Energy Update of the PAT – June 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor

PAT Ascension to the 5th Dimension

Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for keeping the website going for so long. It has been a godsend to be able to communicate and share our experiences with resonating people. Words like ‘thank you’ are not expressive enough, and I hope that you feel the true depth of gratitude and love which I send with this letter. Please send my love and gratitude to Jahn for his service to All-That-Is and his sharing of his messages with us.

I confirm that I too have ascended to 5-d…pure clear skies, soft energy, peaceful, gentle people wherever I go, co-operation, helpfulness and receptiveness abound around me (although I am personally involved in so little now that it is not directed at me or because of me) and also that deep, deep knowing that I cannot be harmed. And this feeling of the ‘haunting’ nature of the world’s events is very obvious to me and also the expression Jahn used of us being witnesses. This is a brilliant description of it…haunting, although it feels more like we are haunting their world, rather than them haunting ours!!!

I still occupy my human body and it still gives me all the old pain and, just recently, some new pain also, but this cannot dampen, even the slightest bit, the sensation/experience of living in 5-d. Perhaps I’m just so used to pain that it can’t demoralise me any more.

Mentally, I am utterly relaxed, knowing there is nothing in me or in the surrounding worlds that I/we need to change or affect. It has all been done and I feel that I can rest in peace (RIP, without death) until my light body ascension occurs.

I have been called to be in Spain, so I am not in Wales just now. More portal expansion going on, I feel.

I understand that you may not reply to this, as you stated a little while ago, but I feel that you will be pleased to hear from those of us who have ascended to 5-d, as confirmation for others. With so much love and light, to you Georgi and to all of the PAT,


PS: I wrote the above this morning and have just found the new posts when I came to the Internet to send it to you. So I will now confirm that everything Jerry has stated is the same for me except the dreams. This does not surprise me as I have rarely in my life had/remembered dreams except just a few deeply significant spiritual ones. As Jerry said some of us have had to have very strong bodies to cope with all this. I feel as if I have been held together by my natural very strong constitution and have been running on my previous physical (and mental) strength gained from a lifetime of jujitsu and yoga (which stopped about 10 years ago when the LBP kicked in big-style – I am 50 now.) I am now at the stage where I feel so heavy and weak (physically) that I do think my body may die soon if physical ascension is not sooner. Needless to say I am not afraid if this is the case, but I would, of course, prefer a full light body ascension.

Love and light, Gail

Dear Georgi,

Bless You for all the wonderful encouragement you are giving to all the PAT-unbelievable!! Following your Energy Update of June 1st, 2013 in which you stated and I quote, “Between May 19-22 there was another huge cleansing episode with several ascension test runs,” end of quote.

Thought I would let you know that my Wonderful wife ( & Soul mate ) ELLA, whom I’ve known for 47 years, received a massive stroke (cerebrovascular ischaemia with atrial fibrillation) on May 19th and ASCENDED on May 22nd (11.11) without her body into the Higher Realms. This was no surprise to ELLA as she had been prepared and expecting it for a long time, as of course we the PAT all have. Looking at the scan, it did show that the blood clot completely covered the right side of her brain and the left side was not effected and clear. This, to me meant that she had finished with the 3D world ( right side of brain ) and was completely ready to enter the Higher Realms. Incidentally, ELLA gave me a huge loving smile just before this all began.

Love & Light,
(Ella) & Eric…U.K.

Dear Eric,

I highly appreciate that you have informed me on the ascension of Ella on May 22 and I am deeply impressed by your sovereignty to cope with this huge loss, which as you (and we all) know is a temporary illusion as you will very soon join her in the bliss of the higher realms. Ella’s departure represents the first wave of ascension that was announced for May 18th and, as I wrote, it happened for all first ascended masters by leaving their physical vessel on the earth.

This bears resemblance to the destiny of Jerry who also remained on earth, while his spouse Anita transitioned to the source. Although this was a huge loss to Jerry, he has shown since then a remarkable countenance and a balance of spirit, also hugely supported by Anita from the higher realms. I am sure that you will experience this same telepathic support from Ella in the remaining few days till your ascension.

I know that it is not necessary to reiterate these well known facts, but know that you are in my thoughts and I send you all my moral support in these last challenging hours before we leave this dire reality for ever.

With love and light

Beloved Georgi…

Had to read the “Rescue of 4D Earth” a few times and then read your take on it. At first I felt confused.. and that is partially due to my hard time reading these days… Your take on it clarified it all very well.

I am glad there is a grand attempt to help more people in 4D. This is the way of Source! So I can fully get behind it. I know I will be an Ascended Master traveling around earth to help 4D people for a short time after the MPR.

My spiritual team let me know that indeed Nibiru is close and will pass by. It is when it is leaving that the affects of it’s pulling will create the magnetic pole shift. So I just go about my days and ready as I am for this excellent adventure to continue. It is nice to hear you meet one who is so like you (PAT).

I am grateful for all of Jahn Kassl’s articles too. The Rescue of 4D Earth warmed my heart deeply in a crazed world, all mixed and blended in a way that makes all this orchestration a pure mind-boggle!

I am feeling the Earth changes, feels like Japan is revving up and also down by the Sandwich Islands are really unstable (as it has caused my right ankle such pain and grief when I walk!) Also the roving leg pains which would be South American and Indonesia. Gaia Portal also reflects Jahn’s latest message —> whoo hooo!

“Movement of Gaia surface energies has smoothed disturbances arising from Gaia energetic restructuring. Mass movements of humanity-general, as well as Hue-manity particular, has shifted into what may be called an “Eternally Upward” direction.

Awakenings of humanity-general proceed at quickened rate, as the smoothed Gaia surface energies allow undisturbed free thought. Such smoothed energies encourages open mindedness in individuals.

Gaia now speeds what could be called, “heart openings”, although perhaps better described as “Soul Being Contract openings”, to occur in all individuals

Thank you!
~ Love, Carolyn

Dear George,

Much gratitude to you and Jahn for your most recent collaborations, your personal experiences and analysis, and Jahn’s channelings. There is so much high energy coming off the pages of your website, (always true) but especially now, that it creates unbelievable joy. The joy sometimes forces me to rest, rather than being busy “doing” things as I remain here during the last days of intercepting timelines.

After reading Rescue of 4DAscension I wanted to share an ascension dream from the morning of May 30th. I was standing with many dozens of people and we were all full of joy. Our naked bodies were blue from head to toe. We were each waving an arm in an upward movement as to communicate we were in synch with a decision to ascend.  We were deciding not to breath and full of joy. This is the second time the subject of not breathing has come up for me from HS.

Thank you both, once again.

In Love & Light,

Dear Marylin,

thank you for your appreciation of the latest post that perspires incredible power and high frequency energy indeed.

The fact that you have dreamt of the PAT as naked in blue bodies is indicative of us as ascended masters as the blue/deep blue colour is the colour of transliminal souls (ascended masters).

With love and light

Dearest Georgi,

I just read the latest message from Asana. These things are already happening.

Yesterday I could feel the change occurring around my hands, elbows and feet. The blood running though my veins has started to feel as if it turning into solid material at these points. I can’t fully explain it and I know it sounds unintelligent but I can tell you that the change is already happening. I feel a different power growing in me.

I was knocked down so hard yesterday (6-1-2013) that I had to sit down on the floor and stay there meditating. When I tried to get up and continue my chores, I had to sit back down and wait for the energy to subside.

The news that magnetic north pole has moved 161 miles in the last 6 months confirms the physical changes manifesting from the spiritual changes. The 15-hour non-sop geomagnetic storm on June 1st, confirms our energy updates and waves felt by all

Now, I am curious as to how our daily routines will change now.

I already feel the calm and protection. I already experience watching without harm. However, at work, I am surrounded by people who have great spiritual orientation and remain in peace for the most part, but have no knowledge of what is happening in the world or about the pole shift or the frequency separation. They are blissfully blind. I sense that I am there to help keep the peace once the revelations break down their blindness.

Previously when they worried about storms and weather that would affect the flow of traffic to the business, I asked them to join me in meditation to shift the storm away.  I saw a few of their faces with looks of incredulity. But when the storms were averted (twice this happened), they changed. Then I told them the stories of Monks who are able to lift stones with their energy by chanting together and other stories of group thought changing reality. They listened with intent.

So, we are making headway slowly. Additionally, two of the visions/dreams that I had about people there have already happened but I did not reveal these to them. I must go slowly with them.

I am having a ball and so very happy now. In my meditations I also envision revelations involving those whom I worked against to thwart their plans to hurt others.  I expect that those revelations will appear soon.

In terms of US politics, everyone is in a corner. Obama is in a corner as are all of the warring factions. Russia and Hungary have changed the global game. The US will risk the collapse of all trade if they do not get rid of Monsanto as the world will not accept Monsanto products. Israel cannot attack Syria without risking their own destruction so they are behaving like maniacs now. The whole thing has come to a head, checkmate, so something must happen or the someone must “kick the card table”.

June will be a monumental month for the whole world.

Much love, peace, joy and happiness to All,

Dear Charlotte,

thank you for your update and valuable comments on actual events as usual. I also see it the same way. Today we have another powerful surge from the source with a severe headache for me after a cc-wave on top of my respiratory symptoms. It is getting very heavy and I can only hope that this is the last bout before our ascension. I could not cope with more.

The irony is that each time I decide to have a respite, which is so rare indeed, my HS has the opposite plan and boycotts any effort on my part for a respite.

With love and light

Caro George,

credo di essere entrato anch’io pienamente in 5D (energeticamente), dal 28 sera sono pervaso da una gioia immotivata, una potente energia positiva e una sensazione prepotente che il mondo non è più quello di prima [nonostante fisicamente sono ancora nella stessa fogna (cesspool)]. Anche la luce è diversa, bella, chiara, pulita. Purtroppo ho difficoltà a trovare le parole per descrivere tutto ciò, posso solo riassumere dicendo che mi sento prepotentemente in 5D. Mia mamma si sente e vede nel solito modo e afferma di essere così già da un po’ di tempo. A questo punto credo che il termine “dozen”
utilizzato da Asana Mahatari sia simbolico (come 144.000) e indichi in realtà un numero molto maggiore…

Con affetto


Dear George,

I believe to have fully entered the 5D (energetically). From May 28 the nights are filled with an unmotivated joy, a powerful positive energy and a feeling that the world is no longer the same as before [although physically we are still in the same sewer (cesspool)]. Even the light is different, beautiful, clear, clean. Unfortunately I have difficulty finding the words to describe this, I can only summarize it by saying that I feel strongly in 5D. My mom feels and sees it the same way and claims to be there since a while. At this point I believe the term “dozen” (ascended humans) Asana Mahatari uses is rather symbolic (such as 144,000) and means in reality a much larger number…

With love

Dear Max,

thank you for this confirmation that you and your mom have ascended to the 5th dimension. The next step will be the activation of our light bodies and real ascension.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I can confirm the cleansings that have been occurring… and I too have been having the broncho-pneumonitis for the past week or so. Here in Virginia we had the cold, rainy weather which is unusual for this time of year… but it’s been sunny and beautiful for the past week. June 1st was my 56th birthday… let it be my last here, I am so ready for 5-D and beyond.

In Love and Light,

Dear George

Thank you, Jahn and Bjorn for the wonderful posts! They are fully encoded and present with them a shift for me towards grand anticipation and brought me completely into alignment only by reading them.

I’d also like to take the time to thank you for the energetic work beyond the veil you’re doing that goes unseen. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your sojourn with your dual soul and wish you a speedy recovery and flawless ascension.

Many blessings,

Dear Debra,

I also feel the power of these messages from Jahn, given the fact that he is not part of the PAT and does not actually participate in the ascension process the way we do. This makes them all the more valuable and reliable.

As it happens, each time when I decide to take a respite, my HS has a different plan which ends up boycotting my intentions. Today is another such day full of cc-waves and a strong headache in addition to my respiratory symptoms. No wonder, we all long to leave this torture planet for ever.

I hope you feel much better than myself

With love and light

Lieber Georgi,

Vielen Dank, dass du den Licht-Lesungs-Text von Jahn so schnell eingestellt hast. Ich hatte den Text zwar schon per livestream am Morgen gehört, aber Lesen ist ja ein ganz anderer Schnack. So sind mir beim Lesen der Botschaft mehrere Mal Assoziationen an die Seth-Texte durch Jane Roberts gekommen. Abends in der Meditation ist mir klar geworden, warum. Es ist ja dieselbe Quelle. Asana ist St. Germain, St. Germain ist Seth, Seth ist Merlin. Merlin Ist Toth und so weiter und so fort. Deshalb ist der Text auch so glaubwürdig und überzeugend.

Und anscheinend passiert auch alles zum richtigen Zeitpunkt. Ich meine damit die Zusammenarbeit von Asana/Jahn und dir. Denn Ende Oktober letzten Jahres hatte ich dir mal einen Link zu Jahns Seite geschickt (er hatte in einer Botschaft meiner Meinung nach vom PAT berichtet), aber du bist da nicht näher drauf eingegangen. Tja, es kommt eben alles zur richtigen Zeit.

Gestern Abend in der Meditation hörte ich dreimal hintereinander meinen Namen, sehr deutlich. Wow war das. Ebenso wow war ein Traum, den ich morgens um 5 Uhr am 20. Mai hatte. Seit zwei Jahren träume ich so gut wie nicht (4 oder 5mal in der Zeit), darum nehme ich jedes Traumbild als sehr kostbar. In diesem Traum befand ich mich in einem Raum und hörte jemanden sagen, die Erde fängt an zu wackeln. Ich dachte, wunderbar, dann geht es jetzt los. Und tatsächlich begann der Boden zu wogen wie das Meer und ich fand mich  in einer Zimmerecke wieder. Fühlte mich dort völlig angstfrei und geborgen. Dann spürte ich wie sich das ganze Zimmer, die ganze Erde auf den Kopf stellte. Gleichzeitig fühlte ich einen immensen Sog nach oben, der 3/4 der Körpers erfasste. Ich bemühte mich, dass letzte Viertel auch von dem Sog erfassen zu lassen, aber dann bin ich aufgewacht und – nicht sehr originell – eine Krähe krächzte zweimal vor meinem Fenster. (Habe vorher keine Krähen hier auf unserem Grundstück bemerkt.)

Spannend, was du über dich, deine Dualseele und eure Pläne schreibst. Danke, dass du darüber berichtest.  Jetzt dauert es wirklich nicht mehr lang, gel.

Alles Liebe dir und den Deinen


Dear Georgi,

Thank you for the light-reading text from Jahn that you have edited so quickly. Although I heard the text via live stream in the morning, reading is indeed a very different matter. Thus, several times while reading the message I had associations with the Seth texts by Jane Roberts. In the evening, in meditation, I realized why. It’s the same source. Asana is St. Germain, St. Germain is Seth, Seth is Merlin. Merlin Is Toth and so on and so forth. Therefore, the text is so credible and convincing.

And apparently everything happens at the right time. I mean the cooperation of Asana / Jahn and you. At the end of October last year I sent you once a link to Jahn’s site (he had in my opinion a missive on the PAT), but you did not discuss it further. Well, it just all comes at the right time.

Last night in meditation I heard my name three times, very clearly. Similarly, wow, was a dream I had at 5.00 am in the morning on May 20.. For two years I almost do not dream  (4 or 5 times in this time), so I take every dream image as very precious. In this dream I was in a room and heard someone say,” the Earth begins to wiggle”. I thought, wonderful, then it starts now. And indeed, the ground began to weigh like a sea and I found myself in a corner of the room. I felt that I was completely fearless and secure. Then I felt like the whole room, the whole world turned upside down. At the same time, I felt a tremendous pull up that encompassed 3/4 of the body. I tried to capture the last quarter of the body into the pull, but then I woke up and – not very original – a crow croaked twice outside my window. (I have not previously noticed crows here on our property.)

Interesting to read what you write about your dual soul and your plans. Thank you that you have reported about this. Now it really won’t not take much longer…

All the best to you and yours

Liebe Renate,

als du mich auf Jahn’s Webseite aufmerksam gemacht hattest, schrieb ich ihm sofort aber er antwortete mehrere Monate nicht, da er Emails nicht bearbeitet. Dann begann ich seine Texte zu übersetzen und zu publizieren und schrieb ihm noch einmal und dann reagierte er als die Zeit reif für die Zusammenarbeit war. Dies zur Hintergrund -Information.

Dein Traum wird bald Wirklichkeit werden, Alles spricht jetzt dafür.

Lassen wir uns überraschen, was demnächst kommt.

Liebe Grüße


Dear Renate,

when you made me aware of Jahn’s website, I immediately wrote to him but he did not reply for several months because he is normally not responding to emails. Then I began to translate and publish his messages and wrote to him again and then he responded when the time was ripe for cooperation. This is for your background information.

Your dream will soon become reality, everything speaks for it now.

Let us be surprised what will come soon.


Hi George

Quite interesting the events in Turkey. I saw them on the news in Peru. However, more important was the winning of Avaaz over the corporate labs such as Bayer and specially Syngenta and Monsanto regarding the bees. I also read about an article where Putin is quite upset against Obama as he backs up Monsanto. I wonder if WW3 will start due to US backing up Monsanto and Putin against it. Humm.

Regarding cleaning the shit, here in Peru former presidents Alejandro TOledo (2002-2006) and Alan García (2006-2011) are under investigation for money laundry; they bought houses for millions US$ and people asked from where did they get the money -also the Nation’s Prosecutor, HA! Toledo is the biggest liar I’ve ever known and Alan is a big fat rat, as he said while President “Money comes to me on its own”. Actual President Ollanta Humala is no saint either, but a puppet from Cuba and his wife Nadine.

June is already here. I wonder if huge natural events will start this month such as the tornado in Oklahoma, but also in other parts of Earth. Meanwhile, I will travel next week to Denmark to visit my son. It would be nice to be in Europe again, but specially to see my beloved son.

Other than that, since March life feels surreal. It’s like life keeps changing. I feel tired and my eyes feel it too. It’s like this life before my eyes is there and not. HA! I finished my last work by the way, so I have saved money for few more months, before I ran out of it I will need to get a new job to keep up living. LOL. Wondering when the final ID Split will happen. Hmmm.

Big hug from Peru,

Dear Arloz,

thank you very much for your update. It is very interesting indeed, especially about the politics in Peru and Latin America.

From what I gather, you may experience your ascension in Europe, while visiting your son. This makes sense. Let us see what the coming days will bring to us.

With love and light

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