Life on 3D-Earth

The Ascended Masters
channeled by Jahn J Kassl, May 7, 2013
first published on May 12, 2013 in

Translation: Björn Kurt

by Georgi Stankov

When you read this message, please bear in mind that all catastrophes and other terrible events that are described in this channeling will only occur on earth B after the ID split as also confirmed one more time by Dorie’s HS in her last message:

Just two weeks ago many of your visions of the earth changes returned, but this time you were without fear, for you understand these changes will occur in stages, with the final devastating destruction to occur only on Planet B during the ID split.

The ascension scenario includes the collective experience by all humanity of some initiation events on this earth A/B, which will have a “hang over” on the ascended earth A/B after the ID split as the ascended masters explain in their message on “Life on 4D Earth“. It is imperative that some collapses must be experienced by that portion of humanity, which will move along the timeline of the balanced earth A/B. These events will happen immediately after the ID split and will lead to the final abolition of the old Orion matrix at the economic, financial and societal level, before the new enlightened society can be built. None of these events will cause much destruction or a huge death toll, but will only help cleanse the collective survival fears of humanity that are still deeply stored in their DNA and cells.

This process is very well described in Jahn’s second message on “Life on 4D earth“. The most important information for us in this message is that we will play a key role as ascended masters in helping the people establish the new enlightened society on the earth A/B after we have detonated the PAT Supernova in June and have triggered the ID split. This of course does not preclude that we will play the same key role on earth A, as we will be multi-dimensional beings that exist in many dimensions at the same time:

“23) The progress of the individual and the world is attended by the Ascended Masters.

 24) Thousands of Ascended Masters are present at this level of Being to assure a swift progress of Humanity.”  

We will be supported in this function by many other excarnated ascended masters and the GF from the higher realms:

“28. The forth dimensional level of Being enjoys a comprehensive protection by the Powers of Light. A “permanent representation” of the Galactic Federation of light keeps a very close eye on all agendas of 4D Earth in order to avoid any negative spin offs.”

But as far as I see it, we will be the only ones to be able to appear directly in light bodies on the ground and live among humans as we have completed our LBP on this earth and are able to incorporate all energetic spectra and dimensional levels as a rainbow bridge up to the source in one human light body that is able to dwell perfectly well in the 4th dimension, and of course also in higher dimensions.

Most of the ascended masters in the higher dimensions have not accomplished this extraordinary achievement, which is a completely new light body technology, specifically developed by All-That-Is for the ascension process of Gaia and this humanity. I may be wrong in this prognosis, but this is what I get now very strongly from my HS:

This message on “Life on 3D earth” is a brilliant validation of what we have discussed more than a year ago in March 2012, after we decided to introduce the three-earth -scenario on February 26th. In my article on the three-earth-scenario from March 27th, I write that 25% of the current population will stay on the catastrophic earth B. From this population at least 8.5% will die during the huge catastrophes associated with the ID split and the wars that the dark cabal will unleash on this timeline immediately after the shift.

Further on, I discussed in this article the demographics of the present-day human population and came to the conclusion that the actual population of incarnated souls is not 7 billion as estimated by the Orion mass media in order to rectify their policy of human genocide, but has diminished from the last estimate of 6.5 billion several years ago to 6 billion due to an excess death toll caused by many wars, epidemics and famine in the Third World, restrictive birth policies in China, and a negative growth in all Western countries due to economic constraints.

In this case I estimated last year that about 1.5 billion humans will stay on earth B (25% X 6 billion) after the ID split and that about 0.5 billion (8.5% X 6 billion = 0.51 billion) of them will die in the subsequent natural catastrophes and wars. This was an educated guess made on March 27th, based on my analysis of the demographic statistics /distribution of the soul age of all incarnated entities on the earth in the End Times as presented in my first gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” from 2001. These calculations were then applied to the three-earth-scenario after the ID split, which everybody can read for himself one more time here.

Now the ascended masters channelled by Jahn tell us in their latest message that:

4) The world’s population shrinks to a scarce Billion after these conflicts are over and Mother Earth completes her reversal and the dark elites have withdrawn in small numbers in their underground bunkers, vaults and witches’ kitchen to await the appropriate moment to proclaim the New World Order.

Imagine a planet in a global war, where at least every third human being will die within a very short period of time as to have a perspective of the horror scenario that these people will experience very soon. But this forecast of our colleagues, the excarnated ascended masters in the HR, is at the same time such a remarkable, unvarnished confirmation of our past assessments, especially when one considers that this message is channeled more than a year later by a human source, who has not participated in the PAT’s efforts to establish the three-earth-scenario and the new timeline A/B and has not even heard about this until I made him aware several days ago.

I do not intend to praise beyond measure the accuracy of our discussions and forecasts on this website, but there comes a moment in time when one makes his final sum-up and makes the final judgment as to how well he/she has perceived and assessed all the hidden energetic processes behind the veil with his/her humble human mind, to which one has dedicated his whole life in this last most tedious and debilitating incarnation, full of sacrifices and physical tortures.

In such a case the only validation and gratification can be at the mental, intellectual level as to how accurate the transcendental knowledge was, one has acquired from his soul through the veil of this densest 3d-reality. And I think that in this respect the PAT is the most enlightened group of incarnated human souls in the whole world, which, by the way, is not “un grande chose” (a great deal), when one considers that all other entities are still in a deep slumber.



Beloved Ones,

Times leave marks in your heart, but in fact it is not time itself. rather the experiences that are created on the timeline and in the spatial reference, which are leaving such marks as you return back into the lightness of your Subtle Being.

A severe heaviness reaches the world on 3D and it is about time that new experiences are created that those beings, who have decided to remain on this level of light within the linear time-space-alignment, will experience imminently.

You already have been announced that New York no longer exists. At that time, we offered an insight into a scene of a significant hologram which had been created for the purpose, so that many things in 3D would not have to happen on Day X.

And so it shall be that all events are mitigated and yet they are so epochal that verily, not a stone is left standing.

Full of love and without delusion, we – that we represent the Ascended Masters – turn now towards humanity, which has made their choice to remain in the 3D level of light.

Knowing that this message will reach you as the events are fully underway and leave nothing to be desired in scope and drama. This is exactly what you have chosen:


The earth will be completely rebuilt. The Heavenly Builder, God the Creator has ordered to renew this level of light from the bottom up. This requires to wipe out everything old and all misconceptions that people bear in their hearts and minds are to be exposed.

It is about time to awake the “invisible spirits” in the minds until everyone has had enough of the the experiences of suffering. Lessons which leave deep marks in the landscape of human consciousness. Such will be the events until the day mankind of the 3D level is ready to give up the idolatry and may return to God, the Original Source of all Being.

Proclaimed is the following:

1) The natural forces unleash unprecedented power and change the whole planet.

2) Firestorms that stretch over entire countries. Deluges of water, which drown large stretches of land. Earthquakes that plunge entire cities into the abyss and bury the power centers of the current elites.

3) The invisible poison is everywhere after the dark powers engage in nuclear conflicts and new weapons, yet unknown to the general public, which only destroy life but not buildings, are deployed on a massive scale.

4) The world’s population shrinks to a scarce Billion after these conflicts are over and Mother Earth completes her reversal and the dark elites have withdrawn in small numbers in their underground bunkers, vaults and witches’ kitchen to await the appropriate moment to proclaim the New World Order.

5) The earth is completely changed after these incidents – above the ground and underground.

6) The few habitable areas which remained unaffected of all this are occupied by the old / new rulers.

7) The remaining humanity is serving these rulers and in exchange the humans are supplied with the basic necessities.

8) From this intersection point in time, it is possible for every human being to return to the Source and to get away from the drama provided he works in a dedicated way against the machinations of the cartel.

9) Underground movements, resistance groups and associations fight against the Regime in an open and hidden way. They form and unite until the elite is conquered and destroyed.

10) Truly an Armageddon as it reveals itself and passes in a very short period of time and which is to give way to more light-filled experiences because slowly people feel a receding need for epochal drama.

11) In those days an Ascended Master will come down upon this earth occasionally to spread the seeds of love and the fruit of the Light.

12) The life spans of people are short, the cycles of incarnations closely follow one another. A time with no breaks, until people realize what is to be realized and the fourth level of Being can be achieved.

13) The One-World dictatorship which is described herein offers to all people who have opted for the 3rd dimension an enormous potential for growth and the people do benefit from this.

14) The planet is preserved and slowly recovers from the ravages. A complete extinction of planet inhabited by people is not planned. Although a potential remains because on this level of existence people easily play with the fire.

At the behest of the primordial source of all Being, we formed this cycle from the 3D to the 5D level and to name specific events. At the behest of the primordial source of all Being, we are allowed to lift the veil of ignorance, so that, given the impending events, knowledge is accessible on all levels of Being.

Messages which are clear by content and embedded in God’s love and only trigger fears, which were still unresolved. Many „so-called messages“ from the light have two things in common:

a) The lack of courageous and concrete statements.

b.) The lack of spiritual light and spiritual force, that is, the lack of divine presence as unredeemed expectations of salvation, preconceptions and opinions from the ego consciousness of the channel may dominate.

So do not waste more time on such messages. Although this is also a valuable contribution to the ascension process of all worlds, for an individual is only perfect as he has completed all cycles of misconception.

This message will be read by those who ascend into the light with a taste of bitterness and for those remaining in darkness, they will not be able to read it yet.

Written today for a time yet to come, after which days these prophetic words shall be carved in stone to give an example of how deep mankind had sunk in the worship of the “golden calf“.

Truly “Sodom and Gomorrah” – and again history repeats itself until each and every human is tired of these repetitions.

The bitterness of all those humans ready to ascend is unfounded, for verily: How can those who want to experience the coming events be hindered, now you know the outcome of the whole play?

We tell you:

The more dramatic the events are, the more people and the faster people can sublime into the light (see Dialectics of Ascension). The longing for the Primordial Source of all Being is either inherent in a mature soul or as the soul matures is being created by painful experience. This is an eternal game and only the Ones which refuse the pain from the depths of their souls and travel the path of joyful experiences are ready to inherit a world devoid of pain.

Therefore respect every decision of your human siblings – even as the chain of events on the timeline, these people have chosen, is an extremely painful one. Looking at the synopsis of the three cycles we get the following:

1) The one changing to 5D is leaving the play of ignorance an inherits his mastership – pure consciousness which has overcome all misconceptions of the lower levels of existence.

A new generation of Ascended Masters is growing up – we talk about you who is reading these lines with focused attention and free from fear.

2) The one changing to 4D is awarded the experience of many upheavals and drama of this time, after which he may chose his re-orientation and ascension in next to no time.

3) The one choosing 3D will be exposed to deep faults and remains in the cycle of death and birth / rebirth. This means: learning within the familiar extent and in a known environment until individuals shall raise and break through the newly defined boundaries of the new / old elites.

Cosmic events cast long shadows – Be mindful heralds of such knowledge, remain loving and attentive observers of the raises and downfalls of civilisations. Respect all choices and remain firmly rooted in compassion and the trust in God, as the Primordial Source of all Being is aware of the nature of all things.

We have taken our position along with the glorious band of infinitely powerful light warriors from all realms of Creation.

We are expecting the order from God to start our next contribution – the most important yet – to ascend the share of mankind which is ready.

God is with us, we are in HIM. And along with humanity are – omnipresent –

The Ascended Masters

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