The Elohim: The Third and Final Harmonic Convergence of Ascension Has Commenced Today, August 8, 2013

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, August 8, 2013

August 5, 2013

Dear Carla,

I hope you  are well!

Today, after I read my article “The Threshold of Ascension” one more time, I got the following insight from my HS.

We now have not only the seventh upper 4D earth, but also further levels from 8th to the 12th and even a continuous condominium of levels, where we can dwell when the big catastrophes begin to unfold. We have been assured that we will be very easily and swiftly transferred to our new masons in the higher dimensions by the guardians of the earth, whose message I have translated and published today. This may not hold true for the PAT when we detonate our supernova, but may apply for the short interim period of time before that.

What I got is that we now steadily and in an almost unnoticeable manner ascend with all other ascension candidates to these higher 4D /lower 5D levels and may not even experience first hand the collapse of the Orion system on the actual 7th 4D earth, such as bank crash, economic gridlock, eventual massive crimes by the ruling cabal on humanity, and, last but no least – the MPR. OK, when it comes we shall detonate the PAT supernova and shall ascend beyond the 5th dimension.

But what I now perceive is that in the interim time we may still dwell in our purified physical vessels and be, without noticing it, ascending to the new 4D earth, where new technologies and a completely new social infrastructure is already built by our HS in the dream state and available to us. This new reality is existent and is just awaiting us to reach collectively this high-frequency level, as is the case with the blueprint of the new 5D earth. I am already there and you are also there with respect to your personal frequency. The others will follow us very soon and some may be also there, but the threshold has not yet been reached for all, as the Elohim have told us in their latest message, and that is the reason why we cannot experience this new 4D earth first hand.

In this case, it may be that when the big events will commence and the system will collapse, we may not see or experience any of this, as we have already moved to these higher levels automatically, where this events are not planned to unfold. In this case some of us may begin to bi-locate physically before the actual ascension. I even get the information that these catastrophic events have already begun on the 7th earth, but we do not see them. This idea is very exciting, indeed.

Can you check this possibility with your HS, as I have the strong inkling that this scenario may come or is already there, but we do not see it yet, just as it took us some time to grasp the implementation of the multidimensional seven 4D earths scenario in May. In this case one should not be too much focused on when the big events and calamities that will change this world and trigger ascension will come and what they may be, but on our steady energetic drifting upwards and what this process contains for us.

This means that our perception and perspective must also change as otherwise we may miss the true big events, just as the New Age movement has now no idea what is happening on the lower six 4D earths and on the completely separated 3D earth, as they are unaware of their creation in May and current existence.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I am writing to say that I have not had the necessary conditions to receive a clear message from the Elohim.

I have even gotten up now, 0300 hrs (August 6), to see if I am able to get clarity on the situation and it is not forthcoming.

I am getting that there is a very slow rising in frequency and this is accompanied by fatigue, unusual dreams and some gastro symptoms, but nothing is new here as these symptoms have been around for some time. My vision has been unstable, so I know there are frequency changes as this is always one of the first signs.

The Elohim will come when they are ready.

With love and light

August 8, 2013

Dear Carla,

This night (August 8) I was in the dream state on the upper ascended 4D earth or probably on the lower 5D earth level, I were unable to find out where exactly, although I asked this in my dream, but it was a fluent affair, where many things were similar to here, but also many things were much different. It is difficult for me now to recount this dream as it was like a tourist visit there – going from one place to another, from one gathering of people to the next, visiting different buildings and sites. But it was quite instructive and rather peaceful and harmonious altogether.

How do you feel  today? Have you heard anything from the Elohim so far?

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I had a restless sleep, also on a 4D level, also unsure exactly where. I’ve forgotten the details now. I used to write down my dreams but I really don’t care about this anymore.

I have just finished typing up a message from the Elohim that I received at 4 this morning and I have some final editing that needs to be done before I can send it to you.

It should be done shortly.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have received this message from the Elohim regarding the current situation. It highlights an interesting aspect of the ascension process that is the reaching of a Harmonic Convergence.

I googled Harmonic Convergence and discovered that on August 16 and 17th, 1987 large groups of lightworkers held a long meditation to mark the beginning of the final 25/26 years of the Mayan CalendarIt will be 26 years on August 16th where the full activation of the Lion’s Gate is upon us. I am sure you and others have more knowledge of the Harmonic Convergence and I really look forward to your comments and those of the other PAT members.

With love and light,

The Elohim Message

“Greetings, Dear Ones:

Your path of constructive interference grows leaps and bounds through this multi-dimensional expression of All-That-Is.

A clear and magnificent expansion also reflects upon the inter-dimensional fabric of reality.

As you expand so fully successfully both inter-dimensionally as well as multi-dimensionally, the nature of your reality is moulded upon the basis of truth within the realm of All-That-Is.

Truth is seen and experienced as an extension of Self, but Self is not only the personal egoic or individual piece, but the interface between one cosmic element with another.

We of the Higher Realms can see the full disconnection of the ego-mind from the soul in this third density as a theatre of life learning and have great compassion for your Selves as wandering souls.

Further to this is the issue that soul’s fragment from one timeline to another are all reflective of the lessons chosen for soul growth. This fragmentation extends across multiple timelines and parallel earths causing a soul weakening/ upheaval and an enhanced disconnection from Source.

As the Ascended Master collects all soul fragments unto completion, there is a threshold that is reached whereby quantum growth is seen, felt and known to those around who have fully achieved this level of mastery.

The master, who has arrived as one complete unto him or herself is then able to pull the others through to life recognition and completion.

There is an energetic wave beginning this now moment (today, August 8th) and it shall carry those ready for inner purposeful reflection to a higher place, so that all disconnected soul fragments return and align, and in one moment there shall be an instant recognition honoring one’s soul path and purpose, now, at the end of the current evolutionary cycle.

Remove your selves from the chaotic energies that are arout you, in order to concentrate on the final leg of the race. Hold the energy of today with the full intent to receive all aspects of your self, returning to you for reconnection. This is the time of the convergence of Self.

This energetic influx shall begin in this Now and move in an incremental fashion over some time[they are showing me a time period of several days to several weeks] to the end culmination of perfect harmonization.

The waves of constructive interference, one upon the other, promulgate a tone, a cosmic signal, which when reached in its magnificent climax is returned back to source as a signal of readiness for the Change. As each light Being reaches their wholeness (collection of soul fragments), the light extenuation reaches a peak from which the harmonizing tone is released.

Our clear and on-going request is to continue to decline situations in direct conflict with any aspect of your Being.

Your new journey begins in earnest as it is now the final culmination of all the forces of nature, of all the forces of light, of all the forces of time, which arrive at a single moment of realization, a conscious awareness of it’s own life, where there is an instant knowing that it is ready, that Gaia and all life in, on and around her has met the standards for onward renewal into a new creation, a new expression of reality.

You are each and all so very dearly loved.

We are the Elohim.”

Dear Carla,

I will have to read the message one more time as it is very abstract. I felt the first harmonic convergence in August 1987 very deeply, but realized this only retrospectively, while I was consciously present in the dream state at the second harmonic convergence in July 2009 when it was decided that we, the few souls who had completed their LBP, should stay longer on the ground and go one more time through the LBP as to pull the other laggards upwards. This was my worst time during the whole LBP.

I will comment one more time after I have read it twice, but it confirms our last days on this planet as I also sense it.

With love and light

Dear Carla,

I read the message one more time and it is obvious that we have entered today the last and most decisive phase when the full integration of all soul fragments and timelines must be accomplished, so that the signal /threshold for ascension can be reached. I would define this last phase as the third harmonic convergence and it has commenced today, August 8th at the full opening of the Lion’s Gate.

I personally think that I have already reached this harmonization of all my soul fragments long time ago, but the question is now how quickly all ascended masters in the first wave will be able to do this. From what I gather, this must be accomplished during this Lion’s Gate till August 25/26.

While reading this message, I got some additional information from my HS that all these cosmic, quantum alignments at the soul level take place absolutely independently of what is occurring on the earth and will not be affected by them. This would mean that when we are ready to ascend, we shall do this not waiting for the dark cabal to play out their last insidious game. This seems now to be the final strategy of the forces of light for the End Time scenario.

Which of course does not exclude some major collapses as the closure of the banks to happen before that, but these events are not necessary for the completion of our ascension process. They may as well come after the detonation of the PAT supernova.

This is all I can say to this message, which is very much online with what I sense now.

With love and light

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