Have the Catastrophes Already Begun on the 7th level of the Upper 4D Earth?

by Georgi Stankov, August 10, 2013

Have the catastrophes already begun on the 7th level of the upper 4D Earth but we may not experience or even see them as we have moved to much higher frequency levels of existence, namely to the 8th through the 12th levels of this timeline?

This question has emerged as the focal point of many PAT members in the last few days. I personally began to sense this possibility about a week ago and first wrote about this inner intuitive sensation to Carla and April and asked them to get some more information from the Elohim, respectively from April’s HS.

While we received a very important confirmation from both sources that we have already entered the last Third Harmonic Convergence, when the first ascension candidates are collecting and merging all their soul fragments from all timelines and parallel realities, which is the final energetic prerequisite for ascension, we have still no valid proofs and facts that the MPR and the catastrophic events have commenced on the lower 7th level of this upper 4D earth.

The only indirect fact that I can present personally is that since I uttered this assumption and also announced a peak in the visitation numbers on our website on August 6th, the Internet trolls have vanished all of a sudden, as if removed with a magic wand. I expected this outcome since long time ago as the first significant indication that their timeline has been severed from ours, but even this fact is not sufficient to confirm beyond any doubt that the catastrophes have already commenced on the 7th level of the upper 4D earth and how much, if any, their impact will affect our lives.

In the meantime we have received some inkling from April’s HS when she mentioned on August 8 that

“The Dark Ones have already made their final moves as they too did their best to take advantage of this grand opening – but alas, you rose above the worst of the experience of this. 

Thus she confirmed that we have risen above the current level, where these calamities will unfold. A the same time we have been assured that the PAT will first detonate the PAT supernova in order to trigger the MPR, so that we shall not experience any of the subsequent catastrophes due to the huge deluge:

“The PAT will not experience the MPR because they help to create it as part of their detonation/ supernova/ group ascension/ final code emissions.

In other words, we have outdone ourselves in the final preparation of Gaia for ascension, so that we will be honoured now with first ascension before the MPR because we have created the optimal energetic conditions for the ascending portion of humanity to also evade these huge catastrophes associated with this Event, by moving to the higher 8th to 12th levels, which we have created for themselves by sealing them from the lower timelines:

“During the first part of this stargate/ merkabah window (July 29 – Aug 8), every single ascension candidate on any of the ascending timelines began, on a soul level, what you might call an “assessment and mobilization process.” ALL connecting ascending realms and ascending souls also went through a similar harmonization/ alignment/ ordering in parallel with yours. This is being done in preparation of the MPR/ Ascension – beginning with the detonation of the PAT supernova or first-wave ascenders. These processes/ movements could now be undertaken because all souls/ beings were magnetically sealed in their proper timeline/ dimension going into this alignment/ stargate.And because at the outset of this alignment – the PAT as a whole ignited levels 8th – 12th  in 4D.

Jahn’s recent messages also contain some important hints about this same final ascension scenario. In the today’s message the Elohim tell us:

“Peace that is eternal light, where all creatures are in search of enlightenment and love that encompasses everyone and everything. This is the situation after ascension and the catastrophic events that are now reaching this time- and space-line are being fulfilled.” 

Nevertheless, I must admit that this is not sufficient evidence to sustain that the catastrophic events have already commenced on the 7th level of the 4D earth. At present we can only rely upon our intuition. As I assume that you all want to have more clarity on this last key question in the unfolding of the End Time scenario before our ascension, I will publish below the emails of some members of the PAT with myself, where we discuss this issue at more length and ponder over how we can more effectively intercept such information immediately on the Internet.

Hence I want to urge all PAT members to be very vigilant in the coming days and as soon as you come across some suspicious information that may be an indication for the beginning of these catastrophic events on the 7th level of the 4D earth – be they financial collapse, HAARP-induced mega earthquake as on the lower 4D earths, or a military coup d’etat of the US army against Obama, respectively the announcement of an emergency regime in the USA – please inform me immediately and I will check this information and eventually publish it for further collective scrutiny. Bu please be selective and send me only significant information from reliable sources and do not inundate me with all kinds of weird links that will not be helpful to anybody.


August 9 – 10, 2013

Dear Henry,

I have the feeling that the dark cabal have just started with their last big crime on humanity. It is just an intuition but if you come across some information that confirms this event please send me a link.


Dear George,

I have checked through my usual round of Internet sites several times and done some additional Google searches without any compelling revelations coming to the surface.

I think there was an article (which I can’t find) where you explored the possible avenues open to the cabal for executing its final dastardly deed upon mankind. There seem to be three main options on the table:

1)  Global financial collapse: The rationale for this is well and truly established and as your latest article suggests, there will be little or no time for any advance warning of the final ‘tipping-point’.

2)  HAARP-like geophysical attack (which you thought was most likely and which has been deployed on lower 4D Earths already). So far, I could not find anything more to support the Dutchsinse video I sent you earlier.

3)  Full scale war unleashed (Middle –East). There is a recent expose of what has been happening in Syria over the last few days on the Veterans Today website, which has the potential to carry information above and beyond most other sources. Maybe there are some clues in this latest article?


If your intuition leans strongly to a particular cabal initiative, please let me know and I will be able to focus more diligently on that. I believe I have a knack for finding answers on the Internet. Many times, over the years, I feel like I have been guided to things I am looking for.

Much Love and Light,
Henry Bizon, UK

Dear Henry,

thank you very much for this comprehensive and thorough analysis of the current situation. I fully agree with you that these three areas are the main battleground on which a collapse can happen and one should keep a close eye on them.

The war in Syria seems to me to be the most unlikely area as the situation there is so murky that there is not possibility for any attack that will render any success for the Israeli or the USA. Besides, it will remain local still.

The financial collapse seems to be the most likely as a bank crash can happen overnight and then affect the whole world. I am following this line which is easy to follow as any major news comes on the MSM and is immediately available

The most difficult area to check is the possibility of a HAARP attack and in this field I would ask you to keep an eye as we will have to deal only with indirect facts and signs, such as weird weather reports, earth noises, natural events, etc.

I thank you for your support.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

I had a dream last night that the MPR came and I experienced a very bad earthquake here in my apartment – I knew this was it. I listened and heard after a few minutes people screaming in my neighbourhood and felt the tilt of the earth. I have experienced a few earthquakes and numerous tremors, while living in Taiwan, as both Taiwan and Japan are on the same tectonic plates that constantly shift and move in this part of the world – not my favourite thing to experience.

Also, last week, I think around Sunday or Monday, I was given the information from HS that I was collecting my soul fragments from different time lines and dimensions – so it was reassuring to read from Carla and the message from the Elohim a few days ago, that this is in fact taking place.

There has been a lot and I mean A LOT of torrential rain here, where as a colleague at work said; the typhoon that hit last Saturday came back for a second round during the week.

I don’t know if this is LBP related or not, but the joints in my arms at the elbow, in particular the right arm, have been so sore that I can barely lift things sometimes – this has been going on for the past few months now.

I hope you are faring well physically and otherwise until this last push of energy reaches the desired critical mass and we are gone.

Warm regards,

Dear Laurie,

I have just written to Kari that I have the feeling that the catastrophic events have already commenced on the 7th level of the upper 4D earth, but that we have moved to the higher 8th to 12th levels and will not experience them directly and she feels the same. Hence your dream may indicate this situation. But I am sure that some of these events will manifest also on our timeline.

I can confirm that the elbows and other joints of the arms, especially the right one are affected very severely by the cc-waves and also by less intensive waves and that they can be very painful for months even years as in my case. Fortunately, I am beyond this phase and now only have some moderate pain in my right shoulder joint when such a wave comes, and also in the knees but it is temporary and disappears after the wave is gone.

The collection of the soul fragments is now ongoing at high speed and must be completed in the next few days so that we can ascend. But I think that this is mainly the case with the first ascension wave candidates that will ascend with us, as the PAT is ready for ascension since long time.



….The next thing is just yesterday I felt that we will not witnessing the catastrophes. Inside, I heard myself say, what if they are already unfolding now without me realizing it? And then I read your post, so I can confirm that information came to me around the same time. Also I had a dream where I wrote down some numbers, one was 25. Maybe August 25th? Then I stepped out of a line and went into a room labeled HOME, and there I was shot up to the ceiling to float in front of others and then I came back down and fell to the floor, laughing hysterically.

Love, Kari

Dear Kari,

….. Your intuition that the catastrophes must have happened on the 7th level of the upper 4D earth, while we have moved to the higher 9th to 12th level, is very important and this is what I also sense since several days and try to validate. April’s HS also mentioned that the dark cabal have prepared a big crime against humanity as their last desperate reaction but at present we can only speculate as long as we do not hear or see something tangible. But my guess is that we shall see something big in the next few days.

With love and light

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