April’s HS: The Ignition of the PAT Supernova Took Place on August 28/29. Full Ascension and MPR /ID Split in 7 to 10 Days

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, August 30, 2013

August 28, 2013

Dear April,

today was a very peculiar day for me and now as I learnt for Carla too. I assume that you have also felt these erratic energies today. I will attach below my description to Carla and hers to me about what we have both experienced today and I will very much appreciate if you can get an explanation from your HS what has actually happened. Thank you very much for your effort in advance.

With love and light


“Dear Carla,

the level of energy intensity and vibrations has increased one more time. It is a steady state and not a wave. I am drifting away in a kind of a dreamy state and cannot concentrate on anything. I have also a reluctance to write any article on the Syrian crisis although there are some important news. I have no drive.

I feel that I have entered a new 5D level and can only hope that I will soon be released.


Dear Georgi,

I feel these articles that you have written are your last push from this reality. I feel you have purged your anger, frustration, your attachment, and freed yourself for the disconnection. It was very therapeutic for you….

You are free now. Allow yourself to disconnect from this reality knowing that you have done your job well.

With infinite Love,

Dear Carla,

it is astounding that you have assessed my mental situation exactly. Today I have an emotional hangover and a lot of unanswered questions as to why the people would unleash such a senseless, idiotic war and have at the end given it up and have fully detached from this reality. Now I am drifting away again from this world, but this time from within as if the rubber band has been let loose.


Dear Georgi,

I have experienced a new level of energies within the past 12 hours as well.

These were accompanied by high bodily heat waves as though I am on fire. I know this now to be the sign that I am moving into a new dimensional level.  I know that you have also moved upwards.

I am wondering if you could ask April what her HS gets now for our current levels, as I would very much like to get an objective perspective on this.

Early this morning Archangel Michael, Adama and others ( uncertain whom) took me on a journey.  This happened between 6:20 am and 7:40 am.

There was an urgency to make this journey, they waited for a whole hour while I focused on my earthly issues. They were very patient, waiting this long, and so I realized it was important.

I released all 3D thought about such concerns and I was immediately whisked away. I do not recall where I went, but I believe they were attempting to assist me to 5D, via transfiguration, one more time.

Georgi, I am uncertain what has happened, but there was much consternation upon my return. I have been trying to understand what took place, but I just don’t know. I must speak with the Elohim when I am able.

I feel the news with regard to this event may not be good. I am not happy to share this with you, particularly since you are moving rapidly up in levels, but I feel something is not right.

I feel sick from this and really need a couple of clear undisturbed hours to tap into the energies to get some answers.


Dear Carla,

I do not have the feeling that something bad has happened with respect to our ascension plans. Was this consternation yours or that of the light beings around you when you returned?

I will ask April to ask her HS for a comment on this event. Of course the best source are the Elohim.


Dear Georgi,

It was consternation of the light beings around me. I have been trying to figure out my initial impressions first, but need to spend time alone in order to get a clear impression.


Dear Georgi,

I will definitely check in with HS but the impression I’m getting so far is that there is a seriousness or solemnity in the higher realms and in the populace of upper 4d concerning events about to play out on the ground. Sort of the eerie calm before the storm. A lot of charge in the air. All upper 4d dwellers feel it coming, know it’s coming, but “it” is subjective to each individual.

Simultaneously, 5d is right there and experienced by me just as strongly as upper 4d, where most of my close loved ones reside. I feel to be sort of traversing the threshold here, there and in between, waiting or monitoring, something like that. But it feels as if each time I return to the 5d spectrum, I move or lift a notch or grade higher/further. I feel our role as energetic protagonists, has now manifested a large wave energetic potency and momentum to create/initiate, along with the alignment, the confrontation/reconciliation/revelation which will lead to catastrophic levels of upset. Which will further fuel the MPR along with our detonation.

I will try to get you something before the end of your day tomorrow but in the meantime, I hope this helps even though it doesn’t specifically address or explain what Carla experienced. Hopefully I’ll get more info on that tomorrow too.

What a ride this portal has already been, and per HS already, “the dust won’t have a chance to settle from the light energy code infusions before the confrontation begins!”

Much love and light,

August 29, 2013

Dear April,

thank you very much for your prompt answer. This night I got the following information from my HS: Ascension has begun this night in full forces and will manifest on the earth in about 10 days on September 7th /8th.  I was giving this information to my wife the whole night which is always a sign of the importance of the message. Then I woke up at 5.00 am local time as to remember this information which continued to be delivered after I slept for another hour. The message contained much more information regarding thresholds and energy potentials but it is impossible to relay this information in words.

This fits very well into what you get so far from your HS. I am eager to read what she has to say to this new stage in the ascension process.

With love and light

PS: Please consider also this report:

Dear Georgi,

Below is the latest from HS. Detonation has been confirmed! She was trying to convey a lot of technical information and I hope that I did ok in articulating all of it. If there is anything that seems amiss or is lacking in clarity, just let me know. I’m happy to go back and ask. I’m also now on holiday until Tuesday, with few commitments lined up.

I did try and get information about Carla’s experience, but HS actually rebuffed me a little on that one and only gave a very brief and general explanation. I sense that this is because the Elohim will provide the perfect explanation and context for it.

As always, I’m eager to hear your initial thoughts. I’ve been bouncing back and forth today between states of intense bliss and down right anger and agitation. I haven’t felt this bipolar since just before 3D was finally sealed. The energies are insanely intense and seem to be rising still. Hope you’re feeling well.

Much love and light,

HS Update 08-29-13

HS: Yes my dear, as you have correctly sensed, the PAT detonation of the supernova sequence has begun in earnest!

All of the PAT, whether conscious of it or not, played a part in the initiating of this detonation sequence, which became “active” yesterday. Not everyone had the same role of course, but all were present at the onset. This is a large part of what Carla also experienced but she will receive further details/clarity/insight from the Elohim on the matter. It is important to note at this time that there is a seriousness and solemnness permeating the Higher Realms. At this moment there is no turning back or changing plans, the momentum is now in peak motion. To use a phrase common to you, “It’s on!”

Explosive bursts of energy are now being emitted from both ends of the polarity/ duality scale, thanks in part to the incoming waves during this grand stargate/portal. These bursts of energy are culminating into a potent “confrontation” of energetic forces (mainly that of truth vs. illusion in the ascending masses). This is in order to reach a point of revelation that leads to reconciliation and/or transcendence, as that is what is ultimately to manifest on the varying 4-5D levels of reality. This effect is in essence, the principle of “harmony through conflict,” as this principle plays out and culminates in the upper 4D levels. 5D levels and above signify realms of transcendence, whereas the upper 4D levels have some transcendent qualities but are in the main a reconciled, compromised form of reality and experience.

But mark my words, some sort of resolution will and must be reached at every level. It is also important to remember that at this time, the other lower timelines are also looping back around, in time to sync up or align in a way with the current upper 4D timelines around the time of the fall equinox. So when the ID split / MPR takes place on the final upper 4D levels, ALL levels will reach their definitive points of resolution/closure soon thereafter, in terms of this overall finalization of mass ascension. To clarify, I speak of mass ascension in terms of the creation of all the parallel worlds/ dimensional sub-levels and the magnetization and later sealing process of individuals to these corresponding timelines/steps of ascent and the incremental “lifting” of each step/timeline.

The detonation sequence and the confrontation/ revelatory experience go hand in hand. For the energies of detonation are further fueling the energetic push towards confrontation and the eventual resolution and new beginning of each level. Once you, the PAT and first wave ascenders, reach the peak of the detonation process which is ascension, the MPR/ final ID split will commence in earnest on levels 8-12. So in essence your detonation is the main energetic impetus of the “confrontation,” which in turn fuels the commencement of the final MPR/ ID split and also your further detonation to supernova and ascension as the MPR/ ID split then moves into its final, catastrophic phase (for those left to experience it). Though still in mitigated form compared to the experiences of this on the lower levels. 

Detonation has begun! Within each moment now you will feel yourself rise further and further. You are literally being filled with the final transformative energies/ codings needed for ascension. Since your detonation is closely tied to the confrontation and the revelation process, you may also sense the clash of energies around you, as you yet traverse back and forth between upper 4D and mid-5D throughout the day. This traversing of the levels is in order to further facilitate the MPR/ ID split, in much the same way the PAT has done in the past, and therefore you may sense this clash of energies in various ways, until ascension/the supernova.

Post ascension, many of the first wave will be returning to assist on the upper levels of 4D through the worst of the MPR/ ID split as it manifests on the ground. Others will take up posts on various levels of 5D. Some will travel back and forth, as you still will post-ascension. And some will choose to move beyond 5D, opting not to serve temporarily on 5D.

It is most crucial during this time that you get plenty of rest, and just plain take it easy on yourself. You now contain such vast amounts of Source energy/ codings and have risen so high, and yet more is being poured, expanded within you in preparation of the peak/culminating moment of detonation which has come to be known as the PAT supernova, with little pause for integration. You as a collective, in the beginning stages of the detonation sequence are already releasing huge amounts of Source energy/ codings to the populace/realm, and this will only rapidly increase in the days to come. So be gentle with yourselves for this last final push to the finish line could be at times, the most challenging experience/time you’ve ever encountered or “contained” as opposing forces further collide and you are literally filled to the brim the Source/detonation energy.

The detonation process, from our best estimates, should be completed in 7-10 days, matching the main thrust/ peak of the confrontation and revelation process.

Dear April,

fantastic! This is the message, confirmation we have waited all our lives and in particular in the last two years. There is no doubt – we have ignited the PAT Supernova, its detonation has begun and the final peak with our ascension and the triggering of the MPR and the ID split will come in about 7 to 10 days as I have been informed by my HS.

However, this ascension scenario should be consumed with a big grain of salt. The degree of devastation our Supernova and the MPR will unleash will be much bigger than initially planned as many ascension candidates have fallen again, even deeper, into their slumber instead of awakening. This has led to a substantial change of the divine plan by the Source and now the masses will experience a series of profound catastrophic events and existential circumstances of naked survival, so that they can evolve very quickly and still qualify for ascension after a certain ,indefinite period of time. That is why many of us will return to these upper 4D karmic loops /timelines to support these candidates to cope with their challenges.

At no time in its history has humanity lived in a bigger illusion than in this eerie time, as you say, when the illusion of normalcy has completely blinded the people for the ordeal that is expecting them next month. And never have these people been further away from the reality of the 5th and higher dimensions. While we shall ascend to heaven, most of the initial ascending candidates of about 800 million will fall in the abyss before they can climb one more time and reach their final goal.

I must admit that this knowledge, which I cherish for some time and have repeatedly expressed in my articles, has poisoned somewhat my joy about our coming ascension and incredible success in heaving Gaia and part of humanity to the 5th dimension under such dire conditions. We have offered the people the best possible conditions for ascension, but the vast majority of light workers have dismissed this generous offer and have preferred to bathe in their Orion tainted, hedonistic past habits and to succumb to a despicable pecuniary way of life.

I will discuss Carla’s experience on August 28, separately in more detail. I have received an important explanation from AA Michael channelled by Jahn yesterday. It  confirms fully what Carla and I knew about this event, which actually paved the ignition of the PAT supernova. It reveals the abysmal darkness and evilness of the archons and all other dark entities that have exploited and devastated this planet and humanity for eons of time to the brink of total annihilation.

Here is a short summary in advance. Essentially, the dark forces have created numerous synthetic parallel worlds at the astral 4D planes as to trap ascension candidates and to prevent their proper ascension. Until now these parallel worlds existed as an artificial creation which did not participated actively in the hindrance of our ascension process. These traps were meant to be activated in the last phase of the ascension process  For this reason the Source and the forces of light were not allowed to intervene in this creation and demolish it, which they could, of course, very easily do.

For this purpose the Source needed a precedent. Carla voted to take this responsibility on her own. On August 28th she ascended one more time with the help of AA Michael, the Elohim and numerous angelic forces that supported and protected her in this adventure. Then she deliberately got trapped in these synthetic worlds, but could return unharmed back to the earth with the help of all angelic forces and her soul.

This event created a precedent case and now the Source and the HR are permitted to eliminate these artificial constructions of the dark forces rapidly as a prerequisite for the first ascension wave. Carla’s negative experience of being trapped in such synthetic, parallel 4D worlds has been extinguished from her energy field and has left no impact on her. Her advantage was that she knew at the conscious level about the existence of these worlds, which made her to be the optimal candidate for this risky operation. Now the pathways for ascension to the 5D are free and the detonation of the PAT supernova could take place in the night of August 28th/29th.

I myself did the energetic back-up for Carla’s risky operation and was myself very much consternated on that particular day as I knew that something weird had happened, for which I had no explanation at that time. But my HS told me that very soon I will learn the details as this is now the case.

I am describing this accident at this place in some depth as I asked you to discuss it with your HS. But she could not give you all this information as you did not know the background of it and I did not give you all the details when I asked you to check this matter.

Your latest message is an comprehensive presentation of the energetic dynamics which the PAT supernova will now unfold at the cosmic level and also as a source of profound transformation of the present-day human civilisation. Evolution through confrontation, this is the only principle to achieve a steady harmony.

It has been my professed conviction since many years that the whole ascension scenario evolved in the wrong direction from the very beginning. Had the forces of light chosen from the very beginning a more confrontational course against the dark ruling cabal and had they beamed the masses with more intensive rebellious energies as this was the case in the 60s when the students revolts, the 68-movement in Europe erupted, the flower power and the beatnik movement spread in the USA and numerous revolutions took place in South America, then the history of mankind would have taken a different course and the awakening of the masses would have started much earlier.

Instead, the energies of calm that were beamed on the earth as to avoid the potential establishment of the NWO by the PTW created a false graveyard peacefulness at the societal level that lulled the massed into a false sense of security and they felt so comfortable in their snooze that they did not want to awaken to the very last minute and actually fall in a deeper slumber one more time in the last months and weeks instead of fully awaken.

Now they will be abruptly expelled from their dreamy illusion of immovable normalcy and will have to undergo a collective shock therapy. One cannot ascend, unless one has done his homework. And most ascending candidates neglected fully their personal LBP which can only commence when first all problems at the emotional and mental level are solved. This is the reason why most LW never entered the LBP in the first place and have no idea how it looks like.

But this deplorable situation should not bother us any more – we have made it and we are on our way back home, singing Gershwin’s song from Porgy and Bess:

Oh Lawd, I’m On My Way”

With love and light

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