Perverted New Age Logic

by Georgi Stankov, August 7, 2013

Below you will find a very insightful analysis on the most common logical pitfalls of the present-day New Age mentality, of which most light workers are not aware of as they do not bother to reflect on their ideas, but prefer to imitate New Age clichés like rutting baboons.

However, this text contains, itself, a fundamental logical blunder in its chain of argumentation, or we may as well speak of “omission”, deliberate or not remains to be seen, that discredits the purpose of this message. Let us assume that this source – the Sphinx – knows precisely why he has introduced this blunder. I doubt however strongly that his messenger Petra Margolis is aware of this fundamental inconsistency in her message.

Hence, I decided to ask you to find out what is the actual logical blunder /omission in this text that compromises its message and to write to me. At the end of the day I will give you my interpretation and analysis of this very important gnostic issue:

What is Illusion and what is reality on this earth?”.

Consider this as a mental experiment to fill in the waiting time till ascension.

The sphinx speaks is it all illusion?

by Petra Margolis, August 7, 2013

When you are awakening it becomes more difficult to decide between real and not real.

There are many messages out there and within their message they will say two things: Do not worry about what is happening around you, all the chaos, wars and despair, all that is bad, is not real. It may seem real to you, but realize they are just plays of souls, playing out their lives upon earth.

Within the same message, they will tell you to focus within, focus on love within and around you. Forgive others, forgive yourself, become your true soul expression, and more. You have read many of these messages, you understand.

Now we have two things that are explained within those messages.

The first one being, everything that is bad is not really happening, it is an illusion.

The second part is that everything that is good is real.

And you use that as a guideline for how to live your life in many ways.

Yet, the reality would be, if all bad is an illusion, all good would have to be an illusion as well. As in fact they are saying all the bad things you experience as a human are not real, all the good things as a human are real.

This does not line up with the facts and you will have to decide what is the truth.

If everything bad you experience as a human is not real and you accept this, you would have to accept that everything you experience as a human is not real.

This would mean, all the good things, such as love, but also what you experience as a human to be your spiritual existence. After all everything you experience, physically and spiritually is experienced through your human understanding.

If you get to this conclusion, you could also say, what is the point in asking for change?  Trying to change, it is all not real, it is an illusion, and as we just pointed out, everything I see as my spiritual reality is an illusion.

In fact the only point of being here would be for my soul to learn, but then again, everything is an illusion, so that part might be an illusion as well.

Simple deduction to find truth is, what is needed.

You cannot just go by your experience as you are being told, the experiences you have are not real. After all let me remind you, if the bad part is not real, the good part cannot be real either.

Now you are here experiencing many things and you can come to the conclusion that it is all real. This would mean however the good and bad parts are real and require you to deal with them. The physical and spiritual experiences you have as a human are real. This requires a different approach, and also acceptance of everything that is happening in the physical experience to be really happening.

There is still much more to discover, but you will have a choice between accepting that all is real or all is illusion.

You can ask yourself, if you see the physical world as not real, but just a layover into the spiritual world, why would you get upset by anything happening in the physical world.

Many, who see the physical world this way, are out there telling others that they are acting the wrong way; “you should be loving and kind.” Yet, if the physical reality is not real, why do they bother?

The ones that realize that this world, the physical and spiritual is real. They are here to live this world, change this world.

But the mindset of many is to discard the physical world when it not pleases them and to embrace the physical world when it does.

This is a contradiction in the human mind that requires a lot of control, and loss of freedom. There can only be real or not real. You have to pick one.



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