Energy Update of the PAT – July 7, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Hi Georgi,

On Bi-location: I’ve been increasingly having this feeling for the past few days where I feel like I’m here but I’m also participating in some other reality on earth (or dimension?) as well – It’s weird and wonderful at the same time and I can’t really explain it. I have these déjà-vu where I get this sense of having done something before and that I’m somewhere else at the same time, and yet I can’t quite grasp this as it’s still so elusive – it’s like I’m here, or, I’m there, but, I can’t really tune into the frequency, completely yet, but I will at some time get there. I’m not sure that this is Bi-location, but I get the sense that I am about  to merge some aspect of all of this that will bring me to a deeper understanding of it. That’s all I have to say as I can’t explain it any other way.

Thanks for the article on ‘Proton versus Photon’ it was absolutely amazing! Something I’m learning to understand – albeit slowly, I’ve had to read it a few times. Although I do feel that I download the information and I somehow process it and start to understand the dynamics and physics of it more and more just from having read it.


Dear Laurie,

Bilocation in this physicality is just the first step to full multi-dimensionality when we shall participate simultaneously in many parallel realities at the same time. And we have already started to practise this ability.

I am glad that you like my article “Proton Versus Photon” which actually addresses the fallacies of conventional science and its complete cognitive inability to understand All-That-Is. But I also try to intertwine this scientific knowledge with the gnostic and energetic topics and experiences we discuss daily on this website. True science must be part of everyday life and not a lofty ivory tower for some illuminated people as this is generally accepted today.

With love and light

Dear George,

thank you once again for your latest posts. I really enjoyed following your thoughts and I found the excitement to follow a certain scientific approach again which I had lost a while ago. This feels so big and I got chills, because I feel so honoured to be among the first ones to get in touch with this breakthrough! I always feel so tiny and thankful to All-That-Is in those moments… thank you! Also for making me laugh every once in a while J.

During the last 10 days and especially since this week, I have had the strong feeling to be somewhere else, while still knowing that I am still here. While swimming in a lake, I could almost physically see the ocean and smell the salt in the air. Also riding my bike on a road…feeling I would ride my bike in/on the dunes… Today this feeling of swimming in the ocean was so strong that I asked myself if it was not possible that I “really” swam in the ocean for a few seconds… that I just switched…. while still knowing that I was in the lake… weird.

And tonight I read your recent message about bi-location… also while listening to the “Lichtlesung” by Jahn, I immediately raised my arm and shouted “yes”, when I heard the part about “beaming”. Full of excitement, joy and a feeling of “I knew that it would not take so long anymore until we can beam ourselves… and all the people who made fun of me will be quite surprised”

Well, I also have a question concerning bi-location: is it also possible that we bi-locate back in time? Some sort of time-travel? I had some so-called “backflashes”(but different from a memory) which felt so real, being at a camp site with my father (e.g.), seeing all the people around, but being grown up and more some kind of observer, while at the same time knowing exactly that I am still in Munich in 2013. I think I had this kind of experience twice and it amazed me how real it felt… it was only for a blink of an eye or some seconds though… not very long and persisting experiences.

The last three nights I could hardly sleep, having heat attacks, extreme itching of my mosquito bites and being extremely restless. Could this be an effect of the proton influx? Being sleepy but also in a state of complete inner peace during daytime is pleasant. Some cardiac symptoms remain and kind of cleansing GI symptoms are new. Maybe some other PAT members experience the same symptoms. I would be pleased to get your perspective on my thoughts, experiences and observations.

Wishing you a good night sleep. Glad to go experience these times together!

With deep love and light
Sandra, Germany

Dear Sandra,

thank you for this validation that bi-location will soon be a common ability for us and that now we are practising and preparing for it. The itching and the heat waves which I can confirm for myself are definitely the result of the proton waves which now profoundly transform the energetic structure of our bodies and the whole 4D timeline. And it will intensify in the coming days.

The scientific approach is what this New Age movement fully lacks and that is why I try from time to time to intertwine scientific observations with our personal energetic experiences and esoteric, better, gnostic ideas.

With love and light

PS: To your question which I forgot to answer: bilocation in the sense I use it here relates to this timeline and only means to overcome space and time almost immediately. But true multi-dimensionality includes of course the participation in all past, present and future timelines which are actually happening in the Now. Insofar we can begin already today to bilocate in past lives and to explore them. The future will be closed for us for a while but as soon as we ascend, we shall also see the future of humanity. This will be indispensable for us as creator gods as we must know where we shall guide then humanity.

Dear George:

I pass this along for what it is worth. July 3 & 4 were beastly and come July 5 I was exhausted and in need of sleep. July 5th a deep meditation was finally possible as was Savasana. But as soon as I retired for the evening, a voice suggested firmly and clearly that I was capable of bi-location and should try it. I was receptive and accepted the directive as delivered, but didn’t have much physical energy to contribute to the experience.

So I inwardly agreed to give it a Go in the easiest way possible. First to two children at summer camp and then to two who are visiting grandparents in a distant city, I travelled with Good Night kisses and a blessing. If they saw or heard, I will be told. Thought nothing of it until I read your posting and then I knew there was more to it.



Just yesterday I had a vision of a portal opening near work and my being called upon to calm and explain it to those around me. This happened before I read any of the material on your site.

We are all having the same visions.


Caro George,

dopo aver letto la tua ultima pubblicazione di oggi dove parli di bilocazione, ti voglio raccontare un episodio che mi è successo verso Marzo/Aprile (o forse prima, non ricordo bene).

Stavo riposando sul divano e ho avuto una visione di me che andavo a trovare tre sorelle che abitano in Sardegna, contemporaneamente ero anche da un’altra sorella che vive in Emilia-Romagna e mi trovavo anche da mio fratello in Olanda. Nessuno di loro sapeva della mia visita (non era programmata) e alla loro meraviglia rispondevo dicendo: “Non sono solo qui, telefonate agli altri e chiedete se hanno mie notizie”. Loro da questi tre posti diversi telefonavano e quando sentivano che ero a casa di tutti loro contemporaneamente restavano senza parole, non riuscendo a trovare nessuna spiegazione si mettevano a piangere. Fine della visione.

Ora tieni presente che io ho sentito parlare di bilocazione come una cosa che succedeva ad un frate italiano (padre Pio) e non conosco altre storie del genere. Poi un’altra cosa: nel paese dove sono nata, in Sardegna, il 5/6/7 Luglio c’è la festa di Elia profeta (quindi ieri, oggi e domani) e io nella mia visione ero li, in casa di una sorella, proprio il 7 Luglio. Solo a raccontarlo mi viene la pelle d’oca, non ti avrei mai parlato di queste cose in un’altra occasione, ma visto che mi sembra ci sia un collegamento in tutto ciò, ecco perché te ne parlo (a costo di essere presa per una stupida imbecille).

Oggi è il quinto giorno che l’onda continua, spero di vedere qualcosa di concreto. Massimiliano sta peggio di me.

Grazie per la tua pazienza, un caro abbraccio, con affetto

Rita, Italia

Dear George,

after reading your latest publication today where you speak of bilocation, I want to tell you a story that happened to me around March / April (or maybe before, I forget).

I was resting on the couch and I had a vision of myself that I was going to see my three sisters who live in Sardinia, at the same time I was also with another sister who lives in Emilia-Romagna and I was also with my brother in Holland. None of them knew of my visit (it was not planned) and to their wonder I answered to them by saying: “I’m not only here, make a phone call to the others and ask if they have news of myself.” They phoned from these three different places and when they heard I was at home, all of them at the same time remained speechless, unable to find any explanation and they began to cry. End of vision.

Now keep in mind that I have heard of bilocation as something that happened to a Italian friar (Padre Pio) and I know of other stories. Then another thing: in the country where I was born, in Sardinia, July 5/6/7 is the feast of the prophet Elijah (so yesterday, today and tomorrow) and I in my vision I was there, in the house of a sister on July 7th. Just telling you this I already get goose bumps, I would never have talked about these things on another occasion, but since it seems to me there is a connection in everything, that’s why I’m telling you (at the cost of being taken for a stupid idiot).

Today is the fifth day that the wave continues, I hope to see something concrete. Massimiliano is worse off than me.

Thank you for your patience, a warm embrace with affection

Rita, Italy

Dear Rita,

thank you very much for this personal confirmation of bi-locaion. It is indeed a very exciting new development that may change our lives profoundly very soon, while still waiting for the final ascension.

With love and light

Lieber Georgi

Ich habe mit großem Interesse Deinen letzten Artikel ” Proton versus Photon” gelesen und dazu habe ich eine wichtige Frage. Du gibst dort den neu berechneten Wert für Plancks Konstante in kg an,wohingegen die alte Konstanze rechts in Joule angegeben wird. Um es kurz zu machen-um welchen Wert unterscheiden sich denn letztendlich die Konstanten ?

Als Dummy vermute ich mal den Faktor 10-denn das ist ja wohl das Verhältnis der vermuteten “Dunklen Materie” zur real messbaren Materie,das gebraucht wird,um die Verteilung und Ausdehnung des sichtbaren Universums mit der alten Physik zu erklären.

Es wundert mich nicht,das praktisch alle Fachkollegen Deine Theorien links liegen lassen-wie schon Wilhelm Reich gesagt hat ( und am eigenen Leben bitter erfahren mußte ),versucht das Tote/Erstarrte in letzter Konsequenz das Lebendige zu töten,weil es diese Spiegelung nicht ertragen kann.

Es ist wirklich toll,das Du es unbeschadet geschafft hast,Dich durch diesen ganzen, unglaublich komplizierten Mist durchzuackern und es noch in verständlicher Weise zu ordnen und damit für andere verfügbar zu machen. Ich hatte übrigens angenommen,das wir mit Photonen bombardiert werden,um bewusster zu werden (Lichtarbeiter )-das HR jetzt mit “schwerem Licht” auf uns schießt,zeugt meines Erachtens von der schwere der Situation,in der die Menschen sich befinden-ist scherzhaft gemeint !!

Liebe Grüße Captain

Dear Georgi

I read with great interest your recent article “Proton Versus Photon” and to  this I have an important question. You are giving the newly calculated value for Planck’s constant in kg, whereas the old constant is given in joules. To make it short, how much do the constants’ values ultimately differ from each other?

I guess as a stupid person at the factor of 10 (ten times), because that’s probably the ratio of the presumed “dark matter” to the real measurable matter, which is used to explain the distribution and extent of the visible universe in the old physics.

It does not surprise me at all that virtually all professional colleagues have rejected all your theories, as already Wilhelm Reich has said (and has had bitter experience in his own life), the dead / petrified ultimately tries to kill the living, because it cannot  bear this mirror image.

It’s really great that you have made it unscathed, while plowing through all this, and yet incredibly complicated crap and to organize it in an understandable manner and making it available to others. Anyway, I had assumed that we are bombarded with photons to be conscious (light workers), the HR now shoots with “heavy light” on us, in my opinion this testifies to the severity of the situation in which the humans are currently (meant as a joke!)

Greetings Captain

Lieber Heiner,

die  Plancksche Konstante is

h  = 6.62606957 × 10-34 m2 kg / s = Joule

und somit um 10 hoch 16 größer als die Plancksche Masse m(p).

Diese Differenz ergibt sich dadurch, dass die Konstante durch c2 (hoch 2) dividiert werden muss, damit die SI-Einheiten stimmen. Wenn du meine Einführung in die SI-Einheiten am Anfang vom Band II liest, dann verstehst du was ich damit meine. Es ist sehr einfach, weil ich das ganze SI System eliminiere, aber da ich mit den angegebenen Werten arbeite, muss ich sie umrechnen. Das ist alles. Die dunkle Materie von etwa 90% von der gesamt berechneten im Universum hat damit nichts zu tun.

Ich hoffe ich habe deine Frage zufriedenstellend beantwortet.

Liebe Grüße

Dear Heiner,

the value of the Planck’s constant is

h = 6.62606957 × 10-34 m2 kg / s = joules

and thus 10 high 16 (10 (16) greater than the Planck’s mass m (p).

This difference results from the fact that the constant must be divided by c2 (high 2),  so that the SI units are correct. If you read my introduction to SI units at the beginning of Volume II, then you know what I mean. It is very easy, because I eliminate the whole SI system, but since I work with the published values in the literature, I need to convert them. That’s all. The dark matter of about 90% of the calculated total mass in the universe has nothing to do with this.

I hope I have answered your question satisfactorily.


Buongiorno George

scrivo in italiano perché so che lei lo può comprendere….per mia fortuna !! Qualche mese fa il flusso della Vita mi ha “portata” al suo blog ed ora ogni giorno leggo e imparo. E leggendo gli ultimi articoli su fotoni e protoni, mi sono ricordata di Walter Russell di cui,
immagino, lei sia informato. Nel dubbio, le allego la versione pdf di due dei libri di Russell (risalgono al 1926 e al 1953) che (da ignorante e profana) mi pare siano in “sintonia” con le sue ricerche, scoperte, studi, libri, ecc….

Con gratitudine per tutta la sua dedizione. La prego di estendere la mia riconoscenza a tutti i PAT.

Benedizioni a tutti.
Hello George

I write in Italian because I know you can understand it …. luckily for me! A few months ago the flow of Life has “pulled me” to your blog and now every day I read and learn. And reading the latest articles on photons and protons, I recalled Walter Russell, I guess you are informed about him. In case not, I enclose the pdf version of two of the books of Russell (back to 1926 and 1953) which (as ignorant and profane as I am) appear to me to be in “tune” with your research, discoveries, studies, books, etc. .. ..

With gratitude for all your dedication. Please extend my gratitude to all the PAT.

Blessings to all.


Dear Barbara,

I know this ingenious man  Walter Russell and that he was a famous artist in the USA and also a thinker, but I had not read his two books on physics. Hence I am very thankful to you that you have sent me the links.

I started reading the first book from 1910 and I will finish it soon and then will check the  second one.

But it is amazing how correct Russell’s basic ideas on physics are. Obviously he must have been divinely inspired. The first book was written in 1910, at a time when modern physics barely commenced, but also the later dogmas were not yet firmly established. For instance Bohr atomic model was first developed in 1913 and the quantum wave equation was first published by Heisenberg and Schrödinger in 1926 when modern quantum mechanics actually began.

In this sense the presentation of Russell of his physical concepts is formalistically regarded not strict enough and lacks the mathematical stringency to current standards. But this does not diminish his intellectual achievement. Of course one could have further developed his ideas. But when I read his letter to the scientific community in 1953 in his second book, I realized poignantly how much rejection he must have also experienced as I also have my extensive experiences in this respect with the dumbed down, Orion-tainted scientific community on this toxic planet.

With love and light

Eh si, sembra proprio che anche Russell sia stato divinamente ispirato. Comunque George, le mando anche questi testi, giusto per “have a look”……prima che lei se ne vada con la prima ondata di ascensione !!!

Grazie per la sua generosa e dettagliata risposta.
Oh yes, it seems that Russell was divinely inspired. However, George, I am sending these texts, just to “have a look” …… before you departs with the first wave of ascension!

Thank you for your generous and detailed answer.

With Love & Light

In the month of May of 1921, the universal One illumined my beloved husband with the cosmic knowledge contained in his immortal THE DIVINE ILIAD (*) and commanded him to give this new scientific knowledge to aid mankind in his unfolding into a Cosmic Age of awareness wherein man could become knowing man instead of sensing man.  (**)

(*) THE DIVINE ILIAD cannot be fully published for many years. The first excerpts from it were published in THE SECRET OF LIGHT (**). As much more of it as can now be published will appear in this volume.

Walter Russell


I’ve just read your post

from one genuine scientist to another, it can be summed up in a single word: brilliant!!

tasha klara, Slovenia

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