Spontaneous, Miraculous Healing Is Only a Matter of Correct Psycho-Mental Attitude

by Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, My 18, 2013


I thought you might find my medical story interesting. I have had a pituitary tumor grow back for the second time after having it successfully removed 8 years ago. It presses on my brain and has grown into my sinuses and has been the cause of so much pain.  Since my awakening in 2011, I have come to understand that it has only been there to keep me from going down so many other possible paths in life. My battles with the severe pain is what finally helped me to see through the “ponzi” (as I like to call it).

I opted not to take the tumor out again through surgery over a year and a half ago and once again tried every method under the sun to assist in its disappearance. I don’t think there is one method I haven’t tried. There is nothing that has even made the tiniest of dents in my pain levels no matter how relaxed of a state I have been able to attain. On the contrary, I experienced such amazing spiritual healings and came to understand that I was here to cleanse the dross (term I didn’t even think of until I found your site) of Moron Mountain (thanks for that one). I was learning more in small fractals of time than I had even come close to understanding in the previous 36 years of abuse. I have had such a profound effect on everyone around me, but only one good friend of mine truly understands as he is very similar. I have said so many times over the last year how amazing it is to be in such a place of spiritual peace, but yet in so much pain.

The big part of the story comes in about four months ago as we have been strung along in this process. My body started to go haywire. I developed all the symptoms of a pituitary tumor that was secreting massive amounts of hormones. All along I had vision symptoms like tracers, blurred vision, loss of peripheral, and general movements of still objects because the tumor was shown to be pressing on my optic nerves, but everything else just went nuts. I was developing aspects of Cushing’s disease so fast it was scary. My heart started beating out of control and I have been sweating profusely with the slightest exertion. My spine is in severe pain and I developed fatty areas at the top of the spine.  Fatty areas developed around my neck and chin and around my midsection. My hands and feet are on fire. Diabetic symptoms have been showing up. The exhaustion has been unbearable as I love to do so many things, but haven’t been able to. I basically almost became useless about a month ago.

I had been telling my wife to wait, wait, wait, wait, and wait as I have complete faith that something much grander is taking place. Not only did I have the tumor symptoms worsening, but I noticed the combination of relentless waves of LBP symptoms as well. My third chakra area had expanded so much and was causing severe pain and the waves of energy were taking me out at so many different times. She finally couldn’t take it any more. I can’t blame her because I had become almost a lump of nothing and we both agreed that I could die nearly at any moment. It’s not easy when your 6 year old daughter comes in and says that she hopes you don’t die. Due to the strain on us, we both then agreed that I should go in and get all the tests that my neurologist wanted me to get before he would perform the transphenoidal surgery.

My MRI (Magnetic Resonance Images) showed the tumor was a little bigger and was developing cysts, but was not much worse than a year earlier.

I then saw the optometrist and he gave me all the tests they have to see how much damage the tumor was doing. To my surprise, he said everything looked amazing and that my optic health was as good as he had seen. The tests of my body don’t match the vision symptoms experienced. That not impossible, but very improbable. He said there is nothing to explain what I am seeing.

Then came the endocrinologist. My wife studies all aspects of health and nutrition and she knew that all of the hormonal tests were going to be off the charts bad. I didn’t even want to see the results because then I would be “labeled” and in the system with multitudes of issues that the “ponzi” could use against me. The doctor took my blood and hormone tests and told me that he was “incredibly concerned” about me after doing an initial exam. He take my blood pressure as well and basically hinted that I should probably just head for the emergency room because I was done for. That was about a week and a half ago.

The endo called me finally this morning and the call blew my mind. He said that every single blood and hormone test was perfect and that, as far as his work was concerned, I was a perfect bill of health. That is nearly impossible. My wife almost fainted. Things are taking place that few can explain and even when you explain them, no one wants to listen.  My tests are plain and simple a miracle.

I keep talking about the macro picture and no one around me wants to listen. Everyone gets insulted if I don’t wrap up my problems or theirs into some petty ego issue that caresses them in their wombs of safety. To me, my test results only further strengthen the concepts of the work of the PAT and validate everything you have worked on. There is no other explanation otherwise, but it’s too tough to even explain to people I know so I write to you instead. I don’t think I could experience any worse pain, but I have complete faith. I don’t know if my story may help any one else, but please post it if you think it may.  The combination of beauty and brutality is quite astounding.

Thank you so much for being available to write to.

Brad Barber
TWD Properties, LLC

Dear Brad,

thank you very much for sharing this incredible medical epicrisis and spontaneous healing with me. I was tempted to say “miraculous healing” first, but we know in the meantime that miracles are the stuff of All-That-Is and that there is nothing else but miracles. Miracles are normal creation and the human organism, being the creation of the soul, is one such miracle.

As long as we are healthy and have no pains, we do not bother who regulates the most complicated human organism, consisting of trillions of cells, where each cell is such an incredibly complicated system on its own that I have given up about twenty years ago to delve any further into its miraculous regulation mechanisms as I realized how limited human mind is to even grasp the basic principles of this still unknown cell and biological system.

All the medical tests one makes, and all the medical “wisdom” and opinions one hears from my colleagues, while paying huge honorary to them are mere prejudices and have nothing to do with true reality and knowledge, but are mere expressions of their illusory perception of 3d-space-time as gained by limited human senses.

In addition comes the preposterous assumption that being a physician one is somehow a specialist and knows more about the human body than any other person, e.g. the patient. In fact it is quite on the contrary – everybody who listens carefully to the inner voice of his soul knows much more about the state of his body than any external idiot in white garment, who has only learnt Orion crap during his medical studies as a substitution for true spiritual knowledge, which is the foundation of human and any other life.

So much about human and in particular physician’s blunders.

I can say this with such a certainty as I am the only scientist worldwide who has unraveled more mysteries of the biological regulation than anybody else (see volume III) and has advanced in his understanding of bio-science much further  than all other human scientists put together (the Orion aliens on this planet excluded). And still I know that I know very little. But that much I can say for certain:

We have entered the final days of the shift, where no medical cure is possible and any aberration from the so called normal ranges. which have never been proven to be the epitome of health in the first place, is only a sign of the rapidly changing energetic nature  of humans and nothing else. Very soon those, who will ascend to earth A/B in the 4th dimension, will have a life expectancy of about 200 years, while the whole current medical system of human genocide will cease to exist. In the 5th dimension all ascended human beings will be immortal and will be able to change the outer appearance of their light bodies as much as they like.

So much about diseases in the LBP during the current End Times that have lasted too long, but are now definitely coming to an end.

With love and light



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