In the 13th and Final Star of David /Merkabah Alignment, July 22nd – August 25th the Collapse of the Orion Matrix and Our Ascension Will Occur

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, July 22, 2013

Dear Georgi,

HS is very good at bringing pivotal astrological alignments to my attention. Throughout this entire month I’ve been haunted by this upcoming 13th and final Star of David or Merkabah alignment. I feel it to be one of the strongest portals yet. I’ve debated sharing this, as I wanted to find better information on it and research it a bit further, but I just haven’t had time. And now we are out of time. Your email inspired me to share this after all.

HS has confirmed emphatically that this time period and alignment is very, very important and in a few moments I will try and find out why. I have my ideas but need further confirmation from HS.

Attached is a timeline of all 13 alignments along with historical outcomes. There is a narrative piece that goes with this graphic, but I can’t seem to locate it. There is much speculation on this alignment from everything from ascension or the rapture to the dark cabals end game move. From you and Carla’s latest message, I would assume the dark cabal has been neutralized from our timeline, correct? So the latter has been ruled out. There are many other potent astrological movements under way right now in support of this larger alignment and movement into the Lion’s Gate.

Anyhow, hopefully this isn’t a wild goose chase and I will be able to glean some helpful information from HS. Especially since this alignment keeps popping up and HS keeps nodding Yes.

I also wanted to note that for the last two days I’ve felt a very pleasant upliftment of energies. In fact it has been a very pronounced and distinct sensation. Things are moving rather rapidly, yet again as you and Carla have described.

Hope to get some additional information now. Just wanted to share some background information first since HS will likely refer to it.

Much love and light,


Dear April,

thank you very much for this preliminary information on the 13th and final star of David. I personally have no knowledge of this kind of astrological interpretations and they do not tell me anything at all. But as far as I have understood the graphic you have sent me, it is a period between July 22 – August 25.

This period commences tomorrow and this is also the time I have given as the most likely period when ascension will happen – the so called Lion’s Gate.

I think that it will be great if you can learn more about this period from your HS based on this preliminary information. Read also my latest urgent energy update that may help you clarify the situation.

Thank you for your efforts.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Below is the latest from HS. It’s been a while since I’ve done a message this long and detailed and I’m afraid it might contradict some of the latest information because HS discusses the dark cabal and the MPR, which I thought already happened on the upper timelines? I’m a little confused here, so maybe I misunderstood either your recent articles or HS.

In any event the days ahead do seem to be very significant, even if that’s all we can gain from this message although I did find the information on 13 helpful.

I’m tired now and need to eat and rest for a bit and then plan to reread the message with fresh perspective.

As always I’m eager to hear your initial impressions.

Much love and light,

HS Update 7-21-13

HS: Excellent, you’ve been following the signs! For we would not let you down dearest one. I know you’ve been struggling and in your struggle you’ve released a great deal, but now is the time for you to re-emerge and I could not think of a better way to get your attention than alerting you to the approaching 13.

This number13, has always held great significance for you. You were born on November 13 – you turned 13 on a Friday the 13th with a full moon present – you found your home to be located in subdivision 13 after months of searching for an affordable place – and you were offered your position at your current employer on the 13th. Your brother was also born on the 13th. And sadly your brother passed in the first week of 2013. But this is not all this year has in store for you!!

The number 13, in a personal sense has marked the most significant, transformative times in your life. You have a connection with this symbol, this marker, that you’ve struggled to understand throughout your life. The deep link/connection that you have to this number, this energy, is integral to your role and embedded within your DNA. It is a frequency unto itself. Add into the fact that you are a Scorpio, reinforced an additional 4 times in your natal chart, infers your crucial role and work on issues regarding birth, death, and regeneration. The ascension and movement of the soul, through the sacred frequency/openings of 13.

The number 13 in a larger sense is not well understood on Gaia at this time, but that will all change soon. 13 is the number and frequency carrier of Divine Mystery. It is a frequency born of unification and alignment. It is the mystery of 12 disciples gathering to create and support the 13th opening or the soul known to your world as Jesus, it is the return of your 12 soul extensions back to their Monadic Source (13). It is the ability to rise above the influence of the 12 planets and to merge the frequencies of the 12 rays.

The power of 13 opens doorways/gateways previously closed. But it is a gateway or opening initiated or unlocked from the inside or other side based on unifying movement/alignment initiated on this side. Meaning the door opens when it is willed by the Divine, the Creator in accordance with the Plan, and not a moment before. You could also see it as an interdimensional time lock of sorts.

Contained within 13 is the mystery of your origins, and it is also your return to them. 13 is a sacred opening, an opportunity that calls us into the unknown, where we can’t see the other end of the tunnel clearly, yet we are compelled to walk into it anyway, it’s pull almost magnetic in nature. It is in many ways a birthing into new territory, a new lip of the spiral up, the arrival of a new or unknown cycle. The further transcendence of matter. And as you know from personal experience, your life is never the same once you enter through such a threshold.

But in order for the frequency or coding of 13 to come into effect an alignment or unification of 12 must have taken place prior to it. Without overcomplicating, this is to say that many factors must be in proper alignment and all involved energetics united first (like building blocks coming together), before the opening or utilization of a 13 gateway/portal. In the overall largest sense, you/we have now reached this pinnacle of the mass ascension process, a very much collective and unifying process.

Now having put 13 in proper context, we shall discuss this upcoming 13th Star of David/Merkabah alignment which takes place for humanity from July 22 – August 25. This is the 13th and final merkabah alignment in the recent series, 1990-2013. And it is no coincidence that this final alignment will be ushering you through the most significant Lion’s Gate of all. There are many other supportive astrological/celestial  influences during this time period as well, which only serve to further propel all of humanity through this most climactic opening/gateway.

Much will be revealed, experienced and lifted or released during this time frame. For truly, this is the moment you’ve been waiting your entire earthly life/lives for. This is why it was so important for me to get your attention. Vacation/healing/integration time is over. We will all be utilizing this 13th Merkabah alignment and Lion’s Gate for furthering mass ascension dramatically, possibly even to completion at all levels. All hands are needed on deck to be alert, aware and focused in intent. Be centered in your hearts and in your one desire to see this world ascend once and for all!!

Please also note that anything and all things could very well happen. Much will be rising up temporarily for individual and collective psyche confrontation and release (speaking of humanity in general.) There are many thought-forms yet to be realized/released. While much has been mitigated in recent weeks due to the additional parallel timelines and the uplifting energy waves/showers, there are still core/foundational thought forms that need to be seen/confronted and then released, mostly at a collective level. How these thought forms manifest and are cleared remains to be seen on the upper timelines. These could and probably will include elements of witnessing and releasing the collapse of the system, a dark cabal induced catastrophe, war, record breaking storms, etc…but again, in a lessened fashion.

I mention this because the dark ones have been using these alignments/gateways and the power of 13 in general (through their dark unification) to influence energetics and subsequently world events and humanity in general toward their own twisted agendas. They will attempt one last time to  do the same. Do you remember Lion’s Gate this time last year? Now to be clear, they do not have the power that they did at this time last year, not at all, however, the actual underlying energies and thought forms that have allowed this dark cabal to rule humanity behind the scenes must be confronted by humanity, at all levels/timelines, before they can be truly conquered/transcended and Oneness embraced/actualized as it is to be on the upper timelines. For these same core energies/beliefs that sustained the dark ones also sustained the illusion of separation. And this why many things still “appear” as they do.

This is part of what is to be experienced with this year’s Merkabah alignment/ Lion’s Gate. The confrontation and dissolution of the illusion of separation, in a somewhat quick and confrontational way, as the dwellers on the upper timelines are prepared, followed by the manifestation of the MPR, a reconfiguring or streamlining of the timelines, and the rapid, ultimate upliftment/ movement /ascension, arriving on the other side of humanity’s passage through this highly potent ascension portal/gateway. And then you and the PAT will find yourselves Home.

The beginning stirrings have already been felt palpably. You’ve already begun your ascent, click, click – up one level, and then the next. The dial is turning, the timed lock is moving/shifting in its countdown. With every click, and every subsequent release in the time lock, you rise. The seal is almost broken. You feel the pull of this portal, drawing you inwards and upwards, arcing on an endless spiral up. The stars wink, your soul/star families beckon you into their loving embrace, it’s nearly time to go Home, and bring a little of Home to Gaia in the process. For because of your service, these worlds/realms will now be forever connected/united in light and love.

You are now entering the mouth of the greatest and most sacred passage of all, the sacred 13 of death and Resurrection.

I AM with you always and infinite myriads stand by to assist your safe passage Home.


Dear April,

I read your message twice and I will have to read it for a third time to let all the information settle down in my mind. Butt let me first address a misunderstanding that has slipped into your interpretation of this message and of past information and deal with your impression that your message is not in alignment with our previous messages and thus contradicts them. This is definitely not the case.

We have said and written so far that there has been a big catastrophe on the lower three 4D earths 1-3 and immediately with this catastrophe the MPR has taken place on July 18th. Now this MPR has enabled the ID split of the lower three 4D earths from the higher 4D earths as confirmed by the Elohim channeled by Carla yesterday and published today.

Now we are waiting for the MPR to also manifest on the higher three 4D earths 4 – 6 and then to appear also, in whatever form, on our upper 4D earth No. 7. This MPR can only occur after a rapid sequence of some key actions committed by the dark cabal on power as to expose their insidious nature and show humanity the true reality of the Orion enslavement on the earth.

Until now this collective knowledge is non-existent. Hence there must be some collapses at the economic, societal and political levels, plus some natural catastrophes that will trigger the abolition of the old Orion matrix that still exists and operates in a visible manner. I have discussed this scenario in several articles lately, including in “What will come next“.

This is what we are now waiting for and expect to happen in the next few days and this is precisely what your HS has discussed in this message. Hence there is no discrepancy whatsoever with our previous information so far.

In fact, the occurrence of the ID split on July 18th as a direct consequence of the massive crime of the dark cabal on humanity on the lower 4D earths has accelerated the process of ascension, I would like to draw your attention to probably the most important statement in your message, which now announces the possibility of having a complete mass ascension in August instead of in the autumn as initially planned. This is due to the stipulation of the dark events on the lower 4D timelines:

“We will all be utilizing this 13th Merkabah alignment and Lion’s Gate for furthering mass ascension dramatically, possibly even to completion at all levels.”

I am getting in the last days exactly this preferable alternative from my HS and that is why I am so keen to evaluate when exactly the events will begin to unfold on the higher three 4D earths below us as to know when they will trickle upwards on our timeline and trigger our ascension.

As you may have read, I mentioned in a past report that I have the feeling that the PAT supernova is again a favourite option of the HR, if we experience a similar massive action of the dark ones on the higher 4D earths and even on our upper 4D earth, which is not supposed to suffer much under such catastrophic events. In this case, the PAT supernova is a viable option to propel this timeline to the 5th dimension directly, as to save the ascending population of about 800 million souls from a cabal-made catastrophe.

This is the unpredictable situation at present and my estimation is that even in the HR nobody knows exactly what will come next, just as the HAARP-induced Mega-earthquake on the lower three 4D earths was a real surprise in its unprecedented atrocity for the HR and surely not their favourite scenario. Hence the HR are now preparing themselves for all eventualities and your message perspires precisely this information.

I think this suffices for now, but be sure that your message is another valuable contribution to our better understanding of the multidimensional complexity that is now unfolding in front of our inner third eye on the verge of our ascension.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for your patient and extremely clarifying response. I had been following along well until this morning I think. I was a bit confused with the last two urgent updates from you and Carla, but I do confess to reading them rather quickly this morning and without my morning cup of coffee. I was in a hurry to connect with HS and get back to you. I was mistaken in thinking something big had already happened or been sensed that I had missed, but I bet that was a section in which you were briefly recapping the lower MPR. My apologies for that, but I am relieved and astonished at how it is all now seemingly enfolding in perfect order and grace. It’s finally getting exciting again.

Thanks also Georgi for your kind encouragement.

Much love and light

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