Anchoring of the Levels

Asana Mahatari
channeled by Jahn J Kassl on June 14, 2013
first published in English on June 18, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

by Georgi Stankov

This latest message from Asama Mahatari is very significant for a number of reasons. In the first place it confirms succinctly:

1) The seven parallel 4D earths model of ascension of Gaia and humanity I have presented to you that is now unfolding in front of our eyes. And by saying “our eyes”, I mean only the small group of the PAT that is aware of this ascension scenario, while the entire LW community is currently in a total confusion as to what is happening with this planet, and no message channelled by them addresses this issue at all.

2) The fact that the catastrophic events such as the MPR, associated with a huge deluge and the collapse of the old Orion matrix have already taken place on the lower 4D earths as experienced by myself and my dual soul on June the 8th and reported to you. This is the strongest indication that the MPR and the collapse of the system must manifest any moment from now on the upper 4D as all parallel 4D earths are energetically connected by overlays of frequency spectra.

3) Some new interim parallel 4D and 5D earths are now being created to allow the smooth and coordinated ascension of humanity from the upper 4D to the 5th dimension without experiencing any major catastrophes. This new approach was already announced by April’s HS several days ago: “Not only have 4D parallel timelines been created, but 5D ones as well. There will be gradations or stepping stones of each, and this is why the “gradation” language was introduced early on this year ”

Hence there is a remarkable consistency in the ongoing reports from Jahn and a full coalescence with the information we are continuously gathering from our HS (April, Dorie, my dual soul, myself and many other PAT members) as daily reported on our website. Please do not underestimate the importance of this true and valid information, which is unique on this earth at this auspicious time. And I can assure you that I am determined to keep this immaculate standard of consistency, validity and clarity in our reports to the very end, which is obviously now knocking on our doors.


The Message

A horrible picture is displayed in front of our sight, the worlds are separated and the wailing of the castaways imbues the beings of light with infinite compassion, because we know that the day of redemption for this lamentable souls will come. Millions of people are now placed in their new homes, and they are frightened by the modesty, with which they henceforth have to put up with. They are scared about the fact that their evil and dark game has now yielded immediate consequences and has brought to them personally a life on a rollercoaster of dreadfulness.

All high vibrational energies of the higher 4D realities break away from the holograms “below”. The picture which the latter offer us is the image that no angel from this creation has ever painted and no entity from the light has ever manifested as a reality in any world.

Also in this context unique things happen now and it can be stated with confidence: The intensity of the pain experience on 3D and the lower 4D earths is so pronounced, that a return of these humanities is in sight – although in time and not earlier than after 1000 years.

Be ready, the sky is now anchored on your world, while the Prince of Darkness has started a new game and his troops have long been set on march against the unprotected children of men.

Basically “two levels” of 4D holograms have been created. In a certain way, a “lower school level” (1-4) and an “upper school level” (5-7 – expandable to 9 levels). That is to say, those who find themselves on 1-4, will repeatedly incarnate between these levels until they are truly ready for the “upper school level” and whoever comes to 5-7, can attain perfection in a single life, and the closer one is to the 5D, the easier and quicker will this goal be achieved. Who is left on the upper levels of the 4D because he does not want yet to ascend to 5D, has the possibility to ascend freely at any time as soon as the necessary cognitive processes are completed. The “lower school level” constitutes of children of men, who want to savor to a high degree the experience of suffering and explore it to the very end.

This distinction is given here and now. For what God sets up for the people, it cannot be destroyed by anything and anyone. All levels of the newly created worlds are based on the sacred “free will” of a being. The game goes on in other modulation, in a new frame of reference on other worlds – but you, who are now preparing for the transition into the light and are attuning to it, you will experience nothing of all this. On you the intention of the Creator will be fulfilled, which is: to heave humanity back to the light, to ascend it, so that the ascended and enlightened beings will create new worlds, for the benefit and the growth of all creation in Being.

I am with you, I know that this time demands everything from you – and I know that you all are ready to give everything for it and that for this reason you have descended on this world that now ascends.

I AM. These words are given, so that the people can gain clarity in order to participate in the processes of creation in an adequate manner. My light heals. The golden-violet ray of the transformation is life.


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