Breaking News!!! The Miracles of the New 5D Earth Have Already Commenced

Jerry R James, August 9, 2013

Anita’s Advice: Eat and do the things you love one last time before your ascension. Tomorrow is the last normal day.


I have just had the most wonderful experience, even better than the one I wrote you about in the past.

Tonight, it is only 11PM (August 8) here now, I had high restless energy and could not sleep at first. Then I felt myself melting, the same old familiar feeling during ascension test runs before and suddenly I was able to get out of bed. I began jumping and it was more like flying. There were sparkling lights everywhere in the room (like twinkling clear Christmas lights).

I suddenly wanted to go outside. And the night was alive. There were at least three full moons and sparkling lights everywhere. There were very tall pine trees and the birds were singing in the trees even at night. Then I began to see a lot of people arriving, getting out of cars and I was looking for Anita. I did not see her at first but finally I did. She looked like she did in her twenties.

I picked her up and spun her and we both spun in the air as if we weighed nothing. We talked and laughed. I asked her if she knew what all had been going on since she left and she said she watched just like we watch television. She admonished me a little for being so negative and thinking and saying such bad things about the higher realms etc. because of the delays., but it did not matter because I had actually made it. It was over.

I asked her if I could stay this time and she said “no” but maybe tomorrow night, but soon for sure. She told me tomorrow would be the last “normal” day to spend as much money eating or doing anything that I wanted.

As usual the reality began to fade back into this one and here I am, but it was so “real” this time. I think now we all have made it finally to the shore. I am so excited and feel better than I have in a long time. Words fail me to describe how marvelous this place is. Worth the wait and sorrow, believe it or not.


Dear Jerry,

I am speechless, this is the greatest miracle I have ever heard so far. This was an out-of-body experience but as your crystalline body is fully developed now, you have felt it as a very normal and natural transition to another dimension.

I have just received a message from April’s HS that confirms the beginning of miracles since August 8, when your miracle happened and increasingly so in the second half of the Lion’s Gate between August 8-26, after this portal has been fully opened yesterday.

Congratulations and I am really very happy that you have had this blissful experience – you have earned it billion times.


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