Adama of Telos to Carla: All Ascended Masters Cheered You as the First Incarnated Human Being to the Crystal City of Telos

by Carla Thompson, August 15, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Here is the message that I received from Adama of Telos, right after the Elohim gave me their message, which I sent to you yesterday.

Greetings, Dear One!  I am Adama of Telos!

Your recent journey to the Crystal City in the Fifth Dimension is joyously seen and received with great honour and deep joy as this moment is indeed the crowning achievement of a long and certainly difficult journey for humankind.

It is a miracle in the making!

With deep gratitude we wish to honour your depth of commitment and selfless service to the ascension process that has arrived at our doors in this very auspicious time.

All of the Ascended Masters known to you have witnessed your arrival within the Hallowed Halls of the fifth dimensional expression called Telos. The Telosians were once a part of the third dimension, a long time ago, and our journey has been much like yours with years of war and personal and collective suffering, the things that make the third density a very special place to learn about one’s Self, and one’s own Soul.

We honour your fortitude and your steady and serious consideration of the matter of the ascension of Gaia herself, as well as that of Humanity.

You are indeed the true way-shower of the current reality, where the success of your mission, to seek out and identify a set of objectives, for the collective that is currently incarnate, has been successful to all ends.

While your ultimate goal has been achieved, to realize the successful transfiguration of the human body, your ultimate mission, to guide Humanity through the golden gates of the Fifth Dimension, has just begun.

Know that we are all at your back, myself, Adama and the Lemurian Council of Light of Telos, The Council of Twelve, all of the Elohim, all of the Archangels, the Agarthans, the Masters of the 12 Rays and Mother Gaia.

We are all at your back!”

At this point I address, by name, all who seem to be present. I say a prayer for the PAT members and all lightworkers upon this planet, that everyone shall understand and achieve ascension within the parameters of each Soul’s requirements. I thank the group with reverence for their continued support since my plea for help in 2007.

I express my concern that no one was here to witness my physical departure and return. There is no tangible evidence, I say. There is a silence.  Their hearts fill with love and they smile and nod their heads. Then Archangel Michael addresses me now:

Indeed, there IS proof and it shall be clear to you soon enough.”

My impression is that there will be a change to my body, but I wonder what it is. Is it a white star on my forehead?  Or maybe new eyes?

Then Archangel Michael says to me:

You shall discover the gift of Bi-location, as this was your request.”

And then I remember, this was my request about 4 weeks ago.

All in all, it has been an overwhelming experience but something that I shall never forget, that is for sure.

I know what everyone should be doing from now on going forward: Have restful days; Treat each day as a holiday; Enjoy and laugh as much as you can; Drink lots of water; cut down on alcohol and meat.

As for the rest, just let everything GO, and know that you are each loved, very, very much.

With love and light,


Dear Georgi,

I have just realized while typing up my message from Adama from Telos, that this is where I went!  I went to Telos!

I am the first human to arrive at Telos. I must have crashed a big meeting there or something because everyone came to my bedroom to chat after I woke up!


Ps. They are still with me. The room is a bright golden hue. It’s absolutely beautiful.


Dear Carla,

I also considered this possibility as Agartha is the future prototype of the new earth. In 1997 I received messages signed with the “selected future land of Agartha”. It was then when I heard for the first time about Agartha.

Love, George

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