About Rampant Female Energies and Human Tradition of Rejection in the New Age and Why They Hinder Ascension

By Alice Davidson and Georgi Stankov, July 27, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I have just finished reading your Short Summary of Neo-Platonism and Christianity, which I hadn’t realized was published in English until you drew this to my attention, and was so very excited to find that it was perfectly in sync with the “Teachings of the Ascended Masters” in regard to the gnostic teachings of both Origenes and Plotin.

I will not spend too long in discussing the personal relationship between Origenes and Plotin because you have already discovered the essence of their mutual gnostic relationship, which is the key. Very briefly, Plotin was an embodiment of Monroe Shearer, who is the current Messenger of the “Temple of The Presence” (1995 to the present) in Tucson, Arizona, USA  http://www.templeofthepresence.orgMark Prophet (Origenes) and Monroe have worked together as soul mates during the course of many lifetimes, always assisting each other in furthering their Divine Plans and in teaching gnostic wisdom to those among humanity who had the potential to understand these teachings.

Mark Prophet immediately recognized Monroe Shearer when Monroe appeared on the doorstep of the Summit Lighthouse at the age of 21. Mark was able to assist Monroe in avoiding being drafted into the military to fight in the Vietnam War by immediately anointing him as a minister….

According to one of the current members of “The Temple of The Presence”, Monroe has begun to introduce the gnostic wisdom of Plotin into his Sunday Discourses more and more frequently and with greater and greater detail. My guess is that he has been trying to reach into the greater truths that laid as yet undiscovered in his search for the highest truth during his embodiment as Plotin as you stated below:

When this methodological approach is applied to Neo-Platonism of Plotin, it could be easily proven that most of his ideas and statements are absolutely correct from the point of view of the new Gnosis of the Universal Law. One major deficiency is that Plotin cannot develop a correct idea of the energetic background of All-That-Is from a scientific point of view.

While I have listened to some of these Sunday Discourses over the Internet, I have lost much interest in “The Temple of The Presence” as I resigned from this organization in 2006 after serving as their only staff member for 4½ years….

(Then follows confidential information as to how this spiritual organisation disintegrated and lost any relevance due to female intrigues and rancor).

Obviously this is all very confidential information and is meant only for you and should not be posted. Life is so filled with various turns and alleyways. We are all given our tests up until the final moment when it is “our time” to fall into the arms of our Source forever. Since you most certainly have a very strong connection with both Origenes and Plotin and very likely knew them both personally, I thought you might be interested in this bit of their mutual history. Again, there is no need for you to respond to any of this. I want you to take care of yourself and get as much rest as you can in these last few days.

The energy has felt much lighter today (June 22) for me, both physically and emotionally. I very much hope that you have felt better as well. Here is to your imminent victory of the Ascension, Georgi!

With deepest regard to your amazing Light and to your Love of the highest Truth, as always,


Dear Alice,

this is a continuation of this same amazing story, which I can only evaluate second hand from your presentation as I have never heard before of this organisation. But the fact that it was ultimately derailed by the women of these men may be in hindsight a rectification for St. Paul’s decision to ban the women from the church. This should not be interpreted as antifeminism, but as Sananda recently said in a message, the female energies that are now rampant on this planet after a long predominance of male energies in the past must still be balanced by the left brain logical thinking of male energies, otherwise they are as destructive as the unharnessed pure male energies.

This is a huge problem that can be ultimately solved only at the personal level and that is why I have never aimed – and my soul has forbidden it – to establish any spiritual school whatsoever, but just to serve as a source of information and a coordination centre of the flow of external information. This is all done at the expense of neglecting my scientific studies, as it is obvious that they cannot be comprehended by the PAT at this stage.

So my major effort in the last years has been dedicated to the physical survival of the PAT members during their debilitating LBP, by simply keeping the morale high. More or less, from a scientist I have mutated to a nurse. But this is also a valuable service at this time, although not always very rewarding.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I couldn’t agree with you more regarding the imbalanced misuse of energy by the majority of women, even in these final times. My experience is that there are two different types of women who offer little benefit to the esoteric movement: 1) those who justify their abusive behavior of all kinds, and are far more dishonest with themselves than men about this egregious behavior, and 2) those who are fearful and are only able to see what they are willing to see, refusing to acknowledge the highest truth that might oppose their pinky-doodle programming that they must be passive little pools of emotional goo. The majority of these women say very pleasant things with their mouths to other people, but in actuality have huge, unchecked, self-serving egos inside. Yes, women’s silly fear and lack of attainment with left brain energies or the lack of balance between left and right-brain energies appears over and over again in the behavior of women even during these final days, even in the esoteric movement, where they ought to know better. The vast majority of women overrate their purity and self-justify their impurity at a dizzying rate!

As for being a “nurse” to those going through the LBP, I actually laughed out loud when I read someone’s apparent “LBP” symptom regarding the welts from insect bites on her legs. Good grief! It’s summertime! Apply some insect repellent! If that is all some individuals are worried about, and if they feel justified in complaining about it to you, I can only send you my heart-felt kudos for even taking your precious time to respond to this silliness, especially in such a gracious way. Your reward will most certainly be in eternal heaven and very soon.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again, Georgi, for your amazing dedication to your extraordinarily difficult Mission, for steadfastly continuing on, in spite of all the hatred, attacks, silliness, lethargy, petty self-concern, childishness, and ignorance of the vast majority of humanity, and for being such a brilliant star on this toxic Earth, and soon to be a new and blazing star in the highest realms. Your burden it truly your Light!

With greatest love and respect,

Dear Alice,

I had to laugh so wholeheartedly about the disarming lucidity of your comments on the female escapades and even abuses of their energies that this saved my day, which did not begun very well.

We can really hope that this ape theatre is coming to an end very soon, as any day longer on this earth is another nail on our coffins and what is even worse – on our already attained spirituality.

I thank you very much for your sincere understanding.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

It has been two days since I received your email, and I so much wanted to let you know that your words, “ape theatre,” utterly tickled by funny bone to the very core. But it didn’t stop there. I must have thought of this perfectly apropos two-word description, which encapsulates the remaining repellent behavior that is still observable of the low human consciousness/ unconsciousness and of the cabal, dozens of times in the last two days, and it always makes me laugh out loud each and every time. Thank you, thank you for such much-needed, delightful levity!

As for the incessant attacks of the trolls and the archons that mightily attempt to disrupt your peace, as well as the peace of all of us who are awaiting our final victory of the ascension, Ascended Master El Morya made several interesting comments regarding one’s enemies in his book of Dictations, Agni Yoga 1929, as scribed by the Russian mysticNicholas Roerich.  El Morya explains in the first chapter of this book that Agni Yoga is the name of the new Path of consciously striving to absorb the new incoming waves/ rays/ energies of Cosmic Light. This is exactly the Mission of the PAT!

I find these comments all the more remarkable as they date back to 1929, prior to the wider commencement of what is now called the New Age movement:

“Akbar, called Great, regarded his enemies with attention… “I rejoice that I have been able to apply in life the sacred Teaching, that I gave people contentment, and that I was made more prominent in the light by the shadow of my great enemies.” Thus spoke Akbar, knowing the value of enemies . . . Amidst his enemies’ assaults, Akbar was asked why there were so many attacks. Akbar replied, “Let the enemies have something to do.” p. 70[One of El Morya’s  embodiments was as Akbar the Great, Mughal emperor in India 1556 – 1605 AD: exceptionally wise, masterful warrior, just, creator of a new tolerant creed, “Din-i-Ilahi,” derived from Islam, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and Christianity that unified the best of all of the religions in his empire, and considered as one of the few, true “philosopher kings.”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akbar]

“One should remember that Our enemies make effective use of every spatial disturbance and try to inflict the most undesirable harm. This combination of physical and psychic conditions demands attention . . . It is correct to presume that evolution is propelled at times of great cosmic reaction. But this does not mean that people should not prepare themselves for it. Each conscious, thinking individual seeks anxiously for the future direction of evolution. If this direction is sensed, then common sense will strive to approach the right path more speedily. Our Teaching does not coerce, but indicates the way. Not mysticism, but logic of mind, is offered to the seekers.” p. 137

In this same amazing book, El Morya speaks extensively on virtually all of the themes that are at the very core of your Mission and your website:

“Agni Yoga [the new incoming cosmic fire] is only now entering life, and those who have consecrated themselves to the influence of these forces endure particular difficulties, almost as if they were aliens on Earth.”  p. 119

“Only conscious battle can lead the spiritual toiler to the fulfillment of his task. And a cloud of malice will pursue him because he strives to bring the planet out of its isolation.” p. 109

“Truly, only a few learn to rejoice at the need to face and conquer obstacles.  Many more yearn to return to the bygone half-developed consciousness.  On this new level, Our instructions become less frequent and more brief, and one’s work depends more on one’s ability for independent action. Friends will be few, obstacles will pile up like seemingly unscalable mountains, and achievements will seem insignificant. The influences of the subtlest energies will not be so evident.”  p. 179

“What is meant by ‘mad in God’?  Why were the prophets of antiquity called madmen?  Precisely because of the fire of straight-knowledge, which isolated them from all else, a valuable quality that severed them from the ordinary, everyday ways of thinking.” p. 184

“How can attention be directed to the new energies? By keenness of sight, enhanced by straight-knowledge . . . It is precisely the fire of straight-knowledge that enables one to perceive the unique qualities of the new signs in the midst of daily life.  In the future, all organizations will guard with special care these sensitive co-workers. Such consciousnesses are like milestones upon a straight road.” p. 185

“Not ascetics, not fanatics, not the superstitious, but those who know the Yoga of Fire are the ones who will choose not to abandon the rudders of life. Truly, their sacrifices will be great. They will constantly be confronting new explosions although they could have chosen a calm existence. But rest is not a property of fire, for fire must constantly destroy in order to create. Such fiery strivings test one’s feelings, as in a crucible.” p. 186

“The present-day hero is sustained by the realization that from no earthly quarter can he expect cooperation. When he says, ‘I will not abandon the field of battle,’ he already finds new strength . . . We do know, however, because this light is seen by others, but not by the one who carries it. Besides, those who sleep cannot stand the light.” p. 189

“If I bid you victors, that means I foresee a battle.” p. 197

“Certainly it is not easy for people of the fiery element to live in the body.  But choose these as co-workers, because there is no treason in them. Danger will not cause confusion in them. Duty is understood by them, and their striving ascends like a flame.” p. 109

“How can attention be directed to the new energies? By keenness of sight, enhanced by straight-knowledge. Soon people will be divided according to the quality of their straight-knowledge. Those with an open consciousness must be known and paid attention to. Not education, not experience, not talent, but precisely the fire of straight-knowledge opens the direct path to Shambhala. It is precisely the fire of straight-knowledge that enables one to perceive the unique qualities of the new signs in the midst of daily life. In the future, all organizations will guard with special care these sensitive co-workers. Such consciousnesses are like milestones upon a straight road. The new scientific research will be inspired by the fire of straight-knowledge.” p. 70

Georgi, I can’t help but believe that this beloved Ascended Master, Chohan of the First Ray of the Will of God, has been walking at your side your entire life.

Furthermore, the huge, formidable, breathtaking, monolithic rock formation in Yosemite Park, CA (I saw it myself in 1999) called “El Capitan”,


is considered one of El Morya’s Retreats. Perhaps it is also no coincidence that you are lovingly known as “The Captain” by the PAT?

May I also add that El Morya has the exact same wry sense of humor that you so often express. “Ape theatre!”  Master El Morya laughs out loud . . .

With deepest gratitude and love,

Dear Alice,

thank you very much for offering me this very insightful excursion into the earlier esoteric literature. It is no surprise that rejection of the spiritual teacher on this planet is a recurrent motif in all historical epochs. But probably never has humanity reached such a peak in emotional and intellectual intransigence as in these End Time, notwithstanding the alleged technological progress in the 20th century, or precisely because of it.

It is the same theme again and again with infinite variations. But while in the past, the spiritual enlightenment was an end in itself, now it is only a bridge to ascension, but not the goal itself – it is only the way to reach this goal.

This is probably the most difficult part, which most New Agers, apart from the PAT and a few other individuals, do not understand yet. You cannot sit on the sideline in a stadium and admire the achievements of the athletes, while drinking bottles of beers and eating junk food as you will never become a sportsman, just by commenting the athletes’ achievements. In fact, these people do not even look at the true athletes as those from the PAT, who have already ascended, but succumb to obscure surrogates that are sugar-coated in nice channelings according to the dominant Orion political correctness. Therefore it is not a surprise that at the day of payment, which is now, most of the souls of these “lumpen proletariats of the light” have ended in the lower catastrophic earths as to repeat this cycle of self-delusion for another eons of time.

This time it is not about words, but about energies, which display their own truth in an inexorable manner and how one can incorporate them in his physical vessel. Just as the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so does spiritual enlightenment – its proof is in individual ascension. And this will become evident very, very soon.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Your comments below are spot on. The vast majority of humanity are way too easy on themselves and are clueless about the sacrifices that are needed to actually let go of their comfort zone. Instead, they indulge themselves and self-justify their self-serving behavior again and again, and then act like spoiled children who want someone else to pick up the pieces of their mess.

This clueless condition is also not out of ignorance, but a failure to put sufficient effort into finding and internalizing those spiritual/esoteric practices and gnostic teachings that are easy to locate with a sufficient amount of sincere desire and effort. As you say, it all goes back to staying in their comfort zone, whatever that may be, taking care of themselves and letting someone else carry the ball.

I most certainly hope that you are feeling somewhat better following the disgusting psychic attacks that have been sent your way, and that your horrific physical LBP pains have lessened somewhat.

I know we all are hoping to end this misery soon. I send you all my best, most heartfelt wishes that you rocket to your Ascension over the weekend!!

With warm regards, as always,

Dear Alice,

if you read the latest message from April which I have just published, since yesterday I have risen my vibrations much higher one more time and now I physically experience the bliss of the 5th dimensional energies. We are this time on the cusp of our collective ascension through the detonation of the PAT supernova.

With love and light

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