Energy Update of the PAT – 31 July 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Carla,

this morning (July 29th) I woke up with a very nasty cleansing wave when I usually get very much pissed off with the world and my life on this toxic planet.Then around midday local time a huge cc-wave commenced and now I am with a severe headache – the third one in four days. Only yesterday I was spared from such cc-wave, although late in the evening there was another massive energy descent from the source.

What I wanted to tell you is that during this cc-wave, while I normally do not get anything from my HS as the pains and energy inflow are so massive, this time I am getting the intuitive knowledge that we are very much on the cusp of our ascension, respectively, of the final solution.

Read Angelika’ s visions of the PAT supernova, which is about my personal ascension as the centre of the PAT supernova. Very impressive indeed.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I am back at home now after a 17 hour trip. I couldn’t sleep the whole way home as the energies that were flooding in were immense.

I too began the day with a heavy cc wave, and headache, but my vision held up for which I was very grateful.

Now that I am in bed I realize how tired I really am. A dark place, this “Boston” and not much to my liking at all. I need a few days to recuperate and get oriented to my home energies again. It’s so nice to be home.

I read Angelika’s vision and I found it to be very beautiful and inspiring at the same time. I used this vision as a meditation template for a personalized creation of our ascension for almost my entire trip home today.

I have been holding our ascension as a complete intention since the Elohim spoke about the events that will soon ripple up to our timeline.

Everything is becoming unbearable.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

I just woke up (July 30) and feel much better after the headache and the sunburn yesterday. I am glad you are back home. It is a very special time now. It will stay so till the very end. This is the most critical phase of our stay on this planet. and I now live minute by minute and have no plans at all, as any plans I try to make are energetically definitely against my soul’s intentions and do not feel good.


Dear Georgi,

I have just read Angelika’s vision of the huge energy vortex surrounding you and the PAT and I now see some strong similarities with her vision and one that I had sometime over the past 24 – 36 hours, where we were completely and utterly swept away by a huge swirling cloud of golden light.

Embedded within this golden light were brilliantly shining stars, swirling all around us as our light bodies merged and we lifted upwards upon a spiral of light energy.

Tears were flowing as I knew this to be our ascension and I am very teary still now as I feel such overwhelming joy to my very core that we felt as we lifted up to Source.

I am so grateful for your website when I can read all the contributions of others and how each of us seems to have one more piece of the puzzle, that we continue to build together, each in our own divine and beautiful way.

Now I realize that my own personal vision has had a profound effect upon my Soul as I have returned home from Boston feeling as though I am changed.

With infinite love and golden light Georgi,


Dear Carla,

your validation of Angelika’s visions of the PAT supernova is extremely valuable for me as this is the best proof for the central role the detonation of the PAT supernova shall play in the whole ascension process. That is why I now feel such a compelling urgency to stay on my captain’s deck and coordinate from there the last information transfer between the PAT members as to synchronize our final actions precisely before our imminent ascension.

This gives me the conviction that we are now really on the cusp of this event.

With love and light

Hi George

How are things going in Bavaria? We are supposed to have a wicked thunderstorm today in Berlin but so far only a few showers. At least the heat has subsided. Are you still feeling well? I read about your sunburn…

Actually I’ve been very reluctant to write you this message. I’ve been putting it off all day, but in the end decided that my reluctance might be more of a reason to send it to you in case it might help in some way. I am sending it only as an “interest piece” as part of our collective archive. I do not wish to burden you with unnecessary reading- so do not feel obliged to read the attached doc or respond.

I awoke this morning from a terrible but incredibly vivid dream that I had “ascended” back onto another incarnation on an Earth-like reality with martial law and a similar Orion work-money matrix.

The reason I feel it may be relevant is because, according to my interpretation, it echoes the themes of the latest light reading with AA Jophiel. It seems like a HAARP related attack, or an attempt to magnify illusory insecurities in the energy fields that no longer exist. It was a very vivid dream, so much that I was able to recall every aspect upon wakening. It is very similar to the one I had last year when our portals were infiltrated and the GF failed to protect us, but I don’t feel attacked because I’m not gullible enough to believe that this dream portends any bad news for me. Also, it could be that this dream was a way of processing the fears of those who will not ascend but who cling to us on the upper levels, hoping to ride the wave with us.

While it is a highly illogical dream and not to be taken as a message of fear, it is also interesting for some of its details and symbolism in case you find yourself bored with nothing to read, ha!

I can also confirm surges of energy in the night that keep me from sleeping, increased activity in the pineal gland, pressure in the ears, and actually, the night of 28/ 29 I had a test-run that was for the first time successful! This was unusual for me. We were a group that passed through a wormhole. All I can recall was the feeling of my frequency accelerating until we passed through the gate like a ship in Hyperspace.

It is so nice to hear from Jerry again and Angelika’s supernova vision is supreme!

By the way, you mention no more junk food for the best athletes. Did you receive news that we are to change our diets? As of a month ago, I started to reintroduce dairy and gluten into my diet, contrary to my habits in last two years. Are you able to elaborate on this a bit more?

Many thanks for all the updates and postings! They are indeed a lifeline at a time when I can hardly interact with anyone anymore. Like Jerry said, it is so physically isolating. I am so sensitive energetically, I cannot bear to be out of the flat.

Thanks for all you do! Love

„Ascension“ Dream 29.07 5:40 am

I’m getting ready for ascension. It’s almost time. There’s a boy – well two of them, who I am anticipating to ascend. When I get news of their death ascension, I’ll know it has begun.

At a house, all my family is there. I ask Zia Susie to use the telephone to call an elderly uncle, as I’d promised him. I get approval to make the call. One of my cousins or some relative gives me a dirty plate to take into the kitchen on my way to make the telephone call.

Arriving in the kitchen I receive a text message from this uncle about the passing of the Crystal boy that I was waiting to hear about. His ascension had been talked about and widely publicized and many of us were waiting for his passing to know it was time also for us to ascend. In the text message I also see the newspaper story detailing his violent death at the hand of lynchers. Although he did not take his body with him in death, in the dream I know that he has ascended anyhow and it is time.

I am in a transit area. Walking down a long white corridor, like in an airport. I bump into a family of religious fanatics who are watching a television screen. They are standing right in the middle of the aisle with ignorance for those passing through. I get angry and into a fight with one of the women as she’s also aggressive when I say, hey, you’re in the way, why can’t you stand over here and watch the screen? I can’t remember what’s on the screen but the point is that the woman and her family are Muslim but the program they are watching is Christian. The other point is that both she and I are aggressive- we are plugged into these dynamics. (There is no room for kindness here. I was kind first asking her to step aside, but after her reply, like Jahn’s message, there is no need. I remember saying to her, “I hope I don’t see you on the other side!”)

Now I am thinking that my family and everyone will know very soon that I’ve ascended. As soon as I am not there tomorrow, they will understand because I have told people constantly about my ascension. I realize that I am about to leave Germany and go on a trip to a new country maybe France. My mother will probably understand that I died en route to my destination as she will not be able to understand the ascension. ( I am actually traveling overseas by plane in the next ten days). I believe my plan to move to a new country in the dream is perfect timing for my ascension as it is symbolic.

I go home and get into bed to meditate. It is night time and this will happen between sleeps. I am quickly able to reach a high state of love. Suddenly there is an increase in velocity in my frequency and I say to myself, this is it, OK, I’m ready let’s go. The pressure builds and builds and without mistake it is time to lift off. I start to rise up through dimensions and also physical space. I try to remember what my HS told me in real life the other day, to focus on the CENTRAL SUN so that I am guiding my new destination. I still have repeated thoughts and visions of 3D Earthly things. Eventually I am able to think of stars in space. A woman’s voice is in my head as I’m moving through space and I see a picture of a white oval circle in a star map, with a focus on the lower right part. The words are: “And now you are going to the farthest reaches of the universe…..And now to the farthest reaches of your universe. “

I am flying through the air and I realize that I am going to wake up, as if from a sleep the night before, in the body of another self. I am going to wake up in a NEW INCARNATION on a planet in the “farthest reaches of my universe”. The weird thing is that I am going to wake up already as an adult, in the middle of my incarnation, not as a baby. And as my consciousness descends into the bed, I wonder if I will have any consciousness of the ascension process and my previous life raising frequency on 3D earth and my ascension. I hope I will not forget everything I have toiled for and learned.

It is very clear that in my last life I had reached a high level of evolution, comparable to that of an angel. It is clear that I’d dedicated my last life to raising the frequency of the 3D Earth so that it wouldn’t become a police state, basically. This information was very present as I descended my consciousness into my new body.

I am also made aware that there are many, many similar planets to Earth in the universe and I’ve just woken up on this random one.

I enter the body and the body wakes up. I know I am a man, and the first thing I do is get out of bed and jump up and down with joy because I’ve incarnated as a man. Actually, my appearance is that of a very young Sylvester Stallone.

I live in a small, messy apartment. I notice that there are small pieces of paper strewn everywhere. First I decide to look out the window. I ask myself, okay, let’s find out where I’ve incarnated, what kind of planet, with what frequency. I ask myself, is this a planet with martial law? And to my horror, outside under the window are a few motorcycles in the black and white chessboard pattern and the officers are also in black and white. For some reason I do not panic but am confused how I ended up “ascending” to this place. Then I know that this is a higher expression of a frequency controlled planet. It is not as violent as Earth was when I was there. There are disturbances, but it is an upgrade of sorts. I listen out the window for the language of this area- both English and French are spoken.

Suddenly a part of me knows that I must put some certain screws into the wall to keep the police away, or else they become bothersome. Some screws are put into the windows by a stranger to show me how it’s done. This is a ritual, I believe each morning. I am also told that I collect newspapers from under the door, even though they have no real purpose for me. Suddenly a fat, Stasi type detective appears in my apartment and begins to pester me. I have forgotten to put the screws in. This allows him to penetrate my apartment whenever he wants.

It occurs to me in the dram that I have FULL memory of my previous incarnation as on 3D earth and full awareness of the fact that I’ve just entered a body. But I don’t know anything about myself. I don’t think I have a job, but it’s clear that there is a work-money system in place on this planet.

I go for a walk outside, deeply saddened that I have incarnated on a planet with a police state. I realize as I walk that I’m a musician and artist type. I am resolved to fight my way out of the matrix again, but I need to find a way to do it with music and song. I miss my old job on 3D of the English teacher, which now seems to be rather cushy. Presently I am unemployed and without any plans on how to survive in this world and with a bleak prospect of a WHOLE NEW incarnation task to fulfill, that of boosting the frequency of this world again.

At one point in the dream, I am in a room with a specialist, maybe a psychiatrist. The point here is that the legs of the furniture- chairs and tables- only have three legs. There is an upgrade in design here where the center of balance has been found with only 3 legs.

I wake up at some point around here with my heart pounding and I’m very distressed, but relieved that it was all a dream. What a nightmare! To ascend and then wake up on a parallel planet where I’ll have to struggle for a whole other incarnation to move up the frequency ladder. If I reject the spiritual mission and don’t struggle, the awareness is clear that I will fall deeper and deeper down in frequencies and this is a terrifying thought as it will be next to impossible to again reach the upper levels.


Dear Debra,

to me your dream simply gives you information about the life on a parallel 3D or 4D earth, where such conditions reign. The fact that you have dreamt that you have ascended, respectively incarnated in this timeline, only makes your experience more realistic. We now get in our dreams such information from the lower 4D earths as Jophiel confirms in his latest message. I do not attribute your dream to a dark attack, although these attacks have augmented in the last days at the Lion’s Gate as the dark archons use the energies of this portal to make one last futile effort to stop ascension.

I have also today (July 29) the whole day long a severe headache due to a cc-wave – the third one in four days since Friday. This is a clear sign that we are now peaking before ascension and the MPR.

My comment on the junk food was meant metaphorically for Jon not to delve too much in the kind of esoteric literature he sometimes reads as not to confuse his clear sight about ascension. Otherwise I have no recommendation about any particular diet, but I personally am eating a lot of fruits in the last month or so as part of my low-calories diet.

With love and light

Hi George

Thanks very much for your comment on my dream and your diet. I also wondered if I had been visiting the lower realms but wondered what the ascension part was about and why I woke up with my heart pounding so.

Your epic headache must indeed indicate that we must be reaching a peak very soon. I also feel that something big could happen at any moment despite silence from my HS for quite a long time. This is in contrast to my intuition around Dec 2012 when I knew that we wouldn’t ascend then. An increase of chemtrailing also makes me suspect this is a very auspicious time. I am very optimistic and wish you a lessening of your symptoms and more enjoyment for these last days.

Again, many thanks for your reply. I sent you a hefty document and you were kind enough to read it.

Love Debra.

Dear Georgi and dear PAT

I’m with you since the beginning, but as a silent reader. I often wanted to write, but my cautious nature prevented me. That’s not bad, because everything I had to say has already been mentioned here on these pages. In a lucid dream, I was a participant in a meeting of PAT members and told you about me and my way.

I have spontaneously decided to write but now right now, because-it is incredible:

Our family is involved  for more than 15 years by direct neighbors in an unpleasant way in various disputes. Despite the passage of time and the change of the neighbours, it was always the same evil. This of course causes emotional stress, no matter how spiritually enlightened you are. We are very peaceful and it was noticeable that this problem occurred again and again. Until yesterday! I was fed up after for a new attack and I called for the first time in my life Archangel Michael for help. I do not have much affinity for angels, but I did not know what else to do.

It’s been less than an hour that I experienced something amazing! The neighbours came to me and were friendly and we were able for the first time to clear up the air in complete harmony. It was so incredible and unexpected – a miracle.

Now I read here that message from Jahn and it runs me a shiver down my spine.
So I can confirm to you from my own experience that this invocation of the almighty lightsaber from AA Michael works. I experienced it before this message appeared here! I encourage you all to call the lightsaber in emergency situations. We are sovereign creators and can do that

Thanks to J.J. Kassl for his inspiring work and thanks of course to you, dear Georgi. I have read your books and was fascinated and full of joy! Only an extraordinary person can put so much into motion!

You are all like my family, I feel so closely connected with each individual. And as Mandie thinks she might  have prevented are ascension, so crazy it is I thought, that it is important that I make myself public, as the last missing bit  to ascension… This is truly divine sense of humor, right?

In deep union,

Lieber Georgi und liebes PAT,

ich bin seit Anbeginn mit euch, aber als stiller Leser. Oft wollte ich schreiben, aber meine zurückhaltende Art hinderte mich. Das ist auch nicht schlimm, denn alles, was ich zu sagen hätte, wurde hier auf diesen Seiten schon angesprochen. Im einem luziden Traum war ich Teilnehmer einer Versammlung von PAT-Mitgliedern und erzählte euch von mir und meinem Weg.

Ich habe mich nun gerade jetzt spontan entschlossen doch zu schreiben, weil- es ist unglaublich:

Unsere Familie wird schon seit über 15 Jahren von direkten Nachbarn auf unangenehme Weise in Streitigkeiten hineingezogen. Obwohl im Laufe der Zeit die Nachbarn wechselten, war es immer das gleiche Übel. Dies verursacht natürlich emotionalen Stress, egal, wie spirituell aufgeklärt man ist. Wir sind sehr friedfertig und es war schon auffällig, dass dieses Problem immer wieder auftrat. Bis gestern! Es reichte mir, gerade nach einem neuerlichen Angriff  habe ich zum ersten mal in meinem Leben den Erzengel Michael um Hilfe angerufen. Ich habe nicht so den Bezug zu Engeln, aber ich wusste nicht weiter.

Es ist keine Stunde her, dass ich Erstaunliches erlebte! Die Nachbarn kamen freundschaftlich auf mich zu und wir kamen zum ersten mal in ein klärendes Gespräch in völliger Harmonie. Das war so unglaublich und unerwartet –  ein Wunder.

Nun lese ich hier diese Botschaft und es läuft mir ein Schauer den Rücken herunter.
Ich kann euch also aus eigener Erfahrung bestätigen, dass diese Anrufung des Lichtschwertes funktioniert. Ich erlebte es, noch bevor diese Nachricht hier erschien! Ich möchte euch alle ermutigen,  in Notsituationen das Lichtschwert anzurufen. Wir sind souveräne Schöpfer und können das.

Danke an J.J. Kassl für seine inspirierende Arbeit und Danke natürlich an dich, lieber Georgi. Ich habe deine Bücher gelesen und war fasziniert und voller Freude! Nur ein außergewöhnlicher Mensch kann so viel in Bewegung setzen!

Ihr seit alle wie meine Familie, so eng fühle ich mich mit jedem Einzelnen verbunden.
Und so wie Mandie denkt, sie würde uns am Aufstieg hindern, so verrückt dachte ich, es wäre wichtig, dass ich mich öffentlich mache, so als letztes fehlendes Quentchen zu Aufstieg… Das ist wirklich göttlicher Humor, oder?

In tiefer Verbundenheit,

Dear Ursula,

I am very pleased that you have contacted me and the PAT in the proverbial last minute. And this miraculous solution of the neighbourly dispute which has always assumed pathological proportions in Germany, is a miracle indeed. It is even more significant as it was then confirmed in writing by the same Archangel Michael.

I thank you for your appreciation of my work on this website and I hope that soon this work will come to an end and we will be able to go home.

Liebe Ursula,

ich freue mich sehr, dass du mich und das PAT in dem sprichwörtlichen letzten Augenblick kontaktiert hast. Und diese mirakulöse Lösung des nachbarschaftlichen Streits, der in Deutschland schon immer pathologischen Ausmaße angenommen hat, ist ein wahres Wunder in der Tat. Umso mehr als dies von dem selben EE Michael dann auch schriftlich bestätigt wurde.

Ich bedanke mich für deine Wertschätzung meiner Arbeit an dieser Webseite und ich hoffe, dass bald diese Arbeit zu Ende geht und wir nach Hause gehen dürfen.

Liebe Grüße

Hallo George,

I think that we had another ascension attempt on Sunday/monday (the 29th) as was predicted. However this was thwarted one more time by interference from the dark forces. I felt really ill on monday, with migraine and extreme fatigue. The latest channeling from AA Michael infers that too, by arming us with a Lightsaber. I felt rather depressed yesterday in the feeling of dejavu, and waited until this morning to discuss this, after a good nights sleep.

So, of course the question comes up, what’s next? Are we going to wait for a big atrocity by the cabal?  Every day people are suffering at the hands of the cabal. The atrocities committed every day are in itself grave enough, as you are reporting yourself ( I liked the Obama-clone story btw).

Will we be able to ignite the PAT supernova not withstanding the interference by dark forces? The “empty” holograms on our upper 4D timeline are still in control of this world and seem to be dictating the outcome (up to now at least), and every hologram can still create as much negativity as its embodiment on the lower realities, and 4th dimensional negative forces seem to be still active.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

I can confirm the ascension test run on Monday and it was very heavy indeed. I had a severe headache the whole day that began with a massive cleansing wave early in the morning. But since then I feel very well and the energies are almost blissful. I do not evaluate this ascension test run as failed, but as an incremental increase /leap in frequencies till the final ascension. This time there will be no real delays anymore, but only finding the optimal point in time. According to my intuition, this will be between August 5th and 12th. This is all I can tell you for now.


Dear Georgi,

I had a dream experience which fully confirms what AA Michael was referring to in his message. “…for now evil begins to wrap up in a new dress to take a new measured approach, so that it can continue undetected it’s dark game.”

In last night’s dream, I went on holiday with some friends and former colleagues. We were all staying in the same room for the night. I informed them about the energetic activity I’m involved in, but being young souls mostly with worldly ambitions, they didn’t take much notice. We all went to bed and put the lights out. Suddenly I woke up /within the dream experience/ and heard people shouting in terror. One of my friends was sleeping in the armchair and behind him, we saw a dark figure resembling Osama bin Laden. This entity was the source of our terror, it emanated energies of intense fear that captured us all at that moment. I heard voices shouting “put him in the light!” I turned on the standing lamp and pointed it towards the entity. That’s when I woke up real time, still in a state of shock, at 3:21 AM. I washed my body with cold water, and I used the light sword tool provided by AA Michael, and furthermore asked the excarnated masters and angels to support me in ousting this alien power from my energy field. I immediately got their energetic support and felt better. I went back to sleep and the rest of the night I slept without incident.

I reckon this may be a indicator of the last effort of the dark powers before they are tossed back to where they belong. Apart from this attack, I’ve been feeling very elevated and balanced since monday. Did you have any similar experience this night?

Yours faithfully,

Dear Zoltan,

I do not have any nightmares for years but I feel these energies nonetheless telepathically in a conscious manner. But they have very much weakened in the last days and do not pose any danger anymore. But one must be vigilant and take immediate precautions. when they appear in your field.


Dear Georgi

Just like so many other readers of your website, I would like to say thanks to you, for providing such clear, consistent and regular information / explanations which are just not available elsewhere.

Today though I found another website which actually shows awareness of the multiple 4D earths, the imminence of the MPR, etc. Just passing it on, in case you are interested, and you were not previously aware of this source:

Kind Regards
Raji, Australia

Dear Raji,

thank you very much for contacting me for the first time and for your appreciation of our website. This website, to which you have given me a link, is very interesting indeed and I have already started reading it.

With love and light

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