Personal Opinions – July 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear George,

The last two days I had visions which are related to bi-location as well, but I did not immediately connect them to this phenomenon as an important topic. Someone I know traveled to the other side of the world a few weeks ago, planning to stay one to two months. Recently I saw some pictures and since then I am seeing this place a lot. In dreams but also while awake, my awareness may shift to the other side of the world, like this traveler is some kind of anchor for me. A few times I was even here and there at the same time. Not physically (yet), but the awareness was definitely in two places at once. So I think this may happen in the very near future, we will probably know more after the next one or two strong waves.


Dear Daniel,

this is another validation of the coming bi-location which adds up to the whole picture, and I thank you for this.


Hi Georgi!

The “Proton Versus Photon” article was utterly fantastic and I just had to write a quick note to thank you once again for being you! Even with my conventional Orion indoctrination into advanced mathematics and so called quantum physics/mechanics, I am easily able to abandon any twisted concepts they taught me, while reading this article. Your whole presentation on this subject is so completely logical and axiomatic, it leaves no place for misunderstanding or the need for interpretation…exactly how it should be! Brilliant and well done!

Blah, Blah, Blah…I could have just said WOW! and THANKS!

My best to you always,
Marco NYC

Dear Marco,

am happy to hear that you like my article on “Proton Versus Photon” which is just a popular survey of the many blunders that thrive in current failed science and are not challenged by anybody except myself, as nobody really understands all these blunders from a  methodological point of view. One can approach this topic from many different angles, but it comes up to one and the same thing: People must learn first the laws of logical thinking before they engage in any mental activity whatsoever as otherwise – the way it is today – they harm much more than they pretend to help. And precisely herein suffers human thinking most.

Read also my latest visions on bi-location which herald some spectacular developments very soon.

With love and light

Dear Dr. Stankov and PAT,

I have been following your website since shortly after its inception. I know next-to-nothing about physics/science, but this recent development with protons has impelled me to ask a question. Is it possible that humanity and Earth have so long been steeped in the negativity of electrons that the proton influx that is coming now will, in effect, replace the preponderance of electrons and consequently balance the electromagnetic mass of this Solar System in order to allow entry into a more proton-positively charged 5D? If this
question is so inadequate in its non-knowledge of anything scientific, please ignore it, and I will simply continue to ‘go with the flow’ of the unfolding of the ascension process.

And yes, I am the ‘Barbara’ of Arcturian heritage who commented at this site now and then in 2011, I believe it was. Thank you for your work.


Dear Barbara,

I do remember you and your information from the Arcturians after 11.11.11. Your question is very appropriate and not easy to answer as I also do not have the whole information.

But it is definitely correct that the inflow of protons also profoundly changes the role of the electrons and the electromagnetic polarity they have created on the old 3d-earth. It is this polarity that actually caused the huge density and increased the separation from the Whole. The electrons themselves can be regarded as an emanation of the protons in the nucleus – a field extension around it, I suspect that now the electrons must also change their past nature and pattern. The ubiquitous polarity we observe now as positive and negative charges in all elements, substances and solutions must disappear in some very profound way.

This all has to do with adjusting the rotational kinetics of all particles. While the mechanism itself must be simple – its only about the geometry and alignments of the energy movements, the actual changes that now take place behind the veil in this solar system and obviously in the whole universe as a coordinated ascension event of cosmic proportions are beyond human perception. And this deficiency of human minds that have no access to the underlying quantum energetic processes, but only see their macro-effects is the most frustrating part of human existence.


Hey Georgi,

I just have a few thoughts/comments to share based on the current articles. Firstly, I really, really loved Jahn’s channeling, “Leave the Vibrational Fields” and I am so glad for this confirmation because I have canceled plans several times simply because I felt into the event and began to get uneasiness or anxiety. Also, I hate planning holidays, birthdays, ceremonies, etc, out of habit. I have always felt that several people invade my energetic privacy on a regular basis and I leave feeling extremely depleted and pissed off that I made myself go in the first place. However, past boyfriends and friends just think I’m being anti-social or judgmental. Riiiiight.

This same article made me curious about something pertaining to children: He said we should trust the children, for they still have an open channel to Source and mostly, I would agree. But, would you say this about ALL children, even the young or baby souls? I have been around certain children that I get a bad vibe from and some that I simply detest, if I am to be honest. There are some children with a very unstable energy which are hard for me to be around and at times, I have felt certain children were there to agitate me on purpose. What are your thoughts on this matter, Georgi?

The last thing I would like to mention is in regards to Cedric’s post. I would have loved to have read of his experience in a parallel world in Rome, but no worries. I just wanted to say that I already know there are these soulless robots walking around and I also cannot supply any proof; I mean, it isn’t as if their gonna tell us, is it? And where are the instruments that can measure a human soul? Maybe one of those Aurelian machines that photograph the aura… But, it is just something that is obvious. It’s a lack of feeling from them, lack of warmth, or true presence.

Some people have very dark eyes that seem to reflect zero light. And then there are eyes like mine, which are very light, shiny, and get constantly complimented but at the same time, I feel a need to hide them around certain people behind sunglasses. I seem to make certain people uncomfortable with them, and I intuitively know which ones these are. I have taken off my sunglasses to talk to a person before and literally, they have forgotten what they wanted to say, and so I have learned to refrain unless I feel there would be a similar energy exchange.

The best proof of these robots, as Georgi said, is simply their movements and mannerisms and dialogue. It feels very fake and scripted. They do not seem to act in the moment and if you throw them off guard, it is like they do not know how to respond at all. Also, they are not very humorous, I have discovered. One of my tests is humor. If I throw some silly stuff out there, and a person seems very confused, I feel they are a young, young soul or a robot. On the other hand, most soul-filled beings are very clever and appreciate laughter. At least these are my conclusions. I feel our guides are hilarious, in fact. Sometimes, they make me laugh to the point of tears! So based on my personal
experience, I would have to say that divine beings understand humor and are, very naturally, humorous. Because from a higher perspective, nothing is wrong, so why not find this whole play pretty amusing?

Further, the soulless-robots do not seem to look or think or act, originally. Nor do they really stand out, in fact, it is in their purpose, to blend in. So, if a person stands out to you, feels alive energetically, seems to move and think and speak in the moment, and appreciates humor, laughs, or attempts to share humor with you, they probably have a soul. These are my measurements. What do you think, Georgi?

Lots of Love,

Dear Kari,

I do agree with you that not all children deserve this praise and we are only talking about crystalline children. But there are others that only harbour a young or unripe soul and you are right in your assessment about such children.

Humor is the litmus test to discern a soulless entity from an enlightened soul personality. There is no doubt about this. As the eyes of a person are the windows to his soul and we as old souls have huge veranda windows to the higher realms, this scares all young souls who cannot bear this information – to look in our eyes and they always retrieve back in fear when they establish an eye contact with us.

But you should still not hide your beautiful eyes behind sunglasses. It is a waste of human beauty and aesthetics.


Hi George,

Thank you for your article of clarification today, “Proton versus Photon“. A great summary and clarity it is. I am smiling today after completing it. I realize your new theory of Universal Law becomes easier and clearer each new time it is read. This is because it represents truth and you have eliminated complicated dualistic lies about the nature of life.

Until ascension your website, accessing experience inwardly and the Seth material are the only sources I look to for education.

Hope you are well today,


thank you for your postings and the continued discussion of what is Truth. Your articles are about all that are keeping me going. Thank you for being so damn refreshing as there’s pretty much nothing left everywhere else. I can barely relate to anyone in my immediate family anymore as the last six month lulled everyone back into lalaland.  There’s no turning back for me and I am so glad to have your company on this journey. I don’t know if you saw George Soros mention that the entire economic system had to be rethought due to it being designed on the failing concept of Newtonian physics. Little does he know how far behind the curve he truly is. Thanks again. Your work is truly appreciated.

Brad Barber

Dear Brad,

I am happy to hear that our website is a lifeline of support for you in these difficult last days. I no longer follow what Soros says after he was one of the chief responsible banksters for the Asian crisis in 1997/1998 and then wrote a book under the motto: The thief cries, hold the thief”

With love and light

Hi George,

First I would like to talk about the day 03. When I read the message from Gaia Portal I was anxious experando their comments as if I was sending a warning sign: HEY GEORGE, RECEIVE SOMETHING NEW. Why? Because I had never seen the Gaia Portal refer to chemical elements, which made me realize that something really would manifest.

And it was wonderful, made me realize how we are VERY CONNECTED and how the recent issues I’ve been thinking and ‘left a hole to plug’ being relieved with the conversations and discussions we PAT.

I’d like you to pass information over a global virtual meeting and what will happen on July 21. The event name is:

Third Global Meeting a Resource-Based Economy

I consider it an extremely valuable and important, as I will participate and I am empowering process that has been built so far. I hope you know our best and give me your impressions to help observe more clearly.

Hug, love from my heart to your heart, we are one


Dear Tak,

thank you for this confirmation of the importance of the presented information from GaiaPortal and my subsequent theoretical elaboration. You are absolutely right that this was the first time that this source used concrete physical data.

The time for this global meeting is well scheduled as something big must begin to unfold around this time.

With love and light

Hey George!

thank you for answer me about this meeting, I will feel very grateful to provide you with information on the steps and processes of this group is of interest to us, the PAT.

I’m feeling this weekend as very important and full of awakenings higher.

For example, I had a date with my HS in 2010 that brought me the strength to trust the intelligence of light and consciously participate in the ascension process in all aspects, including those involved with the social changes that are waiting to sprout. But wait would not be the right direction to express this step.

Today with the constant arrival of light and revelatory information, it is impossible to continue feeding the patterns sustained until the instant at which we did not realize that we were not actually utilizing our potential as one.

Thus, the timing is crucial to clarify what happens in relation to many global information.

This weekend, a meeting that will take place here in Brazil, in Sao Paulo ‘Festival by universal love’, reflects several other meetings of calls, alternative crops, with a deep connection to mother earth and living practices.

Of course we still live under the control of the money, but what is going to happen is happening and the messages we receive are: The time to reveal the truth that is what you are is at your door, and you are a facilitator for this event. Who reads it, feel it? If feels this, knowing that is truth? And if you know it’s true, trust this power?

Of course we should not lose more on the * save 7 billion human souls * see clearly now that the undead ignorant or misled that are around us. Our strength and unity brings light, our consciousness in the fluidity of the present moment is free and clear, and this world projected holographic false imprisonment can no longer engage in their schemes.

We’re really getting ever closer to the vibrational aspect that allows the shift.

I’ll leave a message for PAT’ers what’s in my blog. With all gratitude, love from my heart to your heart


Dear Georgi,

Thank you for providing us with vital, high quality information on the ongoing proton waves, especially with regard to it’s purpose and effect. I also experienced the energy peak on July 3, I had a sense of utter disorientation and confusion, it felt like being caught up in a spider’s web, unable to escape the sensation. The physical aspect was limited to bronchial and back muscle spasm. The new quality of these waves is very easy to discern from past waves, much more subtle and profound, and no doubt there is a deep form of healing and transformation going on, because in between two waves, I feel  peace and inner balance, clarity of mind, and complete trust in the process. These periods of tranquility, and the knowing of our certain arrival, make the negative effects of the process worthwhile for me.

Yours faithfully,

Dear Dr. Georgi,

I hope you feel better today! In reading the letters from 4th July I was astonished to see how things happens to all of us in such a similar way! In my house the wave came on July 2nd, with a kind of depression that, in the fist moment, I attributed to the death of our beloved 13 years old puppy dog on Friday, 28th. But as I was travelling my usual 230 kilometers back to São Paulo (I live in two villages), crying as a child, I noticed that it was not as it seemed. The lack was bigger, much bigger!

When I talked to my son, I saw that he, too, was in a deep sadness, as my husband was.
I felt something different was going on when I started to feel ancient fears that I supposed were gone long ago. I started to breath and to observe myself, and started to pray, as I always do when I’m afraid of something.

The next day, July 3rd, I was feeling much better, and suddenly, I saw that I had just past by a enormous turmoil, and I knew that I supposed to stay strong and “mind-clear” to be able to stay attentive for the signals that would be given to me for something I didn’t know what was. And the signs came: clear as crystal! I should maintain my vibration quality; I should not identify myself to whatever I was felling, and I should “let it go way”, as if I was
training some kind of ‘detachment’; I should do only things that could connect me to joy, creativity and serenity.

Later, at night, I saw the message you’d posted and I felt extremely cared! Like if someone had being telling me the things I didn’t had time to read before and that were important for that moment! I felt very thankful! And in this thankfulness I started to ‘discover’ kind of a perception of things very important, like pay attention in the ‘moment’, in the ‘now’; not think in tomorrow, each day for each time, each thing in its time… and I got  quit tranquil, productive, creative, as I’ have not been since long time… I believe this is the way of being centered in the “things we still have to live”… The “must do” things, I skipped for the next week… (no sorry!). And I saw that a lot of people are suffering, lot of people are tired, unhappy, as if they knew that there is something very important happening now, and they don’t know why.

Concerning Snowden, the governments of Latin America are furious with the EU because they blocked the Bolivian air plane for 13 hours in Vienna (and the spy made in the Bolivian consulate in UK) and they didn´t accept the apologies from Portugal. Today the have a meeting in Colombia to discuss the subject of lack of respect with us, “the Latins”… Things are “hot” in the occidental south hemisphere winter!

Well, this was just to tell you, how things are going here in the Tropical latitudes!! And to say: Thank you for all the orientation you give us! It would be much more difficult without understanding what is happening, indeed. Do you know an unfinished work of Einstein in which he was thinking about the electrons being the spiritual part of the material world?

Kisses in your heart,
Maria Alice

P.S. What does MPR means?

Dear Maria,

thank you for your comprehensive account on the last wave and for informing me on the reaction of the Latin American states. They have every right to be infuriated with the Europeans and the USA  but this scandal also exposes how heated the relationships are now between the countries and that this must erupt very soon into a catastrophe that will trigger our ascension.

MPR means magnetic pole reversal /shift.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I am so grateful for your message yesterday. I have been feeling so down lately like nothing is progressing, that we are all just “treading water”. Even reading your message felt “ho hum” until I got to the last paragraph where I felt you were talking to me about feeling depressed. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me.

My husband and I have listed our house on the market to sell, with all of the cleaning, clearing out and preparation that entails. I ask myself why. Now we are in “limbo” waiting for calls from prospective buyers to look at the house. It is as if my 3d surroundings have been cleaned up and prepared for a big move and I trust this is a reflection of the BIG move!  I don’t really expect to go to another house for my true home is not made of bricks and wood.

The mountains here no longer feel “alive”. Everything to me looks ugly, ruined, void of Life.  Gaia feels like she is gone and I believe she is. The only beauty I have experienced in Nature is the brilliant blue sky and gorgeous clouds (when it is not raining, which it has been a lot!).

Thanks for listening to me ramble.  Know that I and many, many others I’m sure, are reading your words of hope and wisdom and feel the bond of brotherhood that we all share.  Know that I love you all from the depths of my soul.

Justin Ann Hayman
Blue Ridge Mts., Virginia

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