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Letters to the Editor


Hi dee Hi!  Watching my own world, unravel; gently like a thread on a sweater. I don’t know if you know the band Weezer from America, which was popular in the 90’s, but this song has a beat and tune and key words which relate to my Now moments of recent…

Weezer – Sweater Song

Dis-jointed, confusion, and a sincere feeling of pulling apart… a clash of the demographics in a way… eh..

A few weeks ago, I went to get rid of old growth on a vine which crawls our East wall.  It falls and dies every year, and begins again each spring. In my ambition to tear down the old growth that’s mulch from years past, I cathartically threw myself into the activity…  I reached a point where just one piece of vine was refusing to break away from the group.

So I pulled.

I pulled hard and joyously. I felt this tearing apart as a liberating movement toward release and potential rejuvenation. I pulled that vine, and half of the whole pulled away.  Detaching from the wall, the upper most portions of vine life on one half of the wall. And as it fell, I cheered, and wooped. Until I noticed…

A nest. Much like the ones I knew of the barn swallows in Oregon.

A nest; tucked inside, in the corner, of a rather ‘frothy’ vine, seemingly well attached to a rather secure wall.


In this overzealous attempt at “cleaning” and “beautifying” the property I live on… I sacrificed this, nest. And, upon closer examination, WAS NOT EMPTY…

Me, and my over ambitious, yet cathartic nature… In my desire to “deal with tension, without aggression and violence,” I fucking knocked down an environment which was cultivating new life…

A baby bird, not yet ready to fly. Patchy feathers, covered eyes… a nest kept from the intensity of the sun, among the temp regulated vines and brick.

And, two little eggs… One breaking from the fall…

And my heart falls.

I know there is nothing I can do to save those little beings, whose environment I broke. This climate controlled environment so perfectly planned by winged kin. Damn me. Or not.

I damned myself in those moments.  At my negligence toward not being more considerate toward the environment, and life happening around me… untouched.

I was like the real “savages.” Plundering a land I had yet to really acquaint myself with, in my explorations. Taking it, before knowing it and flowing with it… then later justifying it through my own humiliation.

So gross. I know, I was there.

So many people have a hard time admitting their own defeat and over drive. I admire those who recognize it in themselves, and also in others. I suppose that is what the PAT really stands for the conscious realization of participation in the best and worst humanity has to offer; if only emotionally and empathically. It also seems we know, some how internally, the potential of extremity. Those who participate are prone to find balance vs. extremes.

Something tells me, you are a bit like me, in “hard love.”

Truth isn’t secularized in some sort of love compartmentalized by romance.

Truth, and Love are wicked and beautiful. Destructive and yet foundation building.

Of course, of course, we have all talked about this to some degree for days now… I guess to cut it to the chase (after so many words,)  here is a post of the internal mission meeting the superficial confusion…

An Essay:


Dear Mandie,

the more effort and ego-intent we invest in our environment these days, the more devastating the results. As I know about this correlation, I have resorted to utter passiveness, except editing this website and thinking – thinking about the ascension process and how humanity will react when the shit will hit the fan. But even this kind of mental exercise has lost its lustre.

I wonder a little bit why it matters so much to you how your face looks like, although I understand that you do not mean your face, but what is hidden behind it. It matters only to you and it is obvious that you should not expect any understanding from external persons, especially when they are coincidentally your readers.

This End Time is the time of utter silence due to the lack of any mutual comprehension as you wrote in your previous email. Why then the effort to contribute to this ubiquitous confusion with another essay? Not that it is not inspiring, but it leads you and anybody else to nowhere.

Well, checking the inner pulse of your spirit is always worthwhile, but then it should be free of any interactions with the outer world. I know it is the artist that speaks through you and you hate being locked in a creative gridlock these days, while your heart is bleeding because of this enforced inactivity. And I have great compassion for your situation as it is very much the mine with regard to science and human thinking.

We both believe, and this is well founded, that we can give a lot more to humanity … only if the people are ready to accept. Unfortunately, they are not and this is the source of all disappointment on this planet – its population negates the most obvious and ubiquitous fact in All-That-Is – permanent change through incessant creation. Reject it and you have the present-day dysfunctional Orionite society we now observe in its last throes.

But apart from a few, like us (the PAT), it seems that nobody really cares. Creation is order  – chaotic order. The negation of creation is hell. And this is what many incarnated souls are now experiencing in the six lower 4D earths and will soon experience on the upper 4D earth, on which we now dwell, waiting for our final ascension.

I am not sure if this is what you wanted to hear from me… but I am now tired of limited, sequential human thinking and writing. This should be the most reliable sign that we are ascending now and leaving this reality for ever.

With love and light


I love what you said, because for me it stands for something I have felt for a very long time. We have all “been here and done that.” All these old ideas, rehashed and rescripted to fit “today.”

I want to make something else, I want to create which is unimaginable… paintings, essays, acting in other peoples plays… just don’t fit the bill or bring any satisfaction. And that is how we feel. We want something else.

Thank you for your assessment and for taking the time to read what I wrote, regardless, it was good for me to get it out if even just for us :)


Dear Georgi,

My name is Aaron Zook, I have been an avid follower of your site for all of this year, but I’ve never really felt the need to contact you until recently. I just wanted to thank you for everything you and the entire PAT has done for us; you guys are real life savers and I have the deepest respect for everything single one of you. You have devoted your lives entirely to this cause and what a cause it is.

Some of you have even given your lives to see this through and for that I was brought to tears. I have been aware of ascension since 2011, but I think I have always known deep down inside that it would occur. Ever since I was a child I have always known that I was meant for something so much more that what this 3d life could ever offer. Because of that I have always abhorred the idea of “making it” in life by finding a money making career like my parents and pretty much every adult in my life has always tried to impress upon me. I have fervently resisted this philosophy which has always caused conflict between me and my parents, but hey, to each their own, has always been my motto.

I am so glad I found this site and I am ever grateful to you and the PAT. It’s actually a funny story how I came across your site. For some reason I decided to read an article by a fellow named Wes Annac, which I have never done before that by the way. His article was about lightworkers that haven’t dealt with their ego and are therefore flawed… lol as you can imagine, I had a good laugh because of the irony of someone claiming to have subdued his ego, but writes an article bashing other light workers that haven’t. Anyway the article mainly dealt with you consisting of personal attacks to you. So, naturally I became interested in who you were. I checked out your site, and thank the heavens I did because I haven’t stopped checking back every day since then. You are the most level headed, clear minded person I have ever encountered and your site has really helped me move a long my spiritual path.

I just wanted to say many thanks and I look forward to A-Day and meeting all of you in person. With love and light to all.

-Aaron Zook

Dear Aaron,

I am deeply moved by your appreciation of the mission of the PAT and our website. Indeed we try to keep it clear and straight forward as any distraction with 3d-subjects is only waste of time – now more than ever.

I remember this article from Wes Annac very well – actually there were two of them. The first one was a harsh condemnation of my ego because I dared to question the attitude of the New Age movement and in particular of Steve Beckow with whom this young man Wes is associated. But he then must have read something from our website and wrote a second article, where he retrieved from his initial position and admitted that he lacks the knowledge to judge my effort and that of the PAT and that it was his ego that has prompted him to write the first article, which he has to overcome and bla, bla. Both articles were very funny indeed as they displayed the classical, very much predictable deficits in the mental process of this young man, which are paradigmatic for the whole LW community. I then commented on this in an article, but it is like throwing pearls to the swines.

I will publish today a new message from Jahn, where it is said one more time that many of the so called LW have already fallen to lower catastrophic 4D earths, while others, who have never explicitly dealt with spirituality, will ascend higher than they have expected. There will be huge surprises in the very near future when the timelines fully separate and the people realize what has happened. We are now on the cusp of this magnificent event.

With love and light

Dear Dr. Georgi,

I’m sorry for taking such a long time answer the last latter we’ve changed. The link that I sent and you couldn’t see was a beautiful 5 minutes video of a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, passing through the chrysalis!! This was the answer for my question to the Universe: Why do I feel so alone, in an obscurantism that I thought was over many years ago? (I guess I’m in a chrysalis, transforming in a butterfly!!)

In reading the Energy Update of the PAT – June 27, I felt I should come to give my testimony, from Brazil, because every and each letter talked about things I have come through these days: The pains in the body, being tired, sleepy, the feeling of “staying in this world, but not being from this world”, the problems of communication, the necessity of ‘letting go’ the old loved ones, and the knowing the responsibility that we, PAT, have in becoming calm and attentive because much people comes to ask and talk to us, as if we had an light for them (even though, these last days, I caught myself asking too much times the worst question: “What if…?)

Strangely it might be, for this time in the year, it is raining and raining and raining and the days are grays, and the Brazilians get upset with the long absence of the sun… add to this these strong energies we’ve been through… the “dramas” come with the same strength!!

To those around me I decided to be very clear, talking about changing dimensions and not being completely in this 3D world! That was a very funny experience: the older ones wanted to check my mental sanity, the youngest ones wanted to know a little more about this and everyone pretended that it was a joke and I pretended that I was not understanding their point of view!! Just to not enter in a contend conversation! Very funny!!

Yesterday I had a ‘dream’ – in spite of not being sleeping! – where I saw my body dividing: one part stayed on the bed, and other part – head, torso and shoulders started to go up, and I saw it! I knew that I was going somewhere, but I didn’t know where… ‘til today!

Today, there was a meditation for elevation of the vibration of the world, at 14:00 PM – in Brasil, 19:00 PM in France – and so, early in the morning, I came to the beach to be involved by nature, instead being in São Paulo City for this moment. I lay down in my bed and kept breathing and centering in my heart (I transposed some thing inside my heart, like a veil, or… I don’t know what was it!); In few minutes I saw some people around me, I had a pain in the chest, very strong and fast, and there were some people taking care of me, I was tranquil and calm, and I “knew” everything that was happening… after that, I was travelling through space – I was holding, beside me, 2 of my crystals and I could feel the cold of the stones, and I could hear the sound of the ocean in front of my window
– and I saw people that I know going fast backward, and I asked where I was being taken, and I felt so happy of not being forgotten; so joyful that my beloved “Angels” showed me that, yes, I am going with them; yes, they will remember me; yes, I am accepted in their world and in their Light… I’m almost crying here, just in telling you all these things, in happiness and contentment…

Kisses in your heart,
Maria Alice, from Brazil.

Dear Maria,

this is a beautiful vision /experience of the coming ascension and also of the distribution of the people /soul fragments along the different 4D timelines. I will publish another message from Jahn today, where this topic is addressed by Sananda one more time.

Unless a person has immersed deeply into the various aspects of multidimensionality and has fully accepted it, it will be impossible to relay to such a person what is now happening in their worlds. Many of them have already drifted to lower catastrophic 4D timelines and are shocked by the dire conditions under which they will have to live now, while others have moved upwards, although they have never dealt with spirituality but have lived a decent life of love and compassion.

There will be many surprises, but it will be impossible to explain this to the people, as from now on there will be no consensual reality. Each one of us will move along his personal timeline and level of vibration and will experience what he expects – we will start to reproduce our inner reality.

There are also many individuals, especially in the family who now want to hook to us and thus enter the higher realms without having done the necessary work, through the “right of habit”. This will not be allowed and we must now resolutely sever all such connections. A difficult, but inevitable choice.

Let us hope that soon there will be more clarity in this respect when the timelines will be fully separated and some major events of change materialize in our reality.

With love and light


Not sure how much you buy into, or know about Jose Arguelles’ work with the Mayan time table.  But this is their most recent news letter on the current cycles. They consider July 25, the day out of time, which is a day for forgiveness of debts and other things… a new beginning before the start of the next calendar. Here is a link for your perusal.

Love and Light

Dear Mandie,

until now all interpreters of the Mayan calender have spectacularly failed – from Coleman to Jose Arguelles – but they carry on producing new dates and interpretations. The very idea of predicting the future of mankind based on an ancient calender without any further knowledge or information is ridiculous. It is very stupid and I have commented on this issue in the past when Coleman was hailed as a star on the horizon of the new Age movement, only to vanish after 11.11.11 completely from the scene, when all his calculations happened to be wrong. Of course we were also wrong with our ascension dates, but this was deliberately as to give our best at each ascension threshold and test run. The Mayan specialists do not even know about personal ascension or bother to learn anything about it.

We know better than anybody else how difficult it is to predict anything and that we are the one who make the real change possible on the ground. The many delays in the ascension scenario that were due to the deep slumbering of the masses and the total failure of the New Age community, as they have been recently confirmed by Jahn’s messages, do not fit at all into any rigid obscure calender. They are man-made.

Of course there is a great possibility that in a month from now on some spectacular events will have materialised in our reality and then these protagonists of the Mayan calender will claim special knowledge. But the plain truth is that we have huge changes each day and this last week we experienced the biggest shift of Gaia and humanity to higher dimensions, about which the Mayan calender does not say anything and its interpreters do not have the faintest idea.

With love and light

Dear George,

I have published two new articles, one entitled  Are You Alive?, the other The Joy in Despair. Please feel free to share these however you see fit.

With love and light,

Dear Skyler,

well done – very precise and up to the point. You address the young generation on the verge of awakening and they are now really opening their eyes in droves. I am sure that the number of your readers is steadily increasing and will jump high very soon.

I will publish the two links in the next report.

With love and light

Thank you, George.

Yes, the number of readers is increasing every day, and I know there will come a time when the tipping point is reached, and the masses will flock to the PAT in droves for support. Like you mentioned in the report today, there will be some type of catalytic event, most likely a horrific act by the cabal, that knocks humanity out of their slumber, and sets the stage for the final collapse of the matrix, thus sending the masses packing for an answer to a new way of life—the Universal Law, and the higher density principles that come with it. It’s a done deal in the HR, and we are simply spectating the game from the sky box now.


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