HAARP-Induced Mega-Earthquakes May be the Last Act of Evil of Obama and the Dark US Cabal Before They Leave Our Reality and Go to Hell, thus Fueling Our Ascension to Paradise

by Angelika X. and Georgi Stankov, July 17, 2013

How I see It

Yesterday was a day full of dramatics. First I read the latest message from GaiaPortal heralding the coming “Inferno”, which I have extensively commented in my article “The Power of Validation – First Comes the Inferno and Then Our Ascension” and then Angelika agitated me with her out-of-body experience with Uriel, where she was given precise information as to how the final act of evil of the dark ruling US cabal will take place (see our correspondence below).

I have been receiving strong impulses from my HS since last week that this act of evil will not be accomplished with conventional warfare or with nuclear weapons of mass destruction for two reasons:

1) Conventional warfare is currently widely used in many wars around the globe and the people do not even take notice of them.

2) All nuclear weapons of mass destruction of the dark cabal have been neutralized by the forces of light and cannot be activated. This is part of the decision of the Source to prohibit any nuclear explosions on this planet in the End Time. This information is widely distributed in the New Age scene and should be known to everybody.

Hence the only possibility that is left for dark ones is to use new, unknown alien technology to realize their heinous plans of “terraforming”, before these dark entities are sent to the 3D hell-earth of the dogs.

Now, there is a principal, key question that has bothered me for some time and I have received a satisfactory answer from my HS only this night and early this morning:

Why should be the dark elite so keen to trigger such a global catastrophe to decimate a large portion of humanity as confirmed by my HS, by the Elohim through Carla, by Jahn’s messages and also by GaiaPortal yesterday, when the natural event of the MPR will also accomplish this same job?

This is the central question – the billion human lives question – and when it is properly solved, we have a correct and intimate knowledge as to the logic and motivation behind this dramatic End Time scenario.

Lets us first recapitulate what we know so far.

The MPR has already taken place on the catastrophic 3D earth on May 28th after it was fully separated from the seven parallel 4D earths on May 24/25. On the lowest catastrophic 4D earth, the MPR took place on June 8th and this event has also affected all lower 4D timelines. On this timeline the dark cabal has already established a cruel One-World Dictatorship and is now committing genocide on humanity as to prevent any revolutions of the masses that could oust them from power. The higher the frequency level of the 4D earth, the less secure is the outcome for the dark cabal that they will be victorious in their total suppression of the masses and in establishing a brutal dictatorship that will guarantee their survival in a hostile, arid, catastrophic 3D earth.

And here I come to the basic fact that has not been appreciate by us so far and which I have also neglected for no apparent reasons. I always knew that there is a hidden paradox in the seven 4D earths scenario that made it difficult for me to reconcile with the objectives of the previous three-earth model, until I got the solution this night and early this morning.

Now pay attention and follow closely my explanation, as this disquisition is very important for a proper understanding of the logic behind the End Time scenario. The old three-earth-scenario of ascension and the actual seven 4D earths model are essentially one and the same scenario. The new seven 4D timelines that were created after the failed series of ascension test runs on May 18-23 is only an interim solution to a grave problem – the perennial problem of not being able to awaken sufficient numbers of incarnated human beings among the slumbering masses.

In order to solve this energetic problem of not being able to reach the necessary threshold of ascension, the population of human incarnated souls was subdivided into seven populations and then distributed among the seven parallel 4D timelines. All these timelines are of temporary character and have the purpose to harbour subpopulations of incarnated souls according to their level of personal awakening, respectively depth of spiritual slumber.

This was a very important first interdimensional split of the old consensual 3D reality into multidimensional parallel realities, where highly evolved souls, such as ascended masters like us coming from the higher dimensions (6th to 12th) were compelled to have the same experiences as very young, unripe souls, coming from the lower 5th dimension and mainly from the 4th dimension of the astral planes by avoiding the normal incarnation cycle with a return to the source between lives on the earth.

This kind of very dense, dark reality is the total rejection of any spiritual hierarchy that ubiquitously reigns in All-That-Is, and that is why the earth is considered to be the most difficult planet to incarnate, where only the most courageous (or the most dumbed down) souls dare to enter.

The advantage of this energetic approach is that in this way the soul energies, predominantly the ones representing the dark side of the Orion /Reptilian empire, were divided among the seven holographic 4D models. This led to a fractioning and dilution of dark patterns in the upper 4D earth, which will be the only timeline that includes all ascending candidates and all sure candidates for the new balanced 4D earth according to the old three-earth-model.

When the End Time scenario is played out in all seven timelines, these virtual holographic 4D earths will be wrapped up and will disappear again as quickly as they were created. This will happen in a very simple manner: The souls will retrieve their incarnated soul fragments from a particular timeline and will project them again either to the already existing and fully separated 3D hell-earth of the dogs, as will be the case with all members of the dark elite and their human stooges, or to the upper 4D earth, if they have qualified for this. All other 4D earths in between will experience the MPR and a huge catastrophe caused by the dark cabal and will then move to their final destination after this cosmic drama has been experienced to its full extent and the cup of poison drunk to the bottom.

The 300 million souls who are now on the upper 4D earth will stay there and will continue with their vastly improved way of life after the last act of evil of the dark cabal has fully unfolded and the ID split has taken place. Simultaneously the 500 million ascending candidates may begin to ascend, first in small groups and then massively until the final mass ascension occurs in late autumn. The 2013 ascension scenario is now a done deal as the latest GaiaPortal’s message confirms and will be completed this year. After that it may take as long as it is necessary to adapt to the new conditions of multidimensional life on the new 5D earth or on the still linear space-time of the balanced 4D earth.

Many souls, who have gone through the huge calamities on the lower 4D earths and have awaken through personal ordeal, will be able to ascend to the upper 4D earth. This will happen in a fluid, invisible manner, just as the separation of the 3D earth and the creation of the seven 4D earths took place in May and June without this event of monumental proportions to have been noticed by the masses or the few misled light workers, except for the PAT, who profited from the publications and explanations given by myself and other members and channelers of the PAT, including Jahn, during this time.

Now all these events that currently happen on the seven 4D earths are known to the dark archons at the astral planes as they are capable of remote viewing of timelines within their limited abilities because they are not allowed to peep into the 5th dimension and beyond and to have an intimate knowledge of the myriad of probability worlds of the omni-earth, which is the basis of all experience in All-That-is. In fact, the archons and their human blood lines were caught by surprise when the seven earths scenario was implemented all of a sudden in late May, so that they had no adequate tactics to respond to it.

Now they have regrouped and have realized that they have been duped by the Source and the forces of light, which is, by the way, not a very difficult thing to do and they have realized that they must act decisively in the last remaining days. This means that they must try to establish their own dark scenario in as many 4D timelines as possible as to preserve their power on the catastrophic, already separated and devastated by the MPR 3D earth. They know too well that this will be their final and only destination for all their future incarnations as human blood lines, such as the current Reptilian shape-shifters.

On this dogs’ planet, there will be essentially two outcomes for them. 1) To establish an unlimited  terror regime of the Khmer Rouge type worldwide and thus to secure their supremacy over the masses or 2) to be less effective in the first days after the MPR and the deluge and to risk to be defeated by revolutions and endless upheavals of survived have-nots. Ultimately, they will be ousted from power by the masses within a period of 1000 years and in a time span of 49 human incarnations of very low life expectancy.

In order to achieve this goal on the 3D earth, the dark cabal and their puppeteers from the astral planes must be victorious in as many 4D timelines as possible, as these astral probability alternatives create new energetic potentials that are favourable to their heinous goals to establish the NWO on this dogs’ planet and to secure their privileged life at the expense of the masses amidst a very hostile natural environment on a dead (soulless) planet, where the human masses will be degraded to slaves.

And here we have the key argument on behalf of the HAARP-induced Mega-earthquakes that will be triggered by the human monster Obama and the US cabal as to precede the natural MPR on the upper 4D earth. Currently, the dark US elite, which will be the actual perpetrators of this capital crime on humanity of an unprecedented scope since the destruction of Atlantis, have no other option left. It is obvious that they are losing their power and hegemony over the world to the newly emerging superpowers – Russia and China, but also to Brazil and other countries. The longer they wait, the more they lose their supremacy, and the more precarious their situation.

If they are ousted from power in an evolutionary manner through bloodless revolutions and upheavals or even elections by the awakening masses, which is inevitable this summer the way these relentless energies from the Source are now flooding earth and humanity, this will significantly jeopardize their chances to establish an absolute dictatorship on the 3D earth as the energetic potentials from the upper 4D earth will flow into the overall probability algorithm for this catastrophic earth and will change the balance on behalf of the rebellious masses. It is no longer about what will happen on the upper 4D earth, as the archons and their human minions, being the hidden governments in the USA and Europe, already know that this timeline will ascend very soon and will be beyond their reach.

When the decision has been made to go forward with these HAARP-induced Mega-earthquakes, they simply wanted to secure their future life on the 3D earth after the ID split on the upper 4D when their soul fragments will be irrevocably transferred to this timeline. They know perfectly well that all other six 4D earths will cease to exist after the upper 4D earth has ascended and some of the souls will move to the new balanced 4D earth, while others will follow the dark cabal on the 3D earth as their future slaves. The less these future human slaves participate now in successful revolutions against the ruling cabal on the upper 4D earth, the easier it will be for the dark elite to enslave them on the catastrophic 3D earth. This same scenario of HAARP-induced Mega-earthquakes will most probably be also carried out in all lower 4D earths, as to improve the negative potential of the dark cabal to survive on the 3D earth.

One must analyse the current situation in a very dynamic, dialectical manner that I have always favoured on this website and also to consider the nature of multidimensionality with all its incredible fluidity and mutual energetic interdependence as to understand the motivation of Obama and the dark US cabal to take the lead and trigger this unprecedented genocide on humanity.

They have no other option left, unless they want to survive on the 3D earth as they know that they will go nowhere else, but stay on this dogs’ planet for one whole eternity.

While many of you may feel depressed by the knowledge of this inevitable huge loss of human lives, please consider that the dark ones are actually making us a great favour. With this desperate decision, they have accelerated our ascension process and we no longer need to wait for their peaceful demise, but will end up this ape theatre with one fell swoop, most probably this month and surely next month.

This is the most dramatic U-turn in the ascension scenario since the creation of the seven 4D earths end of May. One must simply follow all these events in their chronological order as to gain a proper idea of the inner dynamics and multi-variate interdependence and also to comprehend why it is so difficult to make any linear forecasts at this time.

I must admit that I was also blocked in the last days and only today did I gain the necessary clarity to encompass all these processes and key decisions of cosmic proportions that were announced to us in the last ten days in their full complexity. I had no doubts that Angelika’s experience with AA Uriel was real, correct and truthful, as I had the same inkling for some time. I have had very intensive discussions with Angelika in the last several weeks since she discovered our website and have come to the conclusion that she is absolutely clear and very critical with all her transcendental experiences and that there are no ego interferences in her interpretations. Of  course I was not fully convinced by the additional explanation of Uriel as to why the dark cabal should prefer to trigger their own man-made deluge instead of waiting for the natural MPR. But  my elaboration above now gives you the complete and satisfactory answer.

This is the way how my mind operates. It collects all the relevant information from all sides and then I enter a temporary state of uncertainty. This highly creative state lasts as long as the solution is presented first at the level of my HS and then at the level of my human consciousness. As I am very much experienced in such situations – this is how I have solved infinite cognitive problems of theoretical, scientific character, while developing the new theory of the Universal Law, I simply waited patiently for the just moment to be bestowed with the final solution of this key question: Why Obama and his horror crew have decided to go down in the human Akasha Chronics as the greatest criminals and monsters of all times – worse than Hitler, Stalin and Dchingis Khan put together.

Let me now summarize my findings:

All the information we have received from my HS, from the Elohim through Carla, through the many messages by Jahn, and yesterday from GaiaPortal are correct and will come true in one or another way. We are on the cusp of a global, devastating, “terraforming”   man-made catastrophe, most probably HAARP-induced mega-earthquakes that will wipe out a vast portion of the 5.2 billion soulless, empty human images that now populate the upper 4D earth, while the dark cabal and their stooges in the dark secret services and armies will be sent for ever to the 3D earth of the dogs.

The HAARP technology has indeed the propensity to trigger such mega-earthquakes as shown to Angelika by AA Uriel. I have translated my correspondence with her from German into English below, so that you can read it in full length.

Low-intensity HAARP technology is widely used in hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking” to extract oil and gas from the earth. In a recent study published by researchers from the Columbia university in the most prestigious scientific journal “Science”, it has been proven that such kind of fracking with low-intensity HAARP waves can already trigger major earthquakes hundreds of miles away.


Most of the big earthquakes in the last years as the one in China and Japan were HAARP-induced by the dark US cabal. There is a lot of information on this on the Internet. Multiply this effect from the modest HAARP fracking technology one billion times as these modified HAARP weapons, which Angelika has been shown by AA Uriel in her out-of-body experience on the bottom of the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean, most probably possess, and you have a faint idea of the Inferno that these weapons will unleash on the earth before we ascend and leave this dark reality for ever.

This is not an information for faint hearts and therefore understand why Angelika was at first shocked by this experience and information. But it has been given to her on purpose, so that the PAT is well informed and will be able to mitigate as much as possible the plight of humanity in personal prayers before that. Do not forget that anyone of us is now more powerful in terms of soul energy as one billion dark soulless cabal and their stooges such as these deplorable Internet trolls. This is all we can do for now.

Correspondence with Angelika

Dear Georgi,

I am currently a little breathless on the info I got, on the one hand it is clear and monstrous, on the other hand, I am the eternal skeptic in these matters. Whether you should publish this, well I do not really know, consider it carefully.

So, I thought about what should the big impact would be, with which the dark cabal would begin and then I got great pressure on the temples, a sign for me that a communication from the HR is coming.

AA Uriel came to me and took me in an out-of-body experience well over the Atlantic Ocean. He showed me a place in the sea, between the Canary Islands and Madeira and took me into the depths of the ocean. There was a sort of dome on the sea floor, including a large weapon, I can describe it badly but this weapon can produce something like the HAARP waves, only much, much stronger.

Then he showed me a spot in the Pacific south of Japan and there, on the ocean floor there was the same device.

When I looked at these two places from above, I noticed that they were on the same line geographically. Uriel then explained to me that the dark side will activate both at the same time, which will trigger a gigantic earthquake that would be transferred to the plates under the countries. North Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe, the Arab countries, parts of Russia, Japan, China, Indonesia, India, so everything that is located between the two weapons will experience the largest earthquake in the history of the earth. A few tremors were also planned for South America and the States.

It would be a disaster of an unparalleled scale and billions of people would die, destroyed the countries and the survivors left with nothing. It would be impossible to prove that the USA did this and they will come along as the great savior and build up from there their One-World-Dictatorship.

I wanted to learn something more concrete and looked on the Internet if I could find something about the HAARP waves. I stumbled on the link about the threatening cloud formations, which one sees since this year. I never saw it before, but in the video they are very clear and that this is HAARP.

Uriel told me that the HAARP story was covered up and almost forgotten in the minds of the people, and especially because of the massive chemtrails in the last months. In recent years, they were able to experiment freely, because they also employed alien technology in this new type of weapons.

I asked Uriel if they (the dark forces) could be stopped and he replied, “No more now, because humanity did not want to see this and the vast majority turned away from the light and we are not allowed to interfere in all that. Therefore, there will be also the separation of the worlds, and as Mother Earth will be heaved to the 5th dimension, nothing would happen to her. Those who will ascend, will be all removed and will not have to endure this ordeal.

Here is the link to the new cloud formations in this year:

HAARP and earthquakes, Video

One more info, it somehow seems important, but I do not know exactly why:

Please Georgi,

to check whether this could really be true, since I cannot say. Uriel seemed very sad and I felt it. Since I have had too often other entities attached to me, I have become very, very careful with such information.

Lots of love,

Dear Angelika,

Please try again to clarify the following facts with Uriel:

What sense does it make to produce such a huge earthquake when the dark forces know that very soon the magnetic pole shift will occur and will cause an even bigger tsunami? What do they gain by that? It makes no sense at all. On the other hand, they are so desperate and since they are all psychopaths, they could actually perform this crime.

The link to the joint military exercise of the USA with Russia can point out to the date of this catastrophe (July 18 – 22). Please check it again with Uriel or whom else and write to me back immediately and then we will finally decide what we shall do with this information.


Dear Georgi,

I’m too exhausted to get through clearly, the only thing I am getting now is that due to the separation of the worlds, no magnetic pole shift will take place on the dark earth of the kind that is known to us, as this earth will then move to another space-time continuum. They  (the dark cabal) seem to know this and they do not want to wait for the seizure of power. In this way they will also get rid of us, as it will indeed accelerate the separation. I have no idea if that is informative for you.

I must write you about a dream of my friend which she has dreamt about a month ago: She saw 3 trains. The first was a silver ICE train and she knew that I was in it. The second train was an old steam train, there were inside only hospital beds and she will ride on it to care for the patients. The third train was a minor one, but she could not see who was driving on it. The case with the second train is interesting, because it points out to injured or ill people.

Please wait a little bit with the publication of my information, and I’ll see whether it is true or not. We still have a few days until July 21st and maybe I can learn even more, if I switch off now for a while.

Thank you and best regards,

Dear  Angelika,

this explanation by Uriel makes a lot of sense and it’s not bad that you’ve received this message in a depleted state, because in this case you are even more susceptible to such astral information. You can and should of course continue to ask to find out more details.

For me personally this is a sufficient explanation, and I have expected it in this form. The entire scenario that has been revealed to you by Uriel, fits very well into the information we have received so far from Jahn’s sources, from the Elohim by Carla, and from my HS.

I am getting since several days very strong impulses from my HS that the dark U.S. forces are planning a massive attack on the Earth and humanity, which goes far beyond conventional warfare and the use of nuclear weapons, as these were banned on the earth by the Source since the Second World War and no longer function. Their explosive devices were inactivated long time ago and the dark cabal in power know this very precisely.

I’ll go into myself one more time and shall sleep over this news this night as to learn more about this story. I  have also asked Carla and Jahn for more information and confirmation, and I hope to know more by then.

On the other hand, this information is so explosive that we could not wait very long, but have to publish it as soon as possible. The mere acknowledgment of this dark action can help a lot because I shall ask the PAT to pray for humanity and thus to mitigate the terrible consequences of these earthquakes when they occur. We can achieve this together, because we are now the new creator-gods on this earth and are energetically very powerful.

This was also the reason why Uriel showed you this future apocalyptic event – the people (mainly the PAT) who already know what is coming and are not afraid of it should be   precisely informed, so that they can actively and positively engage with their thoughts in this action. Those who do not believe in it, will not read your information anyway and they cannot be saved.

Relax now and we shall see what tomorrow will bring to us.


Dear Georgi,

I saw again the weapons in the sea, a dolphin and a whale brought me there. Both are located on the 30th latitude – the gun near Japan is funnel-shaped and would have to bounce back the waves, so to speak, so that they will be stronger than 10-fold compared to the waves of the other weapon.

It is actually not a weapon, or at least it has been initially constructed to produce the original state of nature. Since everything is energy, it would feed the photons and protons, as all this is called, with information back to the original fields of consciousness, so that the origins of matter could be restored. The U.S. had this technology for quite some time, so they could have started with the cleansing of the earth, but they did not do this.

For example it can be used to clean the seas or air or damaged nature. In the wrong hands, it is absolutely dangerous. Together with the HAARP technology that uses electronic waves, waves can be transmitted at the same time to the matter of water and soil and will be converted. This will have devastating consequences in the sea.

Why this weapon is functional in human hands, I asked. Can you remember a few weeks ago when an astral type of entity asked me for help with a gun, to disable it with sounds and I chased him to the devil? In this way I would have triggered this weapon.

Well, Uriel told me that they have found other light workers who have enabled the technology in good faith and with their energy.

Well, that is all for now, my head smokes, because I have never had such a long channeling before.

I hope you will be waiting what the others will report on this because I still doubt, yes, that’s just me. Previously, I had always visions and channelings for me personally, so this time I have real stomach pains. Inwardly, I certainly hope that this is not true, because  I rely on the information from all the others.

All the best,

Dear Angelika,

there is no doubt that something unimaginably cruel is looming and we have always expected and anticipated it. Now it is finally coming and this is our ticket to paradise at the same time.

I have forwarded your information to Jahn, because I wanted his opinion and additional information, eventually to confirm your news. He also finds that your information is correct and yesterday he has received a similar message, although Uriel’s specific information is not mentioned there, but a grave, impending disaster is confirmed one more time.

I cannot say anything to the statement that this technology can also do good, but it is always so that you can use a method for good or bad purposes. The assumption that a dark entity would use you to trigger this weapon, seems to me to be somewhat naive, because these things are regulated quite differently, but it is rather symbolic.

What this story tells you, is that there are many light workers who have embraced the evil and have ultimately determined this outcome. It is not about a single concrete action – activation of the weapon or not. This is too simplistic. But this negative trend has been clearly worked out by Jahn in his latest messages and I have criticized for years the dark aspects of the New Age movement. Now, humanity has been presented the bill and fortunately we are not the ones who must pay the bill, but this messy light workers themselves. In the end, there is always a fair reward for each individual.


Correspondence with Jahn

Dear Jahn,

I am sending you the rest of my correspondence with Angelika, so that you are fully informed about the HAARP-induced Mega-earthquakes, which the U.S. dark forces plan to commit in order to accelerate their demise. I am getting since several days impulses from my soul that they will use such kind of technology and have even discussed recently this possibility in my articles regarding the End Time scenario. My soul tells me that Angelika’s information is correct, even though it may not happen quite that way.

However, it is very important to inform the people about it. I’ll sleep on it tonight to obtain some more clarity and tomorrow will write and publish an article on this subject since the time is running out and we can no longer wait.

It would be a sensation if you would get a confirmation or at least some clues to this forecasted disasters. It concerns all of us.

This scenario fits very well to the largest military exercises of the Russians since the fall of the Soviet Union in the Far East, and today another joint exercise of American and Russian troops in Germany was announced – in Auerbach, in Saxony in the corner to the Czech border, where the two winning armies in World War II first met. Even the name of this exercise “Atlas Vision” is highly symbolic. This is the first joint military exercise between the two superpowers in history, and precisely in Germany, and its late notice under the exclusion of the German press is more than remarkable.

It smells bad, and my instinct tells me that this news is highly significant.

This is all for the time being on this controversial topic.

I wish you all the best in the few remaining days.

loving greetings

Dear George,

I’m just online now – can not say anything yet! What is intended is that something violent will come, my message of today “DEAF EARS” points out to this – I will send you this message during the afternoon / early evening.

I feel that this news by Angelika is correct and I think, just as you do, that it may occur in a slightly different manner, but it is coming.

Love and a good night sleep

Dear Jahn,

I thank you very much for your assessment of the situation, which is very valuable and affirmative for me. I am already looking forward to your last message. We can not change anything anymore, as now the world events must run their course and must be completed. I am also very glad that we did not have to experience this drama directly.


Dear George,

yes, I have just read  the message given to me today by ASANA MAHATARI, and I am very sad and close to tears – yes, although the event of ARCHANGEL URIEL is not mentioned in it, it is nonetheless absolute clear that something incredible is imminent.

And that’s enough confirmation for me – IT IS COMING. What shall happen and when it will happen, that remains for me a little bit in the dark, but it will be infinitely painful and formative for a long time ahead – it is good that we shall no longer experience it in full force.

In Love – I’m tired,

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