Dimensions of Life – Part II

Archangel Jophiel
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 1, 2013

first published in English on July 8, 2013 in

translated by Björn Kurt

Gentleness and Compassion

Beloved children of men,

I am Archangel JOPHIEL, I am the source from which the beauty of God pours into the worlds and  I am the light at the end of the tunnel, so many of you children of men long for with great yearning.

And I say to you: the wait ends and your reward is immeasurable! The vision of Jahn also shows that anywhere there is help and it shows that everywhere there are “survivors” even if they do not dare to show at the window. What this means to you, who is striving towards the light? It means to arouse the gentleness and compassion for all beings, for all life, for every man whatever journey he takes.

Every single live, even if it has to miss all shares of the soul, even if it is just a holographic “Illusion”, a copy of its self without even being animated, carries the divine spark and represents life that is divine. Therefore respect all life, meet all the people on whatever world with gentleness which you keep alive in your heart and with the compassion that ties you always to your divine origin.

Say goodbye to the people, but not to the attributes of the love that you allow to flow to these people, even as they are heading for completely different levels of being. In every thing, in every essence some divine aspect shimmers slightly. And this shimmer is to be met with respect and love even when you decide to turn away from the actions of these beings. It is about – within yourself and for your Self – establishing a new – the eternal kingdom of peace.

The Light Warriors have to calm down, and gather in the Halls of peace, expand their knowledge to experience the actual dimensions of all life. Nothing exists by itself, nothing is forever separated from the primary source or lost; and nothing is separate from God, even if in a certain moment it wants to feel this way. Exactly this fact is to be observed with mindfulness in these last days of this world. To bow ones head in humility before creation and in humility before each creature. And to pay tribute to every being, each state, each being which they deserve because:

The process of growth requires two things:

a) the readiness for it and
b.) the environment to do so

Everything has been provided to and so fulfill the warriors of the darkness a large order so that you may fulfill an even much greater one.

Please establish now in your hearts the gentleness and compassion – so you may revive your Self in this stream of life and thus each event and every person will be reached by this cleared and loving level of your consciousness. You have turned your back on the world, you have shown the people the door, you have done what was necessary to be done and thus to enable the clear emergence of what IS.

Now it is like after a long and tiring battle. It is about re-conquering the Kingdom of Peace within our Self so we may step in our shining coat of light in front of our Creator and exclaim: HERE I AM MY GOD. Even the apparently wicked is being fulfilled by HIM until it recognizes itself as a life in God. Please put down now any form of contempt, for the multidimensional consciousness is aware of the many levels of life and therefore meets all forms of life with mindfulness and love. Your work in the world is done – now complete the work within your Self before you enter into the kingdom of God.

Dive into this calm ocean of gentleness and draw your knowledge from the deep and inexhaustible fountain of compassion. Truly is the time, so the actual value is extracted from it and truly is man, so he may tap the coherence from the miniature to the great and from his next to God. Truly you are, that you are now bringing the goodness and that you are now able to find and appreciate the lightful aspect of even the most despicable evil – And truly you are as you pay tribute to the Princes of darkness before you dispose of them forever. God is our witness – for with us he fulfills his intention with the world. We are truly one. All-in-one and All-that-is is one consciousness with the primordial source of all being and is inseparably connected.

Even if the knowledge of these facts have a hard time to arrive in the minds of many people, so it is still the only and eternal truth: We are all-one in God. With these words of blessing and love to you to pave the way to the kingdom of peace, I urge you to call on me to come into your life, so I may help the great warriors of light of this time to polish their shiny light dress to high gloss.

Love and life, in the humility of all being –
and that I am

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