Urgent Energy Update – July 21, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

There is a very intensive and massive cleansing wave that has started this night and penetrates the deepest cellular compartments of the human body. It is very unpleasant and I was maximally pissed off with humanity this morning and about the notion to be still lingering here on this toxic planet, as is usually the case with myself during such cleansing waves. 

But then I meditated and composed myself and could better assess the quality of this wave. It could be the last, most powerful and radical purging of all residual human dross during the final alignment of Gaia and Hue-manity with the 5th and higher dimensions prior to ascension (final transformation) as announced by GaiaPortal in its latest message from July 20th:

Synchronizing of all  participants on all dimensional levels occurs, as participant group consciousness has risen sufficiently to support such synchronization.

Transformational energetics are fully activatedfor those requiring such in the next few days of the time domain.

All Hue Beings are currently aligned with Gaia ascension transformation pathways.

Ready to proceed…

It is a fact that I am experiencing a huge energy peak each month around the 21st for years now, and I have been told that this is a persistent pattern of this ascension process, associated with the stargate 12.21.12. In addition, comes that tomorrow is a full moon and then comes the Lion’s Gate. When we consider the crucial fact that the final ID split between the lower 4D earths and the higher 4D earths took place on July 18th, then this is the perfect energetic mix that may lead to a manifested peak of collective human negativity /nastiness of the ruling cabal and an equal sweeping revolt of the masses against them on this upper 4D earth.

Given the inflow of these relentless proton waves that now completely penetrate our fields and bodies and the level of agitation they have ensued personally in my emotional field, being the most precise gauging device of energy quality I know so far, I can very well imagine how irrationally many humans will respond to these waves in the next days, who now sit in key positions of power and have no insight about what is ongoing and also do not possess the adequate energetic means to cope with these new higher-dimensional proton frequencies.

Hence I predict that we will very soon observe some desperate actions of the ruling cabal, based on their pure survival fears, that may trigger the famous domino effect announced by the Elohim. The whole atmosphere is definitely extremely heated as if the air can ignite any moment on its own. I have very seldom experienced such energetic intensity, and when I gauge adequately its magnitude, as is now the case, while writing this elaboration, I automatically feel much better, which is a clear sign that my assessment is spot on.

Just to give you an idea of what may spark very soon, I am giving you a link to a video of an election rally of the ruling Christian conservative party on July 18th in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria (situated in the centre of Germany and thus very much representative for the general mood in this country), where Angela Merkel has been booed in a frenetic manner, I have only seen once this kind of protest, when the former Chancellor H. Kohl was booed by the students of the 68′ movement in Frankfurt at the height of the students’ revolts.

This time however, the ordinary people, who usually vote for this party are booeing this political clone, called “Angela Merkel” – the “Murky Angel” – and the police looks at the people completely perplexed and absolutely passive as if they show solidarity with the booeing masses. Her speech sounds so displaced, weak and out of touch, amidst these booe-cries, that it is a perfect symbol of what I expect to explode very soon on a global scale.

This explosive unrest has now encompassed almost all Mediterranean countries, such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Turkey, France, Paris, etc. and if the deep slumbering Teutonic masses are now also caught in this emotional turmoil, then these new waves are pure dynamite:


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