where the alterations are in the interests of complete expediency.  If you like what you see and feel that it might be a worthwhile minor collaboration, I would be open to a spiritual venture and service, as to how it can be done.
Thank you so very much, Dr. Stankov, for your time.  I know the difficulties you live with, and that includes having enough time for all you must do.  Therefore, please, only reply if there is interest in such a project.
In gratitude for your and the PAT’s dedication —-
Yours sincerely,
D. Ch’an-Moriwaki  (dianna cm)

Dear Dianna,

Thank you very much for establishing contact to me and sharing your spiritual pathway as well as your appreciation of our website.

I also thank you for your offer to correct the punctuation of our publications.

First of all I am the only editor of this website and when I started publishing it, I considered seriously the necessity of external editing as I was fairly aware of the fact that I need such an external check. Then I tried it several times and it did not work for the simple reason that this additional procedure hampered the flow of publication. If I have to publish several articles each day and also respond to numerous emails, which I do as my first priority, then there is absolutely no time for me for anything else, and any external validation will automatically postpone the publications with at least 24 hours and the actuality is lost.

Hence I decided to refrain from such, otherwise important procedure in any editorial work.

Now to my punctuation. I have studied the English punctuation very closely and have found it to be completely illogical and not following the syntax and inner sense of the sentences and ideas presented in a written form. In addition there are virtually no fixed rules of punctuation, but one has the freedom to choose in most cases his own punctuation.

Therefore, I decided in a deliberate and conscious manner to adopt the German punctuation, which is very rigid and completely subjected to the syntax. This punctuation is also very common in most Slavonic languages and also in French and Italian, with some exceptions of course. My advantage is that I can rely on my multi-lingual experience and make comparisons as to find the best solution. As far as I know, I am the only one who does this in this particular case. After all, any punctuation is ultimately an arbitrary decision that has gained the status of a rule due to collective habits and conventions.

Therefore, I have resorted to a punctuation that separates and stresses my written ideas in the most logical and adequate way, as I personally feel it. As there are no fixed rules on punctuation in English, I decided to implement my personal punctuation, which is based on the German punctuation, but also considers the punctuation of other European languages based on Latin.

I am fairly aware that this might have disturbed you, who are used to an American punctuation, which is also different from the English one. And even here, if you read old texts, you will find a completely different punctuation than the one in new texts, where there is almost no punctuation or only at random. One only needs to study the US press.

Having considered all this, and also having a very poor opinion on English as a logical language, as an adequate linguistic instrument to express logical contents, I decided to introduce my own rules, just as I have introduced a completely new semantics of language with the development of the new axiomatics of the Universal Law. This is indeed a radical departure from previous habits, be it punctuation or the way of thinking and presenting ideas in a written form,.This is a very profound topic, which I have only scratched on the surface, but it is precisely the kind of punctuation, Americans use that has vastly contributed to their extremely confused and unorganized thinking. There are of course much more factors to this.

But I am very glad that you have addressed this issue, as nobody else has done this before and I wondered why. Besides, I also publish many emails from readers and most of them have no punctuation at all and I have to introduce it myself as good as I can.

I hope that I have presented you some of the imponderables of my editorial work, which is also complicated by the fact that many of my readers are dispersed the world over and most of them, as myself, do not use English as mother tongue but as a foreign language.

Please write in the future on my private email address.

With love and light

Hello Georgi —

Thank you for your time in responding with such a full message, at such length that I did not anticipate. I very well appreciate how a project like this could seriously impact upon your already squeezed time and obliging attentions. That you do all that you do, and without a staff yet, while at the same time patiently enduring cosmic forces funneling through your body with such intensity, is simply amazing, and humbling to those of us who know the realities of the LBP, yet experience it many notches less intensely.  However, I do believe the more encompassing truth is that HS simply provided that “proposal” as a reasonable rationale for my initiating contact with you, since I kept on hesitating  for an entire half -year in this 11th hour.

I want to quickly share a few items with you here, Georgi, just to describe some experiences. I know what follows is nothing new to you.  And this is not to make you write me back with a long response in comment.

As said, my mindscape in childhood was philosophically and metaphysically oriented, but on the verge of age 40, I became specifically spiritually oriented. That was in 1979, and I’ve always instinctively avoided the entire New Age scene /manifesto.  Knowing that they are infiltrated by, and are a disinfo asset of, the Cabal and their agenda renders me all the more wary of the New Age presence on the Internet. Among the many “spiritual” disinfo styles the infiltrators deliberately cultivate (along with their legions of negative Internet trolls), your re-post of this Sphinx treatise is an example that egregiously obfuscates in its circumlocution, and adopts the tone of inscrutability, ambiguity, contradiction, as if an extended Zen koan all garbled. It’s insulting, and, as intended by the Cabal, can seriously set back a sincere seeker’s already difficult progress, by keeping one asleep with confusion and impeding one’s ascent up the scale.

It being 2013 now, I am still astonished, how resistant “spiritually minded” people continue to be, as to the concept of inter-, intra-, hyper-, multi-dimensionality, and especially that multi-dimensionality is not just something ‘out there’ but actually within us. Even people who very intently follow NDE (near death experience) studies are blank and give me glazed looks when I touch on that. It boggles me that they can’t appreciate that that very phenomenon is their own extra-dimensional, palpable reality.

I began outwardly but cautiously conversing about quantum physics being at one with spirituality and metaphysics back in the 1990s … and eventually had to again shut-up and go back into my closet for my own protection and peace of mind. Among many, one such resistant person was a teacher of Theosophy (which also became infiltrated, was co-opted, and is now controlled by the Dark), who was also a former ordained Christian minister and a college professor in Psychology and in Philosophy/Religion. Predictably, he was deeply entrenched within that entire mind-control machine. Finally, in 2005, he said to me: “Actually, Dianna, I have no interest in physics, and never did.” Shortly after that, perhaps in 2008, another friend, a Nichiren Buddhist who also dabbles in Theosophy, who worked many years as a microbiology tech in the teaching hospital of a world-level university, said to me in email: “I hate physics, really.” I was shocked to realize after all the years I’d known them that this was their position on science.

I steer clear of Religion, Religions’ Gods, and Religion’s doctrines and philosophies. Progress on the so-called “spiritual Path” is itself the process of ascension through the spectrum of frequencies which, in advance stages, unfolds into the uncomfortable, sometimes prostrating physical challenges of the LBP, 24/7, day and night, and then finally, into Ascension (capital “A”). Dedicated inner work on one’s psychospiritual emotional/ mental baggage and ballast is unceasing throughout the entire “Path,” and that divesting is the ego’s own attrition. If one is not doing that work, yet considers himself “spiritual,” s/he is really only a tire-kicker, a dilettante, dabbler. Both gentlemen I mentioned were, and still are, dearly loved friends going back more than 30 years, but they weren’t, then nor now, ‘There’ yet, being still locked into the lower-dimensional weltanschauung. Nothing in the world is more important to me nor more beloved than My Dear Divine Soul (HR/HS) and where we’re going, together. So, I finally had to distance myself quite vastly, from them and very many others, including family and relatives, just so that I could keep on track ‘unmolested,’ so to speak.

Referent 4D’s MPR having been the next stage after the 3D MPR of late May: As your website has everywhere mentioned, on June 8th, upper 4D levels had ‘echoes’ of the Lower 4D MPR events, as being muted, mitigated, and people witnessing rather than participating with direct involvement in the ‘watered-down’ (pun not intended) Upper 4D echoes of the dire Lower 4D MPR events .

So, on June 8th, when Lower 4D was described with the words “deluge,” “devastation,” “catastrophic,” on that day, here in Upper 4D, my garage was flooded due to a broken pipe in the house’s foundation. The flooding was less than 4 inches, but it contained sewage and I could already smell the presence of mold. Although I live here and my sister doesn’t (she has a strong ego and is very aggressive), she arbitrarily assumed sole and total control over the situation and all decisions, and thus had to cope with insurance, City and County, hazard rescue agencies, sidewalk repair, concrete contractors, plumbing companies, etcetc, and she also precipitated a heated dispute with one of the contractors. That was a lot of mental stress she courageously and resolutely endured, but I was spared. Apparently, my function was only to provide the location and to be a witness. (And, as usual, be the diplomat and peacemaker.)

You have much to do, Georgi, and I respect that. So, I don’t have intentions or plans of writing again soon. But know that in the background somewhere, I hold you and all your known and silent PAT, your inner and outer PAT circles, and all your other readers, and all divine trekkers elsewhere, in a special space in my heart of hearts —–

Good energy —
Love mucho —
dianna cm

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