Avatars – Part II

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 28, 2013

first published in English on July 1, 2013 in

translated by Björn Kurt

Return of the Gods

Report II:

Later in the evening I do my daily purchases. While walking through downtown Vienna, I stop in front of an open stage entrance of a theatre. This side entrance is wide open because the next show is being prepared. I step in – nobody is there: the stage is brightly lit, all props are ready to be used. Then I turn around and continue my walk home, while I think to myself: It is just that the audience is still missing. (End of Report)

Yes, in fact, the audience is still missing! I am JESUS SANANDA, and come to you to raise you in your awareness in order to provide you with spiritual light and along with me spreading his love and omnipresence to you is the Master of all Masters: Our Father of all, our Mother of all – BABAJI!

Yes, the rooms are prepared! All holograms for new experiences are completed and now the real “Great Migration” may begin and it is accompanied by the detachments of the individual 4D-earths from each other. The picture described by Jahn suggests that all is prepared for the last and at the same time for the first events that means the new time and this affects absolutely all men, because truly, no matter where people are, all of them get a new unprecedented and previously inexperienced new time.

While some gods arrive in the heavens of the 5th dimensional plane of existence, other gods get their shadow kingdom back – and this on all levels of the 4D-low frequency holograms.

How did we get here?

Let us highlight another important factor to ensure the full understanding. Humanity had in this great game of illusion the choice to finish the illusion by virtue of awakening and to step into freedom or to be slumbering and to be transferred into slavery. Remember your famous dictum, “He who sleeps in democracy, awakes in the dictatorship”. The choice was between a global revolution and a global liberty or worldwide dictatorship and captivity.

Revolution in the sense discussed here, means, realize the nature of the treason, to have the courage to look behind it. And all People had opportunities to do so. The One World Manipulation of information was – with some courageous consideration of the truth behind it – accessible to each and everyone. The abundance of alternative media is remarkable, the wealth of spiritual literature and manuals of all kinds is unique. So almost everyone had an opportunity to understand what is going on.

The aim was exclusively about figuring out this game and not necessarily about going loudly on the streets to claim your frustrations, although this is – in the appropriate moment – a very powerful means to end an intolerable condition.

In summary, it was about working up the courage which is equivalent to get past the fear to take a close look at the unbelievable facts. This would mean that the crowds could have eluded the system in different ways, which would have led to its collapse. So far the original cosmic plan, to witness the ascension of billions of people into the light. This plan has, as already announced, failed and now we are looking at new levels of creation to introduce and bring the people into their awareness (of being gods).

This means that on all “lower” 4D levels the takeover of the world by a “coup from above” happens these days. This means that the powerful dark circles bring the people and the world completely under their control. These now occurring events of abysmal depths will also interfere in the current timelines of the higher vibrating 4D-earths until – through a collective awakening on these higher 4D levels – this upper 4D world will detach from the lower levels. This happens with “a jerk” and goes as you have already promulgated, along with the reversal of the magnetic poles. Furthermore, this means that there is a “critical mass of Evil“ to be built up and in a moment of God’s grace – a day no one knows – all the people that have chosen the 5th dimensional plane of existence shall arrive there.

In this phase an absolutely vast number of spiritual beings of light from heaven will assist you – and the word “Beaming” will take on great significance in those days.

In summary, this means:

The more clearly now the “Evil”, the “Dark” will take the world like a bolt out of the blue. the closer is liberation for those who have chosen so. So far to that. Until then it applies to all of you to remain grounded in your own self. To live your daily life, to live in the present now without impatient expectations of the inevitable.

Why the Creator does not simply end this “theater”? – a lot of you seem to ask.

Let me tell you: if he did so, this game, in which you all participate, would be completely worthless because in these last experiences of this game the greatest gods will grow heavenwards, just as the most unreachable vine grapes become the sweetest grapes. So do not worry for a second because everything is being taken care of. Because everyone will arrive in the light unharmed.

Until then you practice loving kindness and remain in peace. Be a servant of humanity even to those people who do not know better or do not want to do better. Recognize in every man the divine origin without denying his actions.

The washing of the feet, which is recorded in the Bible, indicates that the least of the people is still an immeasurable deity before the Creator and so shall respect the least without denying his deeds, so they serve the darkness. The washing of the feet symbolizes the humbleness and humility for all life. If humility is driven by love and permeated by the power of discernment, then you have truly arrived in the realms of the 5th dimension, in the Kingdom of Peace of the Lord.

Big events, such that neither of you expect nor being announced – nor imagined even in the wildest dreams – are underway. And the curtain to this spectacle, in which the mercy of God is unsurpassed, lifts at this moment!

Yes, what is going to happen to the people? Yes, we cannot go on like this? And yes, it is only going to continue up to the crucial point, where the necessary momentum for the detachment of the worlds is reached. Then you have arrived in heaven. Where your status of divine being will be fulfilled and shall be anchored anew, for then space and time will be history for you and the existence in the eternal Now will be the only immutable reality.

Summarized – and before leading you further to the blessing of Babaji – is said: The people have not awakened because they did not want to and all those who wanted have awakened! This is the one and unchangeable truth in all this earthly drama, in this “Divine Comedy” made by the people themselves, because they are gods.


Who is calling me from the bottom of his heart I shall stand by him – instantly. For me everything is possible. Make it possible for me to achieve everything possible for you! Surrender your lives into my hands and you shall never behold death.

I’m everywhere – even in your life. Are you willing to renounce any compromise, then call me and your life will be fulfilled. I bear this world. Nothing can happen to you. It’s all taken care of – TRUST!

I am

Beloved humans, blessed times have dawned. Trust your choice, for you all have made the right choice. I am in your midst. I am the love and the life.



Dear George,

have many thanks for your reply. The light reading is over and the next light reading is already in the making – ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL, the angel with the “patience of a saint”, on which we shall focus again in the coming messages.

In the appendix you can find the messages from the light reading  – and it’s amazing how accurate and how naturally the people, whom I meet in the light reading, endorse this transformation and help shape it, and I see how everyone is required here – and  always to the maximum – where he is now.

It always fills me with gratitude to be able to do what I’m doing now –

With this gratitude and love I wish you a wonderful evening.



Dear Jahn,

I thank you for the prompt sending of the messages from the light reading. I was informed by Björn in advance about the success of this light reading today, so I now only have the confirmation from you. The people who come to us are in fact already gods and they are finding it increasingly easier to understand these messages and their energetic complexity behind the written word and to accept it. However, the number of this distinguished group of gods was also significantly reduced, but the quality has also skyrocketed. Dialectic pure!

The specific information about the separation of the lower six 4D earths from the upper earth was confirmed today by the Elohim as already published.


After the already severed 3D earth (on May 24/25) had its pole shift (MPR) on May 28,  the lower 4D levels had their pole shift on June 8th (the lowest catastrophic earth 4D) and after that each 4D earth subsequently experienced this disaster of unimaginable scale, which has certainly wiped out a large part of the population on these earths; this opportunity has been ceased now by the dark elite to establish the NWO. Thus, one must confess that they have reached their maximal target.

As an old revolutionary, I have always known that the awakening of the people and their ascension depends only on their willingness to carry out a revolution in the West, just as  Sananda confirms in his message (see Part II). This conviction I have repeatedly expressed, for instance in my publication from October 2011:

Why America no Longer Needs New Age Charlatans, But a True Revolution

that ruined forever my reputation among the currently failed esotericists in North America, but also brought many of the true gods to my website.

On our upper 4D Earth, such an attempt to establish the NWO will only serve as a trigger to ascension, as we have already discussed this scenario in the past, and is now confirmed one more time by Sananda. But the drama has to be played out until the final act, so that the tension can be fully savored, before the happy resolution – the happy end alla Hollywood – comes to fruition. This is the divine direction for this planet and one should not, and must not, meddle in God’s craftsmanship.

I’ll take care that we translate these messages as quickly as possible.


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