Jahn’s Dream Messages and the role of the PAT in the Historical Perspective

by Georgi Stankov, May 15, 2013

Jahn’s dream messages are insofar very important as they highlight the strategy of the higher realms for this earth in the past. Since the Fall of Atlantis this humanity entered the most dark period of 13 000 years in the second half of this Kali Yoga, which has now come to an end. During this time humanity knew only pillage and carnage. In the short periods of time when local civilisations could evolve, they ended always in shambles after the few old souls that illuminated such local civilisation experiments ascended and left the broader population of very young and unripe human souls on their own. 

This was the case two thousand years ago when the last major mission of the ascended masters on this earth took place with the aim of raising the light quotient of this planet and its population – to introduce the Christed energies of the source on the earth for the first time. This was precisely the mission of the historical entity Apollonius of Tyana and his followers, who later served as a paradigm for the forged Christ myth in the new Christian religion. The latter was founded three centuries later by the Reptilian shape-shifter Constantin, the Little (as Jon names him) and his dark stooges in a series of church synods in the 4th and 5th century, when all the dogmas of Christianity were established and humanity was thrown into total enslavement.

This is highly relevant as many of your souls were incarnated at the time of Apollonius of Tyana as to introduce the Christed consciousness on this dark and very toxic planet, whereas Christed consciousness has energetically and conceptually nothing in common  with Christianity as faked Orion religion, this should be cogent to everybody.

The Apollonius’ mission and that of his followers, the predecessors of the current PAT, was to organize a partial ascension of the many old souls that incarnated in that epoch for the last time. They belonged to the biggest last wave of old souls who had started with their incarnation cycle during the Fall of Atlantis and have lived on earth again and again in its most darkest periods since then.

At the end they were allowed to establish the last enlightened, local human society on the earth – Greek Antiquity, which culminated in Athene’s democracy and in the school of Plato. Later on, this culture disseminated throughout the whole Mediterranean region and is known since then as “Hellenism“. The Roman empire was the martial heir of this enlightened civilisation, just as bellicose Atlantis was the male heir of the feminine peaceful Lemuria.

Rome became a world power only after it defeated ancient Greece in devastating wars that lasted almost two centuries. This fact is often neglected by most historians. Even at its height, the Roman empire was entirely Greek in its way of life, and the Roman aristocracy was educated by Greek teachers, spoke Greek, and was treated only by Greek healers. The Romans themselves had little else to offer than soldiers and wars for most of the time.

Many of you, who were the followers of Apollonius of Tyana, were before that the disciples of Socrates and Plato in Athene and later on, in a smaller number, the disciples of Plotin, the founder of the most congruent gnostic teaching in Western civilisation – Neoplatonism -, who was considered in his lifetime to be the incarnation of Plato.

The mission of Apollonius to trigger partial ascension on the earth two thousand years ago, when the energetic constellation on this planet was rather favourable for such an attempt, failed because of the massive intervention of the dark archons from the Orion/Reptilian empire.

After that the PTW decided to introduce the Myth of Christ, by hijacking the historical legacy of Apollonius and of all previous, ancient, gnostic thinkers and old souls in Greece, by substituting the life of this extraordinary teacher and healer as depicted by Philostratus with the sterile myth of the “crucified King of Heaven” as Jahn’s source discusses one more time with respect to earth B.

This has been the destiny of all old souls and martyrs of the Church that have incarnated since then on this planet. The PTW and their despicable dark human minions have always striven to eliminate such bearers of light as soon as they appear on the earth. This also explains why none of us is currently involved in any major social activity as not to give any chance of the dark criminal cabal to kill us, although they would love to do it. But there are still some karmic rules that have to be observed on this planet, and one of them says that as long as a star seed does not directly attack the Orion matrix within its structure, but only enlighten the people from outside, that the dark archons and their human stooges are not allowed to kill the incarnated personality of such an old soul.

It is also important to stress at this place that all cultural impulses that led to the present-day Western civilisation have their origin in this past mission of the last big wave of old incarnated souls on the earth, who are now ascended human masters, such as the White Brotherhood, and coordinate the current ascension process from the higher realms. We all belong to these monads who are now operating from the fulcrum of the source.

Let me finally observe that the Italian renaissance that introduced the current Modern Times was essentially the re-discovery of the achievements of Greek Antiquity, not only in arts, painting, sculpture and architecture (e.g. Palladio’s Neoclassicism), but also in ancient philosophy and gnosis. It is not a coincidence that the first Neoplatonic Academy founded by Cosimo de Medici in Florence in the 15th century was the crossroad of all famous Renaissance artists and thinkers, such as Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. Therefore it is not at all surprising that the dark cabal at that time started a deadly attack against this citadel of enlightenment by creating the real human Satan with the name of Savonarola, who turned Florence for a short period of time into the real hell of the Antichrist, who, not only killed many brilliant heads, but also destroyed many masterpieces of Florentine art. The modern era of pogroms began with him.

Why this short excursion in past history? Because I want to illustrate the red thread of human evolution, which we can deplorably only follow as far as Antiquity as all other historical artefacts before that were deliberately destroyed by the PTW. But what we must stringently conclude from the past two thousand years of human history is that mankind has never had a fair chance to progress and flourish as an enlightened society. The reason for this was that the PTW always unleashed deadly devastating wars to enslave the people and keep them at a very low level of evolution, as was the case throughout their unlimited thousand-year-reign, known as the “Dark Ages“.

It began immediately after Constantin established his Orion-Christian religion, which in turn invented the Crusades, the global war on all other religions, similar to the global war on Islamic terrorism, which the USA unleashed at the beginning of the third millennium. Later on, when the crusades failed to achieve their goal, the Church widened their perennial war on humanity among the European population by inventing the Inquisition in the name of saving human souls from the devil. One must read the pivotal book of the Dutch historian Huizinga on the Middle Ages and the Inquisition at that time as to have a vague idea of how terrible life on earth was in these truly Dark Ages.

The hundred years’ war and the even more devastating thirty years’ war in Europe, which reduced the population of this continent to a half, is the direct consequence of the Inquisition and war policy of the Vatican Church. Our monads were very active at that crucial time of human genocide by the PTW in implementing the Münster peace treaty that ended the thirty years’ war.

When I studied in Münster and first visited the town hall, where the treaty was signed, I had a powerful vision that I was there at that time as an Elohim and opened the heavenly faucets for all participants, who were overwhelmed for a short period of time by the cosmic power of unconditional love and signed this treaty as they realized that there is no point to fight against each other anymore. Such Elohim interventions have been regular on this planet, otherwise it would have degraded to an even deeper abyss under the disastrous reign of the Orion /Reptilian archons, which the PAT has now finally purged from this planet A/B.

This same pattern one can now observe in the USA. After this last war empire on this planet, the true heir of the Roman empire, where the people were crucified miles wide along the ancient highways as was the case with Spartacus‘ rebels (Spartacus himself was a Thracian slave and thus coming from the current territory of Bulgaria), failed with its external wars, the USA is now implementing their failed global war policy onto their own citizens. This is the most clear sign that their collapse is imminent.

The third dream message of Jahn elucidates this same aspect for the catastrophic earth B. It is also planned that for 7X7 generations, or a period of 1000 earthly years, the people on this planet will experience only pillage and carnage, before they are so fed up with murder, crime and senseless destruction that they will turn on their own away from this kind of disastrous life and will begin to search for the light in themselves. However they must go through their Dark Ages that will last as long as the Dark Ages in the Christian epoch, before they achieve the necessary level of inner awareness as to be able to accept the coming of the first ascended masters on this dense planet.

I can only hope that none of you will be so stupid as to vote voluntarily for this mission, and I promise you that I will be there as to make you aware of your present and past sufferings, if you may decide to consider this mission impossible one more time. Enough is enough! Leave it to other souls to qualify for new ascended human masters. Some of them are now incarnated on this earth.

Jahn’s third dream message also reaffirms that the higher the level of human suffering, the quicker the evolution process of the incarnated souls on the ground. This aspect was tackled before that by myself in my article on “The Dialectics of Ascension“.

The synchronicities are indeed staggering in these last days before our ascension, when the PAT is fully operating as a Unity Christ Consciousness – as one perfect Elohim organism. And so will be our ascension and the detonation of the PAT Supernova.

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