The Obama-Clone Expands His Murders of Innocent American People

How The End Time Scenario Unfolds Within the Ranks of the Ruling Cabal Before The MPR and the PAT Supernova Will Sweep Away This Whole Scum of Humanity

– A Very Important Dossier –

by Georgi Stankov, July 30, 2013

Obviously the 13 July snap military drills ordered by President Putin, involving nearly 200,000 Russia troops in the Far East, as reported on our website, was in “direct response” to information obtained from the US fugitive Edward Snowden; information that further caused the clandestine historic meeting of three American Presidents in Africa during the past few weeks in their effort to hide the truth about our world nearing total destruction.

From a recently leaked information, Russian tactical forces were able to extricate Snowden from Hong Kong on June 23rd within hours of his planned assassination by a CIA “hit squad”, sent by the Obama regime to silence this person, who is now known as the “most wanted man” in the world.

The saving of Snowden’s life has been ordered by Putin after the June 18th assassination of the American journalist Michael Hastings, whose vehicle was destroyed by a US drone strike in Los Angeles [new video showing drone strike HERE] as he was attempting to flee to safety, while preparing a story on information given to him by Snowden.

Further information relating to Putin’s decision to save Snowden was the Obama regime’s attack on two Los Angeles police detectives, who investigated Hasting’s assassination and who were, so far, pushed by the criminal Obama regime into silence.

Putin’s wise decision to save Snowden’s life was reinforced by the Obama regime’s assassination of the famous New Zealand hacker Barnaby Jack in San Francisco on July 25th, just days before he was to appear before the Black Hat Briefings computer security conference in Las Vegas, where he was set to prove “beyond all doubt” that the aircraft used in the  September 11th, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers were being remotely controlled by US intelligence agencies.

The evidence provided to Barnaby Jack that confirmed this fact was given to him by Snowden, after this computer genius, who Snowden had approached, was also assassinated by the Obama’s regime.

When Snowden first became aware of the stunning facts behind the US government’s actions against not only its own people, but the entire world, he contacted the noted computer genius and Internet activist Aaron Swartz in early January (2013) to assist him in explaining the most highly technical aspects of the top-secret reports he was seeing. We reported about the assassination of Aaron Swartz in our website at that time and discussed this issue in the context of the genocide which the Obama-clone is currently committing on the American people.

Within days of Snowden contacting Swartz, the Obama regime assassinated Swartz by “suicide” on  January 11th, though US intelligence agencies weren’t able at that time to discover where Swartz had obtained his information.

The US Presidents Barack Hussein Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton must have been panic stricken, when they learnt that Snowden had arrived safe in Moscow, all of whom then rushed to Africa for a series of secret meetings on June 27th and July 1st, after Snowden had been brought under the protection of the Kremlin just days before.

Clinton arrived in the African nation of Senegal immediately prior to Obama, where the two held a series of secret meetings on  July 27th.  From Senegal, Clinton travelled separately to Dar es Salaam (Tanzania’s largest and richest city), where he met up with Obama and Bush for another series of secret meetings on July 1st.

As to the content of these historic meetings between three US Presidents in Africa, which were kept secret from the American people by the US-Orion propaganda mass media, the most likely topic was how they were going to contain the even more revealing, catastrophic for the US-dark cabal information, held by Snowden, which he had not yet released, but had vowed to do so.

The magnitude of Snowden’s revelations must have been so big that it must have caused some fears even in his stanch savior Putin, although according to the Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russian IT experts had learnt “nothing new” from this courageous whistleblower. This fact only reveals that all dark powers now play with false cards. The Obama regime is now in “a full panic mode” over what is to come, and as evidenced this past week by the US Federal Government which ordered all Web firms to  immediately hand over the passwords of all American citizens.

Even more ominous for the American people, the Obama regime completely removed from the Internet Obama’s website this past Friday, which he established in 2008 to lay out his promises, which, he, in fact, never intended to fulfil.

In another move to hide the truth, the Obama regime’s defense department told the US Senate this past week that neither the US Congress, nor the American people, had a right to know with whom their own country was at war because it is “classified.”

The most dangerous truth of Snowden’s information, was actually the revelation who the USA is really at war with, that  also caused the horrendous fears of the Obama-Bush-Clinton-Mass Murderer-Trio. It lies in the December 9, 2009 “Norway Spiral Warning”sent by the Galactic Federation and the Forces of Light to our Earth on the eve of Obama receiving his December 10, 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. This warning has not been heeded by the ruling US-cabal as the subsequent political events perspire and this has led already to the worst case Ascension scenario in the six lower 4D earths.

Russia  began with the construction of  5,000 additional bomb shelters ordered in 2010 by Putin to be built by the end of 2012 that have now been completed, and with each passing day many more thousands of Russian troops are preparing for the devastating war on the descending 4D earth into the catastrophic 3D timeline after the MPR and our ascension through the detonation of the PAT Supernova have taken place.

This is the current political background behind the efforts of the dark US cabal to unleash a new WW3 at the End of the Time, which they will of course fail to achieve as the MPR has already been triggered in the higher realms and can manifest any moment  on this upper 4D reality. This will however happen only after the worst war criminal and mass murderer of all times, the current Obama-Clone and a puppet of US president makes his first desperate move against the ascension of humanity and Gaia.

Then the PAT will finally enter the scene and will detonate the PAT Supernova as presented in such an impressive visionary manner by Angelika. This biggest trump of the higher realms will trigger the MPR and the deluge that will sweep away the old Orion matrix for ever and will cause the ID split. Our ascension is the ultimate weapon of the Source and the Forces of Light to finally liberate humanity from the shackles of the Orion enslavement and to bestow the people with their divine sovereignty as unlimited creator beings.



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