The Elohim: There Has Been a Unification of the Whole. New Decisions Today (July 9) Create the Underpinnings of World Change. They Shall Trigger Events That Will Be Likened to a Cascading Domino Set.

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, July 10, 2013

Dear Georgi,

This morning (July 9th) I was getting ready for the day when suddenly the Elohim arrived in bright golden light and energies so powerful that i honestly felt that it was the time of our ascension. It  was almost overwhelming.

I felt a sudden connection to them and realized that something very important had taken place.

They are here still and have brought a message for everyone, including the PAT, all other Lightworkers and all who read this message who are yet unaware of their role in this lifetime.

With deep love and light to All!

The Message

” Dear Ones,

There has been a Unification of the Whole.

Within the Universe of All-That-Is there is a wholeness, a reasoning, an explanation, that All subsists in balance, in perfection.

Know now that in this moment a new unification has been achieved, created, upon the shores of all that exists within this reflection of the Godhead.

All alignments of this reality, upper 4D as you call it, have been reached through decisions outlining new purpose of intent.

Intentions creating new possibilities upon the event horizon shall trigger a massive shift in Man’s propensity to withdraw from challenge of aggression in the face of implicit disregard for the well-being of your fellow men.

New decisions today (July 9th) create the underpinnings of world change. They shall trigger events that will be likened to a cascading domino set.

We say to One and All:

Do not worry for your own safety on any level for we tell you now, You are always safe here, as part of God, as One within All-That-Is. There is no separation.

It is only the mind, the ego, the personality that wishes otherwise, but your Soul, who cries out for you to listen, Knows the Truth, and this truth is that you are safe.

Hold strong in your sense of conviction even if you are uncomfortable with the teachings of the Light. Be open to our message that you are always safe, for you are indeed protected on so many levels.

Your memory of your connection to the Creator of this Earth, this Universe has fallen away and as you struggle to make sense of what shall unfold around you, always observe carefully the arising patterns within your life.

With your hand on your heart, eyes and ears open, what do you sense and what do you feel? Does it feel like the truth? Share your ideas with others because this action beats the habit of complacency and inaction.

Share your impressions as it is time for All to step out of the box! Enjoin others with the idea of comprehending what is unfolding in your midst!

Rejoice! Everything is now in motion for the onward evolution of Gaia and all kingdoms here involved. It is time.

You are forever loved and honoured for your service.

We are the Elohim.”

Dear Georgi,

I also felt this huge energy wave early this morning (afternoon in Europe) as severe nausea and an overall disorientation. I sensed a very ominous foreboding in the air. Over the past 2 days I’ve also had severe stabbing eye pain and headaches.

This afternoon I was suddenly exhausted and needed to lie down and had an hour long power nap until my cellphone rang and woke me up from what felt like a very frenetic dream.

I’m feeling much better now after the deep sleep.

I am sure other PAT members have also noticed this unfolding today and I look forward to reading the next posts.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

thank you for this timely and succinct validation /confirmation of the result from the series of ascension waves in the last four days that culminated yesterday (July 9th) in a massive cleansing / purging of all the rest human dross that enabled the unification of the upper 4D earth with All-That-Is as announced by the Elohim in this message.

This UNIFICATION is the “conditio sine qua non” for any radical social transformation. It is a truism that no aspect of the current Orion /Reptilian dominated human civilisation on this planet has any chance to survive this energetic unification, which is in the first place destructive interference that eliminates all old vibrational patterns on this planet and substitutes them in a complimentary constructive interference with new high vibrational patterns that will be in synchronicity with the energies of the 5th and higher dimensions.

From now on the events will indeed begin to stipulate in a cascade way and the domino effect will topple down all the illusory facades that have been erected by humanity under the control of the PTW for eons of time and considered in an utmost form of blindness to be the only valid reality. The individual and collective drama will begin to unfold with the speed of light now.

This dynamics will exceed anything seen so far in the field of social change and it is a remarkable fact that ten days ago I was informed by my HS that between July 11th and 14th some big events are scheduled to commence. This would say that this week is the beginning of the end of this world as also announced by Jophiel in his latest message and as we all more or less intensively observe and sense in our daily lives at present.

Hence the final journey has commenced and from now on we are indeed fully in the hands of our HS and can only observe as enlightened spectators the unfolding of this cosmic drama with a clear mind, free of any fears and anxieties.

With love and light

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