Its Time, Let’s go – Message from God

through M. Gamma  June 22, 2013


Georgi Stankov

Be cautious – as I have recently written, this same source was amply wrong several times in the recent past with its announcements on ascension. But the persistence with which it continues announcing ascension is impressive and it follows very much our footsteps. Hence it is worth considering this message as a further validation that we have entered the final, pivotal time of transformation, which we used to describe as the “detonation of the PAT“.

Well, this scenario was dropped after the decision was made on May 18-22 to proceed with the seven 4D earth scenario, when it became apparent after a series of massive ascension test runs, which knocked down the PAT, that most of humanity is not ready for ascension and must be distributed into parallel 4D timelines with a various degree of catastrophes according to their low level of awakening and personal vibrations. In this context the catastrophic super-3D earth was fully separated on May 24725 and experienced already its MPR and deluge on May 28th

In the meantime, the seven 4D earths scenario has been enlarged to 8th and 9th transitional 4D earths that are actually portals for ascension to the 5th dimension. These new timelines were created and are currently kept open by the PAT specially for this purpose, as the latest Asama Mahatari’s message channelled by Jahn confirms.

In addition, we were informed by the Elohim and by my HS that there will be a three-day-event of a fluid character between June 21 – 26/27 when the shift of the upper 4D earth to higher 4D and lower 5D timelines will take place. The actual separation of the upper 4D earth from the lower catastrophic 4D earths began on June 20th as confirmed by the Elohim. According to the Elohim the shift will begin gently, as this has been the case yesterday and today, and will peak into the actual three-day event of ascension, most probably beginning tomorrow or the day after tomorrow:

This moment shall be a true evolutionary leap, especially for those who are now on the cusp of this age of enlightenment for their inner awareness shall blossom in an instant, with the purity of Divine perfection.

This blossoming moves forward for 3 days, during which time anything and all things are possible. Hold on to what you desire within your imagination and FEEL what you desire in your Heart! Embrace it Now and never let it go!

Now another independent source has also announced June 23rd as the second phase of the ascension process after summer solstice, which must be the actual three-day event /shift:

Portal Opened and Anchoring of New 144 Harmonic Universe tones, Frequency’s Vibrations & 144 Color spectrum tones, Frequency’s Vibrations ,  144 Sacred Geometry. This is part 1 of part 2 that will happen on June 23, 2103...

At This time we are to thank all who will be leaving for their service of the ascension process. Send Unconditional love and gratitude to all – do not fear there leaving at this time, it is joys

Knowing all this,  I recommended to the PAT on June 20th to retrieve from all unnecessary social and other activities and to have a respite during the next several days, so that you can go inward and prepare for this monumental event, for which we have been waiting so long. It is also important to mention at this place that Jahn was also informed (similar to the channeller  M.Gamma) that, after delivering his latest message, the cycle of messages on ascension is complete. This is another proof that ascension is now taking place.



Today I’ll give you the last message before the ascension. You have received from this channel several information about the subject ascension and you were doubting if they were right or wrong. Well, my children it is your decision if a message resonates with you or not. I, the heavenly father, can assure you, this channel is real and has no need for a personal display. But this is not the subject of the day. I have a short message for the humans on earth.

THE WAIT IS OVER. Everything you have been expecting will be fulfilled today. With the publication of this message I proclaim


Everything is ready, also you my beloved children. No promises anymore, no waiting anymore. Everything is ready that it can start.

Look for a nice spot or place to stay and watch the sky. In the course of the day, depending on the time zone, you will see signs of change. Once these signs are seen, I ask you that you move into your heart. From there your journey begins into a New Age, into a New World, into New Earth.

It’s time my beloved children, it’s time and finally we can celebrate together. You have made it my beloved humans. You are free, because this was my will and my will shall be done.

In great love to my children

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