Finish Line in Sight

Asana Mahatari
channelled Jahn J Kassl on August 02, 2013
first published in English on August 3, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Cosmic Sound

Loved ones,

here is ASANA MAHATARI. I will give now the message to the world, the message, which many people await, I shall give you now insight into the events of these days, and “the lull before the storm” is the apt term to describe these days.

1) The upper 4D holograms (the 7th and higher levels, comment, George), are now being reached by the (catastrophic) events, which have already encompassed the (six) lower vibrating levels.

2) The upper 4D holograms are sealed these days, which means that they remain unaffected by all new events in the lower holograms.

3) The people on the upper 4D holograms now get the opportunity to go through experiences that will lead them to new growth.

4) Many people, who are present only as a copy or a fragment at these levels, will be now eradicated, which means, the death of their empty body shells and the retrieval of any eventually existing fragments of the soul.

5) The master, who will ascend to the 5D and beyond, remain absolutely untouched by all the events.

6) The impression that all of this happens on a world, which you previously knew, remains unaltered, and the one people do not know of the other and how different the levels are, at which they live.

7) The magnetic pole shift is coming, it is overdue, and is happening now; it will encompass the whole world in a few hours – and after a few days everything will be changed.

8) This event means a new physical death for many people, and for those who ascend – resurrection (rebirth).

9) This event is already located /drawn on your timeline.

10) This event will be triggered by the current insidious, dark elite as soon as they put new force into their nefarious plans for the annihilation of mankind, which will directly lead to the transformation of the earth, at all its levels.

11) This event will be further triggered when the number of already ascended masters becomes so high that a critical mass will be generated, which will cause the dissolution of the dark energies, and before they do this, they will explode.

12) This event will be unleashed after all “technical” arrangements are completed and after everything vibrates in perfect divine geometry for this to occur.

13) No time is, and was, like this time, and only the best of the best, the most enduring of the most persevering will prevail.

14) All events shall come in a divine precision that is inherent to such events and no dates shall be announced. This is so, because no new A-Day should be charged with new “energy of expectation”, which only causes blockages. So that the spiritual levels on either side of the veil could react appropriately to any change, if it is necessary, because dates that are not met, only enhance confusion and restlessness among those people who do not understand the concept of ascension in its totality.

15) Heaven is at hand.

16) The events have already gained momentum and shall explode when they are least expected by the people.

17) The peculiar silence that prevails at this moment will be interrupted by a cosmic sound, by the sound of creation. Hence listen attentively.

18) Every man will experience the events according to his vibration pattern.

19) The guardians of the worlds have decreed that every man shall get the adequate environment for his further realization, according to his spiritual evolution.

20) The guardians of the worlds have decreed that this creative plan shall be fulfilled now directly and without any detours.

21) The guardians of the world have decreed that the last chord of the old and the first chord of the New World shall sound now.

Loved ones,

Never before have we been in the history of humanity so directly on the verge of breaking away from the cocoon of limitations. Never before in the history of this world, was it more accurate to speak of the “zero time” as today – and never before has it been more urgent to communicate to the people that they are infinitely honored for what they were ready, and still are, to take upon their shoulders.

What remains now to be done?

Be prepared and know that everything will happen to your benefit. Do not fear anything, and even though some fearful notions are very strongly entangled in the consciousness of humanity, it is mandatory to stay strengthened in confidence, which means: It is happening now, even though the days until the “final hour”, may still drag on.

It is a done deal that the newly transformed earth will show now. It is a done deal  that the people who will now see the light, will be moved as if by a magic wand from this one to the other world.

It is a done deal that for the majority of the 7 billion people on this earth nothing will change, even if the whole world is turned upside down and vice versa.

He, who accepts the mulitidimensionality of his Being, shall understand now, he, who apprehends the holographic structure of the worlds, will gain insight, he, who dismisses all this as nonsense and otherwise lives an arbitrary life, can neither see nor hear, and he shall remain silent and blind for another eternity.

We are not yet at the finish line, but within a reach. have faith, have faith, it is taken care of all.

We are one.

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