On Chemtrails on the Upper 4D Earth

by Phil Richardson and Georgi Stankov, June 15, 2013

Hi Georgi,

I must ask your thoughts on sunset chemtrailing.

Today was another gorgeous day. No trails in the sky. That was until the afternoon arrived, about 3 pm and the contractors, all then jumped into their spray jets, hit the air and pummeled the sunset horizon. I guesstimate about 50 planes in 2 hours were prepping for the sun to drop into the evening sunset and the haze was waiting like a blanket waiting for the toddler to go to bed.

This is as real as anything.

What is the purpose to this? It goes past solar flares. What do you think the PTW are trying to hide?


Dear Phil,

I had the same situation two days ago when we had a blue sky. The  planes came even later, around 18.00 p.m and before that it was blue sky everywhere. They left some traces which I disappeared with my hands and the help of the HR, but I also wandered what they want to hide – Nibiru? Quite possible, as something must happen next week that will trigger the revelations.

With love and light

Thanks Georgi,

I appreciate your feedback.

I have been studying chemtrails for 3 years. I have watched the patterns change from trial runs with simpler compounds to ones today which are much more purposeful.  Barrels must be pre-selected prior to the pilot beginning his mission as depending on their measurement equipment.

The pilots have become quite proficient in the placement of their targets in the sky too. Since we know they are metals, it’s geometry class up there. They now have the ability to place small ones connecting to larger trails and bind the 2 due to the electrical composition. In other words, it has become quite clear they know how to direct, shape, manipulate and bend these trails to their desired position and the days of hundreds of simply dropping chemical spray in our skies are done.

There are many reasons we are led to believe why they spray. The one most don’t accept is to slow down, control and hide the beneficial energies from the masses.

It is all about covering an exact surface area of the sky with a compound that is resistant to heavy wind and baro pressure and either visually hiding something from view, or the attempt to reflect solar plasma energy.

This morning, before 6 am, there were approx 14 heavy placed lines a fee degree away from the sun at sunrise. Commercial airliners do not even begin their flights here until 6 am.

Chemtrailing was the key catalyst for me 3 years ago and my re-awakening and I embrace my passion to discover that truth. Most days I am OK with them as I see the big picture of trying to prevent our ascension and awareness and these energies reaching us, but other days I’ve just had enough. There is so little we can do now except be aware of them and understand why.

There is a key reason why they attack sunsets however, that is an undeniable truth.   Nibiru would make the most sense to accept. Perhaps there are portals there as when the trails are heavy as more times than I can count, a strange vertical rainbow appears on the left or right of the sun. However that could simply be a chemical result of heavy placement.

I am now seeing as proof, when there are heavy energies in the air, solar events have happened, these trails are placed. My guess is there will be many areas around the world reporting the same this weekend, starting yesterday.

It remains obvious the PTW are fighting desperately to hold onto their agenda.

Thanks again Georgi.  Thanks for continuing to be the inspiration for all of us. I cannot wait another minute to feel and experience the completion of our ascension.

In Love and light and thanks again,

Dear Phil,

thank you for this comprehensive elaboration on the chemtrail activities of the PTW, which are now mere shadows, just as their chemtrails no longer affect the upper 4D earth, even if we see them.

Most of what you have observed and summarized here is confirmed by my personal experience as we also have massive chemtrail attacks in Southern Germany, most of the planes coming from the region of Frankfurt (Northwest from us), where there are many NATO and  US-military bases and secret service locations.

But with respect to my portal where I live, they can no longer penetrate it and thus only fly around it. Their trails are too high and do not leave any durable traces anymore. In the past they were much more successful in this insidious effort. Also their activity has largely diminished. Even a month ago they started spraying early in the afternoon around 14.00 p.m. local time. Now they start around 17.00 p.m as of today and even later on and their chemtrails disappear very quickly as I just observed on the sky. I can dissolve any chemtrail I observe with my hand´within seconds, up to a minute and I experience each time how my energy streams from my palm and dissipates the trails. You should try it also. Those that I do not deliberately dissolve with my mind and energy field, stay a little bit longer, but still dissipate after some time. This confirms that the GF and the forces of light now dissolve all these chemtrails and they have no effect on the upper 4D earth.

This is my modest contribution to this topic.

With love and light

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