Contemplations on Probable Ascension Scenarios

by Arthur Seletse and Georgi Stankov, June 16, 2013

Dear George,

I have finished reading the latest update on the ascension process and I can’t thank you, April, Dorie and Jerry for the consistent updates you keep supplying the rest of the PAT members, my gratitude is immeasurable.

What I wanted to talk about, which I am sure is very obvious to you, is that one of the dates which you found out about in your latest ascension dream, being the 21/22 July happens to be summer/winter solstice and I say winter solstice because the seasons in the southern hemisphere are opposite to those in the Northern hemisphere.

With this lies a remarkable possibility for some PAT members to ascend and appear in front of humanity immediately after. Although from my own preference I would prefer to ascend sooner, since I would be of much better use and help to humanity in my ascended form, plus I am not very comfortable with the constant attention that will be given to me if such happens, not that I dislike attention it’s just that too much attention in a human vessel can be disconcerting given that I am one of the few PAT members in Africa.

I am assuming that due to all the recent developments in the ascension process, particularly the 7-earth timelines that the frequency/vibration of the masses on the highest timeline of the upper Earth 4D as well as the planet itself, has been raised significantly and sufficiently enough to accommodate our high and intense, higher dimensional energies emanating from our new, crystalline bodies, so that we are able to actually literally appear in front of humanity without causing any harm or damage to their fragile, carbon based vessels.

The MPR that has occurred on the 6 parallel earths and will very shortly bestow upon our own reminds me of sequential destruction. Let me use the appropriate example: Supposing there are an unidentified number of cars arranged in a row, which all have the same mechanisms except that with each next car is one with stronger mechanisms which means it is built to last longer than the previous car. All these cars have/contain petroleum gas in which it’s temperature is determined by internal and thermal activity of the car as well as it’s pneumatic and hydraulic system. The engine is activated/started and that means the car is now on, by virtue of this being a test to determine what happens. The cars with the weakest internal design, which are easily affected are the first to be abolished/destroyed and cars with stronger internal systems which have been carefully and thoughtfully designed are less and in some cases far less affected by the thermal rise in temperature of the petroleum gas. Consider that the upper earth 4D is the final car with the single advantage of having a specifically constructed internal system which lowers/cools the temperature of the gas and therefore keeps the car from blowing up. The main difference being is that this final car stops working entirely, due to the obvious ,consequential effects of the disruption of the internal system, for the given period until it’s repair, compared to all the other cars which have suffered much more severe effects.

Your dream suggests that you and others may very well soon ascend, most likely during the next 10 days. I have always thought that PAT members have to ascend before, as this will also help further the revelations and speed up the process. It’s like a boat arriving back on deck before the gigantic storm. In our case the PAT members, some or many will be the strong gail-force winds before the catastrophic hurricanes and tornadoes, I am though not suggesting that catastrophes will take place just using them as an example of the change that will take place.

Love and Light

Dear Arthur,

thank you very much for presenting your perspective of the impending ascension scenario on the upper 4D earth. I particularly like your car metaphor in this context.

While there is no doubt that we are indeed on the cusp of the big changes, we have been waiting for so long, it is difficult for me now to say when we shall ascend. According to April’s HS we must wait until the veil has been fully lifted and this statement lit a red lamp in my mind.

I will explain why: Tomorrow I will publish the latest Jahn’s message transmitted by Sai Baba. Sai Baba was a transpersonal soul incarnated in India, which means that a whole family was incarnated in one human body and was thus the only transpersonal soul in recent years on the earth. He died several years ago and was challenged in his last years to have used fraudulent miracles to attract and appease his followers. He was definitely able to perform such miracles in his early years, I cannot comment now on his earthy behaviour, but I have written in my gnostic books about this person somewhat 13 years ago as an example of a transpersonal soul, compared to a transliminal soul, which we all will become after ascension, as we will merge not only with our soul family and monad, but also with the whole universe and the Source.

I am mentioning this as to preclude some unnecessary comments on this personality as a source of information, which is now talking to Jahn as an ascended master with recent earthly experience.

Anyway, Sai Baba tells us that the current upper 4D earth is still intertwined with the other catastrophic 4D earths. This explains on the one hand why these same catastrophic events – MPR, deluge, collapse of the Orion system – that have already happened on these timelines will also manifest very soon on this upper 4D earth. On the other hand, it also gives us an explanation as to why we still experience the old 3D matrix on this timeline that is planned to dissipate after the veil is fully lifted, as April’s HS tell us in her latest message: “However, before the PAT’s complete ascension/transition to 5D and/or beyond can take place, the veil has to fully lift in the current parallel timeline in which you now exist. After all, this is what you came here to support and witness.”

This means that we must experience the ID split on this timeline that will catapult this earth fully into the 4th dimension, while fully separating it from the other catastrophic 4D timelines. According to April’s HS, we can only ascend  after this event has occurred.

What this event = final ID split of upper 4D = full elimination of the veil = Revelation – really means, remains to be seen. My HS tells me that we should be prepared for some big positive surprises, as ascension will manifest differently than we have envisioned so far. This we have experienced already with the introduction of the seven parallel 4D-earths ascension scenario that offset the old three-earth-scenario. Now we learnt from April’s HS that there are also many 5D parallel earths, which is in full coalescence with the multidimensional nature of All-That-Is.

Given this energetic background, it remains to be seen when we shall activate our light bodies and experience full transformation and merging with the source. It could well be after the rapid sequence of events that will first take place on the upper 4D earth, so that we may witness these events still in our earthly bodies as to be able to energetically stabilize this timeline, while still on the ground.

But the coming big events will exceed anything humans have experienced or imagined so far, so that it will not be a great disappointment, at least not for me, if we stay some more days on the upper 4D earth until its full separation and ascension and be thus participants and witnesses of these unique, dramatic events.

On the other hand, I wonder how all these revelations about the Orion Reptilian empire that April’s HS has announced today will be disseminated among the masses and will penetrate their collective consciousness, unless there are some dramatic phenomena and developments of cosmic proportions and this can only be our ascension and appearance as ascended masters that will trigger these revelations with a sweeping force.

These are exactly the two probability alternatives for the End Time scenario, upon which I am now brooding, and I hope to get some more clarity in this respect in the coming days.

To this two scenarios one must also count with the financial crash that is inevitable and which I have explained in my report today and in my previous energy update.

All in all, we are this time indeed on the cusp of the most dramatic and exciting events humanity has ever experienced in its history since the fall of Atlantis and even before that and we are well advised to be open to all kinds of positive surprises.

With love and light

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