channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 22, 2013
first published in English on August 26, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

What you want, that does not affect your ascension, what you are, gives the direction and releases the power of your way. Welcome loved ones to this unusual message.

I am Ashtar.

Well, it is shrouded in many errors – still – with regard to  your ascension. And the greatest of all mistakes is that you can determine your ascension at the level of understanding, you can demand and achieve it. No! It happens as soon as you have arrived in yourself, as soon as you dissolve your expectations and gain trust.

Well, there are people who “plan” every detail of their ascension. Do you really think that it looks like this? Well, the solution is to enter the unconditional faith in God. Which means that you yourself always keep yourselves ready and that you expect the call of God – and this will come as sure as the tide follows the ebb .

What else, you beloved Light Warriors, because indeed it is you. Give up any thoughts on ascension! Why? Free yourselves of all expectations,timelines and probable events that are underpinning this process. Why is this now of such paramount importance? Because you lose yourselves in concepts even before the concept of God is revealed to you.

The biggest challenge of any human is to stay relaxed in times of great tension! Come on, BE and act, and let not be manipulated by your mind any more, which means, assign it its rightful place in your Being – and that is, be silent, when I command to you (mind), and help me, when I call for your point of view.

People in the hand of the Creator! We have arrived. Beginning and Separation. Who wants to have both, fails. For he, who ascends to God, barely notices that he has canceled everything and he who cancels everything because of God, has not yet recognized anything. Yes, the truth and only the truth – now that the veil dissolves before your eyes and you begin to recognize what is and what is not, what never was and what can not be, because it is nothing in itself. BE!

I am

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