Who Will Ascend?

Archangel Michael
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 10, 2013

first published in English on August 12, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

Ascension is neither postponed nor canceled! Ascension takes place – NOW! Rejoice, because the higher you ascend, the less you will be reached by dark influences. It is taken care of everything and everyone, and he, who can look nowadays behind the veil, sees how the things unfold, and he, who is stubborn and incorrigible and only follows what is familiar, what has been revealed to his eyes, is truly blind and barely able to find acceptance in the realms of light.

Currently intermediate space-time levels (8th to 12th level, comment Georgi) are created, that is to say, holograms that will facilitate the transition to the 5D level. These holograms are intermediate holograms of the 4D and 5D levels and are used solely to help the people, who will ascend, to adapt to the new vibrational conditions and to ensure that the final work can be done on their energy and light bodies, before they are sealed, so that they can begin the journey throughout the worlds.

Many mysteries await the ascending humans and the spiritual worlds prepare the platform from which you can penetrate into other realms of light. The catastrophic events, when the one world will be destroyed and the other world created, are taking place, and rejoice, as you who will ascend, will experience this spectacle, as you are experiencing today a movie on the screen – as you are experiencing today a nightmare; from which you wake up safe and sound after you have opened your eyes.

But who will ascend?

Many people ponder over this question: “Will I ascend, at which level of the 4D earths am I gonna find myself…?” Such kind of questions are widely spread today, and they testify to the uncertainty of these children of men with regard to their own status. Hence who can give you the assurance, who can give you the confidence, who can bring about the confirmation that will give you peace? It is you – you, yourself! Only you, yourself are the one who can acquire the certainty that you can enter the kingdom of light.

Only a heart that is intertwined with God and centered in God, knows about the love and dedication that brings forth this unity, and such a being does not know any doubts, and such a being is completely alien to this question. Someone, who is concerned with this, is well advised to go deep into his heart and do his own research in order to detect what source disseminates this insecurity, doubt and uncertainty.

No one can tell you where you stand, because this important task is left to you, the self-empowered human being, for you to analyze your spiritual condition without any lies and deceit. And I tell you, you know exactly where you stand and on which crossroad you find yourself, one only needs to have the courage and the desire to see the truth.

After all, who is one with God, knows when the time of grace has come for him. You know it and please have the courage to admit to yourself your future sojourn at the levels of 4D. And then please have the determination to catch up with all the homework that is still pending, so that you can move into the light of the Creator as soon as possible, who eagerly awaits you, just as you eagerly await your new masons in God.

Do not ask when the Lord shall come, do not ask when you shall return to the Lord. Ask yourself, “what do I still need to comprehend before I am ready for the Lord, before I can seal my arrival in heaven.” The enlightened one knows about his enlightenment, the Buddha knows the answer. He, who is deeply rooted in God, knows the answer, he, who is still lost in the old doing, is undetermined, he doubts and to him chasms open up, which he believed to have overcome long time ago. Whether you shall ascend is only for you to determine and whether you are ready for it, this knows only your heart.

Have the courage to answer that question for yourself and in this answer there lie new potentials of knowledge. Many, who have declared themselves kings of the world and have declared this to the people want to take place at the Lord’s table – and I say unto you: He, who is a king of its own grace, he does not qualify for ascension, he, who was proclaimed King by the Grace of God, will be truly ascended. “Tell me who made you king, and I will tell you what kind of a king you are,” says a human saying.

And in fact, the self-proclaimed kings of the established churches and the New Age movement have missed their target and now miss the hour of grace of the Lord. Due to the godless self-arrogance, they now miss the moment, at which one comes before the Creator, naked and without any earthly accolades in order to receive God’s insignia. Today, it’s time to remind you that there is still very much ignorance and nonsense spreading the world over.

Ascension is underway!

Blessed are those, who serve with all the force and blessed are those, who without ifs and buts are willing to give up anything as to get everything – and that is: the Kingdom of God. We shall soon meet face to face. You are expected, you, who are a servant of God and a servant of humanity all the time. You, who understand yourself, you who know that your longing is now fulfilled and you, who know that your kingdom is truly not of this world. Yes, you are expected.

“My kingdom is not of this world.” This profound mirror image of our brother Jesus finds now at all levels its confirmation, because before heaven will be erected on earth, heaven must spread out in a human heart.

The inward kingdom of heaven is accomplished as soon as the wordless, meditation- and religion-free connection is made to God. It is the moment when God breathes you and you’re breathing God. And in this sacred moment, when you will become aware that God possesses you wholly, you will realize that you also possess God completely. Any doubt disappears, every question is foreign to you, every search ends – you have found.

I come to you and stand ready. Thus the disheartened take courage to look at their Self in the mirror, so they can comprehend what still needs to be done, what should be accomplished, what needs to be healed in the heart yet.

I am

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