We Will Not Wait

Second Dream Message on 4D Earth
by Jahn J Kassl, May 10, 2013

Dream Interpretation by ASANA MAHATARI
first published on May 14, 2013 in

Jahn’s Second Dream:

I’m in a garden and a young roebuck approaches me timidly. Soon after, he begins to lick my soles with his tongue and will not stop it. The lovely young animal is very friendly to me – it feels very good. Then I see a series of numbers 664 563 and I hear children singing who rehearse for a concert event. An orchestra accompanies them and their singing is wonderful and not at all “childish”. A girl of about 10 years, with black hair and Armenian facial features (fine and very expressive), sings the text line:

“We do not wait for you, we make the change ourselves, we do not need you to be with us” …

I myself received a role in this concert, but I’m supposed to do this without any rehearsal and I’m not so sure if I will make it. In the foyer I meet one renowned actress in Austria, whom I know personally. She does not necessarily embody the classic female beauty, but she is a unique actress. In the dream, I wonder how she has changed, how beautiful and attractive she has become – we kiss us (end of dream.).

Interpretation by Asama Mahatari:

Loved ones,

Clear and cogent, these visions show what will happen on 4D earth, once people have completely arrived there and must get along without the light energy of the 5th dimension, and without the crippling severity of the 3rd dimension. Change at a rapid pace is awaiting this level, and as the children in the dream, so will the people on 4D earth embrace the process of ascension, and will certainly not wait for the stragglers or the unwilling.

We are not waiting for you …” is the motto under which this new time will then unfold   and this is the motto under which this current time also runs, when the two earths will be separated from each other.

Do you recognize yourself again, do you recognize the current situation on earth? Is it possible for you to detach yourself entirely from the idea of wanting to bring all people to the next level of Being, and is it possible for you, when you think about this, not to feel any guilt, bad consciousness and discomfort in the pit of your stomach?

Self-determination means to determine alone your choice! With this the topic has been sufficiently elaborated.

Further interpretation of the dream of JJK – 664 563:

The number series 664 563 add up to 30. The Thirty, the Number of Father, Mother, God, the omniscient Son of God and the Holy Spirit. The Three 3 = Trinity, which is reinforced with zero. Note also three times 6 in the series, 666, which means that the animal, the Beast, is rearing powerful in this time and fails, it is the time of absolute opposites, as the number 6 points out.

Twice the 6 at the beginning shows that the power of darkness initially looks very strong, the 4 shows that this (dark astral) power seems to be anchored in the earth before the 5 starts to dissolve everything – before the 5 freedom brings and promotes the quintessence – the Christ consciousness. The next 6 shows how the dark forces decrease and finally dissolve in 3: It is the number of humans’ return to the divine unity, the people have regained their life force and have freed themselves from the darkness.

That I should join the play and kissed the actress, points out to two things:

a) The actress embodied, as far as I know her, the 4D earth. She knows little about ascension to the 5D dimension, but she is basically open in all directions.

b.) In my dream, she is transformed, that is, she is ready for ascension and as we kissed, she is establishing a connection with the 5th dimension, her world of 4D goes into the world of 5D. (End of my interpretation)

I’m ASANA MAHATARI and we will continue:

Correctly, it is exactly so, and now we return back to the beginning of the dream. The young roebuck that is to Jahn’s feet, suggests that the 4D world is ready for ascension to 5D at that “time” because time does not exist in your present time understanding on 4D. The female deer and the roebuck, goats or calves, are mediators, messengers between worlds, and make the people remember, so they face their lives, their spiritual nature.

In summary: the 4th dimension will be quickly overcome by many people – and there will be many, who, despite all events, will continue to create circumstances that will help them to higher consciousness.

No one is waiting for someone …” That’s the core message and the people who want to overcome these levels will do so with incredible determination.

Dear people, many levels of light are revealed to you now, now that you arrive at the level that you have chosen for yourselves. Remain steadfast and consistent, and confirm your choice every day – through your inner orientation to the light of God and through the inner renunciation of all darkness that seems to still have this world in a firm grip.

I’m with you, so that you can enter into the light and those, who will strand on the 3D and 4D, I will enlighten you with the light on your way back to the original source of all Being.

I am

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