Angels of Change – Emotional Image of Ascension II: Why the Many Delays in the Ascension Scenario.

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 21, 2013
first published in English on June 24, 2013 in

Loved ones,

worlds are created anew in the Here and Beyond, and each one is in itself a unique  expression and impression of creation – it happens –  worlds emerge and worlds are breathed back into Being. And in all these processes you participate, you have your share, and your contribution is indeed decisive and gestalt shaping, because without you, the Awakened (e.g. the PAT, comment George), there would be nothing that would be worth mentioning, that would be worthwhile pointing to, as long as one talks about the change and the end of time (on the earth).

You are the great angels, on whom the change in all matters depends, and without you, there would be no change. So you should be aware of the prominent position, which you have in this process and what an important role you play in the whole creation.

Even if we must note the big failure of many light warriors, who became to truly “esoteric  lambs”, it should be mentioned in the same breath, that a great achievement, a great success has been granted to the earth. Because the number of the awakened people is  more than enough to make it all happen that needs to happen now, so that the worlds can recognize themselves in their own glory and the people – in their own light.

The failure of the “esoteric scene” has the consequence that ascension now occurs in a different way and not that ascension has been cancelled. Especially is this “failure” the fallacy of many individual children of men, that is grounded in the fact that these people stopped half way into the light because they were content with the acquired knowledge and bask in the alleged glory of their own light, as if there was nothing left for them to do and as if they were allowed to do everything.

This confusion is a fact and it does not alter anything in the ascension of the people who are preparing for it. Thus, the Earth project is a successful and well-done project, and this notwithstanding the many facts that were created, which contributed to the many delays and changes in the process of ascension.

These days, many people are preparing for their ascension and they expect the Unimaginable. And rightly so! Please stay as always, gardeners of your gardens, remain day after day attentive stewards of your heavenly goods, that shall now reveal themselves on earth and shall allow her to return to heaven. Stay persistent in your endeavor to attain God’s knowledge and God’s realization, because in this way everything comes to fruition and your ascension can gently occur, carried by the light of the Creator.

The extra time that was bestowed onto the “laggards” is coming to an end. New levels are now created and the world of the fifth dimension of Being gives birth to new light holograms, which will be now taken in possession by yourselves. Banish the doubt, even if the days, while you are “waiting” for your ascension, drag on. Scorn and ridicule should not harm you, because at the end of the day, the actual value will be shown, and everything will be revealed in the eye of the seer.

The timelines keep ascension ready for you. And thus this wonder is now fulfilled for this part of mankind, which has decided to participate in it. Suddenly everything will be different! Yes, the moment, in which the apparent transfer of humanity into the light will take place, has arrived. Remember: “While one person remains on the field, the other one is taken away from the field …” Hence put in order and care for your spiritual goods until you will be called – until the angels of the Lord arrive and call you by name:


I am the One, who is everything, through whom All is and who is in All – I am the eternal life.

Jesus Sananda

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