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Letters to the Editor

On the Purity of Esoteric Sources, NESARA and Other Issues

Dear Georgi,

I also noticed, as a first thing, that the quality of the written texts (on the website is low due to grammatical errors. I’m very sensitive to this as I have a tendency to judge people on the mastering of their spoken and written abilities. But I regularly have to instruct myself to concentrate first on the content of the message and only after that on the form. If the author is a plagiarist, then he’s a good one because he spent enough time to create his own terminology. But overall I have quite a good feeling about the facts alone. They make sense to me.

I agree with you that regardless of his intentions the messages were quite a good refreshment in this frozen spiritual arena, since we don’t know of any other such source confirming the facts known to us.

Now, to the NESARA thing. Throughout all the decades when I was searching for the truth and repeatably re-evaluating, taking-in and tossing away different and re-emerging concepts, I never saw even the slightest attempt to look at the things from as high point of view as you’re presenting to us.

That being said, if we, the PAT members and ascended masters were/are not able to distinguish such obvious hoaxes ( because we lack the ability / don’t have the needed practise to always think in terms of All-That-Is ), then who can?

In this context it’s obvious, even inevitable, that there’s no way for ordinary people to critically evaluate such concepts and thus these ideas will surely mislead common people. That’s why it’s very predictable for the Light & Dark Forces how the future most probably will look and so they can plan much ahead of time.

My ability to think in very abstract terms is quite good because my work requires it. But even this was not enough for me to see through the concept of a new monetary system as redundant. I simply took this partially systematic approach as satisfactory for a limited time being and I didn’t go a one step higher. I new that there are some civilizations that function without money, but I thought that to get to this point takes few stages, first being the replacement of not fair and unjust monetary system with another, just and fair. Only after that can next stage come – to eliminate fully the money as a means for expressing a value of energy exchange.

Your approach is revolutionary in that you suggest to eliminate the monetary system immediately without this transitional stage. ( I understood that this is exactly what needs to be done and learnt after ascension into 5th D. Only after that non-money stage can be


Dear Marek,

now you need not be so harsh with you, while your assessment as to the total confusion of humanity with regard to the function of money is absolutely correct. I have experienced first hand this fact in numerous conversations with people who believed that they think alternatively only to copy the blunders of the Orion monetary system by suggesting and employing alternative local currencies.

In fact, it took me, myself, five years to grasp the full scope of the money problem as the chief source of Orion indoctrination and conditioning of humanity. I took namely the sidewalk through the stock exchange, where I speculated in 1998 and 1999 and developed some very effective chart-technical prognostic tools, based on the theory of the Universal Law, before I realized what this is all about. Of course there is nobody to tell you the truth and to open your eyes.

And you must consider that at that time I had already fully developed the new theory of the Universal law and had actually the solution in my hand. As you say, the main reason why it also took so long for me to realize the essence of money, was that I, like you, believed initially that there will be a prolonged interim period of slower, gradual evolution of humanity.

Now this scenario is still not off the table and this is what we may experience on the upper, balanced 4D earth after the ID split and the MPR. But I personally favour a  more radical solution from the very beginning, whereas l am aware of the fact that there will not be one universal solution on this timeline, but many monetary approaches around the same theme.

And we as ascended masters will have to coordinate these different approaches and merge them step by step into one global solution, which is total elimination of money and direct creation and evaluation of creationary achievements.

The rest of social relations will be organized according to sound spiritual principles which are also very elementary. These are  – unconditional love, non-interference /no manipulation, absolute tolerance to different ways of thinking and life as long as they comply with these spiritual principles  such as the sanctity of all life, sovereignty and absolute equality in the needs of all incarnated personalities in terms of physical, energetic survival and wellbeing. There will be at the same time a pronounced spiritual hierarchy that will lead humanity and it will be based on our activities as ascended masters and Elohim.


Dear Georgi,

I’m citing you:

“And we as ascended masters will have to coordinate these different approaches and merge them step by step into one global solution”.

This is nearly the same approach as I’m doing ( or better, trying to achieve ) everyday in my job when I’m optimizing processes – to merge/ change/ organize them into new, optimized process that coordinates them from a higher point of view.

Most of the time I have to go to the bottom, to the root cause and design completely new process (-es) that eliminates insufficiencies of the previous processes.

The difference is that when I’m presenting the ideas and optimization techniques, everything is fine and well accepted. But once I require specific and resolute decisions these initiatives almost always fail due to the fact that many people would have to give up their unnecessary, daily, mundane actions and learn something new, which would in a long-term make their work easier and automated, other people would lose their work, so that they could be “re-used” for something more productive, … Simply, higher management is afraid of taking such “drastic” decisions.

So, overall, I’m happy when I realize and imagine that in a short time our good-intentioned ideas and visions will be taken seriously and acted upon.


Hi George

I just wanted to commend you for the latest post on Nesara. A thanks also to Marek for broaching the topic in general; plus it was interesting to get some more background.

Your reply is difficult to dispute. Indeed what would be the point of another system of fiat money in an advanced civilization? Until one understands what “money” represents – an exchange of energy – and goes at least as far as to define what that energy is, so it can be properly quantified, it is absurd to believe that an identical system of money, but just more of it, would solve all of our problems. When one looks at it this way, how can it not be seen as dark ploy to keep us from thinking up anything more intelligent?  Nesara as it’s been described so far is just another syrupy panacea promising to soothe all of the world’s problems – as soon as the ones in charge are good and ready to implement it.

I get so frustrated trying to raise these topics with my business students but at the same time, I can’t justify letting them off the hook so easily! Just today a bright, plucky economist and I were discussing the new “2000€ base salary” in Germany. I naturally made sure to steer the discussion towards more radical economic ideas, such as a resource economy or point-based system. No matter how many different ways I brought up questions and turned the topic on its head, this “economist” was overwhelmed, unable to wrap his head around anything that was not currency based. At one point I had to be careful not to smile when he suddenly realized how he had contradicted himself within five minutes of argumentation. It is absurd that I continue to work under these conditions – and yet I continue to put myself in these positions. The angrier I get, the closer we must be to home, I think. It CANNOT go on much longer like this!

Without an understanding of human behavior in the context of spiritual Gnosis, or at least a modicum of human psychology and motivation, these financial experts persist in telling me how humans will or will not react in certain situations based on their economic theories and projections. Non-economists prefer to back up their statements using Darwin’s theory of Evolution as the classic crutch. You can’t refute Darwin, they all say. (Don’t get me started!)

It gets worse – some prefer to have no opinion at all! Two days ago, the director of a very upmarket “Strategy Agency” complained to me that I criticized him/ her for not having an opinion on the Snowden affair!  While I felt bad for making the student feel uncomfortable, I thought to myself, civil liberties, really? How can you not give a shit??!!

We have an English word for what I wanted to do at that moment:  FACE PALM.

Anyway, George, great comment and thanks, as usual, for keeping the standard high on the PAT site, always encouraging us (and even grooming, well, me) on how to keep looking at things straight on, backed up with logic, and not just turning off our brains in favor of some sugar-coated hypothesis that will fit our own preconceived ideas in favour of not freaking our our egos. I’ve grown so much since finding your site in a way that has truly complemented my spirituality. So in this sense, to me, I perceive you are more of a scientist and teacher than a nurse. (Not that there’s anything wrong with nurses!)

Soon I’ll be going to Canada where my company will be even less enlightened and opinionated than my clients (in terms of current events, at least). Since this is supposed to be my holiday, maybe it will be better for everyone involved if I just turn my brain off. But if I know myself, I won’t be able to resist rocking the boat. The joy of being an Indigo, sigh.

Love Debra.

Dear Debra,

there is nothing more frustrating than to talk to economists about the economy and finances, to medical doctors about human health, and to physicists about the existence of only one Universal Law and the idiocy of claiming the existence of more than 100 officially recognized natural physical laws, as this failed science is preaching…. You are “verraten und verkauft” (betrayed and sold), as the Germans use to say, as soon as you open a dialogue with such people – actually all people.

But I can testify that you have really grown very high in the last two years, as I am leading regularly a very intensive dialogue with you on various topics and I do not mind being seen in my original function as a scientist and thinker, although my second name is “nurse”.

Thank you´very much for your enlightened comments on the eternal malaise of humanity –chronic brain absence syndrome (CBAS).

Keep on the ball rolling….

With love and light

Hi George,

I want to comment on this Galactic Round Table.

During 2007-2009 I got acquainted with the website service provided by the GRT. It looked a nice gathering of ¨light workers¨ and were able to share common beliefs among those light workers. Actually my twin brother got me into this.

Rather sooner than later I started to notice irregularities and discrepancies in the so called messages by Trutwin herself, contrary to some high quality channelings that were roaming the website too. In that time there was still the option by the cabal to instigate the Blue Beam project, a massive projection technology to lead souls astray during the end times (to keep them off the Earth while ascension needed grounding).

A few times I warned visitors about that impending danger, and I was banned from the GRT subsequently. Naturally I wanted to get to know the banning reason, but they never told. At that point I just knew the central part of the GRT effort was hijacked by the powers-that-be/were. Or it could be setup as a trap from the very beginning.


Dear Dennis,

the reference to the blue beam project is very important as this is another proof for the heinous goals of this gathering. I myself was involved in the blue beam project (including the appearance of Maitreya as the new prophet), in the form that I was informed by my HS in 2009 and 2010 that I will ascend and appear officially as an ascended master in front of humanity in order to counter this attempt of the dark ones, but as usually the scenario changed all the time.


Ascended Master Stankov,

I have been perusing your site for a couple months now, and feel that this path to ascension has been revealed to me around April of this year, though I was already involved in practices related to it without knowledge of what was happening. I believe I was put on the path because of the events happening on the Earth, and coming more in tune with them through my organic plant-based diet as well as tuning my brain to higher vibrations through cannabis use, which has afforded me 3 profound spiritual experiences since I started using it. I don’t know what your opinions are on cannabis, but I have stopped using the plant except for very infrequently as I am determined to use meditation to ascend myself after realizing what was being revealed.

I am not going to spell out my experiences here. You are flooded with those. I am not sure I will be one to ascend at first when things begin, but I know I am at a higher level than most of the human “zombies” that are currently inhabiting the Earth. I am ready to take whatever place I may have in the coming events, whether it be death, ascension, or if I need further teaching. I can accept not becoming an ascended master through the knowledge that Gaia is going to be fixed and humanity will finally come into their own, even if I am not initially a part of it.

I write you this email because of the site that was recently revealed to you, The World of Truth blog. After following the link in the email, I am astounded at the information that completely coincides, like one hand slipping into another, with the information you have provided to us. If I needed any more confirmation of all the events that are occurring, this has satisfied that need.

Now, I am specifically writing to point out a particular connection: The dream Debra described in the most recent energy update seems to fit exactly with a prediction Ibrahim wrote about on 8/31/2012, outlining some of the coming events. The blog post is here:

The specific part to which I am referring is this:

“From 2014 until 2015

This is the year where all the people who were not able to enter the Light, and who could not achieve ascension, or grasp its purpose, shall be transported to a different planet outside this galaxy. The purpose of this, is to keep an eye on them, and follow up their experiences, in order for them to ascend one day.

The plan[e]t they will be sent to, is in the third dimension, just like earth before its ascension, except that it would not be a testing ground, but a rehabilitation area, and the path to development shall lead towards ascension for those. There will be no path for revolution or the existence of demons or any dominion of Darkness in that planet, only the powers of light shall prevail in this rehabilitation area…”

I think this is the planet Debra saw in her dream. I just thought it was an amazing connection, and thought you would find it interesting and might want to share it with her.

Thank you for all you have done.

Love and Light,

Dear Jimmy,

thank you for contacting me for the first time and for sharing your experiences with me. There is nothing principally wrong to use cannabis, but it is a good decision to abandon this plant as you now no longer need it for your meditations.

You have adopted the right attitude to have let go off any fixed expectations about the future, but to be open for all new possibilities that will open for us very soon.

Insofar you are on the safe side.

I read this message from last year and it contained a lot of broken promises and unfulfilled forecasts. But to be fair enough, we were also wrong with our forecasts at that time as the ascension scenario has been changing all the time. Hence this is not his fault.

What I miss in this source, is the retrospective analysis what went wrong with his messages in the past. There is no self-reflection here.

From what I read, I do not see any objections why this description, which you and this source attribute to a new distant planet, where those who have not managed to ascend will be brought, does not apply to the current three higher 4D earths, which will go through a prolonged turmoil and will slowly recover and begin to evolve.

Please observe that at that time this source did not have any information about the seven earths scenario as this decision was taken in May this year.

As I said, the problem with Ibrahim is that he does not analyse and correct retrospectively his earlier messages and thus creates a confusion and conflicting information in the reader when one reads his messages in a chronological order.

But this is all constructive critics and it is still an interesting source to consider.

One last remark – this man has no idea of the PAT and its pivotal role in the ascension of Gaia. He has no idea of the basic concept of the incarnated personalities as the actual protagonists and creators of all these processes leading to ascension. This is to my mind his greatest deficiency. But he seems to be a solitary, isolated man and this may be an excuse and an explanation for his limited gnostic approach.

With love and light

Master Stankov,

Thank you for your response. I understand your criticisms of this man, and find it encouraging that you don’t completely denounce him as a fraud. I come to think that while any of us are attached to this 3D realm, flaws happen within us if we don’t remain constantly mindful and vigilant against them. For instance, even though I have had experiences that correlate with these coming events, and I can witness other things in my life and out in the world coming in order that together seem to be irrefutable evidence that SOMETHING is happening, I still find myself questioning, wondering, and doubting at least a couple times a week if not more. I’m working to dispel these doubts once and for all, but I have not achieved this yet.

I have wondered since you first posted the link to this site, have you or do you have any plans to reach out to this man? Or have you or do you plan to seek guidance about him from any of the beings you and the PAT have contact with? Perhaps there are even more of you out there, unaware of the existence of each other, in order to spread the light more fully over a wider area? Thought at this point, maybe connecting with him won’t make a difference, as it seems things are about to unfold.

Love and light,

Dear Jimmy,

I have praised this man in the first place and recommended him as an alternative source to our website and  then have objectively analysed some of his weak points. This is my job. But he is better than most other sources.

In fact, this man has contacted a member of the PAT, Corey Sturmer last year who also edits a blog, but the connection for an interview could not be realized. I will publish Corey’s email on this issue in the report tomorrow.



It is quite peculiar to me that you now post the link toIbrahim of the “World of Truth Blog” because it was during the course of 2012 that I was first introduced to this source and his website.

How you ask? There was a Jordanian woman named Maha who ventured onto my golden-rule blog, after I had conducted an interview with the now obviously tainted source “COBRA” to recommend that I visit his world of truth website, and read up on his publications.  She actually called me on the telephone several times and attempted to arrange for me to conduct a Skype interview with this ‘enlightened master’ so as to broaden his reach and I suppose for me to learn from him.  Apparently, she was in direct contact with him and he was agreeable to the interview by me.

While this never manifested due to scheduling issues, and I spent only a limited time reading his site, I find it extremely synchronistic that you have now shared this source with your readership and even more stunning that he has seemingly written original work on the 7 earth model.

What this information means to you I am not sure but as you have said in the past it seems to indicate how perfectly planned everything is thanks to the Higher Realms.

With Love,

Dear Corey,

thank you very much for this additional information that highlight some of my unanswered questions about this source.


Dear Dr. Stankov

I hope you are you fine today. In view of the imminent proximity of final outcome, I am writing this brief note of appreciation for the immense help received from you and all the people who contributed to the dissemination of such valuable information. For someone like me with only technical college level, I spent most of my life working to carry a large family and had to be shaken by personal tragedy to take the path of spirituality to an advanced age, lonely, guided only by intuition to decide what information is reliable between shit flowing through the network, was for me truly important and meaningful to have found your website. Without your help, could not have come to have some level of understanding about the reality of current events.

Eternally Grateful
Luis González

Dear Georgi,

I very much resonated with your interpretation of the 40 days, as related by the description of the Orthodox calendar and celebrations of the “zadusnica” (soul feast).  I’ve always felt and heard that the Orthodox have a more complete mystical vision and especially after meeting some people here who lived in Bulgaria, I’ve always wished I had gone there. The protests continue and the Bulgarians seem much more grounded in their understanding of the change needed than the Croatians do.

I am so grateful to Jahn and your cooperation has been amazing and a big blessing for all of us. I wish him a wonderful vacation.

Interestingly enough, as regards the possible ascension dates– Aug.-5- 12th, we had for a long time the plan to fly to Oslo on Aug. 6 (to see Munch, and be in the clean northern air) and then to Iceland on the 11th, and on to the US on the 15th.  I am ready at any moment to change these plans, but HS so far has given the green light.  As Iceland is one of the more enlightened modern countries, I’m perfectly happy to ascend from there. And perhaps there is some personal connection I have there as my ancestry is partly Nordic on both sides. I know you’ve said not to move from where we are, but until so far HS is going with these plans. We have to move out on Aug. 6 anyway. I will be very glad to ascend and never return to the US.

Our house project has been stalled due to the engineer finding too many irregularities in the old roof and I believe this is a perfect other sign of our impending ascension. All projects are stalled and we are to let them go and live “moment to moment”.

I’ve really enjoyed reading some of the messages from the blog Raji gave us though today we’ve had a lot of packing to do and I’ve not gotten through much. I do have one tiny question– I quote below, from the first article in which he announces a connection with Egypt

“So if we passed this period {between 26th until 29th of July} and nothing had happened of [MPR or HAARP], the percentage of occurrence of one or both will increase in the period between {July 29th to August 12th} and this means that an ongoing process of Liberalization after liberating Egypt, and the Divine wants to give the Light Forces little time to prove themselves through its fighting to the Forces of Darkness before the occurrence of the MPR..

He indicates that ONE OR BOTH OF MPR AND HAARP could happen but in the previous paragraph he indicates why of course the MPR is more healthy for the earth to reset itself magnetically while the HAARP is obviously the sinister means.

He still seems to allow for the possibility of HAARP taking over – does this mean we are still in a final battle, as he indicates and that the occurrence of the MPR might be preceded or taken over by HAARP??  What would this mean for our ascension if HAARP preceded the MPR or canceled it, or is it inevitable (MPR)?

If this is an irrelevant detail, please disregard this email, but this seems to be important as far as i can read between the lines.

All the best Georgi and thanks again for your enormous efforts, dear captain.

Much love, Sarah

Dear Sarah,

I have just published another in-depth analysis of this source, so I will not delve now into details. One should not pay too much attention to this source. it is just a marginal note.

I personally do not like his example with Egypt as paradigmatic for the global situation. This is the narrow perspective of this man, who obviously comes from Jordan according to the latest information from Corey and exaggerates the Arab conflicts as most Arabs have the tendency to do.

I personally do not believe that the dark ruling cabal will be allowed on the upper 4D earth to start a HAARP-induced Mega earthquake as they did on the lower three 4D earths. But they must make the first move and try to instigate a major crime on humanity before they can be ousted from power and the MPR unleashed.

This is the playwright for the End Time scenario of ascension. The people must realize through a manifested action the insidiousness of the ruling elite, otherwise they will not learn anything.

But all this may happen so quickly that, before we realize what has happened, we shall ascend.

This  scenario is more relevant for those who will stay on the upper 4D earth and will have to go through some calamities and changes first.

August seems to be the month of our ascension by all signs so far. But we will be wiser when this event comes.

Enjoy your journey to Scandinavia.

With love and light

Relentless waves indeed, Georgi!

Although so far today, August 1st, I do feel more balanced and calmer than ever. I have been internally advised to switch my diet right now…I am doing no processed sugar,(only fruit sugars) and some very high quality protein powder and lots of water and occasionally iced black coffee. That’s it! I think I am stabilizing my blood sugar more and that feels nice. Also, I am requiring a bit of fuel every 3 hours and this has also made a difference for me in just a short amount of time.

Your most recent post is ingenious! Thank You! I fully conquer with you on the uselessness of money as being a substitute for energy exchange. It is still archaic in nature and one more unnecessary step…or middle man, that is just in the way. And you are so right, this is just a basic understanding of All That Is and further proof that those that herald the importance of money, do not truly grasp the higher concepts of energy.

I do not pretend to know the scientific terminology, but I know that I can put a thought out there, and a desire, and very quickly receive that thing or situation! And where was the paper money involved?? It wasn’t. End of story for me. Easy to grasp… simple basic concept. I believe the thought-form or emotion was the energy required to receive the energy back in the desired form. Just as gratitude should be returned with gratitude. Obviously, I still use money right now, but my entire outlook on it has changed. It may as well be water, it just flows in and out of my days, and I really do not give it too much thought.

I can barely handle people arguing about it and if I can throw some dollars at someone just to make them shut up, I gladly will. It’s really that easy on this planet and that is sad. You can just walk around throwing paper money at someone and say, “please shut up, please shut up” and most of them will because all of their troubles and focus center around this thing, called money.

I have found that the less I think about it or care about it or give it any real power, the more I seem to have. I have given so much money away lately just so that I do not have to listen to people complain and say, “I’m broke, or “I don’t have it” or “well, it must be nice to be able to afford that or go there”. Ugh. Why do they not see that the more they talk like this, the more of this lack they will experience? I’m allergic to hearing these things now. And I find myself just completely checking out. I have heard people squabbling over a few cents…or standing at the grocery store wondering if they should buy the cheaper brand because it’s .50 cents cheaper!

I just have never thought these things make a difference in reality. If there is something I really, really like and enjoy, I will spend my last dollars on that and there is always more coming to me at some point. I now like to joke around with people and say, “oh, tell me about when you were homeless. Tell me about when you died because you ran out of money!” Obviously, it hasn’t happened and all their delusions are revealed. I truly am at a point where I can manifest what I want with ease. This is the one consolation to still having to be here. Thanks again for your efforts and for your simple and authentic style.

Love, Kari

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