Faces of Love

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 23, 2013
first published in English on July 26, 2013 in

translated by Björn Kurt


A hearse pulls up in front of my house. The driver gets out and tells me that she (a person I knew, but later turned away from the path of light and to whom I have no more contact) had died and whether I would like to say goodbye. I deny at first, because I have no need for it. Finally, I agree because I think it may indeed not hurt to say goodbye and after all the driver has taken the very long way to come to see me.

I look into the coffin and see the lifeless but very well-washed corps lying in it. Just as fresh as after the Forensic Medicine (I know this situation because as a child I had very often to do with the dead since the gravedigger of my hometown was my best fatherly friend). Where the human body is taken apart first and then patched back together. The head halves are split and have been well stitched together and the person was given a punky hairstyle.

All in all, a tolerable sight. Suddenly this dead person opens her eyes, gets up and starts to climb out of the car. Then she staggers through the grass shouting around – once full of hatred and insulting shouts and then again conciliatory words – as I knew from before we parted ways. I realize that this person has absolutely no control over her body and the mind is lost.

And I am being told that she has an electrical circuit built in which allows you to switch her off if things get too much and this also happens immediately – and the dead is back lifeless. This scene repeats itself two more times – and I’m always impressed how the nightmare ends as suddenly as it has begun – as if your remove the battery from a talking puppet. (End of dream)

Beloved humans,

I am ASANA MAHATARI. Whoever humbly devotes his attention to the gold-violet beam of transformation, will find a new world at his feet which is the infinite world of light. Let us take a look at this important dream sequence for this time.

The hearse shows that with the person who originally served the light path, a whole world was once predicted for the light, and is now being buried and ceases to be. Micro- and Macrocosm. It is once again about bidding farewell and this time for good. Any hope of repentance, to conversion fades as you meet the empty fragment shells of the people. This is indicated by the awakening of the dead and it shows that currently many people walk the earth only as “fragments of light” and are remote controlled. This describes the external mind control on one hand and shows that many people are absolutely soulless – all “Internal organs being removed” – which is being indicated in the dream by the forensic medical procedure and that their core of life – the soul – has escaped. They are moving around like zombies as soon as they are being artificially animated. That means that you are currently dealing with many incarnations of fragments, with empty shells and many among them were formerly promising light workers.

These are the remains which are calling from the lower 4D levels and are now lost in the turmoil of water, fire and storms of this timeline and are still coming through to you in the upper layers in a fragmented way. As long until these beings are being removed entirely from the higher vibrating holograms. And this is a process that takes a certain time.

Therefore, it is once again about bidding farewell. From people who were familiar to you and who you accompanied. However they have decided to do otherwise for their own sake and are already dead inside. Living dead, the undead, are currently spreading out on this world and they can be recognized by their expressionless eyes. When confronted with them, it is about resolutely delineating from them. Know one thing: Here, any kind of courtesy is completely out of place!

It is important to understand this. For the devil is hard to impress with courtesy. Only with decisive distinction, by which he is shown that he will not find any fertile ground for his foul seeds within your boundaries you can keep them at a distance.

As pointed out in the talking doll appearance of the person in the dream: you can turn off this activity at any time. This means for the Light Warriors of the first hour and for those who are now longing for the realms of God:

Stay away from any such impertinence! This also means that harassment and energetic attacks these days may increase. These exhausted people are clinging to you because they recognize life in you, and because they believe they can reclaim their own life through such intervention. The time has come where you must keep away from all inappropriate calls and remain at a distance. Start to apply the method of rudeness.

This serves as a protection to you and drives many uninvited guests away. Many masters of the times worked so that, on the one hand, they are able to distinguish the real seekers from the fake ones and on the other hand, to remain unmolested from the hidden dark intentions of the people.

Try to do the same after you will notice that in some cases only this way is helping.
For the “undead” are persistent and they cannot understand the language of gentleness. If you are being molested verbally or in writing, that means vigorously harassed and energetically, then

a) refrain from any reaction; which will bring people to be in rage, but they very soon will let go of you OR

b) react decisively and “unfriendly”, so you are being shown that only this reaction can be understood properly.

The time of discussing is over! For the ones not being able to see the truth for those who are now going up into the light you are no more reference or guidance. You would just be the light where the empty people would try to get some last shine of life, where you will be left weakened and which will drain the power from you that you will be urgently needing for your own ascension.

The ancient worlds of the 4D have died, now they are being displayed in front of your inner eye, so you can see that things are in fact happening exactly as they were announced to you . And this is also the symbol of this dream, for it is about understanding on all levels how the separation of the world is happening.

It is important to see, even if it is full of horror, and to experience so you can take a strong line with these people. The “illusion of light and love” has many light warrior cringe, to protect themselves appropriately from energy vampirism. They are afraid to select clear words or rather to use none at all. Everything is supposed to be sinking into a cloud of harmony, to be covered by it or to be drowned in it. And many still believe, it is mandatory to respond to an energy robbery with “love”.

Yes, at this point love is misunderstood. Because love excludes any abuse! Abuse defiles love and energy abuse destroys it. Love is neither a feeling by itself, in which you are completely and utterly at the mercy of “Oh, I have to be nice”, nor a concept of the mind to which you must comply in all circumstances of any kind of attack.

No, love is what it is: The clear expression of all life, where things are denominated in an undisguised manner, what is and what is not. Many Light Warriors of the first hour must now learn the ability to say NO. And when the first No is not understood, then it up to the second NO to leave behind “the good behavior” of an absolutely misguided political correctness. Finding yourself in a face to face with a hungry lion, you can only escape either by mastering the cosmic power to control him or to skillfully leaving his hunting grounds.

While you play with fire you might get burned. Especially then, when it is a fire of destruction and not a fire of transformation.

In summary, these considerations mean the following:

1) Harassment, abuse and energetic exploitation are increasing .

2) Detach yourselves of this by getting drastic.

3) “Being nice” is absolutely inappropriate as this language is not understood and so it does not generate any reaction.

4) This phase will last for a short period.

5) Say a final goodbye to the worlds and to the people who are getting lost in the new drama.

6) People fragments interpret a sympathetic affection entirely in their favor; when they besiege you immediately with attacks, so it is about delineating yourself in a drastic way.

7) Learn to say NO.

8) You are mainly responsible for your own ascension and whoever thinks this belongs to the department of boasting egos, does not understand what we are talking about.

9) The last days of humanity are the first days of utter awakening of the ascending humans because in the face of the unbearable the last concerns and blocks will dissolve.

10) Everything is safe in God, everything is all – at the foreseen hour.

Loved ones,

with this urgent message I would finally point out that you may give up the last illusions, the illusion to try to be all things to all men.

Everyone is God’s child however, not everyone needs your healing and helping hands, even if this appearance – only to gain access to you – is very cleverly maintained. Detach yourself because: Anyone who has chosen the drama, will only stay as long in the calm waters, until he has succeeded to sow discord and drama.

Nip it in the bud! Defend yourself against what is attacking you today, since we experience crucial hours of mankind. Great you are, your love is infinite, so you give it a clear expression riddled of all preconceptions.

Those who aspire to God, shall remain undeterred, even if the plight of the soulless men is large and those who are still stuck in the illusion of light and love now have the opportunity to overcome it immediately.

Do it, be it and become free. Be free – for yourself to determine who and what you let come into your life. I love you infinitely, because truly:

The many faces of love have to be recognized.”


EpilogueIn the shower at the gym I hear a man says to another: “He is deputy general manager of xxx ltd.”

Yes, we are dealing with many “alternate represented people”. Deputies, proxies, vicarious and surrogates. Fragments, copies of parts of the soul – but not inhabited, conscious and enlightened human beings. (End of Epilogue)

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