Avatars – Part I

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 27, 2013

first published in English on June 30, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Return of the Gods

Loved ones, children of the One God, children of the primal source of all being and metamorphosing gods in human form!

I am the Jesus Sananda who works among you, lives and dissolves all remaining illusions of this world together with you, until we all arrive in the heavens, which are numerous and unlimited, and were created for our worship of the Creator by himself. I am among you and can be now perceived through my light by all those people who gather in the power of this message and open their hearts for it unconditionally.

Standing by my side, since eternal ages and at all times, is the master of all masters, the eternally immortal, unlimited and not perceivable by any human consciousness ever – BABAJI. Together, we fill in these spaces, we fill in any space that opens to us, no matter where in this world, and we fill in each and every heart that is drawn close to us in humility and love. Lotus flowers open and reveal to us their beauty and the hearts of men do the same – by revealing through your grace, in your splendor and in your humility that is innate within each awakened consciousness, your beauty to the people.

No master ever fell from the sky and yet only masters have descended from heaven to this earth and only masters have taken place on these chairs, and only masters perceive this light manifestation (light reading of Jahn) on their screens, only masters read these words from the light, no matter which time, and only masters are the ones, who have ever lived on this earth. And of all people, he is the one and the “ALL-THAT-IS consciousness – BABAJI, the teacher, the wisdom, the way and the light – there is none beside Him, and we are here and now united for the purpose, to bring to all of you knowledge and dispense blessing.

You shall therefore stop the time, and I tell you verily: it happens now, the time is stopped, the space is stretched, bent and formed again, so that the peoples’ flock, which has fallen prey to the illusion (Maya) can be funnelled through their elected experience, until it is completed, which is described as the Great Maya, for verily: Of all the things you perceive today, here and now on this your earth, it is as real as it is visible when you close your eyes: NOTHING.

Now we go into the topics, now we shall look at the big picture, now we shall pay attention especially to your true magnificence, now we are one with the primal source of all Being, for now the worlds ascend into the light and the gods awaken from the deep slumber of many millennia.

Jahn will describe to you now his perception of today and we shall concentrate on this space-time mirroring; and verily we shall assess and interpret it, so that your mind will understand and your consciousness shall take the lead. For verily: where your mind exerts omnipotence, there is no place for true awareness.


Today I wake up with severe pain in the left eye. A severe “pressure pain”. Also a big headache and a weakened awareness go hand in hand with it. I feel as if I were in a world that cannot be rescued, I feel how animals feel when they are waiting at the slaughterhouse for the death ball or for the knife, and with this I can feel great empathy, because I spent, before I decided to become a vegetarian (23 years ago), a whole morning in the biggest slaughterhouse in Austria to witness the slaughter of the animals and to be present at their unworthy death. I feel as if the entire mankind is driven to the butcher, and contrary to the animals, they do not even get it. An incredible feeling of helplessness engulfs me and when I looked yesterday at a billboard and saw the ad for a new Hollywood movie, titled “WORLD WAR”, I felt sick, and now all these scenes mix in my mind and I wonder:

What will happen to this world and to those worlds that represent the lower 4D-holograms, what will happen, and what will the dark forces intend to do with all of humanity, who have chosen this experience? And is it necessary to experience this all one more time? “World War”, and Hollywood is preparing the people for it. It is not the first film of this kind, but the title is the program of the One-World elite. And when one considers that the main protagonist (Brad Pitt) is a member of the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) and belongs to an elite organization that, far from the public, like the Bilderbergers or the Committee of 300, determines the course of the world, and that Hollywood on top of that has recently signed a close cooperation with the CIA, then much becomes clearer, and what is now shown in the film, may already be a “reality” tomorrow. Questions after questions, fainting in the eye of the inevitable, impressions, which my left eye, my emotional being can no longer look at. I know that this all must now come and will come in this way at certain levels /timelines of the world.

In the course of the day, my condition improves and now, as I write these lines, I am absolutely free of it, and while I tell this, I must try my memory hard because it is necessary, because our peace rests on our understanding of these events. (end of report)

Verily I say unto you, It is as described here. What the one world has overcome ,will spread across another world, as the weeds spread on a field that is not prepared.

Loved ones,

Indeed, what Jahn perceives are the events that build up on the lower 4D-earths and this perception is necessary in order for those, who serve in their mission to the entire creation process and at all levels simultaneously, to open for the total overview (this is meant especially for the PAT, comments George). It is hard to endure what unfolds in these days and how the worlds – and the people of these worlds – attract new experiences and new karma. It is important to understand, and therefore to accept, that these events are the result of the free will of every person.

Nothing happens without the conscious or unconscious decision of a person, and everyone is responsible for his illusion, in which he lives. This is true, even when it seems as though the people are led as powerless animals to the slaughterhouse, as described by Jahn. Yes, even the unconscious being, the unconscious dwelling, the ongoing slumber in the Maya has been chosen, and were it otherwise, then the people would wake up.

The sight of these events and the certainty with which these people now go under on many worlds, is truly very sobering – and also we from the spiritual light planes of being feel deep compassion for them, and many entities have been overwhelmed by a deep  “mourning” despite the fact that we overlook the whole event and know the karma loops very well, despite the fact that we see that all this obeys the divine logic and love of God – yes, and yet, it’s hard to grasp how much the people long for a new experience of pain and are not even remotely as awake as the calves that are driven to the slaughterhouse  in Jahn’s report.

It is hard to endure, but it happens now and it will be fulfilled in the coming epochs of over 1,000 years – which means: Only then shall the people aspire to the light, when they are open and ready for it. Not a pretty sight, certainly, but an illusion / Maya, to which many children of men have now exposed themselves.

And now we shall illuminate this fact from the divine light, from the truth, which is the light, let us look deeper and enlighten this time, st that you can strive for your goal without looking back, for verily: the aim of the awakened has nothing in common with the  aim of the sleeper!

First and foremost it is significant for you to know that all the people who were ever born on all earths, represent gods and are gods. This truth is known to you, but it is very much forgotten, especially when you are busy with earthly affairs and pay too little attention to the heavenly things.

Gods are accustomed to only make absolute experiences. “Absolute experience” means that everything is experienced and sought in its absoluteness. This also holds true for the suffering and the pain. This applies to the above described scene. And the scene with which the ascending beings are entrusted, is that of absolute love and light experience in God. Gods, as you are, also experience this absolutely. Each God defies any compromise, everything must be absolutely experienced  – the suffering, as well as happiness, the light and the darkness, the evil and the good. It depends solely on which experience a being that incarnates chooses, but no matter what it is, it is always absolute.

All people who now walk through the new absolute darkness, are gods who have not yet redeemed their karma, their time and space loops, and so it happens to them now that they get this chance. Quite different from the ascending humans. The levels that are now moving to the fifth dimension of being, will be populated by a large number of gods, who have descended voluntarily and without any pay off of old karma upon the earth, so that it can be fulfilled now.

Without awakened people, there will be no ascension, this is the formula, because heaven is powerless, when the people deny their power. This means that many of you masters in human gestalt, many of you as future Ascended Masters, many of you, gods, are avatars, who have descended on this earth consciously and with full knowledge about the potentials of this time, who have entered this game again, so that you can help shaping it, and thus lead it to a good end.

For many of you, gods, who follow these words of light, karma has been created, so that you could get the permission to enter these earths, that is to say, you have kept yourself in the karma loop, only to be able to be here today, at this auspicious resolution of all illusions and at this unique time of renewed focusing of many people on the illusion. Is there a greater service of love than to voluntarily waive the return to God and willingly, and without any ifs and buts to participate in these processes on the earths, to carry them upwards for the benefit of all people, until you are relieved of all loads at the behest of God?

You have returned to this world without being forced to do it! Not everyone, no, but there are many who have so decided, and without these light warriors the change would have been impossible, ascension would have not taken place and none of what has been announced to you could have succeeded. The large number of already ascended masters, who have returned in humility and love to this world again, is crucial to the success of the change, and everything depends only on them. Among them many will ascend in body, not all, but a significant number, because this fact will trigger a huge influx of ascension energy that is needed in order to transport the people from the upper 4D earth to the 5D holograms (this statement elucidates the mission of the PAT, comment George).

Very often the “Return of the Gods” is mentioned. There are scripts and books of fantastic quality about it, and I tell you truly, I’m talking about you, you are meant – and you’re already back on this earth to transform it – in a paradise that will be to the taste of gods and worthy to the people who are awakening.

Let us turn in these days of humanity to our eternal and only Master BABAJI. He is omnipresent in flesh and blood, in light and in crystalline divine nature – even the things of daily life, and also the material things are subjected to his omnipotence, and he provides  everything that is needed, so that the remaining days on the earths will be made comfortable for you and that your ascension is fulfilled.


Those who pronounce my name with pure heart, will be bestowed with my blessings – come to me! With this message, I will lead every human heart which now, in the time quality of this epoch, expresses with eager anticipation and humbly his willingness to awaken in heaven – for today, you shall enter into the glory because your service is fulfilled and your being on these levels of life is saturated. You have returned to the earth out of free will, and only a few, who constitute today the spearhead of ascension, are exempt from this.

The return of the gods is fulfilled and the arrival of the gods in the reality and in the light of God is fulfilling in these days. Though: the otherworldly realms of gods will also emerge and will, so it is appropriate, let down their light bridges and stairs to pick up those who have lost their orientation in the turmoil of the time that is now dawning. Of this I shall speak to you on the day that will mark a new quality of time, which is: light and life for one and death and rebirth for the other.

It is becoming increasingly easier for those who have polished their light garment to a high shine, it will become increasingly difficult for those who have replaced their light dress with a worn cloak of shadow. Know this above all: All life is back to the primary source, even when one is entirely lost in the Illusion due to repetitive errors, from where he must be returned by God into creation through his in-breath.

A deep peace encompasses the world, which now stands in the light! A bright shine fills in the people who now choose life! An endless stream of mercy flows to you, you who are now expecting the Lord with an open heart.

I am Jesus Sananda, emerged from God and trained in all aspects of life and carried up to the mastership by all our life force – BABAJI. Love, light and life that I am through God. Take part in it, for verily: You have the God-given right to it.

Dear George,

have many thanks for your reply. The light reading is over and the next light reading is already in the making – ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL, the angel with the “patience of a saint”, on which we shall focus again in the coming messages.

In the appendix you can find the messages from the light reading  – and it’s amazing how accurate and how naturally the people, whom I meet in the light reading, endorse this transformation and help shape it, and I see how everyone is required here – and  always to the maximum – where he is now.

It always fills me with gratitude to be able to do what I’m doing now –

With this gratitude and love I wish you a wonderful evening.



Dear Jahn,

I thank you for the prompt sending of the messages from the light reading. I was informed by Björn in advance about the success of this light reading today, so I now only have the confirmation from you. The people who come to us are in fact already gods and they are finding it increasingly easier to understand these messages and their energetic complexity behind the written word and to accept it. However, the number of this distinguished group of gods was also significantly reduced, but the quality has also skyrocketed. Dialectic pure!

The specific information about the separation of the lower six 4D earths from the upper earth was confirmed today by the Elohim as already published.


After the already severed 3D earth (on May 24/25) had its pole shift (MPR) on May 28,  the lower 4D levels had their pole shift on June 8th (the lowest catastrophic earth 4D) and after that each 4D earth subsequently experienced this disaster of unimaginable scale, which has certainly wiped out a large part of the population on these earths; this opportunity has been ceased now by the dark elite to establish the NWO. Thus, one must confess that they have reached their maximal target.

As an old revolutionary, I have always known that the awakening of the people and their ascension depends only on their willingness to carry out a revolution in the West, just as  Sananda confirms in his message (see Part II). This conviction I have repeatedly expressed, for instance in my publication from October 2011:

Why America no Longer Needs New Age Charlatans, But a True Revolution

that ruined forever my reputation among the currently failed esotericists in North America, but also brought many of the true gods to my website.

On our upper 4D Earth, such an attempt to establish the NWO will only serve as a trigger to ascension, as we have already discussed this scenario in the past, and is now confirmed one more time by Sananda. But the drama has to be played out until the final act, so that the tension can be fully savored, before the happy resolution – the happy end alla Hollywood – comes to fruition. This is the divine direction for this planet and one should not, and must not, meddle in God’s craftsmanship.

I’ll take care that we translate these messages as quickly as possible.


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