A Chronicle of the Most Dramatic Last Four Days Before Our Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, August 12, 2013

The magnitude and the speed of the events and news in the last four days have overwhelmed us and we need an overview at this stage to fully comprehend what has happened and what we must expect in the coming hours and days.

It has always been our deepest conviction that at the end our collective ascension will crown this process, but it was impossible until the very last moment to know exactly how the End Time scenario of Ascension will unfold. There were so many delays, changes in the planning and new developments that we had to virtually gasp behind this erratic unfolding of the events as to catch up with the cosmic plot.

At the same time we are the only group worldwide that knows with some degree of precision what is actually happening behind the veil. The rest of the LW community has already declared their spiritual bankruptcy, even before the Orion banks have declared officially their illiquidity and this is the most deplorable fact of all in this current ascension scenario as Babaji also laments in his latest message “You Have Not Understood Anything” .

Let us now summarize one more time the relevant news and events since August 8th in their strict chronology.

August 8, 2013

The Day of the Beginning of the Third and Last Harmonic Convergence Prior to Ascension  

On August 8th, the Elohim inform us that the last “Third Harmonic Convergence” has begun. All first ascension candidates have begun to retrieve and merge all their soul fragments from all other timelines and parallel worlds in their final preparation for ascension. This is the final stage in the ascension process:

“There is an energetic wave beginning this now moment (today, August 8th) and it shall carry those ready for inner purposeful reflection to a higher place, so that all disconnected soul fragments return and align, and in one moment there shall be an instant recognition honoring one’s soul path and purpose, now, at the end of the current evolutionary cycle.

Remove your selves from the chaotic energies that are around you, in order to concentrate on the final leg of the race. Hold the energy of today with the full intent to receive all aspects of your self, returning to you for reconnection. This is the time of the convergence of Self.

This energetic influx shall begin in this Now and move in an incremental fashion over some time[they are showing me a time period of several days to several weeks] to the end culmination of perfect harmonization.

The Elohim then end their message with a clear forecast of the impending MPR:

“Your new journey begins in earnest as it is now the final culmination of all the forces of nature

August 9, 2013

The Begin of the Miracles of the New 5D Earth

Jerry informs us in a hilarious, exalted letter that he has just experienced his first inter-dimensional journey on the new 5D earth in full consciousness in his new crystalline light body, where he has met with young Anita (elimination of linear time). Jerry also reports on various scenes with other people who now move to the new earth. He brings back Anita’s advice:

“Eat and do the things you love one last time before your ascension. Tomorrow is the last normal day…

Since then Jerry is fully detached from this reality, but also in a highly exalted state as he confirms the next day:

“George, I  have just gotten up and read the post that I sent last night. I wasn’t sure if it made sense because I wrote it just as soon as it was over. I am still ecstatic and on cloud 9. I feel a little less fatigued so far today and my ears are ringing loudly but I don’t feel it matters anymore. I don’t think my post conveyed how wonderful this experience was. I was a little unsure and had to steady myself as I crossed over but it was not unpleasant at all. I want to assure everyone that if you let go of your concerns, it will not be happen quickly….

On this same day we received a brilliant confirmation from April’s HS that:

The Detonation of the PAT Supernova Comes Before the MPR. No Catastrophes for the Ascending Humanity. The Time of Miracles Has Arrived

“This is being done in preparation of the MPR/ Ascension – beginning with the detonation of the PAT supernova or first-wave ascenders. These processes/ movements could now be undertaken because all souls/ beings were magnetically sealed in their proper timeline/ dimension going into this alignment/ stargate. And because at the outset of this alignment – the PAT as a whole ignited levels 8th – 12th  in 4D.”

On this same day April’s HS also confirms that we are in the Last Harmonic Convergence when all first ascension candidates integrate their soul fragments within the soul. The PAT has finished with this integration long time ago.

We also learn that the PAT will not experience the MPR as we have created the optimal conditions for its arrival and that we shall detonate the PAT supernova before or at the onset of this event. She also informs us that the dark ones have made their final preparation to trigger a last ditch, catastrophic event against humanity, but that this event will be offset by the reaction of the forces of light, which means in plain words the triggering of the MPR.

“The PAT will not experience the MPR because they help to create it as part of their detonation/ supernova/ group ascension/ final code emissions.

The Dark Ones have already made their final moves as they too did their best to take advantage of this grand opening – but alas, you rose above the worst of the experience of this.

Please observe the increase in the tension and excitement in all these messages in their chronological order – how the news build up upon each other and present a more complete picture of the multi-dimensional unfolding of the final Big Events.

To this our auspicious and very enlightened discussion on “What is real and what is Illusion” fits perfectly well.

On this same day, I announce a massive energy surge that must have triggered the MPR on August 11, as I always experience these ascension test runs and ID shifts several days before the actual event manifests:

“Dear Carla, there is a massive energy surge at this very moment that first knocked me down and I was away for an hour or so and it is still ongoing, but it is not the usual cc-wave but a real surge to higher dimensions.


Parallel to these energetic processes, the collapse of the old matrix starts to become visible in the financial sector, where we expect the first crash to occur when the MPR begins to manifest in our timelines. The first major criminal investigation against the major Orion bank of the US-Reptilian cabal has been announced in the MSM and thoroughly discussed by myself on this same day:

The US Bank System in a Free Fall: JP Morgan, the Chief Bank of the US-Orion-Reptilian Cabal under Criminal Investigation. Why Now?

August 10, 2013

I have a very strong premonition that the MPR must commence any moment at the 7th level of the 4D earth and publish an article on this issue. This premonition is energetically founded in the major ascension test run the day before, when a huge cc-wave with a massive descent of source energy hit me. I ask the pivotal question:

“Have the Catastrophes Already Begun on the 7th level of the Upper 4D Earth?

Have the catastrophes already begun on the 7th level of the upper 4D Earth but we may not experience or even see them as we have moved to much higher frequency levels of existence, namely to the 8th through the 12th levels of this timeline? This question has emerged as the focal point of many PAT members in the last few days.

On that day we do not come to a final conclusion and we shall know why on the next day – the most important day in the history of this upper 4D earth when the destiny of this timeline and the ascending portion of humanity was permanently sealed.

On this same day, our Swiss friend Marc Gamma confirms our long standing forecasts that the “The Domino Effect: The Sudden Death (Collapse) of the Orion Matrix “Is Just Around the Corner

The whole System is about to tilt. Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma ~ 10.08.2013

On this same auspicious day, on the verge of the biggest catastrophe mankind on this earth has ever experience, April comes up with another key message, just on time to bring some more clarity into the ongoing ascension plot:

“The Upper 4D Earth Will Experience Six Different Catastrophic Scenarios With a Diminishing Gradation From the 7th to the 12th Levels

April’s HS warns us urgently that the events on the lower 7th level have begun to unfold and that this will be seen very soon on our higher levels where we now dwell:

“The Dark Cabal had plans to utilize this stargate as well for their final end-move/check-mate – the further polarization of humanity or the “slaves” through various triggers ultimately leading to civil unrest, systemic collapse, population reduction, full control of resources, and the introduction of a new, more efficient slave system.

Make no mistake they have already begun to play this final hand. For you, it was made visible through the media outlets with news pertaining to terrorist alerts, embassy closings, FEMA stockpiling, escalation in the ME, and the President’s recent public remarks regarding financial institutions/organizations. But much, much more has been in play below the surface, where you can feel/intuit it but can’t outwardly see exactly what is going on.

Now on the 7th level of 4D, this is currently expressing itself within the collective reality of those who reside there. For example, a so called “terrorist” attack did play out and fall-out from this event and other related events is being experienced in that reality – though nowhere near the same amounts of devastation/suffering that was experienced in the lower timelines/levels.Ascension candidates at this level still needed this confrontational experience, but to a much lesser degree. They still had very conscious choices to make and revelations to integrate/process. ”

What better information about the coming culmination marked by the MPR, which was triggered by the forces of light on the next day as a response to the heinous plans of the dark cabal to exterminate a vast portion of humanity, most probably by a HAARP -induced mega-earthquake.

The tension has already reached its preliminary peak in anticipation of the next historic day.

August 11, 2013 

The Last Day of the Old World and the First Day of the New Earth

The perfect coordination from the Higher Realms now fully manifests as the most sure sign that we have reached the final phase, where the veil is completely removed and full transparency is the slogan of the day. The Elohim come up with a very important message, which we knew it will come in the last days prior to ascension.

My dual soul Carla and myself will be the catalyst for the detonation of the PAT SupernovaWhile I am responsible for the opening of the gates to the 5th dimension, she has the obligation to inform the PAT about the beginning of the MPR and all subsequent events as the “Messenger of the PAT“. This mission of Carla as an official divine Messenger was revealed to us several months ago. In addition she must hold the portals open on the ground.

You and your dual soul have now reached the 12th level of expression, on the doorstep to the Fifth Dimension… Your connection, each to the other, is formidable, and this connection shall be supported and protected in all manner of speaking, as it is your mission now to open the gateway/ portal to the Fifth Dimension for others to move in to…  It was your decision (ours together) with the Higher Realms to connect in this lifetime to provide the catalyst in the final stages of this ascension plan.


I was startled by Carla early in the morning with the news about her inter-dimensional journey in full consciousness, very much like Jerry, to the 7th level of the upper 4D earth, where she witnesses first hand the terrific devastations of the MPR that has commenced on this level.

“Suddenly, I am floating in the air, flat on my back, waking me up from a deep sleep. I hear loud noises coming from outside, natural noises, it’s the wind. The wind is howling fiercely. Now I hear screams. There are people screaming. They are absolutely terrified. I am now floating across the room to where I hit the wall, then I float across to the other side where I hit the opposite wall. It is like I am caught in a current, or rather I’m floating on top of an ocean’s wave. I look outside and it is nighttime and it is the same view as i have from my bedroom window here. The trees are almost laying flat from the stormy winds blowing against them. Rain and water are everywhere. There is so much destruction.

As I float around my room I think to myself “Thank you God! It’s the MPR and now I’m free to go!”.


This news surprises me at first, but then I receive a compelling additional information from my HS about the actual schedule of ascension for myself and the PAT. My soul uses an old established thought pattern /key reminiscence dealing with the most dramatic moment in my life – my daring flight from the communist system and emigration to Germany in August /September 1975. These events build the timeframe also for our ascension in 2013:

“Since several days I have the inkling that we may ascend  on August 18th and then stay in the higher realms till September 21st before we adapt and come to the 5D or 4D earths as ascended masters. In the meantime the Agarthans will take the responsibility for humanity as announced in one of Jahn’s messages.”

When I send this time schedule to Carla she receives immediately confirmation from the Elohim and AA Michael about my suggested schedule of ascension. This is rather unusual as the Elohim have not engaged in forecasts in the past. But now we have entered the final days and it is psychologically very important for the PAT to know exactly what they should expect in the coming days and to prepare mentally for these events:

This schedule represents The Beginning and The EndYour cycle is complete. Know this. You are given this information to complete and release the mental attachments. To know that you are correct in their categorizationTo know that the time comes shortly for your freedom. To know that your time comes shortly for your new Beginning.”

After we have established clarity on this imminent time schedule for our ascension, I ask Carla to confirm one more time with the Elohim that this Event, she has seen personally during her inter-dimensional journey, has indeed been the MPR on the 7th level of the upper 4D earth.

At this moment, I was somewhat uncertain, although I had anticipated and predicted the coming of this event two days before as documented in this chronicle (see above). The reason for this uncertainty lied in the fact that I did not experience any emotional foreboding such as a dreadful sense of an imminent peril or something like this as was the case on June 8th when the first MPR took place on the lowest 4D earth that would have been a valid indication for the beginning of the MPR on the 7th level.

But the reason for this disconnection lied in the fact that I have now risen so high in the frequency level that I can no longer be reached by such negative events, through the emanation of their fear-based patterns. This was then succinctly confirmed by the Elohim in an immediate  conversation with Carla, who was still fully depleted from her inter-dimensional journey to this hell on the 7th level, so that it is a miracle how she was able to receive this message from the Elohim:

The force of thoughts alone has created the reality of a magnetic pole reversal upon the 7th level expression of the 4th Dimensional timeline, as has been suspected by many recently. Gaia has approved of this destruction, and indeed, sanctioned it as a means of cleansing away the energies that simply do not belong within an expanded version of an ascended Gaia…

The plight of the unawakened humans is at the same time the moment of our liberation as the Elohim reaffirm one more time:

You have joined the wave of evolution, all of you! Know that your freedom reaches beyond the complacency of the inner mind.


What can we expect next? We must now carefully watch the events on the higher levels of the upper 4D earth, where we now dwell. I still expect some major collapses in the financial sector and also some major political crises that will herald the manifestation of the MPR. But the most likely scenario is the occurrence of some big earthquakes and other natural catastrophes that will be the proverbial tip of the iceberg of the MPR when it will emerge in our reality. This will be the signal that will tell us that the detonation of the PAT Supernova must come next.

My guess is that Carla will inform me and the PAT in due time about the coming of our Ascension. After all, she has now entered fully her role as the divine Messenger for the PAT and the ascending portion of humanity, while I do my usual heavy drilling at the heaven portals, opening the gates to the new 5D earth for humanity, while we the PAT will ascend to the Source (12th dimension).

There is a strict specialisation of each one of us in this final stage and you must also ask your HS what your particular order is in this collective effort of cosmic proportion to ascend the densest and darkest planet in this universe straight to the paradise of the 5th dimension.

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