Urgent Announcement: Ascension Has Commenced on May 18, 2013

By Georgi Stankov, May 19, 2013


This morning I received the latest message from Jahn, channeled by Sananda. According to this source ascension has already commenced on May 18, 2013. I will try to translate it as soon as possible, but the text is rather long and it is also not easy to translate.

Hence I will give you in advance a short summary of the key news. According to Sananda, who also interprets some recent pivotal events in the life of Jahn in the context of ascension, the first ascension candidates have already ascended yesterday to the new earth A. There is no further information who they are, but from my guessing, these must be elderly indigos who have finished with their incarnation.

This message does not refer to the PAT and the detonation of our Supernova as Jahn is not a member of the PAT and receives only message related to his personal condition. But  from what I gather, this will follow soon as also announced by April’s HS. While the ascension of some biologically very old persons at the end of their physical life does not have any big consequences on the overall ascension process, our collective ascension will trigger the final ID split and the MPR and these events must be very carefully orchestrated; they will come only after the impending natural catastrophes have thrust humanity in a state of total psycho-mental paralysis.

The most important, new information for you is that the 144 000 light warriors are now fully operative on earth and have the obligation to make every ascended candidate invisible and disappear from this reality whenever necessary, e.g. to avoid a catastrophe or attack by some lingering dark entities. The light warriors are allowed to intervene in this 3d-reality and, for instance, move the bodies of ascension canddidates from one place to another through space-time as to avoid their physical death through catastrophic events. In other words the time of miracles has commenced.

This trend will accelerate in the coming days, although the whole ascension process will unfold like a wave with peaks and troughs. The key message is that no ascension candidate should be afraid from now on that his physical life would be jeopardized when the big catastrophes begin to unfold any moment from now on.

I personally experienced a significant shift to the higher dimensions yesterday and also the nature in my portal has visibly moved to the 5d-earth. The sky, the clouds formations at sun set and also the iridescent and luminescent colours of the firmament are such that I have never seen before. Although my personal vibrations are 5th dimensional since April 16, I am undulating most of the time between the 5th and 4th dimension, which is a rather ugly experience as you know. In addition comes the daily cleansing of negative human dross and survival, animalistic fears of the masses. Yesterday I had the impression that I was released from these energetic patterns and I felt much better immediately. The telepathic contact with the higher realms has also improved in the absence of negative cleansing (bi-polar experience according to April’s HS) and I am beginning to recollect reminiscences of how life was in the higher dimensions before my incarnation. This is impossible to relate in words as these are very personal sensations.

Let us hope that we will see or hear soon of some big physical events as to know for certain that the grand finale has definitely commenced.

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