Personal Opinions – June 17, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Hi, Dr. Georgi,

I’m very pleased to have found your site; nothing happens by chance!

Dr. Georgi, what brings me here is a question that I’m working on for about 4 or 5 years. It’s about our young people: we see these boys and girls with all that beautiful vitality, life-force, dreams and hopes without any possibility of development in their professional lives, all over the European continent and even here in my country, Brazil, I see a lot of young people finishing their universities and facing a “work-field” where they can not express their individual abilities, their spontaneous expression on “how to do” or “how to work with” the challenges of their experiences.

They work hard, generally in doing things that they don’t like, have responsibilities that they didn’t expect, they have to fight as ‘lions’ to keep their space under the sun, and they cannot earn sufficient money to build their dreams… they get tired and sad… I see that they work just to “play the game” as good boys-&-girls they want to be, and, in fact, they are.

Those that have artistic essence/inclination are the ones that are most affected, and, the most sensitives. All these young people, I’m talking about, are my son’s friends, nephews and nieces, friends of their friends, sons and daughters of friends that come just to talk to someone that will not judge them. I’m architect, I love the sky, the stars and the prayers I learnt when I was a little girl; just that.

Nowadays, my own friends, from my generation, and people that I almost don’t know are coming to ask things and talk, just talk. All of them talk about a “lack” of something in their lives. I’ve been telling the ones I can touch that whatever the role they will play in their lives has not been showed them yet, in this dimension that we are finishing. That they have to “play the game’ a little more time, to cultivate a hobby to endure the tasks of the day-by-day necessities and duties, for a little more time and keep the joy in their hearts so they can have the perception of the role their soul wants them to play outside of the social, cultural and economics boxes they are locked inside. They like to talk to me and I can help them to connect to their own higher vibrations.

But these last weeks I, myself, became a little doubting all these orientations I gave them, since I, myself, have been expecting, for 30 years, the “big shift” in December 2012.

Dr. Georgi, my question is: Am I right in talking to them like this? Is my intuition true in the sense of our role being hidden from us for a while? Thank you for your help and for your attention,

Maria Alice Carneiro, Brazil

Dear Maria,

I am happy that you have found our site and also very thankful that you have raised a fundamental question regarding our current waning reality – the enormous intellectual and spiritual potential of the young crystalline generation and the lack of any possibility for these brilliant young people to realize this creative potential in the current dysfunctional Orion society.

But exactly this discrepancy, no matter how painful it maybe at the personal level, has been planned and desired by these souls in the current End Time. They should not identify with this illusory society and they should not strive to prosper within the old matrix that has no future and is already crumbling, as this will be only waste of their soul energies. They are too precious to be used for such low frequency pecuniary ends. This is how the old indigo generation got lost for their mission.

Having said this, I think that you do an excellent job and you should continue teaching the young people about the coming big changes and future bright perspectives for this young generation, even more so now than in the past, as we are indeed on the cusp of these miraculous changes. This is essentially what I am also doing with this website. Nothing would have been more disastrous and fallacious than to lose hope now, when all our dreams are about to come true.

Hence stay the course and do your excellent work, explaining to these young brilliant people why they should continue working on their education and on expanding their creative abilities, but at the same time should not expect anything from this society and why they should continue dreaming about a more just and enlightened order that they will actually create with their dreams and imagination. That is why they have come to the earth at this time. They do not even need to be patient anymore as all this will unfold this summer. There is a lot for you do as a teacher to these young people in the coming days and months.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for keeping us continuously informed on the latest energetic developments and especially for creating the ascension model of the seven 4D timelines, which has become a vital tool for my human perspective.

My feelings and dreams are in line with the channelled messages of Jahn and April, as well as your additional information. This night (July 16) I had one of my recurring dream scenes, connected to my former workplace, which I left May last year. Probably I’ve been connected to my former colleagues energetically/ emotionally ever since, as they always turn up in my conscious and subconscious mind, in dream state visions.

In this particular dream, I arrived to the front reception of the hotel to take over day shift. A great number of former co-workers were already gathering. In spite of being in the same place, everyone seemed to be intensely occupied with their own business, not paying much attention to each other, or me. There was a sense of tension and uncertainty in the atmosphere. One of my former colleagues was standing further away, like a statue, staring insensibly with a dead look.. When I greeted her, she did not even respond, seemingly unaware of my presence.

I reckon this dream experience is a confirmation that on the night of July 16, we were indeed busy supporting souls in finding their proper place of further evolution. My colleagues gathering at the reception symbolizing the people’s attempt to find the proper 4D timeline, while the woman with the dead stare probably remained in 3D, completely detached from the rest.

Thank you for your attention and I trust you will recover soon from the physical and energetic strain, I feel a great deal better this morning.

Yours faithfully,

Dear Zoltan,

your dream elucidates indeed in a very vivid form the recalibration of the souls along the various timelines, most of them dropping to lower frequency levels and the streamlining and separation of the upper 4D earth from the lower catastrophic versions.


Hello dear master,

I’m writing this message because I want to contribute to your impressive explanation about the events that are occurring in our new world.

After the 2 weeks of cleansing and test running at the end of May and the beginning of June, of which  the most important was the 6th of June, at 6.00 AM for me, because i felt my body divided like a matroska doll, one body inside the other one, the explanation was given for you in the  “Simple Multi-Dimensional Model of Ascension”, so i could understand this event very clear. After that I could experience how myself could travel to other places very easily, I think that I was on Venus, looking how I was building a kind of transport like a jeep without wheels. This was funny, because I can understand now why the many tests in which I was involved, this test was for me to lose my fear for this kind of experiences, now I can leave my body without fear.

The last week I had another experience with the Pope, again, I don’t know why this is a recurrent theme for me, but this time I was invited to talk with him, and he give his hand to me, his appearance was different than the last time, now he was not a dark soul, like our last meeting, but he looked tired and very old, but he looked like a human, not like a monster.

Another thing is that I can talk telepathically to different political characters in this country, that I know are war sponsors, how? Well, when they appear in live TV programs I send telepathic messages to them, saying that they are liars, this is a nice experiments, because their faces change in the moment, some of them begin to look around, other touch their own forehead, this is very funny.

Again, I don’t find words for thank you for your immense effort and work.

Your multidimensional friend José.

PS: What do the words “REAL REGENTIS” mean to you?

Dear José,

thank you very much for your energetic account and validation of our common experiences in the last several weeks, which were among the most dramatic I have ever gone through. We can now indeed influence telepathically all humans on this planet and we should do so. Especially as most of them have no souls at all now.

I would translate “real regentis” as the “true regent”.


Dear George,

Well, I’m headed back to Mt. Shasta in the morning, via Pluto’s Cave. Should arrive by 12 Noon (5hr drive) and meet up with a group of about 15 people to assist them enter the cave. Then I will go up on the mountain and camp at Panther Meadows till Sunday the 23rd. I will not have access to the Internet during that time, so I’ll just say, thanks for everything Captain.

Heavy chemtrails here on Saturday the 15th, but cleared them with my hands, like you do. Also felt the last “adjustment”, but no queasiness this time.

With love and light,

Dear Robert,

thank you for your report on your way to Mt. Shasta and I wish you wonderful time in the coming days in this miraculous and energetic extremely powerful region, where the ascended masters dwell on earth.

With love and light

Hey George,

Confirming the shift of last night. I experienced extremely high vibrations that felt like my Light Body might be sparking up, but at the same time knew this was not the case. This morning woke up after not much sleep and got straight up with energy for once, everything feels lighter and light heated more energetic space to breath. No aches and pain in the body compared to usual sore stiffness. Also a recent new feeling of a strange feeling in my forehead that I don’t remember experiencing before, feels like my third eye is evolving, like it might become visible as a Light Body 3rd Eye, just outside of my head for all to see. I think I am getting more inner vision and imagination back, as usually quite blurred in this sense with the High Energy’s creating the white out experience.

Also this morning before reading April’s recent HS post, as I woke up, started getting fleeting visions of a large sphere doing a 180 degree spin, one way and then the other. Then asked what I was seeing and of course got that this was MPR. So I think that this is at hand now as all latest posts also point to. I feel MPR may manifest even in the next few days.

Can not wait to see some more blatant results in the outer world of all that is happening!

Thank you so much for all your recent informative posts, we are so blessed to have your clarity and skills of presenting your understandings to us. Thanks for doing the lifetime of work required to get to where you have gotten to and to be able to share it with us all. You da man!

Peace and Love,

Dear Frank,

thank you very much for this excellent validation of the energetic shifts that have taken place in the last 24-48 hours. I particularly agree with you that the energies have become now lighter and one can breathe easier.

I also feel that the MPR is coming very soon and I still stick to my two dates 21/22 and 26/27, which I received in the dream state as the most likely window of opportunity when this can happen. I am also tired as you with this stalemate and with the waiting for the big change to finally commence.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I had to write after reading the message from Jan and Sai Baba, as I feel that I’ve encountered one of these types of people(s) / souls that wants to have a free ride. Thank you for translating these amazing messages Georgi – and also to Jahn for publishing them. A big hug to you both for your tireless efforts to keep us on track.

On Saturday evening I was reading the posts and followed the link to Wilcock’s website.  I decided to read what he had to say. That night while sleeping I woke up and felt the distinct sense of being attacked – It felt like someone wanted information or something from me. I used white light to protect myself and then used it on the entity or entities as well before I hurled them into space (That works great! – Thank you).

I felt that this attack came from this website, and that there are either dark entities around it (Is this probable?) and / or David Wilcock is doing some ‘research’ work on people who are and have been going through this process – because he isn’t and hasn’t gone through it.  I found it to be interesting that I was being used in some way as a guinea pig for information gathering or as someone whom he could piggyback on. If this is the case, then why not openly admit that, and acknowledge the fact that there are a group of people who have actually been dealing with this process (us) and are going through it and deal with it openly, instead of attacking people (which is what Internet trolls do).

I have discussed his website here (on our forum) in another letter (I can’t find the link) that I wrote sometime back, when he was doing his research on Financial Tyranny, and I joined to get the updates back in 2011, where I was greeted in a dream at a black spa by him wanting to kiss me (LOL) – And then again when I decided that he was full of shit and I took myself off of his mailing list and he decided (again in a dream) to find out ‘where I was going’ and had a ‘disguise’ on following me.

David Wilcock is one of those wonderful light workers who doesn’t have a clue, at least about what ascension really is – but who claims to know a lot – and perhaps for his level he does, but the way he gathers information is very interesting to say the least if he goes around psychically attacking people to do his information gathering because he can’t admit that he doesn’t have a clue and that he isn’t as evolved as he thinks he is. I for one am not sure that he will be following this timeline, if this is a prescribed way of getting information for him. He may be staying with the fluffy pink people, if he believes, as he writes – ‘just be nice’ and you will ascend. They too believe this.

On another note, with regards to the feminine energy, I whole heartedly agree with this insight. It is something that a certain level of awareness clings to and believes that they are incredibly enlightened by doing so – nothing could be further from the truth. These women and men are only following another Orion plot. The real thing is balance, and most people do not want to deal with that. It is the one thing that will help you wake up and see what is really going on around you. These people will have to learn what balance means and how it works. Right now I only see them as being entangled in another form of duality. Personally, when I encounter either extreme of the patriarchal or the feminine energy I start to feel physically / mentally and emotionally an aversion and this is a clear sign for me that it is not balanced.

In love and light,

Dear Laurie,

yours are very interesting experiences with Wilcock and his website. It is of course extremely difficult for me to comment on them as these are very personal experiences. But the fact that you have dreamt of him shows already that you are somehow in contact with this entity at the soul level and most probably coach him from there.

My impression from him is that his personality has a major crack, so that his tone is fundamentally false. Given the fact that he has dedicated his life to esotericism, it is indeed amazing that he still does not grasp ascension and the LBP and never explicitly talks about this subject. Is he blind, is he bi-polar, is he possessed by a dark entity? Everything is possible as you also surmise.

On another venue, I am happy that you like the latest message from Sai Baba on rampant female energies, which is also a leitmotif in all my articles, where I criticize the “postmenopausal female gurus” – a term I have especially preserved for my former good friends, Sue and Ute.

I have incorporated my female energies from my HS (“anima”, also erroneously defined  as “twin flame” in the esoteric and  channeled literature) several decades ago to a full and very harmonious extent in my daily life and in my intuitive approach to life, but I have never came to the absurd idea to delete at the same time my inborn male faculty for discernment. And I wonder to this very day what kind of idiot – most probably these were dark Orion archons from the astral plane – has whispered this insanity in the ears of most LW.

Now we have reached the day of the paymaster and as the latest message from GaiaPortal (June 16) also indicates, there will be many shifts in the LW scene prior to ascension and most of them will be downgrades.

The white light technique for protection from dark entities is indeed very powerful and these days even more so than in the past. But I wonder who has dared to attack you. Maybe some lost dark entity in our upper 4D timeline, just as I still get from time to time a nasty email from a lost Internet troll. They were silent for a while, but now some of them were revived from their zombie-like existence for the last time before their soulless bodies drop out from this timeline.

The latest idiot of an Internet troll wrote to me in German today: “When is your great appearance in front of the municipal house in your village Wolfersdorf. ” This idiot has not got it yet that I have moved to a new place a year ago. Then he added “We will wait for you with our (manure) pitchforks (MIstgabel)”, which is a common idiotic German saying.

To which I replied to him: “Bavarian Cretin and an Incest Oligophren, ( I must add that oligophreny due to family incest is rather common amongst Bavarian peasants),

“Why don’t you insert your pitchfork in the meantime, while waiting for my appearance, in your asshole. Thus you may experience for the first time in your wasted life such a thing as  pleasure”.

These are the small joys I have with my Internet trolls, which I cherish like house pets.

With love and light


To my dismay that I have these encounters with this cretin in my dreams – I tend to agree with you, there is something very ‘off’ about him – I can’t put my finger on it, but I do sense it and see it in him.

It’s good that you have so much love Georgi and that even the Internet trolls get treated like house pets! They should feel so blessed to encounter such kindness – not that you need more house pets.

love and light,

Dear George,

This synchronicity is somehow particularly amusing for me. I have been prompted by HS to read your “Neoplatonism and Christianity” a while ago and from there I could not stop myself but try “The Enneads” by Plotinus. Then I hear you mention the re-emergence of the Greek wisdom in this moment and people reporting to be reading the ancient philosophers as well. I must say that, while I understand the general line of thought, Plotinus loses me sometimes in his terminology, so that I find myself unable to be sure that I follow with a complete precision the logic he is using. It leads me to think I need to refresh his predecessors first to remedy that, Plato and Aristotle in particular. Reading them all brings me a more refined clarity and ordering to my thoughts.


Dear Piotr,

this is only partially true. The biggest problem is that all translators of Plotin do not grasp his transcendental thoughts and have translated them arbitrarily and on many occasions even outright false. In this respect the translations of Plato and Aristotle are of a much better quality as they are not necessarily dealing with out-world issues, especially Aristotle. I had this problem also when I read the German translation of Plotin and the English one is not much better.

With love and light

Dear George,

Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I remember you mention that in your book. Reading his predecessors is something that I can do to further my understanding, but dealing with the translation would mean learning from the original and that would be using too much energy on this task that I lack. Your book I kind of swallowed whole with the surroundings but the ideas from the ancients do not flow as easily into me and I need to have breaks and it drains me somewhat. I need to make do with the energy HS is giving me for this task. There is no rush though, it is after all only a clarification of the things that I already understand on some level. Also these books are one of the few things that are still able to meaningfully broaden my horizons and I just can never stop with this evolving thing… might as well read to sweeten the time since I am still here.


5D Visions

Yes, George,

I think that’s the point. I’ll try my best to explain. I apologize for being long-winded – it’s not so easy for me to put into words. I hope you can at least follow what I have written! I hope I can make sense now.

This idea has evolved partly as a response to the most recent incremental ascension I experienced when I felt I ascended to 5D (May 28 and the days that followed). Since then I have noticed a bit of a drop in energies and feel I may have “settled” into upper 4D. Personally, where are you residing? In Upper 4 or in 5? Are you able to tell?

When that happened, I felt that the entire PAT had moved up a notch on the ladder and while we could still see and interact with the lower levels, we (or at least I feel) are operating from a higher fulcrum of creativity on our own individual timeline. This is an example to me of this overlay of parallel realities, of which you wrote in your excellent model of ascension. It was both a subtle and real change, and this leads me to feel that ascension is definitely multi-layered and more incremental. The question now is, what belongs to upper 4D and what is 5D?

I wanted to know how we (PAT) could collectively decide on one vision of how to get from where we are now to the New Earth scenario that we have all imagined for so long. The model would have to take into account that ascension seems to be taking longer and there are many more steps than we first envisaged. It also has to account for the separation of our timeline from the masses’ many ones. There are two ways of dealing with this. One is a quantum leap ascension for high level candidates only, to happen sooner, with an ID split, while an alternative model would be slow increments that we share with the masses until at least December. Is this correct?

Mixing fourth and fifth dimensional elements in my creative vision is quite possible since I’m not certain which elements belong to which dimension, what with so many layers. The main idea was that when the PAT really and truly reaches the next notch, that we could hope to achieve singularity (although full light body activation would also be nice, but maybe that comes later?). If singularity is 5th dimensional, it would mean we would be finally operating from that 5D (after the ID split?). If it’s 4th dimensional, how much different would it life be from the current level that most PATsters are creating at? This is my point.

From the PAT’s singularity/ unity consciousness comes the ability to build or use higher technology. I just personally like the idea more of using “mind-based” or internal  technology than machines and feel this is something I want to focus on manifesting. External technology for me is still 4th dimensional – I may be wrong – how to know this? My other problem with external technology is, how is it introduced? If we are not able to “download” it or build it ourselves, then is it a result of GF intervention?

In line with the introduction of 4D tech and no singularity model, then I imagine, from my most recent experience, we would stay on the upper 4D levels, wait for the intro to 4D tech by GF (which may be a while), cleanse the planet, and experience further ascension via increments over many more years.

Am I making sense? Would it be asking you too much to please guide me in my arguments or point out where I am going wrong? My intention is to formulate something we can focus on, if possible. I’m no longer sure how much influence we have on our group (PAT) ascension anymore, but I am hoping that it will not take many years before the PAT can at least have singularity (super-intelligence and superpowers).  Has the knowledge of your souls’ incarnation in two Bulgarian boys led you to believe that full ascension may no longer be imminent?

I apologize for my long email – it’s not so easy for me to put into words. I hope you can at least follow what I have written!


Dear Debra,

I think that your predictions are all in all correct and within the spectrum I also envision. There may be some corrections necessary, but everything is so fluid now and nobody, neither myself, can tell you what is correct. If you read the latest message from April, you will learn that we must be prepared for some miracles and surprises. But I think that the events will now proceed very rapidly and that we will ascend very soon. The masses will then follow their slower timelines.


Dear George,

After reading you proposal from June 14th, I decided to work on a new scenario. I gave myself three days, it’s now not completed, but I would like to share my ideas already.

I’m also trying to figure something out.

With the arrival of the Ascended Masters, they can materialize a new infrastructure in a blink of an eye. The whole Orion system can be substituted with an ‘Enlightenment’ system in one day. This is a possibility and already an experience in a parallel environment (earth). But there are also other ideas and possibilities.

What comes to my mind is that the Ascended Masters can do the job, but they can also guide others to do the job. Guiding others corresponds to the energy of the King. The vision of the Ascended Masters is the blueprint that humanity (now 800 million people) can work out.

When humanity works out the blueprint it takes time. So far the whole ascension process we have experienced is realized step by step, like a wave. So it makes sense that humanity will build the new infrastructure instead of the Ascended Masters in one day.

To build an new infrastructure, humanity needs to listen and follow the insights of their Higher Self. In the channel reports this is also given as “after the veil is fully lifted”.

When the veil is fully lifted of removed, we will see new ideas and inventions. Because we are now at a higher level of the fourth dimension it means that the collective consciousness of the 800 million people together is also higher. Inventions will have new breakthroughs, like on the field of free photon energy.

In the night of June 15, 2013 I came with an idea based on three things that I remembered from your writings.

Point 1) CEO’s of big companies were substituted with clones.
Point 2) There are also starseeds CEO’s.
Point 3) The GF have bodies provided with new souls (walk-ins) to block plans of the PTW.

Now we have a lot of empty holographic images, the Higher Realms can put the original souls back in their bodies on this timeline. The bodies that were killed, lived on in a parallel world and now they can come back on this timeline.

There is now a possibility that starseed souls can come in empty holographic images (people) that are in higher positions inside the Orion system. We can change the system from inside to a new level because we now have more souls that want to build an enlightened society.

When the veil is fully lifted we / our HS can guide these souls very easily and effectively.

The Archons and their PTW are not focused anymore on this timeline and that means that we will not be bothered anymore if the souls want to build something new.

It will be a great satisfaction for the Ascended Masters in human bodies to see humanity have a strong connection with their HS and that new innovations are implemented to replace the system from within. Our HS will guide their souls and we on the ground can do more cleansing on their insecurity, doubts or fears, so that they can build the new system / infrastructure that we (PAT) have envisioned.

The ground group stays as long as possible on the ground to do their dirty cleansing and we are the best and very successful with it, but we don’t like it, that’s for sure.

We have now 800 million souls and 500 million of them are making ready or are ready for the 5th dimension. So they can do it.

I believe in them and they have showing it to me after I decided early March to let them go, just like a parent that let their child be and provide for themselves. As a parent (Ascended Master) I’m still here when they need me. I’m very glad where we all stand now, with the split of 3D and 4D, and the 7 levels / timelines. Every timeline that suit their experiences for Becoming (mastership in themselves).

It’s a different idea and scenario and I prefer the transformation and ascension of the PAT and that the PAT Ascended Masters walked visible in their light body between humanity but I see this as a possibility.

Back in my mind I know that we experience time “faster” and creations takes less time to manifest. With the new level in the forth dimension we are now in a new area where time is “one”, that past and future emerge with the now. And this means that a new infrastructure can be build in a short period of “time” and not decades like on 3D.

The key question is, can the people be educated by their HS and our HS enough without the guiding and knowledge of the Ascended Masters in their Light Body on Earth?

What do you think about this idea and would you like to give me feedback?

Warm greeting in love and light
Erik West

Dear Erik,

this is an excellent analysis of what will happen very soon on the upper 4D earth. I particularly like your idea that highly evolved souls will now enter the bodies of the former Cabal in the corridors of power and will help change the system from within without much resistance.

With love and light


I felt compelled to write to you about this (below), “my 5D”.

Life in the Fifth dimension is the access point to all other dimensions. The point of infinite, instant, EFFORTLESS manifestation. ALL intellectual property ever created is accessible.

Mine could for instance begin in a single point in oneness, when my soul simply is, as it floats in the cosmic wonder of stars, galaxies, universes. I just am, or I may explore further, the ever forming universe, until my vision hones in a certain star. According to Celestial Cosmology, everything you see, is already a thought, hence a reality, because the spirit of light travels 0.9999999% at the speed of light, to all that is visible. Just a thought, I’m already there. In a “blink of an eye”.

I am with my twin flame, together but separate, able to realize and consciously experience all that we ever created, that started with little seeds of thought.

The waves way down below invites us for a quick dip in the turquoise water. There’s many ways of getting to the beach. Why not fly? We instantly soar up to the sky and nose dive splashing into the water, and swim like the dolphins with some dope beat/music that makes us stop, and start dancing, under the water while wearing headphones lol! Once that gets tired, we’ll crab a 5D car and cruise up the hill to our sanctuary. The creation room has a huge mahogany bed, massive hearth with burning fire, bay windows overlooking the ocean, medieval stone walls, real Egyptian linen, moss colored velvet, artificial fur, canvasses and tubes of paint. What to do now.

Along the walls, I have several large holographic plasma screens with flowing graphics, 5D movies, music “videos”, or I could just tune into Hall of Records, to all that is. We decided to access “Life of Joeboo, the cosmic cat” records. Joeboo, who also has ascended, had a life like no other cat, and would make a great children’s 5D holographic movie. It finally IS possible!

Realizing 4D dreams with 3D technology was so cumbersome and boring…
The holographic files immediate pop up onto the screens on the walls and editing, further creation, begins. The dream came true!

I then remember I should get going as to attend the seminar about the history of the Milky way and advanced studies in Galactic Astrology and Astronomy at the University for Higher Learning.

Many people were utterly confused as floodgates about the truth embargo were revealed. Some are horribly embarrassed for being a sheeple and not listening, for not asking the questions, for heckling at the truth. But the Enlightened ones are never confused in the course of the Disclosure of the whole truth about ‘this’ world, as we don’t fear, we already know, and welcome the Light as the liberator, which in an instant releases us from the magnetic pull of this density.

Life will never be boring again as creation is endless and boundless and I never have to “learn” patience, as all lessons of 3D hell are recognized and exist no more. I welcome the bright light, the flash of a supernova from the source, that will instantly, literally, short circuit the system, destroying the Rothschild monetary software, when we ‘unplug’ from the  Orion matrix illusion and the instant rapture of the Enlightened.

In bright light,

Dear Katrina,

I like very much your science fiction visions.


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