A Must Lecture For All PAT Members

by Raji Tenneti and Georgi Stankov, July 31, 2013

Although I have published the link to this amazing website in my last energy update today, as recommended by Raji Tenneti from Australia, I must make you one more time aware of it, as you may have missed the importance of this source:


It not only fully confirms the multidimensional model of seven parallel 4D earths as first published by myself on June 10th, but also validates all previous and subsequent major steps in the ascension process with their exact energy quality as recorded by the PAT and reported on our website. Amazing synchronicity!

Please find below my comprehensive response to Raji on this source and please go to this website and read very carefully the messages there, only to reaffirm your faith in the imminent arrival of the detonation of the PAT Supernova and our ascension beyond the 5th dimension in the course of the Lion’s Gate around August 12th.


Dear Raji,

I finally had some more time to read the articles from this website you have recommended to me in more depth and calmness, as I was overwhelmed the whole day with managing the donation incentive helping Anthony Kane to emigrate from Canada and return to the USA.

I must say that it is incredible – and I am really  stunned – how completely the information of this source coalesces with the information presented on our website day by day. I have not expected such a unanimity from another source and I am very thankful to you that you have made me aware of this source.

I have not finished reading all messages yet, but I have read most of them, and have a good overview now.

I would only like to comment the latest information about the “Event” as this source names the detonation of the PAT Supernova and the triggering of the MPR and the ID spilt – it is supposed to happen until or around August 12th. As you must have read, I had published before that this is the most likely date of our ascension.

Only today I received some additional confirmation on this date from Jahn, which I will eventually publish tomorrow.

Hence this is an excellent validation of all our assessments and forecasts so far and I am really very happy that you have made me aware of this amazing source.


With love and light

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