A Simple Multi-Dimensional Model of Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, June 10, 2013

We have entered in May a new phase in the ascension process that challenges all our previous, more or less deterministic points of view. This new time affords an absolute clarity of the mind and a great flexibility in personal perception and ideas. It is not surprising that some light workers, and even members of the PAT, may now go through a short period of confusion before their understanding clears one more time and they see the light through the haze of the newly emerging multi-dimensional world in front of their new, expanding senses.

For this purpose I will present below a simple method based on mathematical matrices that can serve you as point of departure for a better understanding of what is now happening on the seven parallel 4D earths. In this context it is important to reiterate that the 3D earth has been fully separated from the 4D earths and is currently undergoing huge calamities that are no longer perceived in our upper 4D timeline, in which we dwell since June 4th.

The omni-earth of infinite timelines has always existed in the Now and this is how the limited 3d-holographic model of the earth, we used to know, was created in the first place. It can be considered as a stable, standing wave that is created /composed of infinite superimposed, extremely rapidly fluctuating waves that build a crest and also determine the steepness of the slopes of this standing wave, which can also be presented as a Bell curve in statistics for didactic purposes. The individual waves can be then regarded as parallel timelines/realities of the stable 3d-holographic model /standing wave, which emerges as a composite reality from these rapidly changing parallel waves/timelines.

Now, all these parallel timelines, including all past and future timelines, exist in the present and are rapidly changing their pattern and form. However for the sake of a more effective transformation of the stable standing wave / holographic model, numerous stable parallel models can be built very quickly from the infinite rapidly changing probable timelines.

This is what happened at the end of May and the beginning of June after the 3D earth was irreversibly severed from the 4D earths. It is as if the stable standing wave was split into several standing waves and now has more than one crest. These kinds of phenomena occur all the time in wave theory and in particular in the quantum microcosms. Thus the wave model I am using at this place is a basic approach in quantum physics to describe and explain most known quantum events. All these quantum rearrangements are obeying the universal law of constructive and destructive interference as widely discussed by myself on this website.

I have written recently that after the 3D earth was energetically (electro-magnetically) fully separated from all the 4D versions of the earth on May 24/25, this timeline experienced its devastating MPR on May 28th, to which I was personally fully aligned as the energies for this event flowed through my personal energy field and completely knocked me down on that auspicious day. Only after that did we learn from Jahn’s messages that a decision has been made to create several parallel 4D earths as to facilitate the transformation period of mankind prior to ascension. In this context it is essential to observe that Gaia as a sentient soul being has fully ascended to the 5th dimension in May.

Since May 22nd my dual soul and myself have had numerous discussions and conversations with our HS and other sources from the HR (my dual soul left Bavaria yesterday) as we were fully involved in all these processes as a combined energetic force – as future Elohim and creator gods in all earth timelines and beyond this. Hence, we were given a lot of information beyond all previously known levels.

I have published some essentials with regard to the occurrence of the MPR on the worst 4D timeline on June 8th in my latest publication immediately after our return from the Alps, where we actually triggered this event under the guidance and constant surveillance and information of our HS. But there is much more data to these events which I cannot discuss now at depth as they do not relate to most members of the PAT, who have different tasks to fulfil in this End Time and will be only unnecessarily distracted by information that is not relevant to them at this point in time. But I recognize very well the necessity of presenting a common background of knowledge that will help all of you to better understand and interpret the coming auspicious events that are exclusively of multi-dimensional nature and need a completely new mental approach.

Now let us restrict ourselves to the basic information given by our HS that at the end of May seven new parallel timelines were created to facilitate the transformational process of mankind and mitigate the scope of inevitable natural catastrophes that were part of the MPR and also of the awakening process of the incarnated masses.

The PAT and most light workers, including most old and ripe souls, and all indigo and crystalline children, are now dwelling on the upper 4D earth, which we experience in these days. This timeline is planned to evolve to a stable 4D society that will be the spring board for mass ascension of about 500 million people later this year. About 300 million souls will initially remain on this upper 4D. Later on they will be joined by many other souls who are now distributed among the other six more catastrophic timelines and will experience bigger catastrophes and personal calamities that will be more conducive to their awakening. Most of these souls must go first through the death experience before they can incarnate on the upper 4D earth. And I can assure you that most of these incarnated souls have already experienced death, have left their catastrophic 4D timelines and are now dwelling in Celestria, waiting for the just moment to incarnate again on the upper 4D earth.

This new ascension model creates understandably some confusion among many readers of this website as it offsets all previous forecasts based only on one 4D earth that encompasses the whole human population of currently six billion incarnated human souls. The key aspect to understand now is how is it possible that we still observe the whole human population, including the chemtrails of the dark portion of humanity, while we have already moved to the upper 4D, and the 3D earth has been fully separated?

From the many emails I have received in the last days, this was the main topic of confusion. I will now respond to your cognitive dilemma and will present a simple operating model, which you can apply to your new multi-dimensional reality that you now begin to observe as to better explain it without being confused by faulty linear thinking.

Let us present the human population of six billions incarnated souls as a mathematical matrix with rows and columns consisting of elements. Each element designated as “1” will represent one hundred million human souls, who still exist on a timeline, while zero “0”  will be used to designate all souls that do not actively pertain to a certain timeline, but only appear there as an empty holographic image. To this I will give more detailed explanation below.

Below I have given the distribution of incarnated human souls on the seven parallel 4D earths and on the separated 3D earth as a matrix. The numbers of souls pertaining to each timeline are arbitrary and only serve as an example. The real numbers will be known only when the process is completed:

1, 1, 1, 1,1, 1, 1, 1,0,0   –    (1) Upper 4D (800 million souls, 300 4D-souls and 500 5D-souls
0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0         The rest 5,2 billion are empty holographic images “0” that fill in
0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0          the space-time to create the illusion of an intact population on
0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0          this timeline.

1,1, 1, 1,0,0,0,0,0,0   –  (2) The least catastrophic parallel 4D earth (400 million souls)
0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0         The rest 5,6 billions are empty holographic images “0” that fill in
0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0          the space-time to create the illusion of an intact population on
0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0          this timeline.

1,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0 – (3)  moderate catastrophic parallel 4D earth (500 million souls)


1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0 – (4) more catastrophic parallel 4D earth (400 million souls)

1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 – (5) severe catastrophic 4D earth (300 million souls)

1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 – (6) more severe catastrophic 4D earth (200 million souls)

1,1,1,1,1,1,1,0,0,0 – (7) worst catastrophic 4D earth with MPR on June 28 (700 million
etc.                               souls)

1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 –  3D earth now fully separated from the other seven 4D earths

The building of parallel 4D timelines is based exclusively on the level of individual awakening, respectively on the lack of any awakening in the general human population. This parameter is constantly gauged in the HR in the course of the numerous ascension test runs that were conducted by the PAT in 2012 and 2013. The last major series of such ascension test runs took place between May 18th and May 23rd when it was decided to implement the current model of many parallel 4D earths and to fully separate the 3d earth from them at the very beginning. This decision /scenario was a radical departure from the previous plan to detonate the PAT supernova at once and thus conduct the ID split between 3D earth and only one 4D timeline.

The new model of seven parallel 4D earths has the advantage that those human beings, who have advanced spiritually in a sufficient way, will not experience in their timeline /reality of upper 4D earth the catastrophes, which the rest of the souls on the 4th dimension will experience with various degrees of severity. If this would have been done on one 4D earth, the 800 million human souls from the current upper 4D earth would have directly participated and witnessed all these natural catastrophes caused by the deluge of the MPR and would have been scared to death/ overwhelmed by the fears of the rest of humanity, which is not prepared for this event. This collective fear, which I personally experienced on June 8th, could have jeopardized their ascension process even though they will not be physically harmed by these events.

As the harvest of ascended souls was measured to be very low after the last ascension test runs in May 18-23 (as later on confirmed in Jahn’s messages), it became obvious that there is a great danger that in the course of the MPR the HR may even lose these 500 million souls for ascension, if they are directly exposed to such catastrophes. Hence the decision to split the 4D earth in parallel timelines and proceed with the catastrophic events in a separated fashion, even though all these parallel 4D timelines are energetically interconnected, so that a MPR in the worst 4D timeline, as it happened on June 8th, has huge and immediate repercussions – a sudden ripple effect – on all other subsequent catastrophic 4D timelines (five), except on the upper 4D earth.

Now that I have presented the reasons for the introduction of the seven 4D-timelines scenario of ascension, let me explain how these holographic models were created as identical mirror images of the old 3d earth as to create the illusion of normalcy and continuity of this holographic model.

We all know that in the multi-dimensional realities of the HR the soul can exist in many parallel worlds and timelines at the same time. We speak in this context of bi- and tri-location with respect to one or more realities. In fact the soul participates in infinite probability realities and parallel timelines all the time, where she creates and studies the results of her creation. Such realities can be replicated infinite times, just as one can copy a file many times on the computer.

This topic is as old as modern esotericism and has been extensively discussed by Seth in the famous Jane Robert’s books as early as in the 60s and 70s. This knowledge must build the foundation of any enlightened view on human gnosticism. But unfortunately this is seldom the case nowadays.

Now let us develop this concept of simultaneous existence of the soul in multiple realities a step further. When all incarnated human souls on the old 3d earth learnt about the creation of the seven parallel 4D earths and the initial separation of the catastrophic 3d-earth, they immediately retrieved their focus of incarnation from these realities/timelines and placed it on the timeline they chose to make their specific experiences. In this way they continued to project an empty holographic mirror image of their incarnated personality in the other timelines, so that an overarching illusion of the continuation of the old 3d-order was created in all seven 4D timelines.

This explains why the cities started to resemble ghost towns, with a much lesser population in the last several days. It is not so much that the human count has decreased, but that the number of living souls has vastly diminished in the upper 4D earth and this fact you sense telepathically in the atmosphere, just as I have always sensed the emptiness of historical heritage in the American air compared to that of Europe when I have visited the North American continent in the past. This fact was also confirmed by my dual soul these past days with respect to the historical density in Central Europe.

Now if you read other channeled messages, they all stress now the importance of the inner experiences and recommend a full detachment from the outer reality as a prerequisite for ascension. This advice considers exactly this new ascension scenario of seven 4D earths.

It is not at all important if the incarnated personality participates physically in a catastrophe, but how she perceives and processes this event emotionally and mentally and how effectively she copes with her deeply ingrained fears in her cells and DNA-structure. The other empty images/ avatars of this soul in other parallel realities only fill in the space-time there, but they do not participate in the events of the other timelines in an active and conscious manner.

For instance if the population of the upper 4D earth experiences very soon our ascension and appearance as ascended masters, the empty images of the incarnated 3d-souls in this timeline, which now dwell (or have already died) with their main focus on the catastrophic 3D earth, will not be able to perceive this event as their vibrations are so low that they simply cannot see us as light gestalts, while all ascension candidates, who vibrate at the higher 4th dimension, will be able to see us.

This fact was illustrated to us two days ago when a mafioso – a Russian gangster almost drove with his expensive car on the pedestrian zone of the old town/island of Lindau (Lake of Constance) over my feet and then get off the car without seeing me and my dual soul, who was making pictures at this time. He could as well have driven through us and nothing would have happened. It cannot be excluded that in his reality he actually drove through our body fields, but it was clear that he did not register us even when he walked several inches away from us and entered the next shop.

What I want to relay with this example is that, although everything seems to be still the same old crap and many define this as a stalemate and a reason for despair, in fact nothing is as it seems to be. This was also an advice by Asana Mahatari and Sananda in the recent messages channelled by Jahn. It is the same situation with a reverse character when my dual soul and I were fully engaged in the MPR on the worst 4D timeline on June 8th and at the same time we did specific cleansing work on the upper 4D timeline.

From this disquisition it becomes cogent that we must try to preserve the clarity of our minds and the utmost flexibility of our ideas and concepts if we want to understand what is currently ongoing in our reality and beyond it. It is actually imperative to do so as we are the spearhead of humanity. If we now get lost in semantic and cognitive confusion, then the whole population on the upper 4D earth will be also confused. We are the wayshowers that pave the way for the others to follow. It is obvious in the last days that the general confusion among the small LW community has reached an unprecedented peak and none of them is able to interpret the energetic situation on the ground and in the HR in an adequate manner.The PAT must avoid this unhealthy situation at any price now.

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