April’s HS: Carla Has Not Only Served as a Messenger and Opener, But Also as the “Prototype” of Ascension and Transfiguration for the PAT

by April Bender, August 14, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Below is a wonderful confirmation from HS. I hope it reads OK as I was trying to get this down while at work, but the information itself came through loud and clear. I did also try to keep the message simple and focused.

I hope you and Carla find resonance with it and that it further reassures Carla of the validity of her experience. As you’ll read below, I was personally very deeply struck by the description of Carla’s experience. Thank you so much for forwarding that on to me.

Forgive me Georgi, I am somewhat at a loss for words. It has taken much blood, sweat and tears to finally reach this most sacred moment, the one we’ve all been dreaming of and yearning for with all our hearts. It’s a lot to take in right now and I am overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude, fulfillment, and AWE.

I bow deeply to you, Carla and my fellow PAT brothers and sisters.I see even now in my mind’s eye, us as all encircled in loving and congratulatory embrace – WE HAVE DONE IT.

Of course it would be the icing on the cake if we were to get at least one more solid confirmation.

Much love and light,

HS Confirmation of Carla’s Ascension 08-14-13

HS:  (laughing while clapping hands together) – I don’t mean to laugh but you are a little dumbfounded perhaps even shocked and awed this morning, are you not?

Me: Yeah, to put it mildly, but equally excited too. You know yesterday I kept thinking and feeling that something very, very significant was going to happen. Of course my mind went first to my own personal ascension/ upliftment, as it did not escape my notice that yesterday was the 13th, a number that has been very personal to me – but also in general, another “13” symbol appearing within this grand stargate/ ascension portal. So when you urged me to check the PAT site as soon as my eyes opened this morning and I saw the notice from Georgi of Carla’s successful ascension run yesterday, I about fell out of my chair.

A little while later I received an email from Georgi, which included his dual soul Carla’s miraculous account (will be published as soon as it is fully ready, George). I was struck immediately with her description of the “beautiful crystal palace, in a pale blue color,” and the “dome on the left side with a spire that rose into the clear sky” as I HAVE SEEN THESE MYSELF when visiting 5D, while in dream/ vision state (though never embodied while doing so)!! Therefore I knew right away after reading it that without a doubt Carla’s experience had been REAL.

There is also a beautiful, majestic tree line surrounding this city center/hub while lots of natural plant and tree life reside within as well. Looking beyond the city center, there are mountain peaks off in the distance. Immediately coming out of the city center, there is a path that takes you through the encircling tree line, and opens up into the most incredible meadow lined with exotic wild flowers of every color and type imaginable. In fact if I recall correctly, several of the PAT members reported visiting this meadow in past dreams, visions and ascension test runs.

HS: Yes, what you have described is the new “capital”, so to speak, of 5D. This explains why so many of the PAT members have had experiences of visiting parts of this specific place in 5D. For this is to be the seat of the new government/ firmament as well as a vast education and resource center. There will be other such centers, but the one shown to you will be the hub that connects them all, and the regular meeting place of the “Earthkeeper Council.”

Over the course of the last two days a sufficient amount of first-wave ascenders reached the threshold between 4D 12 and 5D, thus allowing the releasing (triggering) Carla for the first COMPLETE and FINAL ascension test run of the PAT and first-wave ascenders. Therefore not only has she served in the capacity of messenger and opener, but also as the “prototype” of ascension/transfiguration for the group – perfectly complementing her dual soul Georgi.

As you no doubt now know, this was a very successful ascension run, in which a full transfiguration and return were executed. Therefore, it has been joyously noted within the HR that peak energetic thresholds necessary for full transfiguration have been met and can now be executed throughout the top tier of the web of light/ ascension ladder.

Pay careful attention to the words, instructions, and information as given to Carla upon her return… for they are to be your final set of instructions prior to detonation of the PAT Supernova!!

We in the Higher Realms can barely contain our excitement!! You are coming HOME dear one! Rejoice in the fulfillment of THE PROMISE/COVENANT made to you and entered into so very, very long ago. For today heralds proof that God/Creator ALWAYS keeps his promises.

Much love and gratitude to you and the PAT forever and always.

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