Urgent! The Final Itinerary of the Big Events in May and June

by Dorie Bowlin, May 9, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Here is my latest message from HS. She has even provided us with four ‘dates’ under the provision that we have ALL read the fine print and understand that dates are subject to change without notice. I don’t know what my HS is worried about, she’s not the one with her head on the chopping block if nothing happens! LOL!

Like you Georgi, I also feel that the cleansing work has been passed down to those beneath us in the web. While I can feel the energy from Gaia intensifying, and cc waves as they come in, I no longer feel the extreme physical pain and emotional turmoil that comes from cleansing the shit of humanity. Even though I am feeling much better, I have to admit that each day I continue to wake up on Moron Mountain, it seems even more challenging to be here than the day before!

I’m really looking forward to seeing how events will unfold in these next few weeks! I know everything will play out perfectly!

With so much love to you!

Message – May 9, 2013

Where to begin? So much is happening now, in, on, and above the Earth! On April 29th, as stated before in our last message, all plans were determined and finalized for the Magnetic Pole Reversal Scenario. They were set into motion on May 1, 2013. It was unanimously decided that the HR would pull out their full arsenal of events and play them out like the grand finale to a fireworks show, with ALL players of Light participating in the final act and scene. What you are about to experience will be heralded as your NEW Independence Day, one not forged in support of fake nationalism, but in celebration of your sovereignty as the Creator Beings of Light that you truly are!

Let’s go back for just a bit though, to the terrifying visions/nightmares you had years ago, Dorie, for you were not the only one who had these dreams and visions of the earth changes that will come to Planet B through fire, flooding, and destruction. You saw chaos all around you as people were left starving in the streets. You saw the United States empire crumbling to the ground and China taking control. What you saw THEN, you eventually came to understand was the falling apart of 3d reality. There was nothing to fear, no, not at all, it was something to embrace! For when you learned to embrace the destruction which you were shown, you were then able see the new world that was awaiting you, rising up from out of the ashes of that destruction. You SAW not just your own ascension but that of Gaia’s, as well, and knew that you would not be experiencing that hell, but removing yourself and a large part of humanity from it.

Just two weeks ago many of your visions of the earth changes returned, but this time you were without fear, for you understand these changes will occur in stages, with the final devastating destruction to occur only on Planet B during the ID split. You were also reminded by HS of the visions you had last August 2012, the visions in which you saw Nibiru appearing in the sky and saw President Obama on television announcing it’s arrival. This was confirmed by Georgi, as well. You saw China officially taking over the financial world and the Great Fall of Babylon, aka the United States, as world leader.

And just last week HS showed you a vision of a volcano that is just about ready to erupt. You knew at the time of that vision that this volcano represented both literally and figuratively the events that are about to unfold in the next few weeks, events that will set everything in motion, and you were so elated when you received validation of that vision through the channelings of Jahn J Kassl! It’s all coming full circle now. The shit is about to hit the fan.

What you can expect next week are ‘announcements'(tattling) from several different fronts, concerning several different areas of world matters. The dark cabal are battling against themselves right now, as if they are a pack of wild, starving dogs who have just been fed the last scraps of meat. They will literally, within the next few weeks, come to understand the meaning of the phrase ‘its a dog eat dog world.” After all they are the ones who created it.

The plan/events that are being orchestrated by the HRs in this final stage of Ascension, will happen rather synchronistically and will play out in four phases. These events, geophysically/ financially/ politically/ galactically, can be interchanged according to how world events are being played out on the ground. Just like a game of chess, the strategies have been put into place so that any move that is made by the opponent of darkness will put them squarely in a position of having already lost. Nonetheless, they will continue to play until the very end, because in their madness they will only see what they choose to see, as well as only what we have CHOSEN for them to see.

We are going to give you four important dates:

May 23, 2013, May 25, 2013, June 3, 2013, June 6, 2013.

Let’s take a look at that last date. In numerology you can write this date as 6/6/6, or 6+6+6 which equals 18. The numbers 1+8 equal 9, and the number 9 is the number of completion. In religious text 666 is known as the infamous mark of the beast. Understand that we do not give you this little numerology lesson to say that there is ‘hidden power’ in numbers, we give you this only as knowledge to the fact that there was a ‘hidden agenda’ by the forces of darkness to take this auspicious number combination, an important ‘date’ in the future, and infuse it with fear. It is our plan to take it back and fill it once again with Light.

During the next few weeks, you will not only experience the ‘wrapping up’ of events on a global scale, but you will also be severing those last few ties that bind you to this world, it’s 3D contracts and it’s prison of ‘karmic’ illusions. You will continue to feel an increase in pressure from Gaia, who is now ‘bubbling’ with anticipation of the final events. Remember, do not become fearful, stay calm and centered, for these are the very events that will spark the detonation of the PAT Supernova of Ascension. These are the events that will remove the shackles once and for all and finally set you free.


Dear Dorie,

I just came back from my first beer-garden visit this spring with a friend and I told him that when I come back there would be an important message waiting for me what will happen in the next days. My friend is a star seed and fully informed about the PAT. And now I have read your very informative message with surprisingly precise forecasts and dates. The rest of the plot one must fill in with his fantasy.

It is cogent that the events cannot be predicted in their exact chronology, but the logical thread is available to us and the time frame is also given. It is as if we are sitting on the first row and stay at the stage as the main protagonists at the same time and watch the drama from a multi-dimensional, stereo perspective.

There is no doubt that the next few weeks will be the most spectacular and rewarding time in our whole incarnation cycle and not only in this life. But also for Gaia and humanity. And I can imagine that half of this universe is also in a limelight fever in anticipation of the huge show that we will unleash with our PAT Supernova.

This afternoon I received all of a sudden a huge burst of collective fears into my field that came from all human souls who know at a higher level that they will end their incarnation very soon with a death experience. I was overwhelmed by their grief and pure angst and it took me a couple of minutes to harness these fears by logical arguments, although they stayed in my field for almost two hours. This was the most compelling validation from my HS what the next days and weeks will bring to humanity. This information from my HS came before I received this message, but was partially triggered by your previous one which I had already published.

Thank you very much for your excellent message and hold on the last few day on this Moron mountains.

With love and light

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