My Personal Heartfelt Greetings of Love to the PAT

by Anthony Kane, August 2, 2013

Hello To the PAT!

My Personal Heartfelt Greetings of Love to Each one of you.

I am called Anthony and this is my small measure of saying THANK YOU with all of my heart, my joy and the new freedom that has emerged within me!

It rained here last night and this morning the air is crisp, clean, clear and the sun is out and I actually slept a bit, which is something I have not done in years! I feel renewed for the first time in many years.

As you may know, recently, last Friday, the 26th of July I was arrested here in Vancouver, Canada where I have lived off the grid in exile for 7 long years as a survivor of torture at the hands of the CIA and sanctioned by the U.S. government. I know that Georgi has posted my story and my 1st audio interview, so I will not go into that as that is not the purpose of this writing.

The moment they arrested me on an immigration violation, I knew that it was to bring about the closure of what had happened 8 years ago and the subsequent jailing for many months after. That I had come to closure and a release from the trauma of all that had occurred.

Yes, it was unpleasant as it always is with those who do not see, nor feel, nor live in the light of creation. I was isolated, condemned, manhandled, shackled, belittled and demeaned , yet, I stood my ground at all times letting them know that I am the divine spirit, the living flesh and blood and that I do not consent, nor do I recognize their authority, for this vessel is mine, given to me by the creator and that they have no dominion over it nor me.

Tuesday morning when I woke in the jail cell and I said to my HS that I can not take another day in here, HS replied “today you will be free and it will be under your terms” and so it was. In that moment I knew that things had made the shift. And that afternoon the combined efforts of two officers along with my friend and the angel in my life …Carla… gave them the impetus to release me, giving me time to gather my things and calmly, peacefully and with dignity arrange to leave the country. They are even providing me with an extraction officer to insure that I have no problems getting on the plane past U.S. Immigration when I leave here on the 19th of August.

So it has been a blessing, as now I am free to move on. I have a friend in San Diego who will provide me with needed documentation when I arrive there, so that I can leave the States and go to somewhere in the world, where I feel safe and comfortable. This is something that I have longed for since the torture on 05/05/2005

A friend in Boston who has a show and site called “Alchemy of Light” she has also interviewed me a couple of times sent me this message this morning…

Dear Anthony…OMG!!!

I just feel a lot of tears right now and am sending you a huge hug and  so want tocelebrate your release/relief from all the shackles that  have had you bound in the suffering that has become your life…perhaps it’s very close now..

Anthony…I don’t want one person to lay a hand on you ever again in harm and the thought of you in a jail cell makes me crazy and enough  dammit! You deserve to be loved and happy and the world deserves your  bright spirit un-hindered and molested by the dark stupid malevolent  nonsense. Aaaagh!  You are so brave. I know I couldn’t walk a day in  your shoes…I guess somebody has got to do it, eh? Bless you, beautiful Anthony…bless you!”

Well, what she desires has happened as you the PAT have shown me so much love that I am overwhelmed with joy, gratitude and compassion for all. Your gift will nourish me in so many ways, my body as it allows me to eat clean food (I’m a vegan), my soul as now I know I have funds to go forth to San Diego and attend to the necessary documents and get them done; and my heart, for because of your efforts I can still have enough to sustain me for a bit, while I travel to wherever I go for my safe harbor and the offer of shelter from the storm that I have received from another of your members (Boyd from Australia, before that living in Thailand. Boyd has offered  Anthony to live in Thailand in his now empty house or to come to Australia and live with him there, comment, George) for a place to live in peace and community. Great gifts these are to my being!!!

Your gifts to me are great and magnanimous, therefore the best I can do to bring honor to this gifting from all of you is to be in joy, peace, love, gratitude and the knowing within me that NOW I am loved and cared for by my brothers and sisters of the PAT.

Georgi; it is good to know we are still that close. I have always been open and honest sharing my personal stuff and you have always listened and been of comfort where you could.

We have known one another forever through this stream of consciousness. I feel that is part of why you have always just acted when I was stuck or needed a friend. Your loyalty and generosity of spirit is grand!!!

Many, Many, Many blessings of love to all of you as we are in the final phase of Earth clearing. It is the point of maximum pressure coming rapidly. so that others may have the opportunity to raise their vibration and ascend with the Planet, it is a time of joy within the swirl of darkness, which thinks it can over take us if it continues to build. That is not possible, for as you know, where there is light, there can be no darkness and the PAT is holding the light!!!

All my Love
as always; Anthony

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