PAT Responses to Anthony

by Georgi Stankov, June 19, 2013

Anthony is just one soul – and a lost soul for me. But to quote Jesus in the bible, what is the purpose of saving the flock if I have lost one single sheep. Anthony stands for the whole New Age movement that has totally failed. I have just received an impressive message from Sananda channeled by Jahn that sums up this spiritual disaster. 

It is not just an opinion, it is a fact that due to this failure only very few souls will now ascend, while most of the LW will have a hard time on the many catastrophic 4D earths. And even this upper 4D earth will have to go first through upheavals and calamities before the people have fully awaken and be able to take their destiny in their own hands.

We have done everything what we could possibly do, but it was impossible to stir the masses, and the New Agers were just “as dead as a herring on moonshine” to quote a statement from a Billy Wilder’s film (One, Two, Three).

Now we will go through the most dramatic event in the End Times – the Evolutionary Leap of the upper 4D earth after Sommer solstice – that will last for three days and will heave this timeline to new higher frequency levels, where miracles will be possible as April’s HS informed us.

My dual soul and I have received a private message that we both are ready to ascend and that we will do this simultaneously very, very soon. That is why we had to meet physically – to align our energetic fields – which is very rare in this incarnation experiment on the earth. I know that my time is over and that these are the last skirmishes I fight for the souls and hearts of those who will remain on this 4D earth or even fall to lower catastrophic timelines. Their future will be dreadful as the latest message from Asama Mahatari confirms.



Holy Cow, I think I love you even more now. Haha! I am loving the posts today. They are touching me on such deep levels and it is all so relevant to me. Thank You! First, I love what Maria wrote and I want to tell her to keep it up and that she is a light for those young people in Brazil. That makes me very happy.

Secondly, I want to tell Anthony not to go to those transformational festivals and that even the name of this event is an extreme contradiction. Transformational…festival…first of all, transformation is deeply personal and does not happen at a festival. Festivals are created for celebrating and mainly for making certain people money. If you want to further your own transformation, then stay far away from that scene. I can see how your parents would be even more critical towards you if they know that you are using your last 2,000 to go off somewhere and follow these goofballs around!

They don’t know ANYTHING that you don’t or aren’t capable of figuring out and you’re gonna figure it out a lot faster on your own. They will only confuse you, distract you, and
leave you for broke. I love how Georgi put this:

You are now torn between these two divergent alternatives that have created an artificial crisis in the core of your personality, which you could very easily solve by changing your pattern of thinking and not by external actions and participation in weird social events. This would say that you should resolve first and foremost your personal doubts about ascension and the finality of this world”.

This is true, Anthony, and do not let your ego brush this off because it may be the most honest, loving thing that anyone will ever say to you. You need to overcome your own doubts. That is your primary responsibility right now. You are clinging to too many things outside of yourself and that is going to screw you up. I can relate to you. I am 31 and I, too,  have been through college and I am currently getting my second master’s degree online from an island, so that I can continue to educate and express myself and be creative without having to compromise myself by re joining this fucked up system.

Your soul is very creative and is not going to leave you without a means, as long as you are surrendered to your higher purpose. I promise you that. Most people don’t even understand how I get by so well and to tell you the truth, I can’t even explain it to anyone. The universe fully supports me now and I really think nothing of it, other than I am supposed to be doing what I’m doing so of course I will be provided for here, even if sometimes it seems challenging, at the end of the day, I’m gonna be alright. And you will, too. You seem to have a lot of fear and I hope you are able to overcome that. Maybe you feel like you are running out of time; as I once did. This can cause a sort of neurosis in the mind that leads you to rush to all sorts of crazy ideas like festivals and such. I witness it in many young people I know.

What you need to do is let go of the idea of time, as a concrete thing. It is not. So once you embrace the present moment, and not some illusory future (in which you are broke, homeless, and shunned by your family), then you can get clarity on what your soul really wants. What feels right, right NOW? Answer that question for yourself and do that. Then do that in an hour and tonight and tomorrow and in each now moment and then you are living from Spirit.

I think you will find that it really is much more simple than you are making it. If I got caught up in worrying about my future as it pertains to this world, I would have a fucking meltdown. I have no marriage, no children, no career, bad credit, student loan debt, no plan and my air conditioning in my car doesn’t work and I live in Hawaii!

See what I mean? That’s the 3D perspective. But that’s not the truth. Truth is, I’m here for ascension and I’m not going to get lost in the illusion of thinking a family or a job or good credit, tops the Ascension of my soul to the 5th dimension! That’s crazy. haha. Dig really deep and you may find that you’ve already done all that in past lives. I know I have. But I do have compassion for your situation because I have been there.

I have also heard harsh words from Georgi and my ego has reacted in the past (but to myself), but now it no longer does because Georgi has never said anything to me that wasn’t true. Once I looked at it, objectively, I discovered that he was dead right. We write to him with all our neurotic thought processes and doubts and contradictions, without being completely honest with ourselves and then we push SEND.

He reads them and thank heaven, refuses to go down our rabbit hole with us, even though he fully understands the rabbit hole we just went down. He cuts through the bullshit and then replies to you what your soul already knew.

Now, can your human self accept it and appreciate it? Well, that’s up to you Anthony, and that will be the true test of your spiritual growth. But don’t be delusional in thinking that all your “people” are at the transformational festivals, because they aren’t. Your true people are probably all on this website, which you can read for FREE, thanks to Georgi! See, he’s not trying to sell you anything, but rather give you information and the chance to connect for once in your life, to people who are in the same boat.

Don’t miss out on what you could gain here. I am sending you a LOT of love and I know you can pull through. I believe you are on the cusp of a personal breakthrough. Don’t let yourself down, OK?

I was inspired to write something based on these transactions between Maria, Georgi, and Anthony. I have entitled it, “The Separation”. It is one of those pieces that just flew out of my pen and I haven’t had many of those moments in recent years. It is special and I will share it with everyone as soon as I have the chance to type it up. For now, it is safe in my journal. I just wanted to write this first because I felt that it needed a preface and I wanted to reach out to Anthony as I was guided to do so.

Love You All, Kari

Dear Kari,

an excellent plea on your part but I am afraid it is like throwing pearls to the swines. Anthony does not get it as his response to me and you already indicates. But I thank you for your compassionate response to him as he stands paradigmatically for the whole New Age scene that has totally failed. I have just received a message from Sananda channelled by Jahn that confirms this diagnosis one last time and I will publish it as soon as Björn has translated it.

With love

Georgi and Kari,

Kari, thanks for your heartfelt response and for your compassion. I appreciate your honesty, as well as the fact that you’ve been where I am before. I did indeed have the neurosis that “time is running out,” but I’m not as fearful of that anymore as I was about a month ago leading up to graduation.

Georgi, thanks for the brutal honesty, but I disagree with you.

My thing is, if going to these festivals with my girlfriend to have a great time, meet open minded people in person (not over a dimly lit screen), and learn and grow, why is this such a grand mistake in your eyes? If it makes me happy, what difference does it make to you guys?  Also, we’re not blowing all of our money on the tickets, because we’re volunteering and going for free.

For me, these festivals seem like they are laying the groundwork for the kind of society that I would much rather prefer to live and interact in, as opposed to sitting around waiting for ascension to hit us all over the head. I’m tired of doing that. I’ve made the mistake of doing it in the past, and it bit me in the ass. These festivals don’t seem like empty colorful spectacles to me. They seem full of life, celebration, potential, creativity, music, art, and expression and expansion. People come together to grow, to learn from one another, not to escape into a fluffy pile of unicorn-channeled trash. Not to run off into the woods and drop LSD. I did that a few years ago, and after having psychedelics open my eyes initially, I got the message and hung up the phone. If these ideals are “dead” to you guys, perhaps you’ve become dead to a certain degree. The following article might help expand your mind on these festivals a little bit more.

I’m not looking at these festivals as the answer to all of my problems. I’m going into them to have a breather and enjoy the remnants of 3d/4d life, because the physical realm is still fucking beautiful if you make it, and if you look at it the right way. I’m tired of just words. I want real face to face experiences with the ideals I’ve read about or had swirling around in my mind, even if their transient and in a festival environment. I’ve spent the past 15 years of my life trapped in the American school system, being told what to do by parents, teachers, and family members, and now I’m going to travel in hopes that I can meet some like minded souls who want to create a change in this fucked up world, and so that I can reconnect with nature, and have a blast while doing so. Why should spiritual growth be curtailed to only the individual realm? Why can we not step outside of our personal domain and come together to teach one another, to break down our barriers and walls that we’ve built up, and transform our selves and carry these lessons with us after the fact? How will this lead only to further confusion, and not lead to possible growth? I feel like your perspectives are too one sided and limited in the idea that festivals are a celebratory distraction, rather than embracing their potential to cultivate and catalyze one’s spiritual growth?

Kari, I did love what you said here

” What you need to do is let go of the idea of time, as a concrete thing. It is not. So once you embrace the present moment, and not some illusory future (in which you are broke, homeless, and shunned by your family), then you can get clarity on what your soul really wants. What feels right, right NOW? Answer that question for yourself and do that. Then do that in an hour and tonight and tomorrow and in each now moment and then you are living from Spirit.

I haven’t asked myself that question enough in the past, but ironically, just yesterday I started to make a concrete list of what I want to accomplish, create and attract in my life. What you said seems to go hand in hand with that. Thanks for your responses, I will definitely keep them both in mind. While I disagree with your put downs on the festivals, I did resonate with what you said on my need to turn within more to solve my own dilemma.

Much love, Anthony

Dear Anthony,

I will soon publish a message from Sananda explaining why the esoteric New Age movement has totally failed. It explains also why these festivals are trash. It is your decision to go there. But spiritual evolution is not about feeling nice, but about acquiring a clear mind. This “love and light feeling” has killed the New Ages scene and that is why so few people will ascend now. You may do and think whatever you want, but this has consequences for you and you will most probably not ascend, but will have some hard time in the future on the 4D earth.

With love and light


I’ll openly read Sananda’s channeling whenever you make it available. These festivals may be trash, or they might be an incredibly transformative experience. One cannot truly know unless they go into it with an open mind. Your mind is obviously made up, and for you, all these festivals will appear to be is a New Age circus.  Trust me, if they turn out to be anything like that, I’ll be sure to to let you know. But for now, I will not accept such closed minded statements that are based on bias, assumption and your own personal projections.

In regards to your comment on spiritual evolution, who’s to say that a clear mind and feeling nice are mutually exclusive in nature? Or that a pursuit of a clear mind cannot be found alongside the pursuit of genuine happiness? To me, they go hand in hand. Yes, spiritual evolution is a bitch at times. It isn’t all fun and games. It has it’s peaks and valleys, ups and downs. This I know. Also, if “the love and light feeling” has killed the new age scene, why do you sign off your emails and with that exact saying? Paradoxical isn’t it.

Anyways, thanks for giving me a chuckle by telling me that I “will most probably not ascend, but will have some hard time in the future on the 4D earth.” I’m not sure how else to respond to such a ludicrous de facto statement but with a laugh. I wish your souls journey the best.

Much love, Anthony

Dear Anthony,

there is nothing to be said against the desire to feel nice, but if you feel nice while you go to a brothel and sleep with a whore while you have a loving wife (your soul) at home you are a son of a bitch. You substitute your pure love with a love for flesh and if you feel nice in such a situation then you are really a lost soul.

This also holds true for your comment. I sign my letters with “love and light” after I have extensively explained in my letters and articles very clearly what true love and light is. You  substitute instead the true connotation of the words, just as you substitute your beloved wife (your soul) with a whore. It is all about semantics and clarity of the mind, and if you have not understood this simple fact as somebody who has studied many years creative writing, then there is nobody on this world that can help you.

With love and light

Dear Georgi and Anthony,

Thank you, Georgi, for your response to Anthony, and thank you, Anthony, for creating the platform for Georgi’s response, with your letter. Anthony, you have drawn an honest and insightful answer from George which is deeply relevant to so many people, particularly at this time when we are aware that souls are shuffling into energetic bands.

There seems to be a fundamental block in almost all new age circles, that maintains the illusion that 5th dimensional living is just like 3-d, but paradisiacal. This block keeps people believing that manipulating 3-d with 5th dimensional energies will somehow bring them 5-d paradise. NO!!! Your manipulation of 3-d will bring you 3-d results. Always has done, always will do. You might create a practical (3-d) paradise-like life, but it will only actually BE paradise when you are engaging in it with absolute freedom-consciousness….that means that if you were to lose everything tomorrow, you would STILL live in paradise. And not to think that others are practically (3-d) doing well BECAUSE they are spiritually brilliant. People, PLEASE stop thinking that if someone seems to be living a dream-life now, that they’ve spiritually nailed it, and STOP trying to emulate those people and STOP thinking you or other people have got it spiritually wrong if they are not in a cushy practical (3-d) lifestyle.

I was so very unimpressed by the introduction to the bloom video that I did not even watch it. How can a deeply spiritual message start with a blatant and cleverly-worded suggestion that you will donate 3-d money. And to tell you that how much you give should reflect how much you were touched by the video’s message?! If the most important thing to say first is ‘we need money’ that reflects a mindset I am not interested in. Hence I didn’t watch it.

Please, Anthony, remember that it is a journey of awareness, of consciousness. The external circumstances one is in are irrelevant and do not in any way reflect people’s level of evolution/consciousness. The reason most of the PAT are in relative poverty is because our integrity will not allow us to do most jobs. But the low income suffices.

Regarding the transformational festivals, Anthony said, ‘It looks to me like the closest thing to an ascended culture or environment I’ve ever seen here on 3D Earth.’…….

No matter if it is the closest thing, it will still be a million miles away from a REAL 5-d existence. Why ever would someone choose to engage in temporarily emulating something that they are working towards anyway? It’s like riding on a too-small child’s plastic train that you have to pedal yourself, instead of continuing the ongoing building of your real dream locomotive. Trying to create a mock-multidimensional existence? In this vibrational holographic reality?……It’s crazy, because it’s just MORE illusion.

If one is ONLY interested in having a current-paradigm normal-type life, but with an easy and loving and co-operative and abundant slant, well, fine, and this is what I am hearing in Anthony’s description of these ‘transformational’ festivals. So I say to Anthony, if this is truly your desire, then go for it. This would be as Georgi stated, ‘you, who in the presence of so much overwhelming evidence about the finality of this world prefers to cherish his doubts and considers in earnest viable solutions for his young life within the old Orion matrix at this auspicious time.’ But if you have a higher vision, I agree with Georgi, you could get a job, one that does not compromise your integrity, and earn enough to tick you over in this existence, whilst you build your higher vision by raising further your consciousness. As do the PAT.

This website represents those who see having a current-paradigm normal-type life, but with an easy and loving and co-operative and abundant slant, as being a very restricted vision. Our vision is very much different to this sweetened version of present existence. One only needs to read a few articles and opinions to see this.

Anyway, thank you Anthony. I wish you joy and happiness, whatever your vision.

And thank you, George, for always having the highest perspective on all matters that arise. I love you and all the PAT.

With deepest love and light to us all,

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