Urgent Energy Update – The Separation Begins Now in This Moment

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, June 20 , 2013

Dear Carla,

I have just woke up from a night, where I got some new information. I again heard all the night the song “Ring of Fire” from Johnny Cash and was given the following information. We (the PAT) have now fully merged our fields like a halo around the globe and with the earth’s field of all ascended masters that now perform the ascension of Gaia and humanity on the upper 4D earth. Surprisingly, this same explanation was given in the latest message from Juliano as of yesterday: 


I was made aware of this in the night. My vibrations are now constantly in the 5th and higher dimensions. Only when I leave my portal, do they drop down a little bit and this feels rather unpleasant. Yesterday was another cleansing day for the ascending portion of humanity on upper 4D, but with less severity than in the past, after the huge energy descent from the source took place on June 18 in preparation for the three-day event after June 21st.

My impression is that the three-day event announced by the Elohim will be the actual famous three-days of stasis when humanity will finally move to the upper fourth and lower 5th dimension that will expand both human consciousness and will introduce completely new energetic conditions for creation. That is why you also sensed that this timeline is coming to an end in your latest message. The shift will be like a purification as if going through the ring of fire when all old low frequency patterns will be extinguished in all ascending entities before they can move to their specific 4D and 5D timelines.

The other lower catastrophic 4D timelines will be fully separated from us. This will be also the time when some people will move to higher 5D levels, that is to say, ascend, while we will ascend to the source. The dream tonight was that our combined field (of the PAT) is now making a huge part of the energetic tissue of the new higher 4D and 5D earths.

Can you check one more time this information with the Elohim?

With love and light


Thank you for this explanation. I must say that for the last hour or so there has been a sudden increase in my level of consciousness. I feel now as though I am an “off- worlder”. There is no other way to describe this. I feel a strong sense of separation – my soul from my body….


Dear Carla,

this is a very good indication/ sign that we are on our way to ascension. You are more capable of such sensations as I have to anchor myself much more in the ground, while you can better experience such detachments.


I can’t work through your email – what do you want me to ask the Elohim? – Carla

Just to ask where we stand a day before June 21 and if this announced three-day event will be the actual famous three-day stasis before mass ascension.


Message from the Elohim

The separation begins now in this moment, where all that once was is gone and all that is, arrives anew, afresh.

It is the renewal of life force upon the planet of dim light and faint hope.

It is the time of renewal for Humanity who seeks out new life, new jurisdiction, new consequence.

This beautiful expansion begins gently, although it is being felt deeply in this dear one (Carla). It is paralyzing at this moment, but know that her senses are acute, her life force enjoins ours.

This articulation of All-That-Is disarms this loved one, but she knows fully, deeply, intimately that this is what it has been all about; the release of synthetic infringement upon the naked and vulnerable soul of this most dense arrangement.

There is no fear, here, as she will tell you soon, when she adapts to these frequencies of a much higher ratio.

The earth and all her expressions of the ultimate Source are freed forever to sail upon the waters of Heaven guided by the winds of purification forever and always.

And so it Is.

We are the Elohim.

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